Inconsiderate, unthinking husband

We used to do a LOT of things together and then I ended up in a wheelchair for SEVEN YEARS. I went through HELL, 4 surgeries and a ton of pain to get back on my feet so we could do things together again. Now he is off and running with his buddies from the club and tells me to "go find something fun to do this holiday, and by the way pay the bills, get the brakes for the car and take care of this and that. BULLSHIT!!! I've put up with this for Three Years - - - I've had it!!!

Caring Husband 2

Recently I've been in hospital twice for surgery under general anesthetic's was discharged both times a couple hours after waking from the anesthetic on the proviso that I have someone at home to stay with me in case of complications. What did Mr Considerate do- picked me up from hospital, took me home, dumped me in bed and pissed off back to work. The day after he worked half a day and the rest of the day he went fishing. He didn't even bother ringing to see how I was or if I needed anything. I couldn't t go anywhere as I was barely able to walk and wasnt allowed to drive the car due to medications I had been given. There was no food in the house for the evening meal as I couldn't t go grocery shopping yet he still expected dinner on the table when he got home.I didn t have any family or friends available to help. I have children to look after as well but he couldn't  give a rats A. He just does what he wants to do and doesn't t take any responsibility. He ll only do something if it happens to fit in with what HE has planned. I may have to have further surgery so the next time I will be telling the hospital that I have no one to stay and look after me when I get discharged so they ll keep me in longer.We ll see how he likes the "inconvenience" of having to mind his own children.

My Husband 3

I am so damn angry because my husbund treats me like a child. He thinks I am stupid and don't understand how to deal with life. He refuses to engage in normal conversation or discussion; instead, he condescends to me or tries to make me feel guilty for having my own opinions. He constantly blames me for problems that he creates and I ignore (so of course they increase in intensity, you bastard!) and brings up things long since settled (or so I thought) when he doesn't get his way. He congratulates himself aloud for his self-restraint in NOT hitting me, but he's just scared to because he knows I could beat the crap out of him. I work my ass off so he can flit from job to job "finding himself" and we can still eat AND pay off his ivy league education that is utterly worthless because he keeps having to leave any job he gets because THEY are all incompetent. Who's the child here?

Husband 4

My husband thinks he has to blame someone for everything he thinks is wrong. All he does is sit around and watch tv or work on his stupid money-pit of a pick up truck. This man has no idea of the value of a dollar and maxed out his last credit card in less than 3 months "restoring" that piece of shit truck of his. Then he gets mad at me because we get behind on the bills - well, I'm not the one who runs around spending every dime he has just because it's there. He must think there is a money tree somewhere out in the back yard. I get so tired of his temper tantrums, he acts just like a child. He thinks the whole world owes him something. And talk about holding a grudge, let me tell you, he never forgets anything that he can throw up in my face the next time he wants to start an argument. I hope one of these days he blows his top with the wrong person (Like a man that has a temper as bad as his and not some woman or child that he thinks he can control.) I'd love to see someone bring him down a notch or two!!

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The webmaster hopes he will never be a husband like those listed here!!

not helping but judging 5

husband bitches about me being out of work (like it was my damn fault) but does not help out on bills i have worked every damn year we have been together never complained but now he has to be breadwinner and he bitches we have been together 10 years i have taken care of the bills then and even now with my unemployment checks but he still bitches why can't he stand up and be a damn man

Husband 6

My husband is the biggest loser. I have been married to him for almost 4 years and I don't know why I married him in the first place. Well, I was misled by him. At first, he was caring, considerate, responsible, thoughtful. As time went, all these values I have appreciated started to crumble. He is absolutely hopeless with money, his finances are fucked, he has creditors chasing him. Not only that, he has borrowed a large amount of money from me and my dad and has no intention of paying a cent of it back. He lies to me all the time, doesn't know how to communicate with me, doesn't do anything around the house and not once has lifted a finger to help me. Not only this, the fucker smokes pot and even though he has promised to quit when we married, he still continues to this day. His excuse? "I'm just finishing off the last bits I have left". The idiot has been giving me this excuse the last several years. There seems to be a neverending supply of "the last bits". He earns double what I earn, yet I practically support him. I pay rent a lot of the times, I buy the groceries, I pay for when we go out, I buy his clothing, everything. The fucker doesn't appreciate everything I do for him. One more thing, he is hopeless in bed. Sex with him is boring. Let's just say he's a five minute man. Come on, a woman needs more than five minutes. I am just waiting for the right time to leave him. There is still too much at stake. When the right time comes, I will go and leave him crying to his mother.

Husband 7

My husband borrows money from me and refuses to pay me back. I'm not talking about $20 or $50, I'm talking in the hundreds. He earns a hell of a lot more than me yet on payday, straightaway he goes out and buys pot. This is after he tells me he has to go to work or to the supermarket to buy a drink. I can't stand the sight of him, he's pale, skinny, has bad breath. I don't even kiss him anymore and I cringe when he touches me. I'm filing for a divorce.

my husband 8

ok, I will not put his name down, but damn. He decided to let me know in the worst way possible that he wanted a divorce, he e-mailed me. FUCKER. really, you can't deny, no matter who or where you are that that isn't the shittest possible dump ever. good riddance, I say!

