religious nuts

Ok, thisl be short and sweet.. .im angry at the assholes who show up to my door to tell me about the apocalypse... I DONT CARE! Ill eat pork all I want, say Goddamnit 75 trillion times a day and sit nude in a tub full of jello if I goddamn well jolly feel like it! and please, dont say the word Jesus, 200 times or more in a 3 minute conversation.... I dont even think god says his own name that much,,, and dont always say god bless you... ever wondered if perhaps someone doesnt want to be blessed? Maybe someone is in an especially sadistic mood, he wants to be damned... do you say goddamn it? Here I got an idea:
Buddhists durnig the 'nam war set themselves on fire right? Well, lets see some evangelical pricks do the same aight??

Religious people 2

I am angry at these fucking cunts for three reasons:

  1. They think they are the best and everyone else is shit and they look dowm on you;

  2. They all stick together and are a bunch of fucking hypocrites;

  3. They think they will go to heaven. WHAT FUCKING BULLSHIT!

Well fuck you cunts. Shove your bibles and your heads up your fucking arses. Get a life like us. Go drink beer and fuck whores. Have fun! We don't live life by that fucking book.

Religious Nuts 3

Yes, I'm damned angry at these religious morons who try to legislate their morality on me, come knocking at my door telling me if I want to hear about Jesus, and standing in front of an abortion clinic telling women they are going to burn in Hell.  Here's some news for you religious freaks. Wars are started in the name of God; children are killed because God told someone close to them that the children are evil; people are murdered
because they are deemed evil (e.g. abortion doctors). Why don't you hypocritical pussies find a worthwhile cause, like trying to prevent child abuse. But no, you would rather prevent abortions by a person who probably has no business having children in the first place.

I'm tired of hearing how I am going to Hell for not joining YOUR particular brand of religion. If there's one thing you should remember, God gave us free will, which means we have the right to choose. By trying to have laws passed to legislate your morality, you take away a persons free will.

These Mormons who come knocking at my door. I used to be nice; but they kept coming back. I finally got pissed and told them why their church was the biggest hypocritical CULT on the face of the planet. First, Deseret Industries (headquartered in Salt Lake and wholly owned by the Mormon church) owns Albertsons, which sells alcohol, cigarettes, and coffee. Secondly, the Mormon church has controlling interest in a certain cola company (I dropped my shares after I learned about that and wrote the company a long letter). Now, you think that a church that doesn't allow it's member's to smoke cigarettes, drink coffee and alcohol, and gamble would put the Lord God first in everything it does and not allow this. Well, guess what? Do you think God is looking the other way at your business ventures. Fucking hypocrites. I guess we know what your church truly worships...MONEY! This is why I dropped out of your church, you sons-a-bitches. And, to tell you the truth, I feel a lot better about my relationship with God now than I ever did when I was a member.

Religious Idiots 4

Religious people are worse than the plague. Always hanging around at an unwanted time either knocking on your door or at a public ceremony handing out religious shit I can wipe my ass with. One time at some memorial service, this religious person was handing out free mini bibles. I walked up and told him, "Excuse me, this isn't the time or place for this, fuck off." He walks off. Later on, I see him point me out to all his other religious friends, stating that I abused him.

All of those religious pricks stick together. They are all equally worthless. They all play the victim when they are targets of abuse. Get the message through your thick fucking skulls: NO ONE GIVES A FUCK ABOUT RELIGION ANYMORE!!!! FUCK OFF!!

Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons 5

Just was it with those fucking Jehovah's Witnesses and Bible-thumping Mormons knocking on my door and bothering me as if I care to listen to a lousy persuasion week in and week out? What part of my sign, which reads "No solicitors!", do they not understand? They also keep littering my front porch and driveway with their literature that I do not care to read.

Yes, the Bill of Rights gives us guarantee of the freedom of religion (if Jehovah's Witness is really a religion at all), but that does not mean certain groups have the right to impose their "religious" practices or pester us either. One of those misguided Jehovah's Witness stooges even had the nerve to call the religion I practice (Buddhism), and I quote, "a bunch of hocus pocus". Those sanctimonious jerks have got to go away from the neighborhood.

