I am angry because the other day I was paying for some stuff I had gotten on Ebay and I accidentally withdrew out of a bank account that had nothing in it -- by the time I realized what had happened it was too late to change it. I promptly contacted my seller and sent her the second payment from the bank account I'd meant to send it from and she refunded the first one -- no problem there...

But its gonna cost me $25 to put a stop payment on ithe first one through my bank, and who knows what will happen when Paypal tries to get the money the second time! Don't ever pay for shit when you're half asleep -- you're bound to run into problems! Their web site is too confusing and needs to be redone so that you can select what payment option you want to use. As it stands now I'm out $25 dollars. Dammit!

PayPal 2

PayPal purposely makes the payment method confusing, they want to take the money from your bank account to avoid paying credit card charges. They are sneaky about it too, no warnings of overdraft or anything like that. They make it sound convenient, if the funds don't exist in your bank, they will simply charge to your credit card. They don't care about your overdraft charges, they think only of themselves, not the customer.

Paypal 3

I have broken things that need fixed or replaced. I have a car I need to pay off. I want to save money and get a home of my own.

I'll never get any of this done in a timely fashion. Why, you ask? Because Paypal is a piece of shit and makes me wait 3 to 4 days before I can use my money online. What a bitch.

PaPaal Bill Me Later BullST 4

I am refering to the companys as PaPaal* and Ebue* not the real names but you can figure it out...

So I had to have a PaPaal account to sell on Ebay right, So I get one and they are pushing for this bill me later crap that I did not want. I ended my sale on Ebue early because someone that I know wanted my item instead so I owed a one dollar fee for closing early. Papaal charged it as a Bill me later, I DID NOT WANT THIS! They emailed and asked if it was ok to continue I clicked NO! (which to them ment go on....) They then proceeded to run a credit report, (they had no right to do) and tell me oh if you want a copy of your report it will cost shipping and handleing, so I emailed them asking why they just didnt charge the dollar to my card? I didnt want the report and that they can go to the fire pits of HLL cuz im out, I deleted my account and am now warning people all over WATCH OUT FOR SNEAKY PAPAAL THEY USE YOUR SS# FOR WHAT EVER THEY WANT AND DONT ASK WHEN THEY RUN CREDIT REPORTS!!!

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