I can’t stand Brits. I’ve come to loathe my fellow countrymen with a passion, especially the under 40s.

I hate their self-satisfied, smugness about their own perceived superiority. They believe that they are the best nation on earth and everything British is best!

Now what is this perception founded on?

The majority of the population is borderline trailer trash, either brought up in “social housing” (more like “anti-social housing”) or in boxy, identical private houses, on identical streets, with almost identical bog-standard families. Their childhood diet was fuelled by overcooked, watery cabbage and lumpy custard. Since they “discovered” garlic, they now think they are the best chefs in the world and will patronise anyone who is unwilling to listen, about what they cooked for their “tea” (aka dinner) last night, like you’re the one who’s the ignorant fuck who only knows how to heat up slurry in a microwave.
They think their National Health Service is the best in the world! You’d see cleaner and better run health services in some famine-ridden hell-hole in Africa.

Calling the education system Third World is an insult to the Third World. If British teachers could actually read, write and communicate, maybe the kids would leave school with some education. Foreigners think everybody in Britain goes to Eton or something – wrong. Most kids go to some scrubby-assed state school where the lesson most worth learning is how to survive the day without being beaten to shit by their classmates.

They don’t know ANYTHING except what they see on TV and I’m not talking quality here; they just watch trashy soaps and talent shows for the talentless. All they know about their history is that Henry VIII had six wives and cut the heads off a couple of them. They think Winston Churchill was a great guy but aren’t exactly sure why.

They hate all religion, dismissing it as mass brainwashing. With no value system, it leaves them conveniently free to butt-fuck each other as individuals, collectively and on the grander scale, other countries.

British architecture sucks. Gone are the days when great architects built great monuments like the Houses of Parliament. Now, you get mile upon mile of identical, red brick rabbit cages, the ugliest constructions possible – and they give themselves awards for innovative design!! People might boast that they have TWO bathrooms. All that means is that they have the equivalent of one bathroom cut in half and put in different parts of the house. Never mind that you have to sit side-saddle on the can because the room is so small that the can is flush up against a side wall.

There is no concept of “home” to Brits. Bricks and mortar are “equity”. Since the credit crunch, their poor little hearts are breaking that they are now in negative equity. The best laid plans of mice and men and all that.

There is no concept of “family” to Brits. Since the times when half the over sixties thought the guy who went to war was their dad but their real dad turned out to be a U.S. serviceman who gave their Mum a very good war indeed, things have got more confusing. Half the kids don’t know who their biological father is. Families these days are usually Mum, stepdad/partner, her kids, his kids, the kids they have together – but of course, the kids might not be fathered by the man she claims fathered them after all. Who knows whether a guy might not be shagging his own sister without knowing it these days.

Selective breeding only happens amongst the middle and upper classes. The lower classes will shag anything, no matter how diseased, ugly, old or young.

And now to the individuals:

You won’t see any bowler hats these days or rolled up newspaper under the arm of a bespoke three-piece suit. No way!! What you see is mounds of white, blubbery flesh clad in rancid jeans, clinging to a shapeless, saggy ass. If you tied a broom to that ass, you could sweep the sidewalk!

The men lope along the streets like chimpanzees with hemorrhoids, their great big bellies poking out of the bottom of their dirty, smelly T-shirt. In the South, they have mouths that look as though they are permanently spoiling for a fight. In the Midlands, they have no chin – just a pair of thin lips ending in a neck. In the North, they just have a big chip on their shoulder because they think that everybody else in Britain looks down on them (they’re right).

The women slouch along the streets, puffy thighs rubbing together, so they walk with them so far apart, it looks like they have an imaginary beach ball between their legs.

The kids are generally malnourished and look like they’ve been dressed from the thrift shop. They nearly all have a label, like “Aspergers” or “Autistic”. What they really mean is, the kid behaves like a little shit and nobody does a damn thing about it. Their parents are too busy shagging their new partners to give a fuck about their kids. They lost interest in them when they reached the age of about 9 months and stopped being so cute and cuddly. Now they wish the brat would just go stand in the middle of the highway at rush hour. Then they can start all over again with a new baby.