Religious freaks 6

I am totally pissed off with religious freaks whatever religion they want to promote whilst criticizing my life style. Worst of all: with our President we are now officially a fundamentalist country, no better or worst than that of our perceived religious 'enemies'. Fuck them all up the ass these idiots. Try swapping channels without running into them, try pampering your hangover with some sleep without a few fucking Jehovah witnesses knocking on your door. I don't want to hear their anti gay outrage, their anti-Muslim rhetoric, their anti abortion bullshit and their fucking bible quotes. Fuck off all of you! Go and sodomize your sisters and brothers on Sundays and may you all find out there is no heaven anyway after repenting your sins all of your miserable lives. Can't believe you guys spending your last buck on some crazy freak who calls himself minister and probably is screwing a whore with your donation now. Why don't you guys start blowing yourselves up somewhere in the desert if you want to make a statement?

christians! 7

I am angry at all these christian fucks who think just because they are the major religion in America, that they can tell me what to do, and who to believe in, what gender I can like, and what actions I can take.

NEWSFLASH! I dont care if you call me a satinist DUMDFUCKS! I dont care if you want me to conform to your simply little ways, that seem to harbor the notions of staying in the past rather than inbracing the future. YOU WANNA BLAME SHOOTINGS, RAMPANT SEX, AND GAY PEOPLE ON MORAL FUCKING DECAY HERES A FUCKING FACT: its fucking parenting, YES BAD FUCKING PARARENTING, that causes most of that shit. eat shit and die assholes. do us all a favor

*by us I mean those who dont conform to religions rules*

*Note from Anger Central
If you think Christians are bad, try living under fundamentalist Islam, which pretty much describes Islam in general.

Uptight Religious Nuts 8

I am so damn angry at there goddamn religious people who try to tell me how to live my life! I'll live life MY WAY, not the Catholic Church does! I'll have premarital sex when I want to, I'll eat what I want to when I want to! This is why I stopped going to church. Believing in God is enough for me.

Religion Nazis 9

These people are the most moronic intolerant pieces of shit on the planet, though according to them it is everyone else who is intolerant of their views. They are PC zombies who want to make sure that nobody is offended by any kind of religious references in anything. One of their brilliant ideas is to switch our dating system from BC/AD to BCE/CE since AD stands for Anno Domini, Latin for "In the Year of our Lord" and BC stands for "Before Christ". This is not only ridiculously idiotic and oversensitive, but it also fails to accomplish their politically correct fucktard goals. Even if we changed from BC/AD to BCE/CE it still doesn't address the fact that the Gregorian calendar (the calendar most of the world uses including even the dirty communist Chinese peoples republic who the religion Nazis are so in love with due to their persecution of Christians, Buddhists, and all people of any religion) is based around the year 0, the year in which Jesus was supposedly born. So in order to appease these douche bags we would have to completely change our entire system of organizing dates which would be retarded, inefficient, and above all INTOLERANT. These dickless incompetents also would like to take the words "In God We Trust" off our money since it offends their delicate fucking sensibilities. This is just too much because god forbid, excuse me ethnically inclusive non-religious politically correct sexually androgynous figure forbid that anybody reference the fact that our country was founded by mostly Christian (at least Judeo-Christian philosophy influenced) men. These words have never hurt anyone, they have never given anyone cancer, or flown a plane into someone's World Trade Center, or exterminated Jews in a concentration camp, so just leave them the fuck alone. These people are in love with "progress" (or their twisted version of it) for its own sake, and can't leave any tradition well enough alone. Instead they prefer to attack harmless abbreviations and phrases, then sit around jerking each other off about how fucking tolerant and enlightened they are. Personally I am more of less Catholic and not afraid to say it, but I keep an open mind and if you are Muslim, Buddhist, Atheistic whatever, that's cool do your own thing, honestly I believe that being a good moral upstanding human being is much more important than whatever creed you happen to believe in. Just don't FORCE YOUR VIEWS ON OTHER PEOPLE BECAUSE YOU'VE GOT NOTHING BETTER TO DO THEN SIT AROUND ON YOUR FUCKING ASS ALL DAY WHINING ABOUT INCONSEQUENTIAL BULLSHIT THAT NEVER BOTHERED ANYONE. So in conclusion, stick your intolerance up your assholes religion Nazis, though you may have a hard time fitting it as you probably have enough sticks currently lodged up there to start a large campfire!

