Anti-War Protesters

This is the mentality that makes me want to scream. at one time yeah I didn't see the reasoning behind us going to iraq. since joining the military however, i see it now. and I also find I cannot really understand why in the world anti-war protestors believe as they do.

I wish my job wasn't necessary. I would much rather everyone sit at the table, talk about their differences and hash them out like adults. But this isn't a perfect dream-world. This is the reality. People want to kill YOU. You are the wrong religion/race/whatever for them. It is MY job, and the job of everyone in the military, to make sure THAT DOESN'T HAPPEN. We are defending your freedom and your right to sit lazily in your arm chair, flipping your remote and criticizing the war on terror.

We are bringing whoopass on the heads of Al-Qaeda, because quite frankly it broke my heart to watch my home state of New York under attack by f***tards flying planes into buildings. The next time you feel the need to criticize the war why don't you thank a sailor, a soldier, an airman or a Marine for defending your right to open your stupid mouth in the first place. thanks for listening to me rant.

*Note from Anger Central
You're welcome Soldier, (Or Marine as the case may be). We at Anger Central support you and thank you for the hard job you are doing protecting our worthless butts. Keep up the good work!!
The crew at Anger Central.

2008 Olympic Protesters in SF 2

Okay, so yesterday April 9, 2008, the Olympic Torch made it's only North American stop for the 2008 Summer Olympics. At the last minute, the torch route was rerouted for the safety of the runners. Why? Because of these damn protesters getting violent on the announced route. I saw on TV that these people were getting extremely violent by going up to a random tour bus and vandalizing it while trying to gain entry. These people were apparently protesting on the behalf on the Dalai Lama, but if the Dalai Lama were there, he would've been disgusted. And it took away the chance for some people to witness a historic event. I am all for peaceful protest, but when you start vandalizing and threading someone else's physical well-being, that's not protesting, that's just being an asshole.

*Note from Anger Central
The protesters today are nothing more then Nazis. Thuggish and violent to anyone who disagrees with them. Read about the rise of the Nazi's and how they liked to treat people who disagreed with them.

Protesters 3

I am angry at the stupidy of protesters. The may day protesters in Los Angeles to be precise. These dumb asses scedual a march/protest in the main hub of los angeles which is the biggest city in our country, with the biggest population. While we are on the brink of a global pandemic (swine flu/HnH1 virus) The very country where this virus came from (mexico) and its people (hispanics/mexicans) scedual a mass march/protest. Thousands of potential carriers gathering by the thousands in close proximity in the most populated city in our great nation. Is that fucking genius or what? This of course shuts the whole area down and my drivers cant make it within 10 blocks of the fucking destanation. At any rate these may day protesters are pissing me the fuck off!! thanks for the vent Mr web master, and good luck with the tyrany of our medical system

Proud Boys Terrorists 4

It's pathetic that Trump refuses to accept defeat and is doing everything to overturn this election. What also pisses me off is these groups of backwoods, meth cooking, white trash inbred fucks protesting in the streets of Washington DC in support of that Fat Orange Loser.

What are you inbred terrorists so proud of that fact that your parents are brother and sister and dropped you on your heads when all of you were born and your deadbeat daddies forgot to use condoms? Or are you upset that your daddies left your fat, ugly mamas for his other sister and you all are showing your insecurity by being a bunch of racist fucks? Go back to burning down your trailers and causing forest fires cooking up your meth and listening to trash like Travis Tritt.

Antifa is not a terrorists group and neither is Black Lives Matter, it's you Proud Soy Boys who are the real terrorists along with your buddies at the KKK which i'm sure the idiot of this site is a member of since he sure gets defensive about it. To the idiot who called Antifa terrorists how about you look in the mirror and you'll see who the real terrorist is, some backwoods inbred proud boy fucktard that's a non contributing member of society that does not belong.

Also to the ignorant dumbfuck loser mouthing off about the NFL and Sports in general. Trump does not live rent free in anyone's heads and that is only something some drugged up meth cooking loser like you would say just to kiss The Webmaster's ass on this site. Why don't you go suck his dick while you're at it since you really want to be noticed in some capacity. Also don't tell people to get Jobs at Wendy's because we may burn it down. Hey dipshit that's your job that only a loser like you is qualified for but I bet your dumbass would burn it down yourself or probably get fired taking a bath in the sink. Also if you think Football or any other sports are fake, how about I show you how fake it is when I knock the piss out of your dumbass you fucking loser if I ever know who the fuck you even are.