Teenagers suck the worst. They have developed their own turd-like way of speaking; a bit of American (learned from the coolest movies), mixed with a bit of Caribbean yardy, with their own regional accent/dialect on top. All of which means you don’t have a clue what they’re saying (which is no bad thing), apart from the word “like” that is used almost every other word. Also, every statement ends in a question mark, even though it’s not a question: “I went to school today?”. Response: “why are you asking me shitface? Don’t you even know where you spent the day?”.

The teenage boys look like they’ve been through the medieval torture of the rack. They are abnormally tall but lanky, without an ounce of flesh on them but lots of stretched limbs and a tiny head. Because they have no ass, their pants are usually hanging round their knees so that they can show off their cack-encrusted underpants.

The teenage girls are either so anorexic that they would break a wrist if you shook their hand or so faaaat that it’s like an airship looming up at you. It’s hard to tell who is a hooker and who is not; they all dress like hookers; the difference is that official hookers get paid for sex with money and the other type of hooker either does it for nothing or gets paid in kind with a meal and drinks.
Above all, Brits are so UGLY. They look like a sack of potatoes! Germans look a bit like Brits – except Germans have a proper shaped ass, all their own teeth and their clothes are washed.

Americans accuse Brits of having bad teeth – not true! You can’t have bad teeth if they get pulled out before they have a chance to go bad. Used to be a time-honoured tradition in the UK. Pull ‘em all out before they start to rot, then you won’t have to keep making return visits (and pay out money) as they go bad one by one.

Brits are some of the biggest racists on earth. They congratulate themselves on being very inclusive, broad-minded and live and let live. Crap! They live and let live because they are too fat and complacent to do anything about the things that irritate them; they are the world’s best whingers and will whinge their whole lives instead of doing something about it.

Broad-minded – don’t make me laugh! If you don’t know anything about anything, you can be very broadminded. There is a hell of an empty space to fill between those two ears!

Brits hate all foreigners, especially if they are white. Strange? You’d think they’d hate coloured foreigners more – no. There are strict Race Relations laws that mean you can’t abuse other races. Brits interpret this as being “coloureds”, thus leaving all the white races as fair game for abuse.

In summary, don’t bother visiting this scummy island. The best of British people have emigrated. Oh, so have some of the worst. If a Brit moves into your area, beware. Where one goes, others follow. Before you know it, you’ll have a ghetto of ignorant, fat, ugly fuckers, making your lives a misery and making out they are something much better than you. They pride themselves on never learning another language so if they move to your non-English speaking country, YOU will be the one making the effort to speak to them in English as they certainly won’t bother learning yours.

All British People Are Eurotrash 2

I am so Angry with British People, I can't stand their retarded accent, it makes me want to wrap my hands around their necks and make them choke on their tea and crumpets. British People act like they are so much better than the rest of us. I say they're more annoying than the rest of us. They want to act like they're right and we're wrong like when we say ass they say arse. We don't use the word arse you dumbass either say ass or get the hell out of my face before I punch you in the face. Not to mention they try to act tough when challenged but 100% off most Brits are Fucking Pussies, let's see you Eurotrash Losers try and fight me and i'll knock every one of your disgusting teeth out. Also does England have any Fucking Dentists my God you all have hideous teeth. I am angry with David Beckham he's a fucking talentless asshole is only famous because stupid ass women thinks he's so hot. Seriously fuck you David Beckham what I wouldn't do to kick a soccer ball in your balls and make you gay instead. Also I really hate Paul Joseph Watson the real definition of Eurotrash he's nothing but a cuck who deserves to be hit in his stupid looking face with a baseball bat and be locked inside of a dumpster and rolled off a cliff. Fuck you British People all of you are Eurotrash and I hope you all get nuked out of existence.

*Note from Anger Central
2 things. First, this is the first post about the British in a good 10 years.
Second, the British generally don't consider themselves Europeans. They are but they don't see themselves that way, hence Brexit.

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