P.S. This is neither here nor there but scientology and Mormonism are stupid religions for stupid people, though this is a free country and you're well within your rights to believe in them if you want. Just remember, be a good person!

religious nuts 10

I am angry at the hypocrisy of Christians who are against abortion. Every professed Christian I have met who is against abortion has said that women should put their unwanted babies up for adoption instead. Yet, NONE of the Christians who has said this had adopted any children! It's a blatant case of "Not in My Back Yard", "It's someone else's job.".

*Note from Anger Central
In case you weren't aware of these facts:
The Webmaster and his siblings are all adopted.
Good luck trying TO adopt in this country. There are a large number of parents who can't adopt simply due to the fact that there are no babies available. We won't go into the sheer stupidity of the state agencies involved in arranging adoptions. You will also notice that we have made no comments regarding abortion.

Creationists and extremist Baptists 11

I have a major issue with creationists. How can anyone with *any* common sense believe the world is only 6,000 years old?!? For Christ's sake, the Sumerians invented glue 7,000 years ago! Do they honestly believe people *planted* dinosaur bones? As usual, it's simply the unwashed masses' fear of the unknown. It makes me utterly sick that anyone *chooses* to be that ignorant.

I also have an issue with the extremist view of some Baptists I know. I don't understand why such intelligent people choose to be so ignorant in the name of faith. A prime example is Harry Potter. Harry fucking Potter! I have a cousin who's a Baptist who won't let his children read the books. I thought those books were outstanding! Apparently, so did the rest of world, but elitist Baptists (and other ultra-religious groups) appear to be against them because they have "witches" in them. Did any of the extremist religious nutbags espousing the evil of these books ACTUALLY READ THEM?!? Sure, they're light escapist fare, but they're also about Good vs Evil, sacrifice, loyalty, morality and friendship.

This same cousin asked me to join his Facebook site. I did, but when I checked it out, he was going off about how everyone should boycott 'The Golden Compass.' I saw the movie, I thought it was great. I'm going to read Pullman's books, too. Are they anti-God? No, they're just anti-organized-repressive-religion. But someone in their organization said, "We have to boycott this, it's evil" and instead of researching it, they all just jumped on the bandwagon.

I wanted to post a rant on his page, but for the sake of family unity, I declined (when I was younger, I wouldn't have given a shit, but apparently age has mellowed me out a bit).

I'm not religious, but I pray for his kids. I know my cousin and his wife believe they're doing what's in their kids' best interests, but they're shackling them with their shallow views and I can only hope that those kids have what it takes to grow beyond them.

*Note from Anger Central
We saw this on a TV show many years ago. At the end of the program, one of the stars said: "If of all the many truths out there, you choose one and follow it blindly, that truth becomes a falsehood and you become a fanatic."

Some people just aren't able to separate religious belief from real life. The Webmaster has met several people who are very religious, and they don't have any problem with science and they don't try to impose their views on others. Of course, one good thing you can say about the Christian groups. They don't strap on bomb vests and go blow themselves and other up in the name of their beliefs.

religious nuts 12

I am so fucking pissed of and tired of all the bullshit that fucking Christians and fucking Catholics, Jahova's witnesses and fucking Mormons are pulling nowadays. Whatever the fuck happened to accpeting and loving people for who they are? Huh. No apparently being gays means you'll burn in hell. You tell them (homosexuals) that they'll burn in hell, and that satan is tempting them, and yet you're the one living in hate of these normal people who want to live normal lives, rethink what you say assholes. So the devil is tempting peace and shit? Fucking no. He wants hate and look what your spewing out of your hairy, religious asses? Like fuck, and you know what if I wanna fuckin' celebrate christmas and open all the gifts and eat all the pork I want, I fucking will. Ain't a goddamn thing you can do about it. Why can't you just live with who others are and with what they believe? We try respectin' you, but you just don't fuckin' get it. All the church is about nowadays is money, money and guess what more money. Since when is religion about worshping material goods? All the Catholics are about now is the fucking church and what the fuck the pope is parading around in. You don't need a building with a cross on it to pray. See thats what the material goods is. You are worshipping the church, not the God. So you can go and take that stupid book that started this all and shove so far up your ass that it makes your fucking head spin. Leave me alone, and everyone else who wants you to fuck off, because we are tired of your bullshit. Nuff said.

religious ranters 13

im angry at all the religious ranters and their comments on science sites that have commenting options. why are they doing it?

it makes me wanna shove one of their molested church boys down their throats. don't they know that science is what makes their cars, phones, TVs, computers, anything electronic.don't they know that? religious bastards. if im ever alone in the woods and i see a bible im gonna use it to cook my meats. leather covers make a good plate. and when im done ill go to a church and take one of their bibles and wipe my ass with it in front of the whole damn cult. besides if their afraid of witch craft shouldn't they be afraid of jesus, he meticulously helps heal people.magic??