Husband 9

I have come to a point were I can't take the crap anymore. I left a 5 year relationship for this person, and have learned how karma can kick you right in the ass. I am angry due to the fact I now am an unexpected parent, though I love my daughter...more so that I ever though I loved him. He is an ungrateful asshole who doesn't appreciate what my family has done for him. He lives for free and can't pay small bills that come into the house, he rather sit and get stoned than spend anytime with me. I have at times worked 65-70 hours a week and he bitches about watching my daughter on the weekends, the only time my parents get a break during the week. When it snows out, he doesn't shovel, I do it, since my father's back is destroyed. He never picks up food for my family, or diapers or clothes, dresses really inappropriately for holidays (clothes are in bad condition, looks like shit) while I sit and suffer in silence. If I mention anything about it he goes off in a tirade and puts me down for all my shortcomings. I honestly say if I could go back in time I would have done things a lot differently...I would have stayed with the last man I was least he respected me. I only hope someday he can forgive me.

husband 10

I HATE MY HUSBAND!!! All he does is bitch and complain about everything. First, I believe his anger stems from being an only child, as far as I can gather. Nothing is ever good enough. I look at life this way: I love life. I love the sun and the rain. I love the changing seasons, and especially my children. I am glad I am blessed with a three bedroom,1 1/2 bath house, two working vehicles and a job where I am very happy, not much money, but I can't complain. My husband on the other hand is an ungrateful miserable bastard who looks at it like this: He hates his job, because he is "doing ALL the work and everybody else is stupid and I have 20 years worth of welding experience on these idiots, one of these days I'm going to say 'see-ya' and they'll be hurting for certain". He hates his wife, because I am "a goofy bitch that can't hold down a job to save your life, all you do is sit around the house on your fat lazy ass and don't do a goddam thing". He is TERRIBLE in bed, he has NO rhythm and hurts me, every time I try to get in a comfortable position he moves to the hurty place again with no consideration. He makes four times as much as I do and won't lift a finger with the housework, and will NOT pay any bills at all. If he runs out of pot to smoke, I have to duck and cover from the swinging fists of fury. One time he misplaced it and woke me up at 4 in the morning ripping the covers off the bed screaming at me, and then when he did find it in the place he left it did I get any kind of apology? Hell no! He calls me every day for 30 minutes in the middle of his lunch break and complains about all the idiots he works for and how stupid they all are, about how his job sucks and all he does is work to be broke. I have tried several times to show him the things he has to be grateful for, and all he does is bitch, bitch, bitch. he could have a million dollars handed to him on a silver platter, and he would find something to complain about. I have tried several times to get a divorce, but then when I do he complains that I am on the brink of suicide because all I ever hear is about how miserable he is and how incompetent everyone else in the world is and how nobody ever cuts him a break. but you know what they say...misey loves company. OK, well im done visiting. where's the exit door!?!

Bimbos 11

there is nothing more worse than married women who is slutting around with married men. yes folks, i'm referring to my husband's bimbo here in the sunshine state. she's married, fat, have kids and a nasty looking hopeless, manipulative cunt! whe kissed chuck's and sucked hard to get a sorry ass position in the company where the bastard was working as an OPS manager. later on the asshole moved out, thinking that he got it all figured out and will work things his way. but to his surprise - things fell apart instead. i became friends with a lot of ppl from his company and he and the bimbo became the most hated ppl. to may my story short, the bastard came back home, he demoted himself when the bimbo quit. they still work together but no longer with the company. inseparable i would say. according to my sources, they still manage to act innocent and they're good friends. it doesn't hurt as much anymore because i know that she's got nothing compare to me. the only thing i could think of why the bastard went for her is because first: he is a loner - 2nd: no men will compete with him because no men will give the bimbo a minute of their time. 3rd: she probably don't nag although she's the biggest manipulator on earth. i guess some bitches just know how to work it without getting all psychotic. the cunt is a woman enough to fuck with me but not woman enough to face me (????) bitch! wash your mouth because my animals and i just took a dump!  *asian babe happily walks away*


My husband after 16 years together walked out on me and my 11 yr. old son. He asked me to stay home with him and my son which where I had a good paying job. Then 7 months later he walks out and me with no job no way to support me and my son. And where we had our home financed threatening to come and get our home and also them threatening of turning off our power and I have no way to pay the bills. He says it is not his problem anymore so I hope he and his girlfriend are happy together and one day I know it will come back on him and bite him right back in the butt and he deserves everything that is coming to him. And he actually thinks he is doing no wrong and he still thinks he is going to heaven. He is so stupid..

