Fat women

Who wouldn't be angry? I married a slim good looking woman. Then the bitch started gaining weight like she was trying to be a Sumo wrestler. The pig! It wasn't just meals, she ate all the time, grazed like a goddamn cow. She had to quit her job, required too much exercise. I gave up on sex a long time ago and moved to another room. She found out about my girlfriend then and got a divorce. Praise Allah!. God damn whore then started hanging out and bars, and drunks actually started fucking her! She got prego and tried to call it mine. HAHAHAHAHA, yeah, like I could make a little black baby. Well, shit on her and all her fat sisters. Get a life you pigs. No, I am not fat or even close to it.

Fat People 2

What really ticks me off is when one of this fat people acts so hateful towards me for no reason... reason I do not know anyway. I believe they just damn do not like that I am skinny! I encourage most people who are trying to lose weight but I am finding out why the same gals who tells me they want to lose weight are the ones who does not want to walk for 5 minutes outside, walk the stairs, carry a 20 lb box or anything that will help lose some calories... man don't that make you mad?

fat people 3

fat people piss me off with there thing about losing weight but they don't do a damn thing about it . they always bitch about it all the time.

Fat & Overweight 4

I too am angry at these fat, overweight slobs. I work at an amusement park (I won't name names but it's somewhere in the USA) and I have to deal with these fools most of the time. The ride has several posted signs warning that the ride would not be able to fit them. Then, these fat idiots still wait in line anyway thinking they are the exception. When they get on the ride and lap bars cannot and will not lock properly on them (the ride has size restrictions), I politely inform them that they are not able to ride. And they have the nerve to ask me "Why?" Look, do I really need to give your stuffed faces a reason? Just look at your overweight selves!

Oh, at one time I remember some trailer trash lady had the chutzpah to file a complaint about me because I "embarrassed" her and didn't let Shamu ride on the damn attraction. Why's Shamu mad? She just didn't fit properly.

Hey, is it my fault that you've been stockpiling on too much food and neglecting exercise? Next time, why don't you people bother not go to this or any other amusement park and get off your lazy and overweight asses, lay off on the fast food, and try exercising (some walking, at least) instead of getting pissed at others for your weight problem?

fat people 5

I'm angry at fat people who come to my home and ruin my furniture.One fat-assed whore sat on my wooden glider rocker and now it has a permanent squeak! Thanks alot jelly belly Kelly. I can understand why the airlines charge your big bertha asses for two seats,you ruin thecushions forever.Someone needs to start a BIG ASS FURNITURE business.Next time one of you fat ass whores waddles up to my door all out of breath,I'm gonna yell sorry we gave at the food bank.These bitches actually thinkthey can lean up against my kitchen counter,whoah there Shamu, you're wrecking my fucking house.You fuck up my toilet seats and use half a roll of toilet paper to wipe that ass thats as wide as the spread of an eagles wings.And I don't ever wanna hear "I really dont eat that much",mother fucker you ate my husbands dinner,a whole fuckin chicken as a snack.Then at Thankgiving you have the nerve to burst out crying because somebody says do we have any rolls and everyone looks at you.Then you wear a bikini and have the nerve to jump in our swimming pool,bitch we paid for the water you just sloshed all over the neighborhood and our 8 foot deep pool is now 5 foot deep.Fat people really piss me off, I hope you see this Kelly!

fat people 6

I am so angry about fat people whining and bitching at me because they are fat. It's not my fault they can't stop shoving food in their mouths. One lardo keeps saying how she eats like a bird. The thing with four legs and a mane is actually a horse.

Fat People 7

I know that the buffet at the Golden Corral is all you can eat. I know that it takes a lot of calories to keep that enormous tub of lard you call a body from toppling over due to malnutrition. I know that you think nothing of the disgusting, pig-like sounds you make as you shove more and more food into that bottomless pit you call a face. But for the love of God, do you fat fucks have to cram even more into a take-out bag that leaks and drips as you waddle out the door to the parking lot, too? How much food can one pig woman stuff into herself at a time, anyway?

Fat Sweaty Fanboys 8

I'm so pissed at fat sweathogs who can't stand that I would dare to disagree on their watermarking of trademarked photos. Is that any reason to have my Yahoo account nuked? You are a bunch of overweight, balding pathetic jerkoff LOSERS, you know that?! The closest you will ever come to sex with a woman is...YOUR OWN UNFORTUNATE BIRTH!!! LOL

Go ahead chew your way through a tower of cheeseburgers from McDonalds -- in your parents' basement at the age of 35 surrounded by a stack of moldy comic books. I hope you fuckers DIE of a premature heart attack from all that polyunsaturated fat you goofballs seem to like to ingest on a regular basis. For you imbeciles the drug of choice isn't beer or pot, its MARGARINE. Go to your mommies and whine! Fuck you Harry of Ain't It Cool and Bob from the DKE list. You could both stand to lose some weight. You can start by cutting off your fat ugly fearsomely misshapen heads.

Fat-ass obese assholes 9

WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH FAT PEOPLE!!!!?!?!!??! They whine and complain every day about how they want to be skinny, and they go crying to john walsh, oprah and maury so people can see their UGLY, FAT ASSES on TV. Who in the right mind would want to actually see their nasty fat fucking asses on TV!! I say FUCK YOU FATTIES! I HOPE YOU DIE IN THE FILTH YOU CREATED FOR YOURSELF. Next time you see a fast food place, and try to run towards it and end up hurting your fat self, think of the people that die every time your fat hooves touch the ground and cause an eArThQuAkE, damn assholes! I'm SO glad you all have to pay for 2 or more seats on air planes, trains, and buses, who the fuck would want to be covered in your nasty sweaty blubber rolls! TAKE YOUR HUGE CUSTOM VANS AND SHOVE THEM UP YOUR ASSES!!! I'm sure that you have an asshole big enough seeing as you shovel 5 tons of food into your mouth every day. all these fat obese pigs should be forced to pay an extra tax when they buy food in the store! They never leave anything good behind. YOU ALL SUCK!

Fat people 10

Fat people SUCK especially the women..i dont know where they get their confidence from to make them think they should wear daisy duke shorts out in public with the cellulite screaming..whats worse is that fat people gawk and give me dirty looks..im 125 lbs so when you fat nasty bitches give me your dirty looks all it does is tell me how you wish you were slim like me..if you fat people want to give dirty looks give them to the makers of twinkies

Fat People 11

I hate it when fat people call ALL skinny people anorexic, even the ones with muscle! That is so stupid. I hate looking at all the fat people slopping it up in fast food resteraunts. With their greasy fries covered with cheese, their diet sodas, and their disgusting burgers.

Fat people 12

I am angry with these fat losers. They can't control themselves. They say, "I need to go on a diet, and then they stuff their faces with greasy shit!" Then they wander why they can't do a simple thing a fit and skinny person can do. We should send these fat losers on a deserted island somewhere where they can lose some weight and actually do some physical exercise.

fat people 13

I angry at fat people because I am one. I have a disease that causes me to be fat. I DON'T eat that much. I can starve myself, and still lose nothing. I always wanted to be a body builder, and until my disease caught up with me I was well on my way. So next time you people make fun of one of us think that it could be you.

fat people 15

I am generally not prone to ranting online or off, but something happened this morning (not for the first time) that has me seething. I crushed my right hand in an accident awhile ago and I had an operation on it and my hand is in a cast. I am due for another op soon. I am in pain and the naproxen is killing my stomach. SO I am feeling kind of sick. On my way to work on public transportation this morning I sat in a seat with a slim person to my left. My seat has a 4" gap on the right to the next seat. A really OBESE PIG sat down and SAT ON MY HAND!!! My hand was draped along my thigh! It was nowhere near his seat. I yelled in pain and he just gave me a look. No apology! SO now I know it was deliberate. I said "why don't you loose 200 pounds?" He had to be over 350. Then he started muttering trying to imitate me! As he got off I yelled after him. "You're really disgusting and you smell!" I felt I had finally hit back and then I came in to work to find a site like this on the Internet. Some people may think this is childish but I have had it up to here with fat people. This sort of thing goes on all the time. Anybody want to form a SERIOUS group? It should include articles that PROVE that fat people are ruining not only their health but ours! I have a list of these. They cost us billions of dollars a year for health problems. Also a forum that lets people discuss their problems with fat people. I am serious!

Fat sorority girls 16

Normally, I don't mind fat people, but some of my fat sorority sisters really managed to piss me off today. First, five of us were hungry and decided to go out to lunch. I am not the world's skinniest woman, but I tend to be on the lean side. I work out often and usually keep an eye on my diet, not just to maintain my weight, but to prevent future ailments like cancer and heart disease. Anyway, I was in the mood for something a little heavier and tasty (i.e. not a salad or a tuna sandwich, etc). We were right by a McDonalds, so I said we should just go there. One of my friends said that she couldn't eat there because "it's bad for you, and I'm a vegetarian. You need to be more careful about your diet." She said in a very degrading and snobby way, that conveyed the tone of "You eat that shit?" I got pissed because she has no right to talk to me about eating healthy, as she is about 5'3" and probably weighs around 170. She tries to act all high and mighty about eating right, yet her ass is bigger than a truck. Fuck that shit. Later, during lunch at another restaurant (that dumbshit ordered fried mozzarella and onion rings), someone at the table said they hate how girls wear jeans that are so low their thongs hang out when they sit down. I agreed and said it was tacky. The fat ass, who has been known to have this problem, said that "it's hard to find jeans that fit properly." I said that I don't have that problem... I was not trying to be snobby (because I am not made of money), but I said that if you spend a little bit more on higher quality jeans, you're likely to have a better proportioned cut. I suggested a store that is great at making jeans for many body types. The fat ass then said, "Well, that's great for you. I'm glad they fit you" in a sarcastic tone. I wanted to say that they fit all people who don't have a BMI above 30, bitch.

I would just like to add that girls who have their underwear or asses hanging out of their jeans are trashy and tacky. It's not attractive. If we wanted to see your ass, we'd ask you to take off your pants. Also, those stupid mini skirts with the pleats that are becoming trendy-- they are shit. Girls who wear that should be thrown out with the garbage. And incinerated.

PS. McDonalds sells salads without any meat on them, and I'm sure they're better for you than a plate of fried cheese sticks and onion rings, stupid whale girl.

Fat people 17

I have completely had it with fat people. I just got home from my midnight trip to the grocery store (it is the only semi-safe time for me to go). The police had to be called, but let me explain. Some fat bitch and her equally fat boyfriend/husband weren't watching where they were going and slammed their cart laden with frozen pizzas, cookies, chips, pies, cakes, Little Debbies, candy, non-diet Coke, etc. into my body. My cart contained fresh veggies, fruit, and lean chicken and fish. Instead of apologizing, the fat bitch told me; "you'd better watch yourself you boney ass bitch." The fight was on! After a loud 3 minute tirade from yours truly, the fat cow starting bawling. They called the cops on me. Goddamn, look at the difference between my food selections and theirs, no wonder she and her blubber-ass boyfriend were so fucking fat! That's why I get to enjoy being 5'5" and an even 100 lbs. I exercise too while they probably sit on their broken down sofa stuffing their faces.

The next fat man who tries to hit on me thinking he has a snowball's chance in hell with me, will get to see the wrath of this thin, angry, white female come full force down on his fat head.

The next fat bitch who takes out her insecurity on me will also suffer the same fate.

Fucking fat people! Fat people eat too damn much, they smell, and they have no respect for their bodies. Then they have the audacity to demand respect and special accommodations. Why do they think they deserve them when their obesity is their fault?! Here is a suggestion; put down your goddamned fork and step away from the fridge! Quit doing the truffle-shuffle and take a walk around the neighborhood!

By the way fat women, the average man doesn't want to see your heavy pendulous breasts sagging in a spaghetti strap tank top, or your cellulite thighs bursting out of mini skirts and daisy dukes. Fat men, quit hitting on us thin women. We don't want your fat ass anywhere near us! Your fat makes you ugly to us. We don't think you're teddy bear cuddly, we think you're disgusting.

Fat people of both genders, quit giving us thin people dirty looks. It isn't our fault you're fat, it's yours! And for fuck's sake, watch where you're going! Install mirrors on your fat asses because you obviously can't see us thin people thus causing you to slam your massive girth into us.

