Undercover Store Security

It has happened to me on more than one occasion that I have been stalked by a dumbass undercover security guard with a boner to be employee of the month. I am not a shoplifter nor do I display peculiar behavior worth sparking an investigation. Where do they find these pieces of shit??? Are they police officer re-jects looking to make a name for themselves back at the trailer park?

"Free" Background Check Lies 2

OK! Just some time ago I've been trying to get a background check on somebody, whose name doesn't matter in this rant. Now why I'm pissed is because I've spent a late fruitless night looking through at least 5 different background checking sites, and even googled the name of my culprit, and "free background checks," but still came up empty-handed, and angry.

It seems a lot of these background checking sites claim to be "free" in the Google results, but after going through each one, having each site waste my time and patience playing games with me, ("So-and-so won't know you did this background check on them...Warning! The results may be graphic...etc.") I finish hitting the laundry list of Next/Continue buttons, getting to the seemingly final download button, and that's where I'm asked to make an account (I oblige, hoping for my results soon after), and then get slapped with a message asking for my credit card and to choose a certain price bundle. That's when and where I abruptly leave the site in frustration for wasting my time on these bullshit sites for claiming to be "free" and "easy" when they're sure as hell not.

Now, weeks before that, Mom did a background check on somebody else using one of these sites, she willingly paid for this one, and shared with me the results. Now these results weren't as specific as I expected them. A list of basic general rap terms doesn't sound very "graphic." Try including with it the specific detailed background of each crime. Ah! Screw privacy and confidentiality crap for these losers if their crime is so graphic and serious! If this was sex offender-related, we citizens usually have a right by law to be notified of them, and each notification includes such specific details of their rape/molestation convictions, including "The victim was a (age number) male/female..." Now if these background checks are the "public records" why is so hard to check them out? So much for these fools preaching to "always do a background check" on these acquaintances that you date or hire, but the process is so tricky and confusing!

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