I thank you anger central for letting me let go of some steam.

Religion on Youtube 14

Seriously why the fuck do these idiot Religious Nazis half to come on youtube to force their beliefs down people's throats. We come on youtube to be entertained and yet you idiots have your accounts talking about how certain stuff like Video games and professional Wrestling is Satanic which is bullshit you want to know what is Satanic you fuckng no life losers constantly forcing religion down people's throats and doing whatever it takes to piss everyone off mostly Christians seriously don't fucking force people to go to church if they don't want to go then don't force them the only people who deserve to rot in hell are you worthless pieces of shit. Not to mention one complete idiot called exposingthecults who's really making an ass out of himself pissing off as many people as he can unaware that he's going to piss off the wrong group and they'll kill him so note to Overreligious Christians Get the FUCK off youtube and stop telling people how to live we live how we want to live and if you don't expect a gun pointed to your head and an enternity in Hell waiting for you

*Note from Anger Central
Hi there intolerant bigot. We have a question for you. Rather then suppressing the rights of people who's views you don't like, why don't you just NOT WATCH THEIR VIDEOS??
When others of your ilk were demanding that TV shows and music be banned/censored, we would also explain to those idiots that there was this magical device called the OFF SWITCH! You don't like something? Turn it off.
Fascists, Communists, Nazis, Statists and Liberal progressives. not a dimes worth of difference between any of you.

Westboro Baptist Church 15

I am tired of these stupid, fucking, brainwashed inbreeds shouting their ignorant and bigoted "message" at everyone. They aren't even a church. They are a fucking CULT. I can't wait til one of them die in a car crash so I can say "I guess God hates you, too, bitches.

Mormons not playing sports on Sundays 16

I am SOOOOOOOO Pissed that an All-Star soccer team was chosen and there are only two tournaments that we are going to participate in for a total of only 4 days of games and there are several players that refuse to play on they screw over the whole team, those 2 Sundays. There are only 4 days they have to make games on this team and they will only go to two. We had to sign a parental agreement that we were committed to being on the team and would be at games and practices but they have special rules for Mormons........and it gets WORSE because of these girls they had too roster more players then normal and now on Saturdays everyone has to sit out more becasue of them. They should not have been allowed on THIS team because of the season being so short and only 4 days of games of which they miss 1/2. If everyone else is expected to make a committment to the team why are they given a free pass. When we got the call that our daughter was chosen....the first thing we were asked was are you able to committ to the two tournament weekends???? That was a requirement for US!!! DO NOT JOIN A TEAM that plays on Sundays if you cannot play.

Religious People 17

I am angry at religious people because, when I am in town they always try to convert me or my friends. When I told a preacher in town I wasn't interested, he said he would see me on the way down. Now I have to put up with this most days and it makes me very angry, to be told I am going to hell because I am not interested in what they have to say.

Six Sigma Practitioners 18

Of all the bullshit I've seen in my time in the corporate world, Six Sigma folks take the cake!

Never in my life have I seen such a wanton and reckless abuse of statistics and so-called decision science by statistician wanna-be types that, at best, have an MBA or a four-year degree in some completely non-analytical, non-mathematical discipline.

Talk about not knowing your head from your ass, these folks will sit around all day and clamor about how to do a chi-square test in Excel (because they're too inept to use real statistics packages), not ignorant of how to do it but, more importantly, admitting they don't really know what it actually tells them either.

What's worse than that, they will talk about hypothesis tests and significance all day long without knowing of any relationship between them, much less what they individually mean on their own. Ask any Six Sigma practitioner what statistical significance means, I guarantee you the answer will be something superficial about the mechanics of the test, not the meaning of significance. That will illustrate for you the staggering ignorance of someone who uses a tool they don't understand for reasons they don't comprehend.

It's the same with just about everything they do, and is on par with giving children a pair of scissors to run around with. I've actually watched a gaggle of these idiots standing around with their leadership, talking about how they can baffle someone with bullshit by throwing out terms like "nonparametric" because it would "sound technical" or some such nonsense. This is seriously how they operate.