Also, fat people, quit making so much fucking noise while you inhale your triple cheeseburgers and super-sized fries. It's disgusting to hear your heavy breathing, chewing, grunting, and oinking sounds when you eat. Really fucking gross! My skinny ass is tired of you all! LOSE SOME FUCKING WEIGHT!

fat people 18

Last year here in Canada a rather "large" woman sued filed a human rights complaint against an airline. She was pissed off that because she was so fat and required two seats to accomidate her ass and the airline had the audacity to charge her 1/2 price for the second seat. Well she felt that it was a "medical condition" and should not have to pay any extra. She won. Now fatties fly for free and what pisses me off is that this extra cost is being passed on to the rest of us. Still its better than having one of those gross fat things sitting next to you for a five hour flight, enduring the stench of rotten onions and sour milk. Why do they smell like that anyway?

fat people 19

Fat people just piss me off! One of the most annoying aspects of a fatty is the amount of space (the ‘footprint’, if you will) they occupy. Do you ever notice just how hard it is to get around these tubs of lard as they walk single, double or even triple down a hallway or sidewalk (but usually double is enough to more than fill all available space)? And do you further notice that when you try to squeeze your thinner ass past them (for they no longer walk but lumber/waddle at an infuriatingly slow pace) they get indignant? Moreover, do you ever notice they usually tend to walk in a herd of two or more? At work doesn’t it annoy you when you need to get to some papers or to the copier or computer, etc. when a fatty is standing in they way and you just can not get around their astronomical ass? However, if that is not enough, they seem to relish being annoying in such a manner, having a smug attitude after you are inconvenienced by having to plot a course around their equator. Just today as I was riding my bike to work I had to ride in the rough to get around two fatties lumbering down the sidewalk, who where then (surprise!) indignant that I went around them.

Look, I will say up front that I am a doctor (that is an M.D., not a chiropractor, not a dentist, not a Ph.D) and I will tell you from many fucking years of school and residency that there are some basic things all fatties (in fact, all people) should understand. Are you all ready? This is some pretty basic shit that most people will never grasp:

  1. 90% of your weight gain is from what you put in your piehole! Re-read this first sentence until it sinks in! Think of calories like money in a checking account: if you balance the books at the end of the day your weight will stay the same. If you expend more than you take in you WILL lose weight.
  2. Fat people expend more calories than thin (as much as that sucks for thin people). No really, a 350-pound fatty will burn in the neighborhood of 3000-4000 calories a day carrying around all that extra lard! A thin person does 2000-2500. Therefore, fat people do need to eat a hell of a lot more to keep (and gain!) weight.
  3.  Re-read #1 and #2 again and put down the cakes and the pies and the chips and the cookies and get off your fat ass and get some God Damned exercise!
  4. Realize that with the exception of rare (and often fatal!) genetic diseases, there is really no medical condition that makes you gain weight and not be able to take it off. Diabetes, hypothyroidism, “slow metabolism” (whatever the fuck that means), hormones and “genetics” (the tar-baby of all fatty excuses) may make it harder to loose weight as quickly but will never stop you from losing weight (re-read #1 through #3).

Therefore, I will say with authority that FAT=LAZY with basically no exceptions. Now for those ready to flame away at your greasy keyboards with your pudgy fingers, take a really, really fucking honest look at who you are, how much you eat and to what extent you exercise and tell me with a strait face that you “eat like a bird” or “just can’t help gaining weight even though I watch what I eat and exercise”. Please, who am I kidding, almost all the fatties will score 0/3 every time.

Fat People 20

Fat people...hmmm, where to start? Right, so I'm not the thinnest woman in the world - I'm not fat, but you can't automatically claim to be the thinnest woman in the world without research... Nor would I care to be the thinnest woman, but people - come on, losing weight is as simple as abc, it's just a case of eating less and exercising more. Fair play to those of the fat clan that honestly and medically cannot help their weight, but not every fat person can have a plausible excuse... So stop with the bloody excuses...

I was walking down town the other day (I'm in Wales in the UK), and this bus-load of fat people emptied onto the street... God, did I have a hard time moving - and worse? It's Christmas... Fat people and Christmas crowds do NOT mix...

I have a half-hour dinner-break for work, (I don't have dinner, I use it as my cigarette break) and I had decided to do a spot of shopping in town - fat chance....literally...

Couldn't move for lardy ladies and mammoth men, why does this have to happen in the uk? It's a relatively new thing to us, all this obesity lark but quite frankly, it's pissing me off big time...

They aaren't doing themselves any favours by munching themselves into an early grave... Do they aspire to have to be winched in and out of bed? Do they seriously feel comfortable with themselves? I'm sorry, but I've always been of the opinion that anything that wobbles THAT much is wrong... And before you ask, I don't have a problem with jelly, just the chubby bastards who consume tubs and tubs of the stuff in one sitting...

My man has a BMI of 25, which isn't too bad... His mother? I think she's off the scale, we had the embarrassment of having to load her onto a truck-like vehicle for her to be moved from one end of Palma airport to the other when we went on holiday earlier in the year.... Never again... She couldn't fit into the wheelchair....

Rik Waller, everyone heard of him? 40-stone freak who tried to make it big, or maybe even supersize.... Anyway, who would honestly take pride in looking like that? You know what Rik Waller's body fat was? Sixty per cent. I looked that up. That is the same per cent fat as a pork scratching.... Shaming or what?

fat 21

I am so damned angry, because certain "Skinny and fat" people are complete idiots, with so-called professionals being the worst!

Some of you morons actually believe that just because a "Doctor" says that obesity is not a disease, you automatically will accept this theory as if God himself hand delivered it to you! FACT: we live in the Dark ages, people! This is why people STILL die from disease and old age, and this is why our lives are ultimately disrupted when one of these events occur. as for the supposed "Doctors statement" his writings are fallacious. his credentials are questionable, and if he was a doctor, I would sue him for malpractice! Not to mention, they HAVE termed obesity as a disease. The False doctor was correct when he stated that obese people do burn more calories, and they require more. However, it would do him better to look for an actual CURE and ASSUME it is a disease, than make excuses for his lack of consideration. And, if that doesn't absorb in his thick head, then he needs to shut the f*ck up.

Fat People 22

I am angry because of whining fat folks who blame their condition on everything from their metabolism to MacDonald's. What they seem to ignore is the fact that every ounce/pound of excess fat on their overblown grotesque bodies entered through one and only one portal.... The Mouth! Duh!

Damn Fat People 23

I hate certain fat people so much. They're costing this country more than they probably realize. They really are the filthiest slobs. All the fat people I have ever known just make messes everywhere they go and then refuse to clean up after themselves. They pick their noses and stick it on the walls and leave streaks of shit on the toilet bowl. Furthermore, they consume huge quantities of red meat, beef in particular. How can anyone eat something that smells so much like burning feces?

Fat people 24

BLAH! Fat people annoy me so much because of their ignorance. They are fat fucking pigs and then try and get compassion from us. Its not anyone's fault but theirs that they can't stop shoving their faces full of food.

FUCK!!! Their is this one guy i know, i asked him if he wanted to go to the gym with me (as he is greatly overweight and i figured he might want to loose some weight). he says no because its a waste of money. THE FUCKEN WASTE OF MONEY is feeding your fucking obese blob you call a face.

Fat 25

I am angry at fat people because they stuff their faces all the time. Fat people who say they are happy with their apperance are fucking lying. How could you be happy with their waistband cutting into their 60inch waist, the rolls of fat, the excessive sweating. Smelly fucks they all are. All they have to do is diet. But they do and they never work they say honestly we never cheated but still put on weight thats another thing about fat ass muther fuckers they are all FAT LYING BASTARDS

Fat people 26

Due to constant snacking, my sister is obese and apparently its my fault! I get blamed for her obesity coz i ask to have ice cream in our freezer. I mean are you a fucking moron! Its not my fault you cant keep your grubby slimy hands of food! And then the bitch says "im trying but its so hard to lose weight", well maybe if you cut back on eating and started exercising instead of sitting on your fat ass doing nothing then maybe you would be thin! Im not going to stop eating ice cream and junk food just coz your brain cant register THAT ICE CREAM BELONGS TO ME!

fat people 27

I'm angry at fat people because they say that they are happy with the way they look and then give skinny girls (like me) dirty looks and call us names!! STUPID! It also pisses me off that they try to pass off that I'm only skinny because of genes or fast metabolism! BULLSHIT! I work my ASS OFF (LITERALLY) IN THE GYM!!! There is no way that I would be skinny if I sat on my butt eating cookies!!! It makes me mad when they call me "BARBIE GIRL" in a condescending way, like it's my fault that they stuffed their faces and now they're bitter and they're going to take it out on me and all other skinny girls!!! I also get mad when they tell me, "oh you'll be fat when you get older" OR "You'll get fat when you get married" Honey, I don't think so! I'll be working out and eating healthy 'til the day I DIE!!!!!! Anyways, I plan on getting skinnier when I get married because I'll be having SEX ALL THE TIME! I know I will because I'm skinny and I look good! STOP GOING TO MCDONALDS, STEAK 'N SHAKE, PIZZA HUT ETC.........................! Losing weight is simple and includes COMMON SENSE!!! If you think eating mcdonalds is going to help you lose weight....YOU HAVE NO COMMON SENSE! Get a life and stop giving us girls dirty looks, it will only make me flaunt it more!!!

Fat people on a subway 28

I wish our subway system (Washington, D.C) would offer a wide-bodied car for the obese. I can't take it, anymore! Who likes being exhausted (morning or evening), and seeing a fatso take up the entire two parts of a seat??!!!! And they're just looking blank, as usual, not caring!!! At least a wide-bodied car (call it "roomier" if you have to, the fatsos will fall for it) would be able to stand their enormous weight AND give the less-obese a chance to sit down!!!!

Fat People Stink 29

I am so angry at how disrespectful fat people are towards thin people. *yet* we cannot be equally disrespectful back. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Sometimes I just want to climb a lightpost in a very public place and shout: "Fat people suck! Fat people are unhealthy pathetic people who demand that I have more respect for them than they obviously have for themselves! Fat people aslo stink and that's a gross distgusting FACT! Fat is NOT fabulous! FAT is weak. YOU are the weak links. I will never hire you. I will never work for you. I will never marry you. I REJECT YOU and your slobby, blubbering, whining, oinking ways." Ahhhh. I feel better. Now I'm gong to finish eating my tuna salad while Fat Ass in the next cubicle munches away on her doritos and oreos. Oink oink stinky. Keep on shovin' it in.

Fat people suck! 30

I hate fat people! They are disgusting! I have a family member (not related to me by blood) who is fat and she's so freakin' annoying! At holidays she comes over and all she does is eat eat eat and sleep and complain about how fat she is! She's around my age and she's taller than me I'm 5'2" and she's around 5'9" so whenever I wear something cute she says oh I'd wear something like that too if i was a shortie like you (she makes it sound like I'm a midget)! Well, I think NOT! My height is not the issue here...Your fat a** is! She also gives me dirty looks and when people give me compliments on how good I look she gives me a death ray look. Last X-mas I gave her a pair of jeans that were a size 16 and she complained because it was too small when she is the one who told ME she was a size 16! Heck I'm a size 4! For my b-day we went out to eat and instead of getting dinner like everyone else she ordered a whole pie for herself and she ate it all too! So disgusting! This is just one person but fat people in general annoy me because they are just disgusting and fat and slobs!

Fuck fat people. 31

These Shamu mother fuckers piss me off. It's not enough that I must suffer their scent, sight, and sounds; no, I must also deal with their envious whining.


