I hate these chit brained self appointed mandarins who hold the keys to advancement in this country. Don't start about how all the perverts were part of the greater generation. The boomers were the ones who embraced them. The Greatest Generation created welfare so that way people wouldn't starve to death if they lost their jobs. I don't blame them because they experienced the Great Depression and mass starvation.

now getting back on topic the boomers have fucked up everything great about this country. Too many laws, too much PC, and too much cowardice. They've taken a rich country and squandered every dime. They've aborted people who could have been my friends and are now worried about it because the SS pyramid is not going to happen. Disgusting how that's the only reason they regret aborting millions of babies.

Baby Boomers Suck 2

They are the most lazy, lying, and hateful as well as angry buch of assholes ever to exist. What the hell happened to them to make them all so darn pissed off at the younger generations. They had it way better than us and it is not our fault that they are stupid and ugly as a whole. Being a total manipulative angry asshole from birth makes you an ugly person in your elder years.

Every time I have to work with one or see them on the street (and they are easy to spot with their arrogance beaming around them) I just cannot believe what whiny, helpless pieces of shit they are. They always create abusive work environments that mostly entail ripping customers and other employees off for their own benefit. They steal your ideas and make them your own all the time.

What gets me the most is that they continuously fail to see why gen x and gen y hate them so much. They are too stupid to even understand that. They have no morals amd will literally do anything to get ahead. All they care about is money-that is why they are such wimps. America is shit now because of the sociopathic society they created about ME, ME, ME!!! I can't wait until they are too old to drag their fat asses to work anymore and things can finally begin to feel normal.

Our generations after will be working so damn hard to try to fill this country with some shread of morals again. It will be hard but we are not as dumb and lazy as the boomers so I guess that is why God created us. To fix all their shit!!!

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