Angry at PayCheck Plus

This Company bothers the FUCK out of me but I will try to refrain from swearing.

I got my first job as a photographer at a studio. The first couple months went alright, getting a simple paper check on payday, no hassles. Then all of a sudden, out of no where this card comes to my house in the mail, the company, PayCheck Plus. I recieved no letters or even a heads up from my boss about this new change in how we get paid. The card was useless the only way I could turn the credits into cash was by going to the US Post office and *buying* a money-order and then depositing that money order into my bank account. Meanwhile paying a stupid $1.50 charge fee for buying the money order and then the money order which costs .75 cents. Thats not the end, they charged you for everything, using the card as a "debit" card which charged a fee of $1.25, calling the company regarding questions about my paycheck plus account that was a .50 cent charge. For having an account with Paycheck plus, which I never agreed to in the first placed, they taxed out of my paycheck. Months of this went on until one day all my frustration just built up and I said "Fuck it!" to my boss out loud when I was on the job. I couldn't handle seeing my hard earned money go to some fuck heads at this bullshit company so I quit my job. Sad because I love creating photographs and it was a great job up until some bastard with dick for brains came up with this incredibly retarded idea. What the hell is sooo wrong with paper checks, its simple dont be a fucken retard and try to change something that people depend on. Steer clear of PayCheck Plus.

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