Also to the idiot Webmaster if you think Massachusetts is so Liberal than why don't you go take your Wingnut, no nuts, conservative Trump's Dick Sucking dumbass and go live in Kentucky with the rest of this dumbfucks who kept that turtle faced sack of bones Mitch McConnell because Kentucky is too goddamn stupid for their own sake and you would fit in with the rest of the the Dumbfuck Hillbilly Fuckers of that State.

Fuck all of you White Trash, Inbred Proud Boy Hicks and May all of you Die a Miserable Death and Burn in Hell.

*Note from Anger Central
Once again we have a leftist who is projecting.
The Proud Boys, and we state for the record we don't know that much about them, are not a white supremecist group.
Their leadership is, as the progressives like to say, a "Rainbow" of poeple.
Second, they, unlike the goupr you associate with, Antifa, aren't terrorists. In case you haden't noticed, Atnifa is close to being decalred a terrorist organization.
Third, you are a physical coward. So brave to post anonymously, you don't have the guts to say this to the webmaster's face when you insult him.
Fourth, thanks to the Stolen Election, (Which you deny), there is a chance, sadly a good one, that you will get your wish vis-a-vis The Proud boys and other groups.
Only they won't burn places down and riot. (They never do), they will bring out the guns and start stacking you and your ilk up like cordwood in the local morgues.
You will get the civil war you have been pushing for since 2016.
Finally, take this to the Blog comments section. That is where the political stuff usually goes.

Proud Boys Terrorists 5

To the idiot who made the rant about Antifa a year ago, it's obvious you're one of those uneducated Proud Boys who was raised on violence and hate while you along with the dumbass webmaster here sees Antifa as Terrorists. Well guess what dumbass Antifa is short for Anti Fascists and are the ones standing up for prejudice where as you Proud Boy fucks want to storm the Capitol all because your fat, orange King lost last year's election.

Why do you all call yourselves "Proud Boys?" There is nothing to be proud of unless you're white trash and your parents are brother and sister or cousins. Also you all are boys because you all will never be Men and the only Women you Boys will ever have is your sisters to fuck.

These White Trash losers come to Portland to terrorize people all over COVID-19 restrictions yet Far Right Dumbfucks will always try to make Antifa look like the bad guys.

Antifa encourages people to get vaccinated where you white trash fucks are the reason why the Delta Variant is a thing all because you inbred hicks refuse to get Vaccinated.

You would take a bullet for the Country but not a needle to the arm. Well guess what you Proud Boy Losers will never be real men because you're too weak to get a Vaccine Shot and whoever said Vaccines cause Autism needs to have their heads smashed with a sledgehammer. Here's another fact for you people with autism have greater intelligence than any of you white trash uneducated fucks.

Also to the moron making rants about Sports and Scam Callers; for someone who was bitching about not wanting Politics and Sports and shit well guess what you sure are doing the Opposite talking about "Big Don" and Hillary and shit like Get the fuck out of here dumbass "Little Don" doesn't live rent free in anyone's heads that logic is only used by dumbass trolls like yourself to make you spew your toxic bullshit and to kiss The Webmaster's Ass. If anything Little Don is just a squatter that refuses to leave after being evicted and by the way don't you ever say shit about how fake spots feel you moron. Come to a football field and i'll tackle your dumbass to the field and let's see how fucking fake it feels because your fat white trash ass has never played any sports in your life so don't you ever say shit about Football or better yet Soccer since you're nothing more than a racist, xenophobic fat fucking dumbfuck loser who's in serious need of an ass whooping.

Also fuck the pencil necked weasel the runs this site because we all know you're a racist and you're a moron too. You act like you need to have a superiority complex with your footnotes on shit you don't agree with. Well guess what dumbass that just proves you got a small penis and will never be a real man and your ex wife left your sorry ass and your girlfriend deserves a real man not some ignorant moron like yourself.

So fuck all of you white trash proud boy losers.

*Note from Anger Central.
See previous note nitwit.
As for your friends, Antifa?
They were so brave throwing flashbang grenades at children in Portland August 8th 2021.

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