Nasty Walmart Employee 1

I made my way to Walmart and after parking into my favorite spot I noticed one of the Walmart Walkers sitting on a Wall near the Parking lot removing his shoes and socks and giving his nasty bare feet a massage along with scratching his feet and placing his fingers between his toes. That is just nasty, if you work at Walmart and if you're feet hurt or itch that bad, do it away from where people can actually see you doing that and I pray that he washed his hands before going back inside I would be even more grossed out if he was a Deli Worker because if he was than I would never eat anything from Walmart's Deli ever again. After I witnessed that I immediately started my car hit the reverse on my gear shift then to drive and got the Hell out of Walmart and made my way to Target instead, way to go Walmart you lost a customer today all because your dumbass employees decided to go out and rub their nasty feet while potential customers ended up witnessing it and as a result you lost a customer that day. I'll never understand for the life of me why all of these things happen at Walmart of all places.

Walmart Dumbass Cashier 2

You know it would be a lot of help if all lazy ass workers at Walmart would open up more registers and hire people with an actual brain and not lazy retards who don't pay any attention to the way they bag your stuff. I came home and could not find my Coffee Filters and Cottage Cheese that I bought and I swear I think that dumbass bitch who was ringing up my groceries didn't pay any attention because her mind was clearly in lalaland. You're supposed to make sure all of my groceries have been taken, are you that lazy to spin the bad holder wheel to make sure I had everything and if I did leave it anybody with enough common sense would yell and let them know they forgot their stuff but clearly your fat lazy ass wanted to make no effort at all in doing so, goes to show you how fucking stupid Walmart Workers are, and I don't want to ever hear that bullshit "It's not an easy Job." Well guess what maybe if your dumb, lazy cows actually put more effort during your day and actually payed attention than maybe things would go a lot easier for you, and if you're not happy at Walmart, than for the love of God quit your goddamn bitching and go work somewhere else.

Walmart 3

It's stupid how Walmart doesn't directly give you the product after you paid for it. They put it in the little carousel for you to pick up. I bet it's Walmart's reasoning for not paying the workers a higher wage. Other stores actually put your product in the damn cart. Usually the workers act like rude bitches too. I hate it there. Stores like Target do this too. Fuck them to hell.

Idiot Deli Worker 4

I was waiting to get some Turkey from the Deli at Wal-Mart and I was the only one in line and I tell them specifically what to get. But instead of working to get my order right which doesn't take too long the dumb lazy ass bitch is talking and laughing when her dumbass should have been working. It does not take that long to slice up processed turkey at a Deli but no clearly customers are not a priority when you would rather act like a retard by talking to people and laughing to yourself, my God if Was the manager of this Wal-Mart I would fire your dumbass because clearly your not focusing on the customer, and guess what I left and i'm not giving you my money since clearly you a moron like you doesn't care about your paycheck at all. Seriously fucking Wal-Mart pisses me off that they can't hire anybody who at least wants to work or with an IQ over 100.

*Note from Anger Central
There is a reason why no one from Anger Central goes to Wal-Mart you know. ;)

being told to lie to customers 5

I worked for Walamrt a long time. I left on good terms, for a new job. I was generally happy working for Walmart.This rant is not Walmart's fault but Walmart managers.

About 6 years ago there was as shortage of ammunition in the country for about 3 years. When limited amount of ammo stock came in, some Walmart managers would tell associates to NOT place the stock on the shelves and hide the ammo til the Walmart managers were able to buy the ammo for themselves after their work shift ended. So when customers would call or come into Walmart and ask if ammo came in, i had to lie and say 'no'.

Trashy Walmart Employee 6

I was shopping at Walmart and at the Dairy section when I went to get milk a Walmart Employee's pants was sagging to his thighs and his underwear was showing. How can anyone be so low class as to be seen in their underwear at Walmart and this is supposed to be an employee and I could see turd streaks in his underwear; hey dumbass why don't you go over and get yourself a belt and pull your damn pants up. I left the store completely grossed out let this be a lesson to any Walmart Worker please wear pants that fit and most importantly wear a belt because nobody wants to see your dirty ass underwear in public.

Walmart Return Policies 7

Since The Webmaster is a Fucking Idiot and didn't post this i'm going to post it again because last Saturday I was ripoffed by Walmart after I bought a $10 for my XBox which I thought would work on my XBox One but it wasn't backwards Compatible and they would not give me a refund because the plastic was off the box.

That has to be one of the more dumbass excuses to not refund someone, I mean hell people open up their stuff to see if the stuff they bought is defective and the fat cow at Walmart is looking at me and I just took my game that won't play before she said have a nice day and I said have a miserable day you fat bitch as I stormed out of Walmart mad as fucking Hell.