If I hear one more worthless blob of flesh tell me to eat, I'm going to cut the audacious fuck's throat. I'm slender, but also nicely muscled and proportioned. Fuck, I'm one hot son of a bitch; and these jealous whales blubber about it every chance they get. Fuck tolerance. I hate fat people. Fuck them all.

fat women 32

I am not one to vent, until now.
I am a single male, and have been doing the online dating thing for the past 4 years, i am sick and tired of fat women responding to my ad when it says specifically that i am not interested in overweight women...do they not look in the mirror?...5 foot 2 inches and 200 lbs IS NOT AVERAGE!!!! i am sick, sick, sick of them all!! sick of meeting women who are not honest about being fat...YOUR FAT, NOT " A FEW EXTRA POUNDS...A "FEW" IS 3, NOT 30...YOUR FAT, YOUR NOT "AVERAGE."DEFINED BY BODY MASS INDEX, IF YOU DONT FALL INTO THE "AVERAGE" PART OF THE CHART YOUR FAT!.... "CURVY" IS JUST ANOTHER TERM FOR FAT!....YOUR NOT LARGE! BASKETBALL PLAYERS ARE LARGE! DO YOU PLAY BASKETBALL?.....YOU ARE NOT IN SHAPE IF YOU ARE ROUND, ( ALLTHOUGH ROUND IS A SHAPE BY DEFINITION ) you say you exercise?? walking to the fridge does not count as going for walks...stop lying to yourself, stop lying and wasting our time, you have a better chance of falling out of bed dead in the morning running for the doughnuts then you do of landing someone who is truly average in shape, thin, or slim in body type.
stop wearing sexy clothes! you do not look like naomi cambell, and your stomach is not something that should be revealed to the public, neither are your fat arms....COVER UP FOR CHRISTS SAKES! we are not looking at you in admiration or appreciation, we are gawking at you in disgust and pity, that you actually think you look good in 3 sizes to small shirts and jeans.....your boobs are not attractive, and cleavage on fat women should not be exposed!....10 pounds of fat with a nipple on it, is still 10 lbs of fat!you see yourself as sexy??? well your the only one who does!..you think your b/f or husband thinks you look sexy?? put him in a room with a thin woman...and you will see how mistaken your assumptions are...its her BODY he is looking at.
standing next to a fatter women then you doesnt make you look skinny, it means to fat chicks are standing side by side....exercise is not an activity....ITS A WAY OF LIFE IF YOU WANT TO BE THIN!!

Wal-Mart Fat People 33

The thing that pisses me off about fat people is this...HANDICAP PARKING!! Perhaps the one chance to get a bit of exercise, and they cannot even bring themselves to walk from their cars across the parking lot to the store or where ever they my be. If this wasn't bad enough, they get in the grocery store, and then use the motorized carts to haul their blubber around the store. Listen, there are a lot of people who really do need assistance. People who are truly disabled, who need those parking spaces, people who need those motorized carts. There are people who need these things because they are disabled through no fault of their own! Yet, these obese tubs seem to think that they should be given the same consideration as a man that lost a leg defending this country and it's ideals!!!

Fat People... 34

I'm angry at a lot of things, but at the moment, most particularly, fat people. I'm angry at fat people who complain about being fat, yet do nothing about it. I'm angry at fat people who hit on me, who think their disgusting rolls and double chins are "cute," who don't even realize how much they stink and how repulsive they are, much less how much it would cost me to support their fat asses simply because of the grocery bill.

Most of all? I'm angry at one person in general who is NOT fat, just not as skinny as me. This person gave me free reign with their clothes, but after seeing me in them, retracted the statement, because I "look better in them." I thought they were joking. I continued to do it, and got kicked out of their house. WTF?! I'm also angry at anorexic bitches fishing for compliments and false ego boosts by claiming to be fat, or ugly.

fat people 35

im so angry there is girl that i work with who is always moanin that she cant find clothes that fit her or shoes that fit her fat ugly feet, she always says about this diet and that diet yet always manages to squeeze in an egg an bacon sandwich for breakfast. its sick an its even more sickenin that i have to sit in the staff room and listen to her slobberin over her food thats all she does is EAT! fair enough if she wants to be fat be fat but stop the fuckin moanin, MOAN MOAN MOAN!!!! it also annoys me that she always rants on about other people an how if they lost weight they would look better HELLO has she looked in the mirror lately ha ha i dont hate all fat people just this one FAT BITCH . (I feel better now ha!)oh and every other fat person that moans about their weight go moan quietly,

Fat People 36

Fat people annoy me with all of their constant complaining about how difficult it is to lose weight, and how they can't help their being fat, that it must be their metabolism. I also hate how fat women wear clothing that is too small for them and think they're hot shit. I hate how fat people can think anyone finds them attractive. Besides, if you're too lazy to keep your body looking nice, what's to say you won't be lazy in the bedroom. I also hate how fat women wear bikinis, but all you can reall see is a little bit of string and it looks like their fat rolls are eating the rest of it. I'm just tired of people being lazy and coming up with excuses for it, like it's McDonald's fault, or your metabolism, or a disease, blah, blah, blah. Get of your fatty butts and go to the gym. I swear, if I ever get fat and no diets work, I will smoke crack to get skinny. That's right, I'd rather be addicted to a dangerous drug than be fat!



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obesity 39

I am angry at these morons who are trying to be soooo damn smart. Listen, we do not like the way we look, we just keep a positive attitude towards it all. I think it is very rude of you guys to judge obese people that way. You guys are almost like racist people. You cannot say all americans are a certain way or all mexicans are a certain way. Yes there are a few obese people that thier weight has gotten to them and they appear to be very abnoxious but there are slim people that way too. I find that you are only thinking of yourself and not the person who you are talking about. There is a certain thing that people like and obese people just like food. It is addictive to a lot of us. It is hard to stop eating. Just like it is hard to stop smoking. You will never understand. And some of you are lowering your own siblings and friends, instead of saying it to us why dont you be open with them but in a nicer way so they will know. If nobody tells them then they will still feel okay. I am not saying go up to them and say you are fat but you can go up to them and say "you know what ____ you are very close to me and I respect you but i honestly have to say that it would be better for you if you lost some weight and i will help you as well accomplish that goal if you do decided to go along with it." Thank you for listening to what i have to say byebye

Fat women 40

I am sick and tired of being hated because i am thin. Every time i work with fat women they say nasty things to me. The other day the fat woman I work with in a clothing store holds up a pair of pair of size 12 girls pants and says, "Here is a pair of pants for you, ha ha." She's angry and has a chip on her shoulder. It's not my fault she eats milkshakes for lunch. Fuck me for exercising and taking care of myself. My encounters with fat women seem to be the same every time. They are a bunch of bitches who hate themselves. Not my fucking fault. Stop eating you pigs.

fat 41

i'm really pissed of with fat people, i have several fat friends and one inpoticular that i work with she is as wide as she is tall every day she gets fast food for her breakfast then her lunch then when she is finneshed work she'll say im to tired to cook ill get somthing on the way home you fat bitch you dont even do any work you jus sit at you computer moaning that your legs hurt or or no one wants to be with you. latley its got worse she even gets people to go to the fast food places for her meals and even getting people to get her things from the shop in between last week she wanted me to go for her so i said reall politley (not like me at all) you cant eat take away every day its not healthy and you will die a horrable death and i dont want to see you go threw that how about i go to the kitchen and cook you something really healthy and with fresh ingreedients (as we work in a big hotel in scarborough uk might as well takeadvantage) but she refused and stormed of to a burger outlet tripped over and really hurt her self and her boady cant recover from it. so all you fat people reading this while eating a family bucket from kfc to your self you will die a horible death put the chicken down walk your fat ares to the grosers pick up thoes colourfull weird looking things called frit and veg WALK back home cook a healthy meal stick to this instead of oll the shit youl feel better about your self go for a walk every day and within a few weeks youll be able to wright about it and help other people as well. and think of the poor bastard who has to carry your coffin or the nurses that have to wash you stop being so selfish yor ruening the environment do you know how much green house gas comes from you cremated or rotten corps do something today <name deleted>

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fat ppl who eat subway 42

Fat people who eat subway anger me in a deep and very profound way. I work there, do I really need to go any further than that? Well, I am!

They come in there wanting their double meat double meat double cheese footlong subs with all the vegetables, oil and vinegar, EXTRA mayonaise (can't forget that), mustard, and salt and pepper. I sometimes think to myself: "I wonder if they'd like me to put some cookies on that!"

Some even go as far to talk about their diet plan while I'm making them 1, 2, or sometimes even 3 sandwiches. OMG! And, that's why I'm angry at fat people who eat at subway

Fat People 43

I am angry I smoked disgusting cigarettes for 10 years, quit and gained 45 lbs. I gained 45 lbs because I ate like a pig and justified it by thinking "at least I'm not smoking cigarettes.  After 2 or 3 years i decided to start eating right and exercise.. guess what? I lost the 45 lbs and feel great. I was lazy and i ate too much and the wrong foods too often. I began eating right and exercise problem solved. It is that simple

fat people 44

A couple reasons why fat people anger me is they are always whining and bitching about how nobody like them bc they are fat, and they expect you to suck up to them and tell them they are not that fat but if you tell them the truth (that they are a living tub of butter) then they get mad and call us aholes. And why do they always try to tell you all about their diets and crap when we all know they wouldn't get up unless it was for a large pizza or bag of twinkies, and this has been why fat people anger me to the point of ulcers

fat people eating noises 45

I am pissed with the disgusting sounds fat people make when they are eating! The grunting and lip smacking, the heavy breathing and sighing. I was in a Chinese buffet for the variety of Sushi at a cheap price. This fat bastard next to me ate (No KIDDING) 6 plates of food. Not normal plates, FAT people MOUNDS of FRIED SHIT! NO VEGGIES, and PORK FRIED RICE!!

Something else about fat people eating are these ENORMOUS bastards who get winded getting up and WADDLING 15 feet to the buffet. Then waddle out to their handicapped parking spot. DIE FAT FUCKS YOU ALL STINK STINK STINK!

Jealous Fat People 46

My boyfriend is fat, and so are his gross, fat sisters. His two brothers are thin. So are their parents. Why, then, do the fatties blame genetics for their laziness and sloth? Why do the sisters (and all other jealous fat bitches) hate me for not being fat, and constantly WISH fatness on me?!

I'm tired of the laziness, the gluttony, the gilt they try to put on you for having a bit of ice cream around or being able to fit in size 6 clothing.

I'm tired of the sweating by people just sitting still! I'm tired of their fat butts on a plane, hanging over into other people's seats. I'm sick of the slobbishness, and being eaten out of house and home. I'm tired of being expected to buy more expensive, heavy-duty furniture to support "whale ass", instead of the prettier furniture I like.

And OMG, the farting! And the burping! I was raised to excuse myself for making such sounds in the company of others, but it seems that the fatter you are, the more acceptable it is to be a gross bastard! It's not cute or funny, people. It's nasty. You're nasty. Have some self respect and pride. If you didn't eat like it was your last meal every single day, you could control your bodily functions a little better. You could successfully clean yourselves so that you wouldn't smell five minutes after a shower (and no, the "whore's bath" of dousing yourself in cologne doesn't count).

And you're not snoring because of a "deviated septum", you're snoring because you're being crushed under your own weight. Walking a flight of stairs shouldn't require a "rest stop" half-way up. I should not hear you breathing unless you've just had sex or done some exercise. Walking to the fridge doesn't count. Lifting your arse off the commode doesn't count.

Close your mouth when you eat. Stop making smacking noises when you eat. And while you're at it, don't eat so much! I don't care what you say: It is IMPOSSIBLE to be grossly overweight while exercising and eating even a normal amount of food. You don't need a diet. You need a lifestyle change. You don't have a disease. Stop it! A disease is a serious condition you can't do anything about. Laziness is not a disease. It is a character flaw.

All of you who swear you have a genetic disorder and that's why you can't lose weight - watch the story of your fellow whiner "The Half Ton Man" on the Discovery Channel. As he lay in bed, covered in his own feces, waiting for EMTs to remove a wall to get him out of his house, he swore up and down that he ate normally. Then viewers got to see his dumb-ass wife (who never had sex with her husband because it was physically impossible) sneak junk food to him, even in the hospital. He drank multiple bottles of soda, junk food, and everything in large quantities. Yeah, he had a disease all right...and so do all you other fatties. The Stupid Lazy Fat-Ass Disease.

Fatties who think they're tough 47

I ride the subway to work and often times i have to stand. I get angry when fat people look at me when im seated like i should get up or something. Sometimes they look at me like they want to beat me up.

When they walk down the stree too i'm the one that always has to get out of the way. If they were just a normal size neither of us would have to move far! And forbid you actually brush one the wrong way. Then its the evil eye again and "you better watch it"! As if I could miss it!

