Elitists 1

It's a rather specific group I'm talking about. Very, very simply, the college-bound, "I'm-smarter-than-you" group.

I happen to not want to go to college, at least not straight out of high school. I'm not sure exactly what I want to do in life, which is why I'm joining the Air Force (I've already spoken to recruiters and such, I start my academy this summer). No, I'm not going into the military because I'm "stupid", but because I'd like to learn a useful set of skills (my academy is computer repair, 28 weeks of that before I ship out), and perhaps take advantage of the G.I. bill.

But the second I mention my current future, I'm looked down upon. One guy flat-out stated that he felt sorry for me because I didn't have "what it takes" to get into college. I wanted to whack this guy over the head with a tire iron! My grades are pretty good, and at the very worst, I could take community college. I just wasn't "Perfect" throughout school (A.K.A. I wanted something resembling free time and didn't spend four years constantly working). Thus, no, I don't have a shot in hell of making the "top" schools. Will my life be a bit more difficult because I went to, say, USF instead of UF?

Not to mention the exorbitant college costs, which were also a factor in my decision.

So there you have it: Not sure what I want to do (the military is four years to think through that), and sky-high costs.

NOT my intelligence, jackasses!

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