stupid husband 13

let me just say how ANGRY i am at my husband of five years. it's come to the point that i can't trust him none whatsoever. a year ago, i found out he befriended some bitch in vegas and was secretly emailing, going out and seeing her behind my back. i discovered this only due to my gut instinct telling my something was up. after confrontation and reading some of their email exchanges i left him for six months. now i am back together with him living under the same roof.. but guess what it happened again!! what a fucking idiot. this time he's all buddy buddy with his female coworker who is actually pregnant. she herself is going thru some issues as her husband cheated on her. well, this brings me the point that she cries on his shoulders when in need and he never once told me of any friend at work like this. i then discovered that they talk on the phone regularly and has even gone out the dinner together. i am angry bc he never tells me anything and i have to discover things for myself. if it's no big deal why keep is so secretive? the fucker never learns his lesson. i am not an insecure person. HE made me this way. i have to question everything all the time now. i don't trust him. beyond all this, he's become sooooo damn inconsiderate, disrespecitve, unthoughtful. i fell on my tailbone and hurt it quite severely. never once did he even call me that day to ask if i was ok. and when i asked him, do u not care? he responded, "big deal..u just fell on your ass!" well the big deal is i may have a fractured tailbone which will take months to heal. i can barely sit for 10 minutes. asshole right?

not only that, when i call him on his cell, first words out of his mouth is "WHAT? what the fuck do u want" i couldn't even get a Hello in that a normal way to answer the phone? when i need a ride to the train to go to work..he acts as if it's such a's 5 min away by car! i can go on for so much longer..i know i'm not over reacting bc he is not the man i married five years ago. i consider myself young (23) when i married. i'm now 28. will this ever change? should i take the plunge and leave to start a new life?



Husband 15

My stupid ass husband is the most worthless piece of crap on the planet. When I had my baby, and I came home from the hospital, I had to mop up my own amniotic fluid from when my water broke. Me, staggering around, stiches from my yoni to my ass, with a mop and bucket. I lost a LOT OF BLOOD, and I was living off of Carnation Instant Breakfast and Tylenol. I was WEAK AS HELL and he bought me POTATO CHIPS when I sent him to the store.

And then I got mastitis. Trying to breastfeed, because, you know, breastfeeding is best for the baby and all. And so I come down with a fever of 103, can't move I'm so sick, and what does he do?? He LEAVES. Gotta work, he says, and VOOM!! Off he goes, gone like the fucking wind!! Then I get it again! Mastitis is a BOOB INFECTION. My boobs were swollen, hot and RED and they HURT. I CRIED when I nursed, it hurt so badly. Where is he? NOWHERE. So, he gets sick, the doctors think he's had a heart attack and so they put him in the hospital. Fine, whatever. WEll, it wasn't a heart attack, it's myocarditis. Mild heart infection. We needed an angiogram to tell us this. He comes home from the hospital and it's "Honey, can you stay home with me?"

What do I do? I stay home with the fucker like the sucker I am. I should have made him Mop the floor. I should have made him cook his own meals, like I had to when I was fucking incapacitated. I hate his sorry baby whiney ass!! Suck it up, loser!! And now he's home, doing NOTHING because the "doctor siad I can't life more than a gallon of milk."

FUCK YOU, you lousy little fuck! I was told the same thing and YOU LEFT ME ALONE WITH A BABY. If I rolled over and DIED he'd step over me. Maybe kick me to be sure I was dead before helping himself to cold hot dog from the fridge. "I guess you're not going to make dinner, then..." Worthless piece of crap. If the baby cries with me, then I'm doing something wrong. If the baby cries with him, then it's OK. I hate him! I hate him! I hate him! I hate him!!!

Men are BABY PIGS!!! They can't do SHIT for themselves and rely on WOMEN to be the strong ones. Well, FUCK OFF. FEED YOURSELF. PICK UP YOUR OWN NASTY UNDERWEAR. I hate everyone!!


My husband is a worth less asshole, you would think he might pickup his own fucking shit once in a while. hell no he comes home from work & sits on his FUCKING FAT ASS, like ohh I worked 10 hours today my day is done. Well fuck you I worked 10 hours too & still have a 2yr old to take care not to mention his fat ass I have to feed wash his clothes clean the god damn house because aparently after 5:00 his fucking arms and leggs do not work.Oh and then we have the weekend, no excuse me he has a weekend sitting on his fat ass with his STUPID ASS friends getting HI & drunk, instead of spending time with his family and then he wonders why his son always wants me and crys for me when he tries to hold him...........UHH HELLO YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE! The best part is he expects me to be fucking turned on by him,and fuck him! GO FUCK YOUR SELF! The only thing good I got out of this is my SON!