What makes me angry is these fat bitches are angry at me for being skinny. Well excuse me for eating healthy and staying fit. Oh and thats another thing. I am skinny but im also athletic and strong and ive got muscles to prove it. If anyone of those whales were to try something i would handle it easy. The fatties need to realize they have ZERO stamina to move all that bulk around and also their bones are smaller than mine. Thats right fatty! You've got weak and hollow bones from all the fat and sugar in your body that drains your calcium. So not only am i lot hotter than you im also stronger! If you doubt me net time just look at my face, look at my arms, and look at my butt. Im better and tougher...deal with it!

Why can''t you eat healthy? Why can't you go to the gym? Sometimes they even are eating on the train. Gross! This morning one sat down next to me when there wasn't enough room and then i pushed her off. Big mistake! She started yelling and i yelled and it was crazy.

Fat women 48

I hate fat women who bitch and moan about Diet pills not working. HELLO you fucking cows, diet pills do not work when you are eating every fucking thing in sight. I work at a restaurant, we get 50% off of our meals. Well every fucking time I sit down to eat, Here come the fucking herd, saying stuff like "ooh cut me off a piece of this, or " are you going to eat that". Most of them start digging in without asking at all. Its always the women. I never want to hear a woman trashing a man for bad manners. Women have the worse manners in the world. They act like a bunch of homeless dogs when it comes to dinner time. The next on of you fucking cows that sticks their nasty hands all over my food will get harpooned!

fat people 49

i am so angry because wen eva u go anywere n u ave to walk past a fat person u r abliged to watch a walkin talkin block of margerine!!!!! then they ave the f**kin cheek to tell u to watch were ur goin wen their the 1s taking up the hole cycle path with their rolls! the fat mother f**ers cant even b bothered to stand in the quew if they arnt the onlii 1s in it so they go to the drive through & get sum poor bugger to hand them fat in a bag!! i hate the fact they always complain about the exess FLAB they carry around, dont u just hate the way they look at u wen u tell them 2 get off their FAT ASSEX & do sumink about it insted of wipping out UR HOLE monthly shop!! its rediculous!!! y cant sum1 go round & wipe out the lot of the lazy shits!

*Note from Anger Central
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Fat people. 50

With all these shows on TV about extreme fat people, it pisses me off because MOST of them cannot work or even get out of their beds. Where do you suppose they get the money to eat MORE and go to hospital for treatment or surgery. We pay for it with our tax dollars. They should be made to crawl out of bed and go to work like the rest of us.

I have battled the bulge all my life and I have no trouble at work with food, its when I get home I have to remind myself about calories, etc. I am 61 years old, I have had six babies and I still wear a size 12 jeans. I have to work hard to keep in those size 12's.

Fat peoples 50 pound chins 51

Isnt it convenient that the US is the only country on the planet with this "obesity disease"? What bullshit! I am 5 foot 10, 150 pounds, and hey, guess what? I exercise!

I'm so pissed at fat people. Example: Ever go to the grocery store, you go to pick up saaaay, a chocolate pudding snack pack, you purchase it, go home and put it in the fridge, forget about it for about a week. So you take a bite.. "What the fuck this tastes like Wombat shit"! You examine the expiration date, and look over to the left and see "fat free no sugar"! AHHHH! FUCKING FAT PEOPLE! Every time i try to buy something tasty its either "fat free, no trans fat, no sugar , no fucking flavor"! Even a world famous chicken restaurant the sanctuary for those who don't have mail boxes orbiting around there fat ass its going with no trans fat grease. I tasted it the other day and i almost wept. I paid 30 bucks for supermarket deli quality fried chicken. Bye bye, bye bye delicious bird.

I don't get upset with people who cant help being obese. Diabetes, missing a limb, paralyzed, obviously reasons that make it impossible for certain people to exercise. They really don't have any option. Its these lazy disgusting mother fers who call me skinny and boney. I'm in the military, "USAF IF THAT'S ALLOWED TO SAY" and believe it or not, we've got obese people here! I couldn't believe it. They are overtaking us at incredible rates. Giving them handicapped parking is a slap in the face to the brave men and woman in the US armed forces who went to war, lost a leg, and have to walk from the end of the parking lot because Mayor McCheese couldn't put down the fucking cheesecake for 20 years.

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Fat People!! 51

I can't stand how people in this country have allowed their concept of health and body image to become so skewed. Can you believe that the average American woman is 5' 4'' and weighs 152 pounds. This gives her a BMI is 26.1, which is OVERWEIGHT. That means, that if you are 'average' in this country, then you are STILL fat! AAGH! I am sick and tired of people calling me 'skinny'! I am NOT fucking skinny- skinny is unhealthy. They also call me 'anorexic' - does 5'8" and 140 lbs sound anorexic to you? Just because I box and work out and eat like a fucking sane person does not make me 'skinny' - it makes me healthy. I am sick of women who say "I'd KILL to be like you and wear a size 6" - you know what? Killing isn't necessary - just stop eating chicken fried steaks and mashed potatoes for lunch! Don't call me unhealthy to make your fat nasty saggy ass feel better about being a walking pile of fat. This country has skewed our perceptions- our portions in restaurants here are 3X as big as anywhere else in the world - people eat 2-3 times as much here, and we wonder why we have an obesity epidemic? IT IS NOT A DISEASE! You are just a lazy fat cow! Calories are easy to understand - if you put more in than you put out, you gain. If you pout more out than you put in, you lose. Fucking Simple. It is not some mystical magical thing that is eluding you, fat ass. All you need is a little goddamn willpower and effort. FAT IS NOT CUTE! FAT IS NOT SEXY! YOU ARE ALL DISGUSTING LARD-FILLED PIGS AND I AM SICK OF YOU!! There, I feel better.

Another thing - fat men? Leave me the fuck alone. I am SICK of fat ass bastards hitting me like they think they actually have a chance. NO! NEVER! ABSOLUTELY NOT! I will NEVER date, fuck, or marry any of you because you MAKE ME SICK! You are NOT cuddly, you are NOT a big teddy bear, you are NOT in any way appealing to me - in fact, the thought of even being in the same room with your nasty flabby bulging body makes me want to puke! Leave me alone and go harpoon a female shamu.

Slobby, fat whining people. 52

Well, here goes.

I do NOT hate fat people. Yes, fat people. Because that's what they are. FAT.

I am angry about their condition. I am angry about most of their predispositions. I am angry about the fact that 98% of the fat people of America blame it on "medical conditions", heredity, "my thyroid gland", or one of a myriad of other excuses.

It's sickening, and it's wrong. Take off the damn feed-bag, get out, walk around. Take some fucking PRIDE in yourself. Allow yourself to be what was intended for the human body - a fairly efficient, lean, toned machine. Not some big, hulking, heavy-breathing, sweaty olfactory menace that can't wipe his/her own ass, but can reach into the refrigerator to grab another Krispy Kreme. I don't care who you are - you have NO excuse to be fat unless you have PROVEN MEDICAL DOCUMENTS that actually outline your family medical history with some sort of disorder that causes such things - like Diabetes, or an actual Thyroid problem. NOT just saying "Yup, I have Diabetes ~Stuffs food into mouth~, I just can't help being so fat" or "I can't help my weight, it's my Thyroid gland ~dives into cake~"...

I guess to summarize this...fat people are one of the things that's going wrong with America. This IS an epidemic, people. You ARE unhealthier for it. No one in their right mind thinks you're pretty, because let's face it, you're diseased. (And I'm not talking about Heart Disease, though that's probably there too.) You're either diseased with a compulsion to eat, or a compulsion to be lazy...and keep eating. Point is, it takes activity, lifestyle, and (a lack of) 300 extra pounds to be healthy or attractive. I don't give a fuck WHO you are, you can not say honestly that you can look at some 450-lb fat chick (or guy, to be fair) and be like "Oh, baby." And part of this might be due to stereotyping over the years, models and such, yes. But Jesus Christ. Don't blame it on the healthier, thinner people just because you can't walk through fucking Dahl's without jumping on a motorized cart that's SCREAMING because of your weight. Don't blame it on the models, don't blame it on anyone but your own damn self - thin people are thin for a reason, fat people are fat for a reason. I'm 5'6", 170. 17% body fat. And I eat healthily, do my share of work, etc. Who else do you know who actually maintains a healthy diet, works every day, actual physical activity (not opening a candy wrapper, mind you) - and is fat? In contrast, look at all the slobby, nasty, just plain fucking disgusting heifers of the U.S.A.. It's what we're getting known for. Lazy, good-for-nothing-except-weight-in-the-back-of-your-pickup fucking fat people. Bitching about it, on top of it.

I implore you to go to Europe and take a look at the population en masse, and then compare it to America - no wonder people live longer, healthier lives over there...most all of them don't walk around with an extra 5 pounds of fat hanging from their face.

The only reason I say all of these things is because yes, I used to be fat too. Not excessively fat - because I realized what was going on, and quite frankly, was disgusted with myself - but I got up to 220lbs, on a 5'6" frame. Hardly ANY muscle, just "blegh." Then, I decided to Hell with that. I sweated, I worked, I ran, I wrestled, I lifted weights...and now, I'm happy with my body. I know I can go up a flight of stairs without risking a big fat embolism, or bend down and pick up something without getting so winded that my lungs want to just hara-kiri. So yes. Some of you just may have some sort of disability. Some of you may have a thyroid problem, Diabetes, or whatever else may cause Obesity in certain people - but seriously. Grow the fuck up already, those of you who don't. (Or, actually, shrink down.) Unstrap that feed bag, take off that Mu-Mu, get on a goddamn treadmill or lift weights or something, make yourself an acceptable example/specimen of your species - not as if you're from the planet Shoulder Rolls. Be better than you are. Lose some damn weight, quit bitching about no one liking you for being your fat, greasy, over-eating, health-problem ridden, medical disaster-area asses.

fat people 53

I am angry at how the media is trying to portray fat people as "beautiful". That's bullshit created by nasty fat people trying to make other nasty fat people feel good about themselves! Just because a FEW skinny celebrities MIGHT "inspire" SOME young people to contract an eating disorder, good god, that doesn't mean that young people should be told it's okay to stuff your face till you're so fucking nasty fat, taxpayers have to give YOU their hard earned money, instead of someone who is in a handicapped condition due to something other than their own fucking laziness! The government needs to stop catering to lazy fat people, giving them special treatment and fancily-named excuses for their hideous girth. You lardo fatasses, you don't have to have something in your mouth every five minutes! Stop hauling your nauseating fat selves to McDonalds and Krispie Kreme ten times a day, and start shutting your damn mouth long enough to get your fucking fat ass some exercise! Those who give a shit about what their bodies look like don't want to see your sweaty rolls of cellulite-laden fat rippling beneath your ill-fitting clothes, your sweaty sausage fingers shoveling mountains of food into your dirty rotting mouth, or your heinous body odor that, no, CANNOT be erased with astronomical amounts of cologne or perfume!

fat people 54

I'm Pissed at fat ass people that call me anorexic their just fucking jealous im not a fucking fat ass oompaloompa & I think they need to go back to willy wonka because that's the only one that wants them,fatt asses you fat mother fucking slobs get the fuck over your selves, here's a hint it's called slim fast bitch, I bet if i were on a boat & i threw a twinkie in the water the fatt ass cows would go after it & end up fucking drowning QUIT BLAMING THE SKINNY PEOPLE & GO FUCKING JOG DUMBASSSES

fat people who don't have a disease 55

I'm so damn angry because I am fat 5"3 about 140 lbs. and I know there is something I can do about it but it has gotten to a point that I don't know what I'd do without my candy bars. I hate that we fat people can't put the food down. maybe we can but our minds can't seen to allow us to do so. I'm sick and tired of feeling self conscious about eating in public or sitting next to skinny people in the subway. that's it! I'm done! you all have convinced me to stop eating. after thanksgiving I won't eat until the day I die. or until I'm forced to.

Come on fat people GET UP OFF YOUR ASSES, STEP OUT OF THE BOX, AND GET STARTED. workout or eat 1/3 as much as you are eating. then take baby steps from there. we can all be fit and healthy I guarantee it. don't do what I'm about to do, starve myself. do it the healthy way!

fatties 56

I am ANGRY because I am sick of fat people saying to me that I am sooo lucky to be slim. Luck has nothing to do with it you fat-arsed blobs! I had a baby in 2005 and another baby in 2006. I gained a normal amount of pregnancy weight and then I WORKED HARD to lose it! I joined a gym that had a crèche and I put my babies in that crèche 3 times each week while I sweated out in the gym lifting weights, jogging on treadmills, and participating in aerobics classes! When I got home I did not stuff my face with donuts and chips. I ate HEALTHY food. You know, fruit and vegetables? You should try them some time all you fatties! Don't ever complain to me that I am LUCKY to have this hot body. It's sacrifice, hard work, and dedication to a healthy lifestyle. So go shove that in your burgers and eat it!!!