The worst I've ever seen was this pathetic fucking slob of a master black belt. This person couldn't explain a t-test to save their life, had no idea what a degree of freedom was or what it was or why it was important and yet they were TEACHING other practitioners and helping them to get certified.

Little wonder then that people have no respect for these assholes. They are the most fake and superficial people I have ever met in our company and are some of the most obscenely paid for what they do. Our company, and many others, pay these fucking hacks far more than they pay actual statisticians with REAL degrees!

And what do you get for that money? You get some overpaid, uneducated, unskilled prick that doesn't know jack shit, mucking with the company's data and "finding efficiencies" using the wrong techniques in the wrong way to reach absolutely unrealistic conclusions. The sad part is that this shit impacts people's jobs all the time and these schemes are responsible for a good share of the layoffs and "re-engineering" that goes on in big companies. If you lost your job in the name of efficiency and exploiting synergies, you can best your ass it was a Six Sigma practitioner somewhere in the mix.

I absolutely loath these ignorant bastards and just being near them is enough to make me want to wretch. Six Sigma is complete and utter bullshit to begin with, and when you couple it with the brain donors that end up practicing in the workforce, you have a real recipe for disaster and abuse of statistics. Everyone of them should be ashamed of themselves and deserves to be thrown to the fucking curb.

religious brain washing nuts 19

I fucking hate the way religious groups influence the way that this country is run. I live in va, very close to washington so i follow poiltics closely. I am a very proud democrat, and a very proud lesbian. i dont flaunt it like most republicans think. Im not addicted to drugs or a bottle a day drunk like most republicans think. Im not into group sex like most republicans think. Oh and gays are not child molesters, those are called pedophiles, and have nothing to do with being gay, they just like to prey on innocent children. I have been with my GF for 2.5 years. I have a VERRRRY well paying job. But the fucking fact of the matter is this "great" country was founded on the seperation of church and state. just to clearify i am catholic. I do believe in a higher being, but i also believe in mind your own fucking business. If i want to marry my GF who the fuck are you to tell me i cant.

and abortion i totally believe in the right to choose. i would rather my hard earned tax payer money pay for an abortion than lazy fucking 'mother' pop out another kid and MY money pay for it for the next 18 goddamn years. Abortion is cheaper than welfare, and the fucking money im paying for the scum of the earth to sit in jail and rot. 8 dollars a day for each inmate. MY money to pay for child molesters, rapists, and the POS that break the law and end up in prision...and i have to pay. Fuck that abort your mistake before i endup having to pay for its life sentenance in prision.

*Note from Anger Central
This really should go into the comments section on the Blog rather than here, but the Webmaster respects your anonymity. (The blog does log commenter's posts), That's all he respects in regards to your typo and hate filled rant. We hate to say this, but you are just as intolerant as as any extreme religious type. Like most people on the left, (And we are making an assumption here fro what you have said), You have completely misunderstood what was meant by separation of Church and State. It was meant to prevent the state from creating a state religion, such as Islam or the Church of England. Nothing more. People of your apparent political bent, despise religion and people who have faith. The general reason for this is personal responsibility. Religions generally require YOU to be responsible for YOUR actions. Far easier for you to blame others/society for your problems.

With regards to abortion, you come across are as anti-human and a believer in infanticide. Ever hear of this thing called "adoption?" It used to be a great way of dealing with unwanted children. The Webmaster doesn't want to ban abortion, he wasn't to make it obsolete. Women won't get them because they won't need or want one. As to your personal sexual preferences, as long as you are true to it, you won't be reproducing and we thank you. ;)

Michael, the bible humper 20

Goes by the name of Michael - but, who even knows if that is the truth. Appears to be *extremely* helpful, friendly and a devout Christian - however, beware of this deception. This man is a wolf in sheep clothing.

IF you are a married woman, beware of his charismatic nature. Should he attempt to engage you in conversation beginning with "Praise the Lord" ... please, keep your wits about you because he *will* want to see you again. This is his way of attempting to lure you in with his Bible, "spirituality", charm and so-called good hearted nature. This is his chosen method of seduction - and it works. I have personally witnessed the damaging effects on two married women while at the same time, he was trying to pick up on TWO OTHER married women.

Once he has you in his vice grip - good luck getting out. You will find it impossible to break free, you will find it impossible to stop thinking about him, dreaming about him - and, you find yourself doing things you would never have even considered before.