Stupid, Lazy Husband 17

I have only been married one year but already I know it was a mistake. I married the laziest f@#*ing person in the world! I am responsible for EVERYTHING! He recently started his own business, which he thinks should dismiss him from cleaning, laundry, being responsible for bills - anything to help run our lives! To top it off, I work full-time and am in school finishing my masters degree! I am also responsible for keeping track of his business bills. The stupid jerk is so self-absorbed and bitches about everything. I want a divorce but am concerned about what our family and friends will think - it seems like our marriage has been such a failure. I hate, hate, hate him!

Husband 18

I am so angry I could spit fire.
All my husband does is play stupid dumn retarted COMPUTER GAMES!!!! HE tells me I am mean he has told me to "go kill myself" and that I am worthless and fat and lazy that I have no class and so on.....We have 2 beautiful babies does he do anything with them...nope It's computer games or nothing ..How much does a divorce cost?

Husband 19

Inconsiderate, anti-social, pre-ejaculator, sarcastic asshole of a husband. He never makes plans or takes me anywhere. It's always him riding my coattails or following me like he's a lost child. He doesn't take the initiative on anything in our marriage. He's passive aggressive to the point it seems like he's a sociopath. He is a complete slob. He puts boogers all over the place like he's 6 years old. Thank god we have no children. He's lazy at home, he looks at other women, he is in love with his stupid computer, he's boring, dull and a loser.

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(Translation: Does that make the Webmaster a good husband? Just before he started working on the website, he cleaned the bathroom so Mrs. Web Mistress would not have to, and he did it without being asked to)
The angry Webmaster

STBX husband 20

I'm so damn angry because 10 months ago my husband told me he was having an affair for a year with a nasty french girl and then he left me and my son and moved in with her. His family treats me like crap and acts like I did something wrong. He doesn't give me any money for child support. He prances around like he's right in what he did. Now he's filed for full custody of our son and is trying to force me out of my home. Our son lives with me and we are very happy. He's trying to ruin my life and it's extremely unfair. He's the one that left and cheated on me and now he wants to take everything from me. How is that fair!!!! I'm angry that Florida is a no fault state and people get away with everything here. Where are their morals????

Husbands 21

The man I married is a hypocrite! He demands I am sexy so his friends are jealous, but to expect a orgasm once every five years is punishment for denying him sex everyday. Lord forbid, I decide a woman is sexy and I show a interest in outside forces, when he all but encouraged it for 10 yrs, and suddenly decides to play old fashioned to keep me in line! Now, I find that his supportive stance of the past is now a biased two-edged sword, and what's worse, married 19 yrs, and been contemplating divorce 10 of it! So all is not gold girls in the married realm. It takes a lot of tolerance, forgiveness, and downright overlooking a person's faults. Right now, I wish I had someone to talk to, because he has chased away all my friends, sabotages my career by insisting all matters of family come first, hence, I cannot hold a job of substance when family issue arise once a month, and he moved me 2000 miles away from my dying mother, and the confidence of which I once gave him precedence in all things, has vanished in his ignorance that he controls my every heartbeat!

Lazy Ass Husband 22

Eight years together, four years married constantly hearing how my husband wants to move to another state 1500 miles away from both our families. He was always supportive up to a few months after we were married. I thought it was a phase he was going through with his new, high paying job BUT I was wrong! Last year I decided to give into his bitching and agreed to make the move. SO as the supportive wife I found a JOB and WE agreed once I moved, he would "take care" of things like renting our home, etc. and move with me. Five months go by, I was still alone. Every time I asked him to come to look for a job EVERY FUCKING EXCUSE he gave me! SO I moved back home. NOW a year later, he WANTS to make the move, again! I told him to find a Fucking JOB first and then we will move. OH, the best part, when I returned home I was able to get my old job back, HE ASKED ME NOT TO TAKE IT! in case he got offered a job elsewhere. 10 months later and he barely looked for a new job and I haven't WORKED nor began my PhD program! I feel like such an asshole! Trying to be the supportive wife BUT when I was in GRAD school, working FT, taking care of the bills, home, etc., he never said "thank you" or a compliment! HE TAKES OUT THE FUCKING GARBAGE ONCE A MONTH AND IT'S a BIG DEAL!!! WHAT THE HELL? Comes home from work and sits in front of the TV. I try talking to him, and he doesn't listen. Got him a dog, trained her, etc. he talks to the dog more than me! You want to talk about divorce? Let's just say I have applied to numerous jobs all over the country and if I get one, bye bye you lazy asshole!!!

My husbands criticizes me in front of others 23

My husband can be so sweet and loving when we're alone, but he has a habit of criticizing and belittling me in front of others. If I'm talking to friends or his co-workers, he cuts right into my sentence and loudly changes the subject or redirects the conversation. Usually the other people look embarrassed, but I laugh it off in public and kind of retreat. When I challenge him about it later, he says, "Well, they don't need to hear you going on and on." This makes me SO angry. He makes fun of my choice of words when describing things, and I am always being corrected. He can be so aloof and snotty. I hate it. Last month we were talking politics with his sister and husband and he looked at me and said really loud, "You're an asshole!" I wasn't the one who was getting worked up- it was the brother-in-law. This really hurt my feelings. He always talks like that in front of his family. Next time I am going to call him on it no matter where we are or who we are with. My neighbor says I should say, "Now dear, it's not polite to interrupt" and go on with the conversation. But it makes me feel like he wants people to think I'm foolish and that he is ashamed of me. Bastard.