Fat People 57

I've had it with fat people! They are all lazy, my last boyfriend got out of work and out of shape and then he just became terrible. It got so disgusting having sex with him and soon he would just run out of breathe and give up. And he took breaks and tried to be all nice and cuddly but he was just laying on me and I couldn't breathe. The fat pig! He got these jelly rolls and all this flab around his neck and it was disgusting. If anyone wants to know what trying to date one of these guys is like trust me its tough. It was really bad we left a bar and he was drunk and he got in a fight with this shorter and leaner kid. He got his ass kicked the fat piece of shit and I was left there like what to do. The kid that kicked his ass was really hot. I could tell he looked really jacked too underneath his shirt and I bet he can fuck so much better. He ran off with his friends and i watched my fat BF struggle for breathe on the ground, and so I walked out on him. You're on your own you fat weak person.


I hate fat people because of the fact that it's like they don't know there fat, or do but just don't give a shit. I live in a house with a couple of fat asses while I'm trying to get on my feet. These fat asses don't own a car and I do. I'm really getting tired of these damn fat asses ruining my car. The damn seats are getting lose. The front end suspension is starting to make noise. I'm friggin pissed. To top all that off all they do is whine all the time like they think the damn world is spinning around their fat ass.

Fat People 59

This is my second time on this rant...I don't think the first one was sent properly.

Anyway...I am angry at fat people, in fact I am sick of fat people. They are lazy, they eat more food in one day than I do in a week. They break furniture, take up all the seats on public transit and hog the sidewalk. They also smell really bad! I am the most sick of how they complain all the time about being fat, bitch at me for not being fat and then stuff their faces with a 3000 calorie lunch while I have a small salad.

A friend of mine broke my couch, no joke...There is now a dent in it that everyone who sits down rolls into and gets stuck! The same person gave me a box of chocolates and then (knowing that because of food allergies I could only eat about 1/3 of them) proceeded to watch me take one out in case it was the flavour she wanted ready to snatch it back if it was! Are you kidding me? I thought they were a gift for me not you! I also just found out that this same person took the time on route to my wedding reception to go through the McDonalds drive-thru because she was worried that she wouldn't like our $50 plate dinner!!! I am scared to walk up the stairs behind her or any other huge person. I am scared that they might fall on me and I'll get squished. Why don't you all just eat normal food (that would be fresh meat and produce NOT McDonalds) and get up off your fat asses and exercise? And to my friend and any other fat fucks out there who I know...You are no longer invited to our house we can't afford any more furniture be it whale sized or not!

fat people 60

I am so angry with these fat asses that are ruining America! I went to a certain theme park in Anaheim, CA (I wont say the exact name, you've probably been there.) and I saw all these fat asses using those electric scooters for those with disabilities. I am sick of fat people using up the disabled parking spots at places! My grandfather is a disabled US Air Corp (Now the US Air Force) veteran who had a stroke in 2005. He lose almost all control of his left leg, and thank goodness that he regained most of it. He now needs to use a walker to get around. He is not fat in the slightest! However, It sucks when he has to walk across the parking lot because Fat Boy is hogging up the disabled spots. He also may have to use a wheelchair or electric scooter, and it's just unfair to have them all out cause fat people cannot walk for themselves! IT'S CALLED A GYM! USE IT!

obese women 61

obese women seem to be unkind to me. When I say obese I mean 2x or 3x women. They are rude to me. I can't help it that I am a size one with a full ass. I take damn good care of my self. If they have a problem, then they need to stop eating McDonalds.

Fatties 62

Fat people piss me off to no end, because they are a blight on society. They inflict themselves on everyone else and attempt to draw pity from the healthy people around them. A fat woman that is "happy with how they look" should be slapped and brought down to the level they are at: Dirt.

People are not meant to be fat. We were not made to be overweight, as our body cannot support it in a healthy manner. It fucks up life for everyone around them when they have to take up two seats on a bus / plane / train / car. They also eat food fit for a good 4-5 people, and if that were instead spread around the world we could actually help fight hunger in a very large portion of starving nations.

If they say "it's their choice", well whoop-dee-fucking-doo. I could make a choice to spread animal shit all over my clothes, bathe in onions, create a metal frame that extends 4 feet all around me, and then walk around yelling at people without my get-up. Yeah, I could... but I'm not a fucking prick. That's all it comes down to. Fat people are self absorbed pricks that try and write off their own "disease" (Give me a fucking break. I don't have a disease if I break my own leg, why would you have a disease if you destroy your body in any other way?) as societies issue, or the issue of their genetics, or anything that could possibly give them a reason to not get out of their recliner and stop watching shitty day time television for an hour a day, and go running or exercise.

They are leeches. Fat fucking dumbass leeches. THERE IS NO REASON FOR OBESITY. Human stupidity is at an amazing high right now, and fat people are leading the charge. They watch movies like "Alvin and the Chipmunks", and take their disgusting fat hill billy trailer trash spawn to shit like National Treasure 2. They watch that sort of shit because their own lives are such fucking shit, and they are so stupid they are entertained by that.

In conclusion of this disjointed and rambling rant, fuck fat people. It would be beneficial for the world as a whole if they were just all tossed into a pit and used for energy / fuel for cars. The extra food could be sent where it is actually needed, and the money saved on gas and fat ass accommodations could be spent on more important things. Fucking leeches.

fat people 63

i am angry at fuckin fat people they are a god damn drain on our society and we need to stop it. i hate how fat people think they look good in what they wear especially fat guys. hey i dont think you fat piggie rolls are cut or that your overstreched shirt busting in half barely able to contain your girth looks good. i see fat people at my school walking around in there size 50 shorts and their tiny shirts and I think what could you possibly be thinking you fat pig. another thing about fat people that angers me is the fact that they think people find them attractive. one of my friends is a hulking fat ass and he talks about how girls in our class want him and how he fuck the shit out of them and i think no one will ever want you. i even go up to some of these hot chicks to talk to them about how fat he is and they usually laugh and agree with me. the only thing fat people could possibly be good for is a good laugh for us skinny people. i mean honestly how hard is it to get on the treadmill and run a couple miles a day and not pig out on mcdonalds and other fatty stuff. whats with fat skater poser kids? i see these fat sacks of shit walking around school in tight jeans and sweatshirts with skateboards on their backpacks. and i laugh because they are sitting unused because the fat fucks cant even fucking ride them they are so fat. if you are fat and are reading this get a fucking life and take care of yourself. if you dont have enough respect for yourself to do it then do it so everyone doesnt have to look at you. and dont make some bullshit escuse up like its my genetics or society made me fat because of fast food. bull. everyone else eats fast food every now and then without getting fat cause they know you cant just sit on your ass. and dont say these people need to get a life and stop dissing fat people. we have lives we excercise and eat right, that is why we arent stupid fat pigs. im not saying fat people should die or anything you just anger the shit out of me and every other non fat person on this fucking planet.

Fat People 64

OK, first off, thank you this website, thank you for existing and thanks to all the people who hate Fat People as much as I do.

So I have this rotund co-worker...that does NOTHING. NOTHING, I mean NOTHING, dead weight, why is he at the firm, I have no idea. So his New Years resolution is to go on a diet. He needs to, dude is maybe just under 6 feet and about 300+, he claims 280. If he's 280 then Jesus is a Muslim. Anyways, besides being super fat, he's SUPER LOUD, I think he has bad hearing or is partially deaf.

Not to digress....so I he's a very very good example of why I hate FAT PEOPLE!! He boasts or just talks loudly about how well he's doing. 3 wks and he's like 12 pounds, he hasn't been drinking soda (but he's drinking juice!??!?!) I'm like WTF...juice has tons of sugar. Then today to top it off, it was Pizza Friday (we occasionally have it at work) where the company buys us lunch. So the Fat Bastard decides to skip his diet and eat a very modest 3 slices of pizza...nice diet!! 3 slices...i could understand just 1 slice...but 3 friggin slices. What's normal? 5, 6, 7 slices. Fat People have ZERO will power. They brag about giving up this and that but when it comes down to it, they have NO WILL POWER. They gorge and stuff their faces every chance they get. Next week I'm just going to buy a few boxes of Donuts for work just to "F" with his diet and torture him.


*Note from Anger Central
First, this isn't about hate, it's about anger. Please try and remember that in the future, 'kay? :)
Second, this guy wouldn't happen to be named "James" would he?

Fat Lazy Asses! 65

I am so angry at all of the fat lazy asses who shovel food into their mouths and then complain that they have all of these "diseases". They come to me and whine and sit on their fat ass pity pots! They come to my house and blow up my toilet and leave the mess for me to clean up! The only exercise these fat ass losers get is to lift the fork to the mouth! These fat asses are nothing but toxic waste dumps who are a nuisance to society. The other thing that angers me about fat asses is the fact that they act like they are all important look at me attitude. Look at what? A pile of shit?

Fat people 66

I am angry because every fatty seems to claim that genetics made them fat. Genetics made you 300+ pounds? Seriously? And that's why people in the 70s, 60s, 50s were 300 pounds? No, I don't think so. Then they say that the BMI is flawed. Yeah, sure, it is flawed for muscular people. YOU ARE NOT MUSCULAR. You don't need a BMI calculation to determine that you are a fat, unhealthy ass!

 Fat People 67

I completely can't stand fat people who think they are more moral than anyone else. Life is a spectator sport for them, and they have a bevy of stones ready for the throwing for all those people with guts actually playing the game. I am not pointing at the nice people who are fat, but the manipulative ones that scheme against the skinny bitches in the nice shoes or whatever. They live their lives bc they are unhappy with themselves trying to obliterate the lives of the thin in society. I have this bitch at work who has been on my ass since I started this position. This bitch like all of them, wants men to only love women for their brains, position they happened to be born into in society and personalities. However, we all know that is not the case with a lot of men, but they don't seem to get it. This is not any old job, but a career in a competitive world and I have a lot to deal with every day. I grew up very poor and worked my way through college by joining the military. I have spent greater than 10 years working my butt off to come to a point where I was finally given a chance in Hell to make something of my career. This happened after I married a guy because I was in love with his mind and his physique who later became a millionaire after a very wise investment post-our marriage decision. Well, I have a lot to lose: I am tall and thin; I exercise very regularly and so is my husband the same - that is why we fell in love, bc we have a lot in common together. Anyway I had 10 shoes to my name when I met my husband, and many of them very worn, but bc he is an eccentric, he has now Ebayed for 3000 more pairs for me over a period of about 7 years. He wants me to dress chic as it is part of our culture. So I try within reason but fat b.... at work has deemed that I am some type of slut. She continually makes crappy remarks about (I always wear conservative cute clothes) that I am some kind of slut. Her belly rolls are always hanging and so she defaults to hiding them behind the most boring scrubs. In my position you don't have to wear scrubs, in fact with my bosses, it is better if you don't. Well I have my friend (who believes in freedom, exercise and a healthy lifestyle) but there is this ever present b.... who pokes fun at me daily with her borish moralistic clan. None of these people ever work a full week, and I don't know how they are keeping their jobs unless they truly are sacrificing their morals. I am 5'10" and weigh about 130 lbs. I am so sick of this bitch. She is always making innuendoes that I am sleeping with my boss or just numerous things which are completely untrue and unfounded. I would quit my career in a heartbeat if it meant screwing up my marriage. I avoid this bitch every day and just go in my office and work. I work very hard all day, five days a week. I have hardly the time to speak with my friends and this fat bi... is after me. I think she wants every woman to wear tent gear to work. She would gladly don the abaya and hijab if it meant making the thin girls suffer. Can't stand the fat bitch and all like her. I have been harrassed daily and I most of the time keep to myself.

Oh also, my fat bitch sister tried to f up my wedding bc she is jealous of me. She tried her darndest. My husband and I have been dealing with infertility for over five years now and the fat bitch sister of mine had to get her small children to call my house and wish my husband and I happy Valentine's Day after she knew our IUI failed. This is nothing compared to the other crappy things the fat bitch has done to me since my husband and I said our vows to each other over 4 years ago. I have had it with the fat psycho bitches and I don't have any pity for them. They are what they are ..... fat bitches!!!

