The damn annoying as heck retard jock who thinks he's oh-so superior just because they play football. So I have photography with that guy and teacher says to let some people on the computer because we have 13 computers and 30 students and so I was going to try and finish up a picture I edited of a red head chick and the dipshit goes to my computer...theres was like 3 available for him but apparently he just wanted to be by his jerk off friends. So he just says "Hey get off." I replied with a "Hold on gotta make some finishing touches". Apparently in his football related brain-damage he couldn't hear me and repeats himself like five TIMES!!! So I just snapped at that point because I'm short tempered like and and said "Hold on! Fuck man!" I stopped what I was doing and just logged off for his dumb ass and walked off mumbling "Hope you're happy jerkoff." I would've popped that damned jock in the mouth for talking to me like that. I don't tolerate impolite guys. Or douchebags in general.

Goddamn Jocks 2

You know the ones I'm talking about. Those little dipshits who strut around with their pants down to their fucking ankles, the ones who blast their goddamn rap music for all of us to hear. You get it. Anyway, there's this one fucker like that who keeps on calling me a nerd. Lemme tell you something, If it weren't for us nerds, there would be no electricity, Internet, NASA, mass-production, nuclear power, TV, cell phones, religion, language, culture, art, music, video games, plumbing, running water, funerals, weddings, Democracy, Communism, elevators, comedy, ALL. DOWN. THE. CRAPPER!!! (P.S, we also invented toilets) We'd all be sitting around a fire and grunting if it weren't for nerds. In conclusion, the next time you even think about opening your mouth to insult a nerd, thank him instead. Sincerely,
The Hobo In The Closet

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