It is almost as though an evil spell has been cast upon you. You feel yourself falling, you're not even sure why - and you're helpless to break free. This in particular especially applies to married women who have never experienced an intentional deception of this magnitude. Ignore any and all feelings of affection or desire you may feel toward that particular individual for the sake of your own sanity and marriage. I personally know two married women who had been reeled in by his lies within a matter of DAYS. Both women have been happily married for a number of years, have had several children with their loving husbands - yet, this didn't deter either of my friends - despite my warnings. Nor, did the fact that my friends are happily married dissuade the "so-called" devout Christian man from pursuing **ANY** married woman for that matter - when the teachings of his precious Bible has repeatedly told him to keep his slimy paws to himself. Ummm ... "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors wife" anyone?

To make a painfully long story a bit shorter - I'll get straight to the point. After going out with him quite a few times, which was supposed to be a completely innocent meeting of friends (which was NOT) he made both married women fall in love with him, then - hiding behind his *RELIGION* flat out accused both of being adulteresses, harlots and the enemy of the "righteous man" - when no actual adultery had taken place. Despite the fact that he professed his "love" for both of the women - the night before he had seen each again, it genuinely appeared that he sat up all night researching Bible verses simply to tell them what he *REALLY* thought of them - *AFTER* getting what he wanted from them. Guess what happened next? He immediately dumped both supposedly for God. Hearts were broken, tears were shed and the only one left to comfort either of them was me, for he simply walked away without showing any signs of empathy or regret.

In short - if Michael were a *TRUE* Christian as he repeatedly professes to be, he would not be chasing after married women to begin with. And he most certainly would *NOT* have walked away when these poor women were crying over his cruel, uncaring, worthless inhumane existence. God doesn't condone what my friends had done (for which they are *DEEPLY* sorry for)... but I'm pretty damned certain he wasn't too pleased with Michaels' action either.

Michael is an iceman who had also attempted to lure me (yet another happily married woman) into his vile web of deceit. Knowing that I am a Christian woman ... when I told him to "back off, I'm married" - he respected my wishes. So, with this being case - why didn't he also respect the fact that two of my dearest friends are also happily married? It seems to be a pattern with him: get married woman, have a little fun, dump woman, do it again. Why does he not pursue a relationship with a single woman??? *TRUE* Christians are loving, caring, kindhearted individuals who would *NEVER* dream of intentionally hurting an animal much less another human being. As a practicing psychiatrist, it is my professional opinion that Michael is nothing more than a womanizer as well as a misogynist.

To end this on a highly amusing note (I do not wish to divulge the full circumstances nor the location where this incident had taken place in order to protect one of the ladies identities). Upon their final meeting, the two were making out for quite some time and decided to come up for air. When the lady I am speaking of had glanced over at him - it was quite (and disturbingly) obvious that he was hiding an full blown erection with his open Bible. Suffice to say, my friend was completely disgusted and could not tolerate the hypocrisy of the situation - SO, she proceeded with great zeal to slam shut The Good Book on his "privates" and remove it from his lap. Again, in my professional opinion - I would not be surprised in the least if Mr. Self Righteous has suffered quite a bit of permanent damage (which I believe was well deserved).

Michael believes himself to be a "wonderful person, great guy, a devout Christian and has a "direct line to God Himself". Even after hurting these two women and breaking their hearts. Delusions of Grandeur anyone?

Best watch your back MR. BIBLE HUMPER - for the next married woman you fool with, I don't believe her husband will be paying you a visit to simply burn your Bible.

Religious nuts 21

I saw a "Christian" standing outside of a clinic berating a woman who was a cancer patient for being a "baby killer" because she had to have an abortion due to her own physical ailment. All my life these vermin have been in charge of everything. Pushing women around and bullying medical professionals and threatening them. I don't like religious fundamentalists from any religion. We all need an anti-theocracy militia aimed at using violence against theocrats of all religions. Imagine a world where religious bastards were so scared that they finally learned how to keep their mouths shut. That would be a beautiful thing to see.

*Note from Anger Central
Not that we excuse morons of any stripe, but did he murder this woman or set off a suicide bomb?

creationists 22

denying evolution how can these obviously seriously undereducated stupid Jesus freaks blissfully deny the benefits of understanding how life changes. I have a Master's degree in Microbiology so I know how the scientific method works you want proof? How do they explain bacterial antibiotic resistance in our hospitals?

bacteria are God. That's how!