Husband 24

My husband said that we didn't have any money for the kids to buy me something for mothers day. so I said okay but when he cam home fro fishing he was calling around to see where he could get the fish that they caught mounted and it cost 200.00. I was so upset that I still am not talking to him!







Irresponsible Husband 26

I am pissed that he is so irresponsible. When he do something wrong, he never want to assume responsibility. When he does, it is usually insincere. He was supposed to send a package off today. However, it turned out like what my sister-in-law had said, he would probably left it in the car. I did not know why I was so hopeful this time. Usually, I know for sure that “there are always delay somehow”. We planned a family vacation long time ago with my relatives overseas. We could have fly for free. it was not till later, he told me that we might just ended up buying last minute plane tickets. He should have checked this issue long time ago given that he had 5 months of advance notice. He said he had been asking around for information. The question is whether he did what he said. The question is “DO YOU BELIEVE THAT SH*T?" Maybe I should but he lied too much to escape responsibility so when situation like this come along, it’s hard for me to believe him. For instant, he said that he couldn’t mail the package because he chose not to be late to work, but in fact he knew about the package a day before, if he had made foreeffort to do it, he wouldn’t had done what he did today. Then he tried to pull out shit like I did not greet him at the door when I had to run to kitchen to turn off the stove with burnt food. Which is more important? Common sense tells me that normal people would have done what I did.

My Husband 27

My husband and I are doing a long distance thing. We currently are without phones so internet is our only way to communicate -and in PC rooms at that! The fucker can't even be bothered to show up!! I'm not asking a lot - one hour out of his day. Is that really so fucking hard. Of course it is - he has to run errands for his mommy. Everyone comes before me. We've been married just less than a year and just fucking lets me down again and again and again. Not just in this long distance thing either. Even when we were together - he would leave me at home with his family (who I don't really like) while he went out with his friends. Now that we are apart He expects me to do everything to set up our lives - i'm working, in a new country with no friends and he's at home smoking pot, living off his family. I just know he is going to come here and he won't be able to find work and I'm going to end up supporting his lazy ass. Grow the fuck up you child.

Husband 28

3 years together, 3 months married. Who said that women are the ones that change after marriage? Mine is the opposite. My first Mother's Day - no card, he gave me cash! For Mother's Day! I'm not allowed to tell him he's wrong, he flips out. He's a hard worker but that's it. My husband thinks being a father is some kind of past time and takes absolutely no initiative in any aspects of our life. I'm tired of asking him to do this and do that. I'm just trying not to talk to him anymore. He only hit me once (and tried to tell me it was my fault!), but everyone knows about it. I actually want him to do it again so I can divorce him. Can't wait...

A Changed Man for the Worse 29

When I meet my husband he was always clean cut, he wore clean clothes to impress me, he spent money on my and was always happy to see me. After we married he rarely shaves and he dresses like a slob. Now he gets this new job and he is dressing better and changing his look. I wish that if he found someone else at this new fucking job that he would just tell me so I can get the fuck out of this relationship. He is so fucking lazy, today I asked him to take some things out of the house and his excuse was, I did not know what you wanted to do with them, HELLO it's trash, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to know it goes near the trash. Instead I will go and nothing will be cleaned, in fact he will have made more of a mess before he went to work, but he had time for the bait shop. ASSHOLE!

Jerk-off husband 30

My husband is a complete and total jerk. I can never ever do anything good enough for him. Just tonight, trying to be the supportive, loving wife, I said 'Good job!' when we found the banquet hall. He angrily turned on me and told me to never say 'Good job' again, because he can find any place he needs to find. Jerk.

When the baby was crying and needing food at the banquet hall he sat on his fat ass and talked to his uncle, completely ignoring me as I scrambled thru the diaper bag trying to find the items necessary for her feeding. Did he offer to hold her? Did he offer to help? Did he even realize I was there? Apparently not, because he never shut his fat trap as he talked over her cries.

When I confronted him about it a little later, he informed me that it was my job to keep her quiet, and not his. Male chauvinist pig. And then, on the way home, he just couldn't figure out why I wasn't talking. He's a smart one.

But when I finally explained why I was so upset about the evening, he told me to lighten up. This term was used abusively as I grew up, and before we married I told him that and explained why, etc. He has lately taken to saying it when he wants to be a jerk. He ended the evening by telling me he now knew why I'd always been told to 'lighten up'. Why the HELL did I ever marry this complete loser who can only spew nastiness? Self-centered, creepy bastard. I hate my husband and wish that I never had to see him again in my life.

