I hate Microsoft. Why? Because nobody else does.

I mean, seriously, can no-one see how they force honest, hard-working people into spending lots of on some cryptically named application with "3D Graphics" - only to get something that really, nobody in their right mind would use (except show-off teenagers) and that slows your life down to a grinding halt. Plus, it eats away at your mental state (Exhibit A: Myself).

Another thing that people aren't aware of is that within pages and pages of meaningless legal drivel (such as "in any instance, occurrence, case, time as such where, when, how or with who any one or more of the following items occurs, takes place or happens (not inclusive of the final two items which are mutually exclusive and...") is the real money making gem: companies must pay for software that will *never* be used, for every single computer that is owned by them, regardless of how old, how capable or how much it is used.

I can guarantee that for hours and hours, some Microsoft berk sits up in the office watching profits rise on a giant screen really fast. Then, as soon as it reaches a certain point, his hand smacks down on a big, red button and bang! 50 million computers die instantly. Wait another hour and profits have doubled.

Nobody really realizes that modern society depends on Microsoft for too much, and that destroying peoples' data or even stealing it is well within the capabilities of Microsoft Windows. Consider this: every document that you type in Microsoft Word, the spell checker searches. Bang! Microsoft Word dies. Some little "angel of silicon heaven" called "Error Reporting" takes everything that Microsoft Word was doing - including things like Spell Checking - and sends it off to Microsoft for analyzing. Every time you open a web page in Windows Internet Explorer, it is logged in two places on your computer - and, here's the crunch: clearing your history only deletes one of the logs. The other one is left floating around for when Error Reporting pops up and can send the lot of to Steve Ballmer for his viewing pleasure.

If you're clever, you may have noticed one flaw in the plan: what if there isn't a connection to the internet? Well, Bill Gates made sure that his work was foolproof - without a connection to the internet, Windows Update pops up and brainwashes novice computer users into thinking that "to keep their data safe and secure, and prevent identity theft, updates must be downloaded regularly. For this, an internet connection is required. Resistance is useless." What a load of dung.

To be frank, Microsoft are a bunch of spying losers. If you care about your privacy, there's two things you can do: stop using Microsoft software (this includes Windows) or go back to lined paper, ballpoint pens and teletext.

*Note from Anger Central
Nobody else hates Microsoft? What planet are you from? The Webmaster is presently working on an IIS server trying to get it to run an SQL database, ASPX pages and a bug tracking application for work. He got it working on an XP box and now needs to develop it for a dedicated server box. Needless to say he works in a Windows shop so Linux is right out. You should hear his cussing!
Love's Microsoft...SHEESH!

Microsoft 2

I don't know why governments don't take Microsoft to court. In Australia if you sell things they have to be of 'merchantable quality'. I think lots and lots of microsoft products have so many bugs, so many security holes you could drive a bus through, that they would have serious trouble proving their products are of 'merchantable quality'. Quality - you gotta be kidding. They've got themselves into a position where you have little choice but to use some of their programs. We do, but we don't have to like it.

My partner has a laptop running XP. Every time it wants to update itself, it spends hours - up to 5 hours, just confirming the software is legitimate. Well it is, get over it and stop wasting my download. If you sold decent product for a reasonable price maybe people wouldn't want to pirate the stuff.

As for the previous ranter on Microsoft - what planet are they from? I've never found anyone who likes Microsoft.

Xbox 360 Power Brick 3

I'm angry at Microsoft and their cheap fixes.

Well, It's the second fucking time that my power brick has stopped working. It takes a long time to get it fixed where I live, and it's expensive as all hell. And it's not even the fact that it stopped working, it's they way it stopped working. See, it fell about half an inch.


And now, I have to pay around $100 to get it fixed. So fuck you, Microsoft. Fuck you.

Microsoft Xbox Live Bullshit 4

As a gamer I try to save money to buy 1 Month Xbox Live Gold Membership Cards to play online with people however as of late i've went from retail sotre to retail store and the only one's sold are the 3 month gold and the ms pointers card which is bullshit. Seriously I can only afford the 1 month for $8 and what happens for some idiotic reason Microsoft has decided to pull it from store shelves why because Microsoft is the greediest goddamn company ever hosted by the greediest man on earth Bill Gates seriously it shouldn't be about money it should be about the gamer and satisfaction but the damn XBox 360 games are so overpriced for $60 for the newest game like Halo Reach or Call of Duty Black Ops which is Bullshit how the hell does anyone have enough money to pay for one game plus because Bill Gates couldn't stick his nose out of people's business he banned over a million Xboxes all because they were playing burned games on fixed Xboxes seriously we wouldn't be doing it if your games weren't so damn overpriced and you wonder most people are moving to the Playstation 3 because everything with Xbox Live now is just bullshit. Not to mention you idiots keep coming out with more Xbox 360s because you idiots failed to fix the Red Ring of Death before you put your systems on shelves why because it's obvious it's all about money. Bill Gates I hope you die and burn in Hell you greedy bitch ass mother fucker you don't give a damn about anything except your money well guess what I hope one day you get shot and someone steals all of your money runs Microsoft better gives the Xbox community games at a cheaper price and takes all your money and gives it to charity. Fuck you Bill Gates you worthless greedy piece of shit if there's one thing your money can't buy and that's fairness and satisfactory something you don't have one of these days it's going to bite you in the ass and I wouldn't be suprised to see your ugly bitch ass dead in a dark alley because of your greedy ways so yeah enjoy the ride to hell Bill because it's your own fault dicksucker.

Microsoft 5

Everytime microsoft fucks about with access it makes me want to scream

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