Jehovah's Witnesses 23

I am angry with the JWs for ruining my childhood, my early adulthood and setting me up for a difficult struggle as an adult to live a normal life. The bass-ackwards self aggrandizing bible quoting turds live in a fake bubble of severe hypocrisy. Throughout my elementary school years, my mom would meet with the teachers and school staff at the beginning of the year to lay down the ground rules:

1) I was never to be present when any holiday, birthday or "pagan" celebration was occurring. I was to sit in the hall or stay home from school if these events were happening in my classroom.

2) No after school activities. Ever. Period. Hanging out with evil "worldly" people beyond the bare minimum of an education might corrupt my superior sense of right and wrong bestowed upon me by the word of Jehovah [gag].

3) No discussion of any religious significance (unless it was me preaching to my teacher/classmates). After all, the best indicator of the strength of your argument is that it cannot withstand ANY contrary views or opinions.

Another FAIL embraced by the JWs and suffered through by all members is the demonization of all things sexual and the relentless degradation of women. Sex was always discussed as if it were worse than a heroin addiction, UNLESS it was protected by the sanctity of monogamous marriage (explains why so many good little JWs are married by the time they're 20, doesn't it?). However, when anyone in the congregation would slip up and act on their human desire, it was always the woman who "tempted the brother" and the man "who succumbed to the wares of a harlot."

Women also have no public speaking roles within the congregation, are not allowed to have any position of leadership and are expected to obey their husband mind, body and spirit. I was five years old when my grandmother and some of her female friends met one weekday morning to go out in "field service" (door-to-door harassment). Because I had a penis (tiny at only five years old), my grandmother had to wear a shawl over her head lest it be disrespectful to lead the group in prayer in my presence. Women's rights in the organization are based on the Old Testament and they're right on par with the Middle East.

Another thing that ticks me off to this day is their staunch stance against higher education. When in high school, I tested off the charts and actually had the Air Force and school counselors calling the house begging my parents to let me join the ROTC or apply for scholarships for a college education. It scared my parents so badly, they threatened to pull me out of school and mess with my head even more through home-schooling. When I tried to attend the community college on my own after graduating, they followed through on their threats and kicked me out. They then found out I was having sex out of wedlock (gasp) and I was disfellowshipped. Even if you disagree with every tenet of their misinterpretation of the misogynist's handbook of old (the Bible), it cuts deep when everyone you know turns their back on you. I could understand if I killed someone, robbed a bank or carried out an act of terrorism, but sex? For the first time at 19 years old? I think I should be commended for waiting that long, but I digress.

Being ineligible for Pell Grants thanks to the working wage of my blue collar father and without any moral or spiritual support of any kind, I fell into heavy drinking and drugs. I married the first girl with which I had sex and we had a couple of kids while working at Taco Bell. All the while I was attending meetings at the Kingdom Hall and sitting in the back, shunned like I had leprosy for the serious crime of sex outside of marriage. I was eventually reinstated and hated life even more as I felt dead inside as I listened to the hypocrisy and stupidity of the logical fallacies that comprise "The Truth."

Don't worry - there's a happy ending. Rather than get disfellowshipped again for admitting any of my bad habits, I simply moved out of the area and quit attending meetings, which basically led to me getting off on a technicality. As long as I never talked to the elders at my home congregation, I would be listed as "inactive" rather than "disfellowshipped." This meant my severely dysfunctional JW family was still allowed to talk to me, but I was not forced to perform the retarded rituals of door-to-door service and public speaking at the weekly meetings. I went back to school, eventually earning my Masters Degree and caught up, more or less, to where I should have been. Eventually, my parents accepted me for the results of my life and the merits by which I lived it, rather than my ability to regurgitate several thousand year old stories about talking snakes and flying horses. While I still have to hide my contempt for the willful ignorance of my family, I can still talk to them.

My kids? One is in college, the other a Junior in High School with great grades and reviewing her school options. We're proud atheists and while we tolerate stupidity, we abhor ignorance - and it takes a special kind of ignorance to be religious, much less a JW.

Religious ppl 24

Holy fucking shit, it pisses me off. When religious people start ranting about how everyone who doesn't "believe" and tell them that they CANT do something. Fuck fuck fuckity fuck!

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