Couponers 1

It makes me angry when people Get Groceries with coupons rather than pay the full price. Coupons are only for special offers than you have the idiots that print coupons from the internet and save up all of their coupons for double offers and then go to supermarkets and get ass loads of groceries and spend their coupons and don't even half to pay much money. That is a load of bullshit I remember seeing on the extreme couponer show that some bunch was owed a gift certificate for all the stuff they bought with their damn coupons that is not right at all. These stores and the company's that make the products aren't even getting the money for these groceries bought with these idiots damn coupons. What's worse they store all of their stuff in storerooms than go out and getmore stuff with MORE COUPONS they don't even use any of the stuff they got from the store. Why don't you idiots take some of that stuff and donate those things you bought to charities or to the homeless? No, instead you hoarde all of that shit and don't give a fuck about people who are starving in other countries or if you put grocery stores and companies out of business all because of your coupon spending habits and not paying full price. Seriously to all grocery stores if you see people getting ass loads of groceries and using coupons instead of paying please have these people arrested for shoplifting and all of their stuff they don't use taken to charities extreme couponing should be outlawed.

*Note from Anger Central
While we don't use coupons much, we don't begrudge people who do. They are taking advantage of the producers who hand these things out like candy. Personally we then prices would be lower all around if they just gave up the coupons. We'll also add that when someone says "There should be a law" then generally there shouldn't be.

Fat Couponer and Slow Cashier 2

This Fat Bitch had two carts full of groceries flowers and other stuff and only paid $80 from using a shit ton of coupons; fucking Extreme Couponers really piss me off these assholes would rather spend all day at the grocery store horading groceries to fil ltheir fat guts instead of caring about people who need them more than they do but I am also pissed off at this slow as fuck cashier holding up the line with customers waiting scanning 1 item at a time while this fat bitch just wouldn't shut the fuck up. Seriously I hope this fat bitch chokes on all of that food and I hope the slow ass cashier loses her job. People that damn slow and lazy has no business working at Walmart and fat people can go fuck themselves up their fatasses.

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