Outsourcing Companies

B@st@rds!! They take American jobs and send them offshore. I am not an American by birth but by immigration and because of these companies, Americans have started hating me and my group thinking that we all want to take away their jobs. They dont realize that these companies dont give us jobs either once we become American. Keep American jobs in America! If they want to take jobs to Timbuktu, they should sell their goods only in Timbuktu! And to those who hate us.. please dont! Hate these mega-corporations.

Outsourcing 2

I'm sick and tired of these companies that outsource their customer service departments for three reasons. One: the kind of people they have answering the phone think the words customer service is a contradiction in terms. Two: These companies outsource to save money and "pass the savings on to you, the customer" as they all say. This is purely and simply BULLSHIT! They do it to improve their profits and for no other reason. Three: The ass-wads they have answering the phone all have fake names or use the names of famous dead people. Just the other day, I was on the phone with Peggy Lee from Bombay. Give me a break! Why don't they use the names of famous dead people from their own countries, like Ayatollah Komeni or Mahatma Gandhi? The best part of all this is that if you use even one curse word, they hang up on you because they know all the curse words. I wonder why? If they understand they have been cursed at, why can't they understand the words "I would like to speak to your manager"? A while back, I accidentally pressed the wrong phone number selecting Spanish instead of English. A fucking Indian answered the phone in Spanish. Don't they have enough people right next door in Mexico who can answer the phone in Spanish for less than the minimum U.S. wage? If they hired these Mexicans, maybe they could afford to stay in Mexico and not have to sneak into the U.S. What a waste these companies are. Who the hell do they think is going to use their services after everyone here is out of work due to outsourcing?

Cheap pricks 3

I worked for a Chinese outsourcing company (Located in Redmond, WA) for 2 years. At first, it was great, they had benefits for everyone. Then came the state min wage hike. Suddenly those at Tech 1 and above got the benefits, the rest of us got crap.

So why were they surprised when some of our test items got broken? Like it mattered? They didn't have to pay for them! Plsu they weren't giving us anything either!

I left and now am happier with my new job and I'll never be posting about them as I like them so much!

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