So I go to Footaction, and find a pair of shoes on clearance... some Iverson sneakers, that were really cheap. So I go to the chimp that's working there, "can I have this in a 13?", and he goes "that's the only size we have" (a size 12). I try it on, and it's a bit tight (but not too bad), but since it's a good deal, I go "ok, I'll take these".
The chimp goes to the back, comes back and says they dont have any of those in the store... meanwhile, I'm holding the shoe in my hand. I give it to him to take back with him for him to check again. And he comes back witout the shoe this time, saying he doesn't have it. He tells the head chimp this time, who had been on the phone the whole time, and he goes into the back, and comes out with a size 7, saying that's all they have. I tell him I was just wearing the 12, and ask him what happened to it, and so he checks yet again, and comes back wih the same size 7 shoe. Am I to believe Reebok sent them only one shoe in the box?!
So I call to complain, and it's a Sunday, so no one's there. I call back on Monday, and get a machine then too. I'm not sure if Footaction has a customer complaint line, actually - probably just an answering machine. If they can't handle customer complaints, they're gonna lose all sorts of customers without knowing it. And the monkeys working in the store are only interested in watching the rap videos on the tv screens. I'm never going back to Footaction again.

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