Hey Walmart if you're going to sell XBox 360 Games at least know which ones ARE backwards compatible and don't sell them if they are NOT backwards compatible. Also walmart if someone returns a game that has been opened and they have the receipt and they said it WON'T play on their game system than fucking take back the damn game and give me my Goddamn Money Back you fucking thieves.

Walmart Bitch Employee 8

My Son was just buying some Pokemon Cards and one of their Employees accused my Son of buying too many and I tell her he isn't and she has no right to harass him and then she gets up in my face telling me that i'm a bad mother and I say she's a dumbass employee who can't do her fucking job right and i'm reporting her dumbass to hr manager.

The bitch then threatens to call the Police on me and my Son and I said "I don't think so you stupid bitch" so I grabbed her by her hair and slammed her head against the conniver belt until other employees and the manager had to pull me away from this dumb bitch.

I told the manager that he hired a stupid bitch like her who harassed my son over buying Pokemon Cards. Just because some losers have been scalping them online doesn't give employees the right to be a bitch to my son. I told him to fire this bitch just before me and my son left Walmart.

I will never shop at this Walmart again until this dumb bitch is unemployed and what pisses me off about these Walmart Employees is how bitchy they are towards their customers and they get defensive by saying "It's not an easy job." Shut the fuck up I don't want to ever hear you say that shit, if you don't like your job than fucking quit. I remember a long time ago on this site some dumbass was on here bitching about customers saying "Get a Life and go Shop Somewhere else." Hey Dumbass why don't you get a life and go work somewhere else if you hate your goddamn job so fucking much that doesn't give you dumbasses the right to treat your customers like that and the same applies to the stupid bitch who harassed my son over buying Pokemon Cards.

Let this be a note to Walmart fucking hire people who aren't morons like her because she'll end up pissing off another mother like me and she'll deserve to get her brainless head slammed against the conveyer belt the next time she harasses my son instead of doing her job.

Walmart Inflatable Swimming Pools 9

I bought a 10 Foot Family Pool for the Kids this Summer and I have been putting water in and out and constantly having to inflate the pool and yet the pool is always deflating on one side with water spilling out at the side of the pool.

I was so mad and now i'm going to half to spend money to buy a different pool because the one I bought at Walmart is a defective piece of shit.

Just about everything sold at Walmart is defective from their T-shirts that shrink after washing it only once and guess what I noticed on the box that I bought the pool in had a hole in the box so that explains why my pool kept losing air.

Hey Walmart do you ever pay any attention to details before you sell potentially defective merchandise? I just spent over $20 on a shitty ass inflatable pool for my kids and there was a hole in the damn box that I did not notice until today.

How fucking incompetent can Walmart be as a business?

I drained all of the water from the piece of shit pool and let out all of the air and tossed it in the trash and i'm going to buy my Kids a real pool and no longer will Walmart ever be an option because of how lazy and incompetent their employees are to not notice the hole in the box that also became the reason why this pool I bought was a defective piece of shit.

Walmart not doing Layaway 10

If there's anything that helps families save money during the Holidays and that's layaway and now for some dumbass bullshit reason Walmart doesn't want to do Layaway this year which is really bullshit.

Walmart why must you do dumbass things to piss off and drive away customers?

From your bullshit return policies where you won't take back stuff that won't work because the material was opened because how the hell was I supposed to know if it worked or not? Now they are taking away the thing that helps families save money which is their layaway?

Walmart really has been pissing me off lately from their bare shelves to unorganization when it comes to the stuff they sell making it hard for me to find a damn thing, selling defective merchandise like a swimming pool that keeps deflating and even leaking water, clothes that shrink after 1 wash, and now fucking taking away layaway just became the icing on the cake.

Walmart needs to be heavily Boycotted for their greedy business practices and taking away something that helps families save money during the Holiday Season all because Walmart's executives are fucking idiots and whoever made the decision to take away Layaway needs to be fired or resign.

Walmart's Dumbass Cashiers 11

I wish Walmart would fucking hire cashiers who can do a faster job of checking out groceries and not dumbass airheaded bitches who messed up nearly messed up my EBT Card.

I had $100 on my card and the groceries came up to over $80 but for some reason it said I owed $4.25 which made no sense and I had to swipe my card several times to make sure their defective scanners took my card.

But I looked at my receipt and there was nothing I had that took $4.25 so obviously this stupid incompetent bitch clearly messed up my total with my EBT Card not to mention she was slow as fuck and almost charged me full price for a Chicken that was on discount like how fucking stupid do you got to be to mess that up?

To any of you bitches that get defensive over your lack of doing your jobs right by saying "It's not an easy job" shit the fuck up I don't want to hear your bitching, if it's not an easy job than quit your fucking job because with that attitude you will end up becoming the sole reason you are unemployed.

I will have a talk to the manager and hope they fire that stupid bitch who messed up my fucking total because dumb bitches like her don't deserve employment anywhere.

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