Japanese "Old Boys" Network

I'm an American working for a major Japanese industrial corporation (not for long, ha, ha!). When my previous manager left to pursue another job, I took over his duties & responsibilities without a new title or pay increase just because there was no one else who could step up to the plate & handle it. For 2+ years I did that vicious, thankless job better than anyone else had thought possible; I was even promised the title/$$ by the VP on my reviews. Enter Year 2003. A Japanese branch manager who had made an absolute SHAMBLES of a sales office in the west coast (try 80% employee turnover & 1/4 of previous year's sales level) was brought in to HQ to run my division because: A.) They needed to bring him to HQ where they could "watch over him", B.) They couldn't fire him (he'd lose face), C.) They couldn't send him back to Japan (they told the US they didn't want him!) and D.) He had to have a management position so he wouldn't lose face. (Those were not my words, those were the words of an upper-management official attempting to explain the situation) FUCK! To make matters worse, this cock-gobbler. promoted one of my subordinates (Japanese) on top of my position strictly on the bases of race & familiarity. The man is an imbecile, an absolute ignoramus & I am thinking of serving the company with a discrimination suit. If you're a cynic like I am, you're thinking "OK, what's the OTHER side of the story..." - but in this case, dear reader, there is none.... just Japanese Old Boys Network at work. It ain't racist if it's just the facts, ma'am.

K.A.C-Kiss Ass Coworkers 2

I come to work most mornings and feel that I am trapped under a "glass ceiling", stuck watching members of the "boys club" advance. I work for an industry that is primarily male governed, with the females in the middle to lower positions. I am the only female in the senior management department, so of course it's easy to witness the different treatment. The men here are whiny, lazy, little boys who have a superiority complex. I have gone out of my way to help my two male colleagues since they are always behind! Well last night we had an Appreciation Night, and my two colleagues both won the awards. A sudden flash from the movie Office Space comes to mind, since there wasn't any work involved in order to deserve the award, It had nothing to do with production or productivity, I guess it all has to do with a popularity contest, which is sad. The newest colleague interviewed with me, and seemed to be fine in the beginning, but now it seems he is always in our supervisors office, bumping fists w/him, taking him to lunch, going golfing or to the country club. I guess in order to be a member of "the boys club", you have to be fully experienced and trained in the area of climbing up a supervisors ass and permanently attaching yourself! I have no motivation to help this company anymore, because even though I'm in Sr. Management, I am still the lowest on the totum pole. Two things to live by in Corporate America is

1.) Never complain and

2.) Never explain...and just be you. It wouldn't help anyway, but venting on this site sure does! I fucking hate kiss ass lazy jerkoffs who think licking an asshole will get them further then hard work!

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