Squatters 1

It really pisses me off that a bunch of lowlife, deadbeats think they can just move into any abandoned property without permission and just make the place their home; and piss off their neighbors by trashing the property, playing loud music all day and night, dealing drugs, rude and aggresive to the other people in the neighborhood, and if they have children they let them run wild in the area damaging other people's property and bully other people in the neighborhood. Seriously you fucking no life pieces of shit need to get the fuck out of our neighborhoods and go back to living under the bridge where you fucking belong. The fact that homeowners and the local government half to go through such a long process to kick out these illegal tennants is ridiculous, because some of us who have lives and jobs pay our rent if we're renting and some of us who own a home, pay our mortage so why should these freeloaders half to be evicted due to government regulations of "Squatter's Rights?" Bullshit these freeloaders have no rights to park their lazy, jobless, and homeless asses wherever they feel like. That isn't fair that the people who pay rent or mortage in the area half to deal with a bunch of white trash squatters who think they can just live for free and tear up our area with their filth. If I were in charge of the world; I would evict a squatter and throw them in jail the first complaint I got; but not in this world is it? Oh what I wouldn't do to set their houses on fire with the deadbeat lowlives inside of them.

Fuck you Squatters, nobody likes you, nobody wants you around them, nobody wants you in any neighborhood, go back to living in street corners, cooking up your meth, and bumming money like the white trash idiots that you are.

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