Facebook has really done it now the site has more problems and their idiot webmaster doesn't do shit to fix it the new facebook sucks everything about it is messed up the layout, and everything else and yes there are still problems.

I can't even tag myself in photos or write on my friends' wall without some dumb error showing up.

Facebook is really pissing me off You can't even make groups without watching what you say that's BULLSHIT I have the right to make a group if someone makes one against me We all have freedom of speech. Hackers are also present they tend to steal your info, password, and wreck your friendships and relationships and they don't get one because their all pussies living behind their computers. I don't like myspace because of all it's bullshit but facebook is really making me angry hell there are even problems when you log on to I just oughtta find somewhere else to hang out because Facebook has to many problems and a staff of complete dumbasses.

Facebook is a place for immature adults 2

I recently went on Facebook and was curious to see what it was like and it was like being in high school again and not in a good way! These people i went to high school with still act like immature teenagers, i think it is pathetic that these 30 something year old people have the maturity of a 15 year old, it just goes to show that people never change!

Social Networking Sites 3

Social networking sites piss me off because they are so contrite. Come on, those people are NOT your friends! Your friends are people who care about you and would help you if you needed it. The ones on your page don't know you from Adam. Then there is the rating thing. WTF?? People who do not know you are rating you as a person? For real? Then on their page members put up bad pictures of their ugly selves and their ugly families, pets, etc. So what? Who wants to look at that? They blog about stupid stuff and create meaningless polls about unimportant issues. These sites are just time wasters, nothing more. Damn they make me mad.

Facebook 4

I am so pissed at the shitty social networking that is facebook. It's taken over everyone's lives. No one uses the phone or visits each other anymore...now they "facebook" each other. They all add absolutley everyone they know because they want to seem super popular. And it's so damn annoying with all of it's applications and notifications.

No one ever sees each other anymore. They completly rely on the computer as their means of communication. They rely on facebook to tell them the birthdays of their friends...U PEOPLE SHOULD KNOW YOUR FRIEND'S BIRTHDAYS WITHOUT FACEBOOK!!!

like now thanks to facebook...every single person you have ever met will wish you a happy birthday...so it won't even be special when someone who actually cares about you does! You can no longer use your birthday as a measurement of how much someone cares! So you can thank facebook for that.

People with facebook add everyone they've ever met. Back when I had the stupid thing...I had friend invitations from people who bullied me in high school! I mean COME ON!!! And seriously now...in the real world you don't declare someone your friend by pressing a button.

AND GOD ALL THE APPLICATIONS!! like I do not care if so and so took this quiz and wants me to take it too. I don't want to throw a snowball at anyone and I do not want to start a Mafia. Screw off.


Myspace 5

I am officially angry at myspace.com

It used to be great but they have changed it soo much in the last year its hard to keep up. i feel like an older person, who is technology illiterate and i am really angry at myspace bulletins!!

All this, 'repost this in 34 seconds or a dead rabid dog will come to you in your sleep and eat your mum'. i mean COME ON!, i should have died years ago!

NaughtPosts.com 6

Mr. Webmaster I don't know if you are aware but JustRage is dead but apparently some of these Websites where people post confessions that allow anonymous comments on every post gets the same amount of stupid childish morons who think they are tough behind their keyboard by hurling insults and leaving very retarded comments on every post there is.

There's this one retard who comments on Feet related posts thinking everything is written by the same person by calling them a Foot Sniffer and saying shit like "I hope you suck toes like you suck dicks." Obviously this person talks like an inbred who dropped out of Kindergarten and he also hates gays too and it seems like he tries way too hard at trying to piss people off by acting like a fucking retard.

Then there was a confessions where someone was talking about their neighbors and the same commenter accused them of child molestation when there was nothing written in the confession about that. Obviously these commenters are too illiterate and too stupid to read anything and act like children who clearly have no business on the internet at all.

Let this be a lesson to site creators, stop allowing anonymous comments because it never ends well when it comes to stupid retards who will say anything just to piss someone off and you see why Justrage is dead.

*Note from Anger Central
We haven't looked at justrage in years, but it doesn't surprise us.
you wouldn't believe the amount of garbage we get every week from our Add page, but since it's a manual process, nothing goes up automatically.
Oh, first post of 2021.

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