News media outlets

 Please explain to me *why* we should care what some no-talent celebutante is doing?

Why should we care what obscenely rich idiots spend money on -- and isn't it irresponsible to broadcast that sort of thing when so many people are just trying to make rent and buy groceries?

Why subject us to all the childish partisan bickering between Democrats and Republicans (both parties suck, BTW)?

Why do "news" web sites let illiterate nitwits make abusive or just plain incoherent comments on news stories?

Finally, why not cover more of the *good* news? I know there's a surfeit of bad news out there, but why not include something about what people can do to help at the end of every story?

Media's Agenda 2

I am so sick to death of hearing about the Coronovirus, ask me this why is it so many people are in such a panic that events have been cancelled that people were looking forward to all because the media doesn't know when to Shut the Fuck Up. People are more likely to die of the Flu or any other natural causes but you don't hear the worrywart soccermoms on the news talking about them, no they're talking about this damn Coronavirus that those fucktards from China created because Winnie the Flu can't take criticism.

I'm getting sick of hearing about it on the news every single second, my God what about the car accidents, housefires, and murders that happen talk about them for once instead of spreading panic over the damn Coronavirus and has led to fat people buying every last roll of toilet paper to wipe their fatasses with and people selfishly hoarding hand sanitizer. Obviousle the confused idiots of the country are finding it a good opportunity to take and fight over toilet paper and sanitizer and it's people that selfish that I hope do get ill for their selfishness. Leave some for the rest of the world, you fat selfish fucks.

Also i'm getting really tired of seeing events get cancelled because of the virus from Conventions, to maybe WrestleMania in Tampa I mean my God why WrestleMania? I mean don't normal wrestling events take place in indoor venues where anything is more likely to spread with a roof over it but in Tampa where it's being held in a an outdoor stadium I mean for the love of God can we please stop cancelling shit; wash your fucking hands, fat people stop hoarding toilet paper and sanitizer and stop cancelling shit and causing our economy to crash.

Dear News Media please do the entire world a favor and SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT THE GODDAMN CORONA VIRUS ALREADY. The Media is the real reason the world is in such a panic goddamn worrywart soccer moms on the news that don't know when to shut the fuck up and pushing their agenda.

*Note from Anger Central
The Webmaster is working on a couple of blog posts regarding the "Great Beer Virus Panic of 2020."
His contempt for the panicked is going to be very noticible.

Axios 3

This so called "News source" is reporting that in May large spiders are going to parachute from the sky and colonize the East Coast.

That is fucking impossible and is already starting a panic. One how the fuck can Spiders actually parachute? Unless some idiots on a plane gives them parachutes to descend and if that's the case than those who do that should be considered terrorists.

Axios really enjoys spreading lies and clickbait to make people believe the sky is falling if anything they need to be shut down for trying to cause panic.

Fuck Axios and their lies.

*Note from Anger Central
You didnt mention what you think they lied about.

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