My husband 31

I am angry because my husband is a manipulator, but I am angry at myself for allowing him to do this to me. He is an intelligent person, but can't hold down a job, he wants "things" (cable, internet, etc.) that my small income cannot afford. I have two young children from a previous marriage, am currently pregnant, and I put their needs before his or mine. He always goes to his mom when the the money is short for the month, but strange how no one ever seems to question why he has not managed to take a job, considering it's been almost a year he's been out of work. He loves reminding me that he's so super intelligent, and constantly talks about not being able to deal with the stupidity of others, and when he lowers himself from his pedestal to grace us with his presence, it's all I can do to not want to scream. How is it that a man thinks a woman has not started to REALLY live until they enter our lives? The beam in his own eye is impeding him from seeing the sad reality surrounding him.

husband 32

My husband loves alcohol more than he loves me. He keeps saying he is going to quit and then he keeps going back. Last night, I got off of work late and STARVING. Being the loving, caring wife that I am, I was on my way to the supermarket and asked him what he wanted. He told me that he was going to bring dinner home and for me to just have a small snack and not worry. 2 hours later, he is still not home. I call and call: no answer. Finally, he calls me piss drunk and tells me that he met up with a few of his friends after he said he was on his way home! Needless to say, I was FURIOUS and I told him so. He says he is coming home. 2 more hours pass, no Jamel. I call him and he says his friend is about to pass out and he needs me, so I get up in my pj's (it's after midnight now) and go into this sketchy part of town and try to find them, and they're just laughing it up. Again, this infuriates me--I still have to work in the morning, my husband will surely call out, lazy ass that he is. Then he starts telling me "F*&K YOU!" as if I have done anything wrong!! That's it. I am staying at a girl friend's house tonight and tomorrow I am calling that sexy coworker of mine that always hits on me. I don't freaking care anymore. I'm not taking him back this time. It's now almost noon and I still have no idea where he is. It's too bad, because he is such a wonderful guy when he's not drinking...

piece of shit husband 33

My husband sucks. I regret marrying him, and worse having his baby. He doesn't lift a finger to help. He only works 3 days a week, yet does no house work when he has a day off, and I am at work. He makes my friends feel so uncomfortable when they come around. This morning, he even told my best friend to "fuck off". She had done absolutely nothing to upset him - he was just in a bad mood. I am fed up!

Baby, BITCH Man that calls himself my husband 34

I used to be a kind, loving carefree person. Part of me is still there but underneath it all is a fine line of anger that stems from being married to the bitchiest man on earth, or let me re-phrase that Bitchiest boy on earth.

My so called husband is selfish and complains about everything! I mean even a stupid tv commercial he complains about. For crying out loud. Honestly how can a person even think so negatively all the time. I can't comprehend how a person can honestly think like that.

It all started when he got in a serious mva. I thought a life and death situation would make someone be aware of what they had and become more appreciative. Instead he became the opposite-Bitchy, selfish, and a complainer.

I do everything, everything we have or where we have gotten in life is because of me. I tried so many different ways to try to get him involved with our family, to be the family man. Clean on your own time, well if I could do this and you this and lets try to have it done by this day of the week. NO. BS.

When he was in his accident I was working full time, going to school part time to get my masters degree and 8 months pregnant. I was looking after him, sleeping on the couch at night and waking up to give him meds and move his leg etc.. What do I get? You are letting yourself go, you look gross, MY SISTERS are doing all the work around here and YOU should be grateful. We should buy them something.

I wasn't allowed to hire anyone to help mow the lawn, the 8 month pregnant lady was supposed to do it and with a smile on her face. I have had a toy phone thrown at my head so hard that when it missed and flew down the stairs it dented the wall.

I got cancer this year and do you think he came to the hospital?? Do you think he acknowledged the fact I was ill? No instead he wanted to know what was for dinner. FUK you!

Our daughter, I took care of her. All of it. He would say to me breast feeding is gross and disgusting. He would tell me I wasn't a good mother, he would say my mom can do it all why can't you? (oh you mean your mom can take care of an immature idiot and get his cave man dinner ready on time and clean everything, pick up after his lazy ass, and do his laundry) Oh even pick up a mother's day present for your wife cause you are too inconsiderate to think it may be kind of an important thing.

He forgets my birthday, is too lazy to go and buy me a Christmas present. He is sexist and cavemanish. That is a woman's job? OMG where did this guy come from? Was this the guy I married.

Today I was in the relay for cancer, I wanted to do something positive and I rasied over 2, 500 dollars. I had to go back tonight to the closing ceremony. But I can't because selfish boy took off because he was too bored at home. It was important to me. Being there was no surprise for the times and it was important for me to go. But no I guess having to be home and having to look after his daughter from 11 until 2 was too much and "I am not going to stay home all day with nothing to do". Pouting, anger, meanness, selfishness. Unbelievable if you ask me.

A common thread I have noticed among these idiotic men is they like their pot. Well maybe the pot heads can go and get a cave somewhere and all sit in it and smoke their brains out.

