Printing Companies 1

Specifically, the ones that print the so-called "classic" books. I have nothing at all against those books. I read The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn when I was eleven, after all.

This is the object of rage- WHY IN THE HOLY MOTHER OF SHIT does the damn fucking text always have to be about as unreadable as those damn companies can make it? Why must the text be so fucking small? Seriously, why? And why must there be a space you couldn't fit a nail into between the damn lines? WHY ARE THERE NO BREAKS? I don't appreciate reading a wall of text. Was that just the way it was written or something? Seriously, can anyone give me a good reason other than the companies being fuckwad cheap-asses?

I know, it's petty. But THIS ISSUE is the reason I avoid reading many classics.

*Note from Anger Central
They do it to save costs. Small print means fewer pages.

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