Fat People 68

Fat people piss me off so fucking much. I know one of them myself , and the fatter people get, the more selfish, lazy, disgusting and bad-smelling they get. And then they take it out on everyone else! If you're going to be fat, at least realize that its your own fucking fault, and I'm not skinny because I have a high metabolism , it's because I eat when I'm hungry, not when I'm bored of playing fucking Halo 3 like you fat-ass pigs. And also, getting home from school (via your daddy driving your fat, bacon-greased ass because you can't walk half a mile), and then eating five frozen sausage pizzas, is not "eating as well as I do" As fat ass claims. I would puke if i ever ate more than one of those huge, greasy disgusting things. And then, to top it all off, you don't eat your healthy, balanced dinner because you're "Trying to eat better". Shut the fuck up! And then they say it's "easy for me" because I have gym class. What a lame, fat-ass piece of shit! Seriously, if one shit-smelling, grease drinking onion dip monger ever gives me shit about being skinny again, I'm going to deck their fat, whale-ass and they won't be able to do shit about it. Just tie their shoes together and they won't even be able to see over their own fat fucking abdomen. People talk about this as if people are racist for being angry at fat people, but it's their own goddamn fault. It is really fucking easy to stay in shape, and way, way more fucking easy to not look like a fucking 5-ton jiggling cream puff on legs. So I'm formally asking all fat people to shut the fuck up about how hard it is to lose weight, and don't show your disgusting, inflated faces in any public place other than a gym, at least until you can fit through a door.


I get SO pissed off at fat people when you are kind enough to stop for them and let them walk across the street before your car; and they walk freaking .093482 miles an hour. What pisses me off even more is when I'm in the hallway at school trying to get to my next class on time, and there's a fat lard walking in the MIDDLE of the hallway so nobody can get through. It's like they plan to walk slow everywhere they go just to piss actual skinny people off. How bout you lay off the damn Twinkies and go buy a treadmill.

fat people 70

i'm sick of hearing fat people bitch about there weight and then turn around and say they don't have any time to workout!!! if your fat ass can make yourself a fattie meal or sit your ass in front of the tv then you have time to workout! I'm also sick of some fat women who try to dress cute...no matter how well dressed you are you still look like fat shit it's nasty....fat people do not have nice looking clothes! fat pride bull shit is sick! I know damn well in those disgusting fat hearts they wish they could be thinner!!!!! they are just a bunch of lazy asses that want pity from everyone!

fat nerds 71

In class, I sit at a table with two HUGE fat kids and a "special" person. Ok, these two fat people are REALLY, REALLY, REALLY FAT!!! Now they take up the whole damn table, walking through the door for lunch, they try to get to the cafeteria so they stampede through the door and i get pissed so i walk a little faster and we get through the door at the same time, i have to squeeze through because they are so damn huge and i am being suffocated!!! Also, they smell so damn bad!!! and at P.E. sometimes this really huge girl asks to borrow my shirt for P.E. because she forgot to bring hers to change out. Even though if she wore it it would be 8 sizes larger when she returns it and dripping with sweat, i am too nice to say no. so she puts it on and it rips!!! i didn't have any money to buy a new one either so it pretty much sucks!!!

Fat People 72

I'm angry that I didn't come across this website earlier! I am married to a wonderful guy, have two beautiful daughters-- all who are of normal weight. However through depression (which basically led me to not caring about myself), I went down the wrong road, and now I am fat. My family never speaks badly to me, which in a subconscious way, sabotages me. They can eat whatever they want, and so I end up doing the same. But I want to thank this sight, because it gives me the reality check and definite incentive that I need to get back on the road to good health. (And by the way, I totally agree with the Walmart crap! Even I have to make fun of those idiots who bare there fat guts while riding in the scooters. My husband and I get quite pissed off, when they block the aisle ways.)

Fat People 73

I'm angry at fat people because they have no self-control, no self-respect, and simply because they're disgusting. I'm tired of seeing fat people eating cookies for lunch in my school's cafeteria. I'm sick of fat people complaining to me about how they work hard to stay thin, when they're huge. I'm pissed at fat people because they can't reach all of their armpit to shave it. I'm mad because I have to see overly-confident fattys in leggings, when I work hard to have a body that doesn't gross people out. I'm not thin. I'm not angry at people who are a little chubby; I'm angry at people who allow their body's proportions to become so absurd that it's cartoonish. I'm angry at their parents for allowing their kid to get fat. I'm angry at their friends, because by forming relationships with fat people, they are just perpetuating the irrational self-assuredness that keeps that fatty fat in the first place. I'm furious with the so-called "fat-acceptance movement" because it seeks to bolster an unhealthy lifestyle. I'm angry at McDonalds and Burger King for not lacing all of the food they serve with cyanide so that we can rid ourselves of the fatties who are speedily and surely infiltrating our most sacred systems of living. I'm angry at our "necessary" ostensible political correctness and inherent politeness which just serves to keep the fat people blissfully in unawares of their reviling state. I'm angry at our rules and regulations for allowing fat people to have handicapped parking spaces. I'm angry at family members of people who are so fat that they are bedbound for continuing to prodive them with an endless stream of pizza. I'm angry at fat people who think that other people should want to have sex with them. I'm angry at thin people for thinking that I'm horrible for hating fat people. I'm angry at one fat person in particular for participating on my volleyball team and not quitting after they found out that the uniform was a tiny little tank top and spandex hot-shorts; I'm angry because she doesn't realize she's a whale, even when she dives to get a ball and feels every ounce of non-muscle on her body jiggle undulously within her girth until she laboriously lifts herself to a standing position, which changes the layout of her proportions very little. I'm tired of seeing fat people who could be pretty if they were thin, because we can't afford the expendature of pretty people to that horrible affliction of fatness.

Fat People 74

I feel so much anger towards fat people, it's ridiculous. Not only are they becoming an economic drain on the country (my country = The Netherlands), they stink, take up too fucking space in public transportation (or... the world), the are just so incredibly UGLY! I mean seriously, let's take some average teenage fat girl; fat fucking head with at least three chins, pink/reddish complexion with a sweaty forehead, a huge upperbody with ginormous arms and loose skinflaps, saggy tits, a stomach that will never fit into a normal shirt, hips with so much fat on them that it bulges out above their pants, an ass the size of a planet and legs of a freakin' dinosaur.

Isn't that the most hideous thing? I know i may seem superficial but i don't care. If you're fat, you're ugly and it's the fact that i have to look at your ugly ass that makes me so angry. If you're fat i beg of you; please, please stop eating and taka a look at yourself! Do you really want to impose your ugliness on your fellow earthlings? I just can't stand to look at you! You're fat, you stink, you DO NOT DESERVE TO LIVE! I really mean that... Stop eating..

fat 75

I angers me to know end when these fatties who have had gastric bypass surgery start making fun of other FAT people. Who do they think they are. Hell, they had to have their stomach stapled to lose some friggin weight and they look down their nose at the people who have not stooped to their level yet! ARGH! Good for them if they are left with saggy ass skin and bat wing arms and that apron for fat/skin that hangs over their pants. They just better not have skin removed too because if you are that much a moron to criticize fat poeple when you could not get off you lazy ass to lose weight, then I hope you gain all your weight back and then some! Go shove a bisciut down your pie hole and and stretch that egg-sized stomach out again. BTW, it ANGERS me to watch these no-self-control -people eat. It looks like they are trying to swallow a bowling ball. They have some damn nerve to say "she needs to do something about that weight" Yeah, like what?? Like have her stomach stapled like you, hypocritical bitch!

Go eat some moon pies and keep that loose skin cause it will be coming in handy one day!

Fat folks 76

Fat people piss me off. I was fat for awhile after high school but I got sick of looking at myself and did something about it. Even when I was overweight the whole theory of fat fashion models annoyed the hell out of me. Clothes just do not look as good on fat people. No one wants to see a big bertha walking down the runway in a tube top....sorry. I hated how clothes looked on me when I was fat so I lost all the damn weight. I sure wouldn't want to look at model's who looked as bad as I did. Also fat women have fattitude and it drives me nuts. All the fat women that I know are really bossy, domineering ball-busting bitches. It's like they are always pissed they're fat so they're assholes to everyone. Don't even get me started on the two ton tessies in Wal-Mart riding the damn electrical carts. WALK FAT ASS! IT WON'T KILL YA!

Fat People 77

Fat people make my blood boil for so many reasons. I am a college student, struggling to pay for school, rent, bills, books.... you know. The usual 'poor student' routine. But it kills me that you FATTIES are making it even worse. My social security payments went up this year, and I KNOW part of this is YOUR fault. I have to pay to take care of your greasy arteries and your festering bed sores. I have to pay to feed your elephantine appetite while you're lying around too fat to work. You know, this plan was meant to support people like ME. Honest, hardworking folk that actually make a difference in the world, not you, you nasty plague to society.
And another thing: my home fridge is NOT your personal buffet. Do you know how much I have to pay for groceries? Let me give you a hint: it's waaayyy more than I can afford right now. I'd come over and raid your fridge, but I'd rather kill myself than live on your diet of TV dinners and doritos.

If I wasn't so very tiny, I might have to get physical with the next fatty that glared at me while I was ordering a salad at their favorite fast food joint. As it is, I will just gloat:
LOOK AT ME!! I don't have to worry about heart disease and diabetes! People find me attractive! I can ride all the rides at the fair! My health insurance is half of yours! My family loves me! I will get married someday! I don't frighten animals and small children! I will be somebody! NONE OF THIS APPLIES TO YOU.

I hope you're sorry for the sad waste of space you've become. If you're not now, you will be when you finally wake up and see the horrible debilitating future that lies ahead of you. You are worthless. Get away from me.

fat people 78

I am angry about fat people right now because they are persistently annoying. They pant and froth at the mouth when the weather is above 75 degrees and whine and bitch about it the whole time RUINING YOUR VACATION, stinking like a sour milk jug and mildew infested wash rag.

Airplane issue!! SO embarrassing when you get moved from the emergency exit section of the plane because the fat bitch next to you is too fat for the seat and has to scream over to the stewardess to bring her a fricken seat belt extender, and then bitch about how the seats should be bigger the whole time. YOU'RE FUCKING FAT you should be happy that they didn't charge you for an extra seat!

I also despise it when fat women look at me with disgust, because I am tall and extremely thin. I can't help it that your fat ugly husband/blob is looking at me, you need to take that up with him and maybe have him bankroll a nice gym membership for you. Pant and froth on the treadmill piece of shit fat fuck.

And stop blaming it on a disease. What's your disease? Eating all fricken day? You make me sick.

Fat Person 79

Damn, this fat person really, i mean really, make me angry! I used to have this friend who was fat and every single freakin' time he came to my house, he would just open my fridge (without even asking), grab some food (a lot), and just scarf it down in a gross manner. He talks with his mouth full of food which makes things worse, and spills a lot on my carpet! What else makes me angry about him is that he thinks he's better than people because he's supposedly Christian. He constantly makes fun of this Muslim classmate of ours at school, calling him rude names like "terrorist" or "Sand Nigger". Well here's news for you pal, JUST CUZ YOU GO TO CHURCH EVERY SUNDAY BECAUSE YOUR PARENTS FORCE YOU TO GO DOES NOT, emphasis on NOT, MAKE YOU A CHRISTIAN. AND IT DOESN'T MEAN YOU'RE BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE EITHER.

fat people 80

I am married to the love of my life, and while she may have a few extra pounds, she is still attractive. The problem is her two kids from her previous marriage. The kids (boy 17, girl 13) take after their father in they are morbidly obese. To make matters much worse, they're arrogant, pompass assholes. The boy busted our old fashioned scale by weighing over 320#. The girl though, is the worst of the two. She is nothing but a fat, lazy, disgusting fucking slob...just like her dad. She's always taking food down to the basement and leaving a big fucking mess she expects others to clean up. If she spent half the time she spends reading teen romance trash working out she might have a chance of having a boyfriend someday. She'll be just like her dad....an unemployed piece of shit that looks down on the rest of the world because he is sooo much more brilliant than the rest of us who actually go to work everyday

fat people,, stop it! 81

I have nothinq aqainstt fat people,, buh its just this girl that annoys me!! She's always qivinqq everyone reasons to why she's fat, " ohh, my mom and dad are obese, n so is my entire family" no they're not! Your mother is skinnier than I am! Your sister is beautiful(not sayinq fat people are uqly),, everytime im in my hallway, she takes up the entire path,, andd wen I say excuse me, she ALWAYS replies with a "wait till I qet 2 class"... please.. Stop it alexis.. And you're always huqqinqq my quy friends like they want 2 huqq yuh,, do yuh want them 2 lauqh at yuh!? Andd durinqq lunchh,, I hate that yuh come over 2 my table(surprisinqly yur fat ass walkedd), lick my pizza,, n walk awayy.. THAT'S DISCUSTING. wats wronqq wit yuh? EAT A DAMNN SALADD OMGG,, and since your fat, yuh can say im thinn,, buh if I say yur a fatt ass bitchhh,, its disrespectful..
Justt qo eat a twinky or sumthinqq..

