Celebrate Recovery from Celebrate Recovery 1

I am so angry with these people. Some of their programs like Grief Share are not too bad, as long as people don't get stuck in them for years. But the drugs and alcohol groups train the people to be totally against people who use responsibly. Even if CR is looking to the Bible, the Bible says avoid drunkenness, not don't drink at all. In regards to church leaders it says, "not overly fond of wine" - so again, it apparently is forbidden, just a matter of excess. But no, there is no room in their world for those who are not afflicted. I had to work with a CR person and they were the angriest, most judgmental POS. The guy was a sex addict and [supposedly] dry alcoholic, but they never challenged him on how he was doing. There is no oversight, no follow-up, just the feel-good meetings. Very useless.

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