I am so totally sick to death of his complaining, negativity, stupid immature fights which usually are because he is having a temper tantrum about getting his own way. I am sick of him spending the last of our money to go gambling because one day he is going to win 10, 000 "I know it" I am sick of him not thinking about me, or asking me how I am or even thinking to do something for me just because.

I am intelligent, a good worker, can take care of myself and yet I can't leave this asshole because it is more work and abuse to leave him then it is to stay and put up with the shit. I get so mad at myself for living this way and yet my girl adores him.

*Note from Anger Central
Leave him. Now. This minute. Pick up your child and walk to a relative or a battered women's shelter. NOW

Husband 35

My husband is a no-good, lazy hypocrite. He ALWAYS lies to me. I can't trust him as far as I can throw him and that ain't far. He has a completely split personality -- I never know if Jekyll or Hyde will be there when I get home. Jekyll is loud and laughs too much, often turning into Hyde who is mean and vicious. I have to ask for permission to go out and earn "points" in order to see my friends. He doesn't have many friends so he never wants to go out -- I'm made to feel weird and like a bad mother if I ever want to spend an evening with my friends. I'm counting the days until the children leave for college and I can have my own life. I have to wait 13 years but then I know I'll be free.

husband 36

I am so over my husband. He supports us, (I work part-time, for about a quarter of his wage), and I tell myself the kids need that, but man does he suck. He is hungover most of the time (when he's not he can pass for a human being, but that is very infrequent), and this makes him very angry. He tells me to shut up in front of our kids, and worse. He is so inappropriate in his reactions I wonder if he's mentally unstable. The other day, after the kids had begged him to see their last swimming lesson (where they had both made huge strides) he came and Read a Newspaper! Every time they looked over, to wave at him, all they saw was a big newspaper! I asked him to watch, but he just growled "don't tell me what to do". It's like being married to a teenager! He works 9 to 5, so doesn't have to do anything else. I do all the cleaning, lawn-mowing (like another woman up-thread, have had to mow the lawn heavily pregnant), house maintenance. He says "SO" in a nasty sneary way when I try to chat to him. He doesn't answer me when I call downstairs to him, and when I call and call and he finally deigns to answer he says "what!". Learn some manners you prick! He is angry all the time, and incredibly negative. He can find the cloud inside the silver lining. Soon the kids will be old enough to realise he's hungover all the time and I don't know how to explain this to them. I see the other dads in the neighbourhood up early, doing yard work, playing with their kids. Besides my rage with him, I'm pretty positive, and people like me (I have friends unlike husband who has two sorry-ass loser drinking buddies). What did I do to end up with this idiot??


Gee where to begin. This man has been in the union for almost 15 years. His job is seasonal, where job is off and on, like a temp. He would be off for a month and even more and still he believes his job is full time. He is such a dumb F_ck. I mean he doesn't even take the time to find another job. For instance, a full week he could bring home 800.00. Thats only good when there is work. When work is dry it can go up to months. He doesn't get vacation pay. He gets laid off periodically. His job is not dependable. Considering the fact he has 4 kids and a wife to support. He comes home, and the food is prepared and the house is clean. This guy doesn't even help clean up. Since we've been married I can say hes probably wash the dishes 5 times within 15 years, wash clothes once, and vacuumed twice. This guy sucks. When he doesn't work he sits and plays x-box or sleep the whole day. I mean this dude is plain stupid. Theres no need for two perfect healthy people staying home. I can't work because I care for our kids and I can't depend on him to care for them either. I can leave and come back and my babies diaper is soaked and his lazy but is playing on the game. I mean he is so annoying. Can they make a pill that can cure stupidity and put brain cells to make them function correctly...I mean this is so not right. If I was to divorce this man my only reason would be is that he SUCKS as a provider, he Lacks BRAIN cells, and hes mentally ill to think his job is even considered a full time stupid is that... I've been raised to keep the family together whether whos fault it would be, because the kids...I want to be selfish and say F_ck this muthaF_cker and take off with my kids.My kids love there father, but he is truly childish, inconsiderate, and lazy...Oh but the only function he can do right is SEX...yeah definite plus. But everything else sucks. In this case sex is the least of my problems. I don't even care for it anymore, If I do its only because my menstrual cycle is around the and I'm only 31, go figure.....instead of viagra for sex how about viagra for the brain..make it work..yah know

husband 38

My husband can be such a condescending jerk! I have to light a fire under his ass to get him to do anything. He has our small house cluttered up with computer junk but suggests that we throw away all of my outside plants....yeah, I follow the logic! We seem to be happier apart....hmmmm.