Fat people 82

I'm no lightweight myself, I need to drop about another 90-odd pounds, but at least I'm working at it.

Overweight people do annoy me. Seriously, you see them at Wal-Mart riding those scooters with their butts draped over the seat. What's really bad is when you've just had ankle surgery, you're on crutches, and Shamu decides to take the last electric cart at Lowe's even though she sees you're on crutches. Yes, this happened to me. I shrugged and grabbed a wheelchair, my husband was pushing our son and my crutches in a cart. Figured, my arms could use the exercise anyhow.

I hate when fat people say that being fat is just their problem. Well, I'd say it becomes someone else's problem too when you sit on their furniture and break it! How about health insurance? Don't we have to pick up the tab somewhere along the line?

I also hate when they say they can't help it. Baloney. Get some coconut oil and eat a tablespoon of it 3 times a day--that boosts metabolism. I'm also honked off at the "experts" who say that saturated fat is bad, polyunsaturated is good. The opposite is true! How do you think I managed to drop 20+ pounds so far? Eating coconut oil!

I bust my (shrinking) butt making my own things instead of buying pre-packaged stuff. I'm losing weight and my son is at an average weight/height for his age. I do what I can to make sure he's healthy, and I see something else that honks me off--fat kids. I looked at my son's yearbook from last year and it seemed like EVERY SINGLE CLASS had AT LEAST one or two fat kids in it! When I was a kid, fat kids were rare! For crying out loud, people, stop feeding your kids junk! Fast food should be a treat, not the usual fare!

Like I said, I'm not exactly a lightweight. Interestingly enough, around here I actually look about average. But I'm trying to lose weight, even with a bum ankle. People, please take responsibility for your own actions. Lay off the soy stuff, 'cause that messes up the thyroid. Stop depending on a Wal-Mart scooter that's only supposed to hold about 350 pounds (no wonder the motors are wearing out on them). Leave them for people like me who have a bad ankle day once in a while, okay?

Fat people 83

I am angry at my fat friend, who is so morbidly obese that she can't even have normal sex with her husband, or ride a roller coaster, or get in and out of a car without help. She knows she needs to lose weight, and asks me for help because I've successfully lost 50 lbs. and am on my way to losing the last 30 til my goal weight. So she knows I know what I'm doing. But any advice I give her, she always makes an excuse as to why she can't do it. She is the kind of person who will not exercise on her own - she needs to have someone do it with her. In order to successfully stick to any program of any kind, you have to be SELF motivated, and she's not! She says she'll exercise with me, but I don't like going with her because she isn't willing to push herself to move faster than a snail's pace, then she wants to pull into the drive-thru at Wendy's and get a spicy chicken sandwich, a baked potato with that fake cheese crap on it, AND french fries, AND a frosty! That is not a diet meal, hello! Seriously the last time we went walking together, she ate that right after! I was hungry too so I ordered a grilled chicken salad with light dressing on the side, which is a more appropriate meal if you're trying to lose weight. The walk that she took maybe burned 200 calories at most, and she probably wolfed down more than 1000 with that meal. Uh, that's not how it works! Plus my fitness level is way above hers, so while she's huffing and puffing by simply walking slow, I'm ready to start running fast. It frustrated me to have to slow down since she was whining that I was impossible to keep up with. I understand when someone is that big they can't go that fast at first, but she needs to try working out on her own and working her way up to a higher fitness level.

It makes me so mad and I feel sorry for her husband. He's a really nice guy, he's so sweet to her, and he's pretty active and really cute. He should be living it up with his young wife and doing all sorts of fun things, but she keeps him stuck at home because she doesn't want to do anything. She was kind of chubby when they got together, but not as fat as she is now. She's put on like 180 lbs. since they got together, and he's I guess too nice to really fight her about it, but I know he doesn't like it. He wants his woman back! She used to be fun when she was small enough to get through a door. Now all she wants to do is sit around.

She thinks that it's wrong to lose weight in order to LOOK better. She thinks any kind of vanity is wrong. I only think it's wrong if it consumes your whole life. If not, then I think it's perfectly normal and fine to enjoy looking better. I mean, you clean your house not just to remove bacteria, but also to make it look nice. That same logic can be applied to living healthy, because healthy people tend to be more attractive. I'm not attracted to fat people, therefore I feel I'd be a hypocrite if I stayed fat and expected thin guys to find me attractive. She called me "shallow" for that. F that, I'm not shallow, I'm normal! By her logic, taking a shower and using deodorant would also be "shallow." She says she wants to lose it only for her health. Health is important, but I guarantee that if by some miracle she actually got the willpower to stick to it and lose weight, she'd love the feeling of fitting into cute clothes. Then she'll eat some humble pie for getting on her high horse!

I'm mad at the "fat acceptance" movement (which exists mostly as blogs, therefore it's not a "movement" because having a "movement" would require *moving* your fat ass out of your chair). They are perpetuating the myth that fat is perfectly healthy, and that people should find fatties attractive, or else they're "shallow." F that, I say!

I'm also mad at my fat sister. She is also fastly becoming morbidly obese and she doesn't understand why no one wants to date her. Uh, because you're too fat to get on a roller coaster ride and you whine if you have to walk more than 100 feet, and you wear heels and wonder why your feet hurt! Seriously, she has a gym in the basement of her dorm building, AND tons of places to get healthy food on her college campus, and her way of losing weight is to try starving herself for 2 or 3 days at a time, then getting hungry (of course) and bingeing on Chinese food. Duh, that's not going to work! She has also asked me for advice and won't adhere to any of it. It's frustrating.

I'm working on becoming a personal trainer. My mission is to help overweight and obese people conquer their health problems and build muscle and cardio endurance in the process, but if any of my clients are like my friend and my sister, I'm going to drop them like a sack of concrete. The excuses just aren't going to fly with me, because I was hugely fat and now I'm only a little fat, and soon I won't be fat at all. All it takes is hard work and dedication, and for some reason most people feel like they can't try hard at anything. If it's not easy, they don't want to try. *humph*

Stop crying about being fat if you're not willing to stop sitting around and stop eating junk. Don't starve yourself and think you're going to get permanent weight loss because you'll just get really hungry later and binge eat, adding on more pounds. Don't whine and cry that you can't get it done easily. It's not easy, and nothing in life worth getting IS!

I am just sick of lazy fat people who cry about being fat when they don't want to make a change. So stubborn and so stupid!

Fat People 84

I am angry at fat people. I'm not talking about people who are slightly overweight, but the gigantic, whale-like beasts that seem to be taking over this country. Why, am I so angry? Let's start with grocery shopping. No matter which store I go to or what time of day it is, I have to put up with fatties waddling down the aisles at a snail's pace. Why don't I just go around them? Because they usually have their entire fatass family with them. If it was just one or 2 people, it wouldn't be such a big deal. The problem is that there is at least one in every aisle. They often act like you're HUGELY inconveniencing them by having the unmitigated GALL to say "excuse me" and expect them to move out of your way. Don't even get me started on the ones who will practically mow you over if you don't move out of the way of their store-provided motorized seated buggy. The only places that I seem to be able to escape these people are the produce section and the sporting goods section - go figure.

As if having to squeeze by fatass behemoths in the grocery stores wasn't difficult enough, then there is the problem of having to sit next to them on airplanes. I made the mistake of requesting a window seat about a year-and-a-half ago. BIG MISTAKE! Thin people everywhere, I caution you...do NOT under ANY circumstances request a window seat unless you know who will be sitting next to you on the aisle. The fatties request the aisle seats so that their fat can spill into the aisle - and also, unfortunately, the seat next to them. The fat bitch next to me was under the very mistaken impression that the armrest would remain up. I mean, why *shouldn't* she be entitled to some of my seat (and air) space? I'm 5'0" and wear a size 0/girls' 14. Why shouldn't I be expected to share my space with her? Because I paid for that whole seat and all of its space fatty!! She had the gall to make some stupid comment about the airline needing to make "wider seats for wide-hipped people." I didn't want to get kicked off the plane for starting a confrontation, so it took every ounce of self-control within me from screaming "Why? So people who actually know how to put down the fork should have to pay more for their seats so that your fat ass doesn't have to be squeezed? Wider seats = fewer seats = higher prices you stupid fatass!!"

Everything seems to be centered around fat people. Go to a restaurant, and just about anything you order will be enough for 2 or 3 normal-sized people. I've peered onto the plates of children who have ordered things off the children's menu - still more than a grown man should eat. I look around and it's obvious why the plates are huge and filled to overflowing - all the fatties who are munching away, swallowing every morsel of food and then ordering a huge dessert. It's enough to make me lose my appetite completely. I can't even stand going out to eat any more. Thankfully, I like to cook.

The final reason (and probably the top reason) that I'm angry at fat people is that so many of them are too fat to work and then mooch off the taxpayers when they have to receive welfare and social security payments. I take home less in my paycheck each month due at least in some part to people who could work if they would just learn to put down the fork and move around a little bit. That just infuriates me. Basically, the people who are healthy enough to work are punished for it by having to pay for people who have no self-control around food and refuse to exercise. Yeah, that makes a whole lot of sense.

Fat People 85

I am angry because fat people are such a burden on the community. They are fat and smell and cost too much money. Why are there so many fat people around? Everywhere I look, I see gross big fatties and they are usually at places involving food (restaurants and supermarkets). And they have such a bad attitude, always glaring at me and making comments about my 'skinny white ass'! How dare they!! Do I say anything about their 'big fat black ass'? The Govt should introduce a fat tax and if you are above average body weight, you pay a hefty tax. It is very clear that fat people not care about themselves or their health. They are a BURDEN to the rest of us who do care about ourselves. Fat=lazy and disgusting.

Fat people 86

I despair of fat people and the Governments doing nothing about them. I have this fat friend, she's so disgusting I can barely look at her. Every now and then we have to eat lunch together and she has food all over her mouth and then she speaks with food still in her mouth and sparys everyone, bluuuurrghhh! And when everyone has finished eating she'll go and order extra garlic bread and pudding and latte. What really pisses me off is that I told her about these pills I take and sell that are just fruit and veg in a capsule and how some of my friends lost weight from them (even though they are not "diet pills") and that she isn't eating a balanced diet and really should try them and she says immediately "Oh I can't afford that!" but you can afford your extra garlic bread and chocolate pudding and double latte can't you, you goddamn fat bitch! You try and help them and they just carry on stuffing their faces. I am getting private health insurance and am not paying the Government another penny for health cover cos I refuse to fund these fat fucks who got that way through their own goddamn choice. They are a massive drain on society, money that could be better spent on education. Shit, I reckon junkies and alcoholics are better than fatties are, drugs and alcohol are addictive and really hard to break the habit, food isn't. Yet we spend billions trying to fight the drugs war and help junkies and what are we doing about fatties? NOTHING! We gotta introduce some sort of legislation where you have to stand on a weigh scale before you can order Macdonalds. Hell, if you're in a bar and drunk they don't serve you - quid pro quo - if you're in a restaurant and fat and want burgers, chips and cheese you should be told to fuck off! Fatties are just so selfish and disgusting we should round them up and stick them on an island with limited food supplies and see what happens - it can be the next reality TV show - "CastFatAway" or something. And something else, we need to educate kids in school about healthy eating and teach them how to cook proper food. The number of fat kids is epidemic nowadays, I see them everywhere. When I was at school (only 20 years ago) there were only THREE slightly large, by todays standards, kids in the whole year of 150. Nowadays it is more like FIFTY, in only 20 years...God help us what will the next 20 years bring...

