i'm so damn sick of atheists going around proclaiming the word of God Almighty to contradict itself. i'm sick of people saying that they don't want to follow a god that judges. they create paradoxes and accept them as fact only to force them upon people. rap causes violence? while a paradox it is true. before rap, i never heard of gangs of urbaners gathering around young, innocent girls, tearing their clothes off and dousing them in alcohol. what was in the background the entire time? rap. yet some claim (groups: believers) that if rap causes violence, then country music must produce incest and what not. i've never heard a country song about some guy fucking his sister and being proud of it. i have heard raps about killing and rape. rock? it does support drug use. r&b? it's why theres so much sex in the new generations. it's the whole reason why 50% of girls are sluts and 90% of guys chase them, and what the hell, if the chance comes up, rapes them. oddly enough, none of that has to do with the Christian population. try opening a Bible or going to a church before you judge Christians.

Atheists 2

Atheists are so full of themselves! I respect their decision to not worship a higher power (namely, God.) Over 50% of them go around preaching their beliefs to those who DO believe in a higher power (again, God.) In my English class, there are two atheists. One is a good friend of mine. If my teacher says anything about God, Bob (name changed for protection) will go off in some weird rant about how He doesn't exist.

If we wanted their opinions...we would've asked, now wouldn't we?

Now, I agree that some Christians (this IS the south, mind you) try to preach their beliefs. I'm a high school student, though, and about 85% of the population here believes in God. About 75% doesn't care to go telling everyone what they believe...because it doesn't matter. (Just so you're aware, the other 10% is pretty much the popular southern baptist/methodist kids.)

Most atheists try to make their beliefs as something that makes them different. This makes them think that they're entitled to telling everyone just how different they are.  Again, for the last and final point: If we wanted your opinion: we would've asked for it.

Atheists 3

Atheists inspire the utmost rage in my being. These elitist windbags believe for some foreign reason that they are the most intellectually gifted, competent, talented, and enlightened creatures on planet earth. It amuses me that a measly 10% of the population believe they are privy to the truth of life, and that everyone else suffers under a blanket of self-imposed ignorance . Allowing people to entertain their meaningless fantasies is the fruits of a free country---but when they start their self-absorbed, egotistical alignment of people who happen to believe that there is purpose in the universe awarded to us by a creator, then I tend to get a bit upset. As if a non-belief in God constitutes some plethora of intelligence yet undiscovered by the rest of us poor slobs. These people have in recent years assigned themselves the name "Brights". I'm not sure whether or not that implies they are smart, or if they glow in the dark.

Perhaps it hasn't occurred to these balloon heads why only 10% of the world believes as they do. Maybe, just maybe, they are wrong---victims of being educated beyond their intelligence. What really grinds me about these people however, is that it's only the Christian God whom they take issue with---because they appear to embrace wholeheartedly the followers of Allah, a god who throughout the Quran commands nothing but unending bloodshed. However, should you state that you find homosexuality immoral--- they'll brand you as the equivalent of Joseph Stalin.  I'm glad an atheist doesn't run this country, and if the webmaster believes in God, perhaps he will join me in praying that Hillary Clinton does NOT become president.

*Note from Anger Central
The Webmaster isn't the most religious person on Earth, but he respects the religions of others...except Islam. Sorry, a religion founded by an egomaniacal woman hating child molester needs to be abolished.
Mrs. Webmaster is a lapsed atheist. ;)

Militant Atheists 4

Militant Atheists piss me off. Now don't get me wrong, I have nothing wrong with Atheists, while I am not one I completely agree that there is no objective proof that a god or gods exist, and I completely understand why you don't believe in one, But the dumb ass Atheists, that think anyone who believes in god(s) are morons, think anyone who isn't an Atheist is the stupidest person in the world, THEY piss me off. The ones who think that if you're religious you can have no understanding of science, THEY piss me off. I personally am a Pagan, I believe in multiple gods, and I have a very firm understanding of science. I'm majoring in physics actually, and on top of that I have a firm grasp of Organic Chemsitry, Biochemistry, and evolutionary biology, but according to 'them', the fact that I worship Isis means I know absolutely nothing about any of those fields. The fact that I believe in something beyond the physical means that I'm an ignorant piece of filth and don't even deserve to talk to them. It's retarded, don't worry about what other peoples beliefs are, they DON'T AFFECT YOU. Judge them as a person, not by their beliefs.

Asshole Atheists 5

I hate atheists that blame religion for everything the human race has done wrong.

Every damn day extremist atheists take an average christian and treat them like a KKK clansmen or a pedophile priest. Most religious people aren't like this at all!

I know that not all atheists are like that. I'm only bitching about the ones who do this shit.

(An) Atheist 6

 Y'ah know, there is this kid at school bothering me about my religion. He knows I am Christian, and he goes around trying to start fights with me. I am very open-minded and respectful of people's beliefs, but I will NOT have my beliefs made fun of! He's just a bloody, oozing, puss filled cunt that vomits up whatever he feels like saying. What an asshole! The worst part is that he pretends to be so "deep" and "smart" but he never shuts the FUCK up about dissing my religion!

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