Fat People 87

I am angry at fat people for being so disgusting and wasting space. I am a server in a restaraunt and I have to watch these lard asses shovel in an appetizer, 3 bowls of salad, 5 baskets of bread, their entree, plus a dessert. Fucking get full! Put down the fork! You just used up all the calories you need for a week in one meal, congratulations. And don't tell me you're big and beautiful. I am beautiful..I am petite and eat healthy and excercise and men watch me when I walk out of the room. Men silently send up a prayer of thanks when you leave the room because you are so fucking nasty.

And fat kids...holy shit. I see them whining and crying because they can't have another sugary dessert and all they do is play fucking video games. Hey parents! Have fun paying for your kids astronomical medical bills because you gave them diabetes! Oh yeah...and if your kid is above the age of 3, you shouldn't be pushing their fat ass around in a stroller. Let them walk for god's sake!

Get off your lazy asses and go to the gym. Find out what a green bean is for christs sake and stop making the rest of us puke.

Fat People 88

I am sooo angry at fat people. In my last job my female boss was MASSIVE and she made my life a living hell. She gave me a verbal warning for wearing skirts that she felt were too short after she had told me not to!! Jealous cow! Just because I'm 5' 10" and 135 pounds!! And she went to the hair salon twice a week to get her hair washed...lazy bitch - why could she not wash her own damn hair?? She thought she looked gorgeous too...she was nothing but a big lardy lump.

Anyway, after escaping from that hell, I got a new job which I loved EXCEPT a guy in my team was a big fat blob and in the last five years he has been off for six long term periods of sickness. Which means I have to do his share of the work, and all because he is too fat to get off his ass and come into work! Fat people are lazy and selfish!!

Fat people 89

You know what pisses me off? When a fucking fat ass person orders a fucking greasy triple cheese burger and Large fries from fucking burger king! And then orders a DIET soda! WTF!!! whats the point! its not gonna help you lose wight! fucking pigs!!! Its called a GYM!!!

Fat People 90

I am so damn fed up with fat people.. The thing that really pisses me off is that they wear these "skinny jeans" that apparently make them look "thin" and they think that they pull it off! WHAT THE HELL?!

And little miss Pissy-pants has to go and be all "I'M FUCKING TRYING TO LOSE WEIGHT, BUT THE DAMN McDONALDS IS MAKING MY BUY ITS FOOD!!" or some crap like that.. NOBODY IS MAKING YOU EAT LIKE THAT! i mean, really, is it that hard to go to the grocery store, and only get fruits and vegetables, with nocandy, or artifical shit?!

The thing that I could go on for hours on is the fat people who have fat kids! Why fuck up THEIR lives, just because you can't take care of yours?? Why, fatty, why?? honestly, not only are you hurting yourself, but you are DEFINATELY hurting a child, and that is not okay.

The government really should make fat people pay for themselves, is it fair that we thin taxpayers, should pay for these fucking fat peoples mistakes?? NO! it isn't! they should learn to get up and work for their money, and NOT break my furniture!

I once had this girl come over, and she sat on my couch, and it split in half! She was like "sorry, girl, broke your couch" like she had just broken something insignificant that i wouldn't really care much about (ex. a plate, not the good china ones, i would NEVER trust someone that had that amount of food on their plate with a good china, i mean like those ones that you can get at goodwill)

And another thing, the fat people that take up handicapped spaces, when they could very well walk the extra what like 100 feet, so that some old guy doesn't have to walk the fucking length that Mr. cream-puff could have done, but NO, america as become a nation where fat people conquer most of our nation!! if you are obese, and KNOW it, FUCKING LOSE SOME DAMN WEIGHT!!

Fat people 91

As a smoker I am feeling angry toward society in general but Fat people especially. As a smoker I am forced to huddle in a dark wet cold corner to enjoy my own form of slow death. Everyman and his fat bitch wife feels it's ok to say I smell of smoke, The Government feel it's ok to take tax from my slow death ciggies. BUT Fat people... Fat people are allowed to be fat in public and not be criticized. They vacume up food in public places without complaint, they smell and are slow when walking... Fat people are just at just as much risk as I am of costing more in health care but don't pay extra Tax for their lard.... In short their is a duel standard here. I can't go into a bar and smoke but I can slurp down burgers and fries with alacrity...

I have some suggestions. Escalators and elevators should be fitted with weight restriction devices. The doors at McFatty Chicken joints should be narrower that at the salad bar. All salad bars should be free at the point of delivery. Fast foods should be taxed according to their fat content. On Airlines all passengers should pay a flat fee and then additional charges should be made based on weight. Airlines do it for baggage.. We are constantly told that weight costs fuel in flight. Make them pay.

Just to agree with so many of the previous posts. Fat people, The Lard poisoned of life are not attractive in any way. Please when you look in that mirror don't pretend the curves are sexy, see the real thing.... LARD

fat people 92

I am so fucking angry at fat jiggly bitches who look at themselves in the mirror and say that their "curves" are sexy.

Uh, listen up you fat fuck. Those aren't curves, they're rolls.

Hey, check me out. I AM curvy. You know, strong shoulders, round hips, nice booty, and OMG is that a waist?? THAT'S CURVY!! Not you with your fucking back-fat rolls, you see those folds in your back under your armpit? Right there where it makes sweat-marks on your shirt? FUCK YOU! You're a walking grease pit.

Whenever I see a fatty wearing something that's supposed to make them look sexy I just wonder how many of their rolls are made up of Big Macs.

Hit the gym, you fuck.

fat people! 93

I am so fucking angry at fat people!! I work at a grocery store, ahem, a high-end grocery store, and I get so fucking tired of fat fucking bitches complaining about prices being too high... "Why is this so expensive! I don't want to pay that price!" and then I look in their cart and I see boxes and boxes of fucking ice cream, mayo, little debbie, oh and can't forget the soda and beer! Fuck you, you cheap ass, smelly, dirty tennis shoe-wearing, stringy-haired fat fucking worthless piece of shit.

Fat people 94

"I can't help it that I'm fat" "This diet doesn't work", etc.......

I'm so damn sick of hearing all these lame excuses that fat, lazy people give for their gluttony. It IS your fault. YOU have to do the work on a diet, fool. My tax dollars pay for your insulin, you type 2 diabetic jerks. If you got diabetes because you are fat, it is all your fault. Maybe if you spent a little bit of time actively exercising self control, hell, just actively exercising, you wouldn't be such a disgusting, unhealthy, sweaty, smelly nauseating person disguised as Jabba the Hutt.

Fat People 95

Fat people make me angry because they complain that they aren't treated fairly, but in my experience they are treated far better than smaller people. I am 5" and about 110lbs, I'm not very big, and somehow when I was working I got stuck with heavy lifting, the reason I was given was that the bigger girls where "already carrying so much weight it's harder for them", I injured my back when I was young and have hereditary arthristis in all my joints, but when I working I was expected to stand, actually got yelled at if I sat, but a heavy girl was given and special seat and working area because she said that he back hurt. I have far more examples but it says to keep it short. I also hate how fat people will right at, and even into smaller people in stores and on the street just because they know that the smaller person will bounce off of them and likely fall down if they don't get out of the way. Or they will stand in the aisle chatting, blocking the whole damn aisle, and refuse to move when you say "Excuse me." Ok....I'll stop now.

Fat And Thin 96

im so damn angry that people think oh fat people are so hateful to me because im so thin and beautiful. just because you had a few bad exsperiances with overweight people doesnt give you the ability to no how a fat persons brain works.

Hmm you wonder why there so rude to you?! Well its because you go around calling them fat and obsese and gross. Thats why.

Dont you even consider that your words hurt them honestly there human beeings too. seriously. fuck off.

Fat People 97

Ill tell you why im so damn angry, these shamu fat mother fuckers that think they can go through life pieing out on every fucking morsel of food, then scrounge off the system, becuase their fucking organs have gone into retirement!!!! There sweaty deposits on every damn publib seat realy grinds my fucking gears. If you are so fucking wide that you require two airline seats then you should fucking pay for two or get of the mutha fucking plane, and if you are lucky enough to get a seat then dont steal my fucking arm rest with your fat bingo wings that just engulf my arm and encroach into my seating area. And yes i do want my fucking airline desert you fat fuck. Just becusase you move at a glacial pace, doesnt mean you can have a wheel chair or a mobility scooter. Mcdonalds does not fucking count as one of your five a day and neither does a footlong subway packed full of every fucking filling imaginable. Lay of the pies you fat shamu's XXXXXXXX

Fat Women 98

I am angry at fat people, but really it's the fat women. They walk around spouting off about how they are "big, beautiful women" and how we all should be more sensitive. Sensitive to what? The fact that you're too lazy to change and believe the myth that you can be fat and healthy?

When I got my new driver's license from moving from another state, the woman behind the desk taking my information was at least 250. When she asked for my weight and I said 115, she made a snide comment to her co-worker that I could hear about how please I was to weigh 115. Darn right I was pleased. I had started to gain weight and took action to lose the extra weight. It was that simple.

One of my sisters is one of those fat women who insists on wearing clothes that are too tight and too short. That's not cute. Not on any level.

I'm totally with you all on the handicapped parking thing. I served my country and have a few disabilities (including asthma, a heart condition, and a knee injury). The knee injury requires a brace for long periods of standing or walking and yet I can't qualify for handicapped plates. No, I have to walk like everyone else -- even inside the store. I know I have to walk, so I put on the brace and sit where I can. I would feel horrible taking a scooter when I can technically walk. The fat people in the scooter piss me off. And when they do walk, there are all of these excuses about joints hurting and muscle atrophy. You know what cures that? Exercise! Yeah, that's right -- you have to move to keep your body in good working order and stop shoveling fried, fatty foods down your throat. And for the ones who have an "addiction" to food, get help and lose weight. Anyone else with an addiction can get help, and there's help for you too. And I'm with you all on the leeching of tax payer dollars to give them social security because they are too fat to work. You know what? There is always something you can do to make money. Stop being lazy. I have an 80% disability rating from the VA and I still work. There are veterans with 100% disability ratings and they still work. Ugh.

I used to work at a very popular lingerie store and fat women would always come in complaining that there was nothing there size. Like that's my fault. Get over it and lose weight and shop at a different store. No one made you come in.

Last story. I deliver pizza and I swear that I deliver to the same people over and over again. But it's the fat women who complain the most and don't tip at all. For all the time it took for you to call and order your $35 worth of food and wait for the delivery, you could have made some real food and actually would have made an attempt at doing something healthy. Dude, even I don't eat the pizza.

I could go on and on and sometimes I feel bad about it, but mostly I'm just angry and disgusted. I have a few pounds left to lose and I don't understand how a woman fatter than me has the nerve to tell me about how much weight I gained since you saw me 10 years ago. Seriously? At this point, knowing that I have some weight to lose, I'm angry and disgusted at myself as well.

Seriously, go to the gym or something and stop hating on the thin and healthy people.

I guess that's all for now. Being angry makes me tired.

fat people 99

I hate beating around the bush about your stupid weight. There's no way to put it nicely, you're just FAT! Overweight, chunky, husky, or any stupid medical condition you would like to call it, bottom like you're FAT! You've got too much blubber and IT is the cause of all your health problems. Not asthma, or your heart or any other bullshit you wish to blame it on. It's your FAT!!! If you weren't so god damn fat, you wouldn't have a breathing problem, your heart wouldn't be pushed to the god damn limit every time you sneeze, your feet wouldn't hurt from all the extra weight they're lugging around so you wouldn't be so damn tired all the time...all in all, you'd be a much healthier, happier person if you weren't so fat. It's not a medical fu**ing condition unless you call lazy a medical condition...but I'm sure some genius scientist has already come up with a term for that too so they can make money off of people like you who refuse to be responsible for their shitty lives. Oh, and BTW, just because I can control what I eat, doesn't mean I'm anorexic! I just look it when I'm standing next to your obese ass!!!!

They never shut up about being fat 100

Fat people make me so angry when they never shut up about being fat and then they never do anything about it. It's like..seriously? Stop complaining, if you're not gonna do anything about. If they really cared, then they would lay off the fast food and go to a gym.

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