My Husband 39

It's really hard to break why I'm so angry down. First of all, When ever I'm talking to my husband or telling him something that's really important. He talks over me about, something really stupid, or something that can simply wait. Or, he'll just simply have his head turned in another direction, which say to me that, I'm not listen. Anyway, when things come up, and that I told u so comes up. He don't remember because, he wasn't listening. Well I'll say this right now. It has to do with his older brother. When ever my husband and I have plans to do a couple thing together. So happens my husband will say, "I'm going to call my brother to see if, he wants to go", or "Can so, and so go with us ?" It's always someone he wants to have tag along with us. Just recently this July 4th weekend. We had made plans earlier Saturday morning July 2, 2005 to go out and have a blast ! Just as we were settling in for a quick nap after being in the sun all day at the swimming pool. His brother calls and tells him that, "he's coming over with, their sister, and his son." He supposedly told his brother that, "We had plans." It's hard for me to believe that he told his brother anything. cause when it comes to his brother or anyone for that matters. He doesn't speak up. So I'm soaking in the tub. He comes tell me, "My brother's coming over, and he's bringing my sister and his son to go swimming." I said, "No, how is he going to do that and were going out. Did u tell him we have plans ?" He said, "Yes he told him." Ok than why in a 5 minutes they were knocking on our door and to my surprise as I walk out the bathroom they were in my house. I was so mad ! my head started hurting. I should have suspected that thought from him. He always does this to me, and I want lie to u when I say this. I am a very ! beautiful and attractive woman. Ok. Not to be conceited cause I'm not. No one deserves to be treated like this. Especially after just losing my mother in february of this year. If he loved me he wouldn't put anymore stress on me than I can handle. So they comes over and our plans for the holiday weekend has jusr been ruined. And guess what else, his brother friend comes over and they all set in my living room watching cartoons. And his brother wonders why he can't find a woman. This is what they do every weekend if given a chance. What I'm saying is, When it comes to my husband and I. His brother always ! come between our plans. He was married but his wife divorced him. She was a beautiful ! young latin girl. But now, he's at our apartment morer than my clothes are. And my husband never tells him what he's suppose to. He just tag along with what makes his brother feels good. And his brother is 36 years old. All he does is, set at bars and drink or if he's at our place. He want beer. But wants us to buy the beer. He's a user but, he does have a job. Let me just say this too. Just a week or 2 ago. I came into a 'lil money. I told my husband that, "I wanted he and I to take a honeymoon together since we haven't had one." We got ready to get the tickets and he calls his nephew an asked his nephew, "If he wanted to go ?" He ends up as were buying the tickets. I ended up giving a $100 where I could have bought me some clothes with. Spending it on his nephew ticket to "Orlando Florida" with us. Now He knew this was our honeymoon. But he invited someone with us. What's going on ? It's like, he doesn't want to be with me alone. I am a good wife. One time, I was leaving him because of this. I walked out and moved with my sister. I begin to see someone else. It became serious where I wanted to divorce my husband. But I thought about my marriage and how I didn't want to let go what he and I shared. So, I thought before carrying on with the other guy any further, to go try with my husband again. I did and it was good for awhile but than, he's this person all over again. Needed, want stand up to his brother, or family when it comes to me his wife, etc. It just so much to this guy I don't know. At times, I wonder if he's gay. He acts all like he's this straight man. But than, he wants to hangout with guys morer than his own wife. And when he and I are together. I might not be looking at a man. But he'll say, "I see u looking a that man, U know u like him, and so on and on. It crosses mymind alot if my husband gay or what. There's no explanation of why he doesn't want to be alone with me. Explain that. When he see's other men, he get's offended but still look at them but compliment them too. What kind of relationship I'm in ? Help

The asshole in my life 40

My husband is a prick because he questions me about everything, like if I took some of his gum (since he hates to share). He does not like it when I touch his things and he makes a big fuss about it. He constantly curses at our three kids under the age of five and blames it on the way they behave. But what pisses me off the most is that since I am a stay at home mom he thinks that I don't do anything. He makes comments like "for those of us who work". He tells me stuff like "I am going to have to start doing my laundry since you don't wash my clothes", yet everything he wears is washed by me. To sum it up, he is an inconsiderate, selfish, picky as hell bastard who picks on kids and females since they can't kick his ass.


According to him, Im worthless and week! Whatever... I work 40 hrs a week, cook, clean, do laundry and dumb bills...and do I get any thanks for any of it?? NOPE.

I wish I could find a man who loves me for me.. who buys me simple things like flowers..takes me on a romantic vacation once in a while... stuff like that. Im such a loving and giving person, wheres my equal? My son has already told me when he is 18 hes out of the house, all because of my stupid ass husband who needs to chill the fuck out and take some anger management classes. dumbass!!!! I wish I could do things over, but dont we all...

Phil C 42

Because he likes to have people pay his bills. I spent aprrox $21,000 over the last 8 years on furniture, appliances, down payment on this house, remodeling it to make it livable and he claims that paying me half of it is in my mind! He spends his paycheck on half of everything here then uses it for his kid, who would rather watch TV than visit him, feeding his fat middle aged bald self 3 meals out a day, strip joints, and his fucking computer. It would take pages to list what this weak worthless asshole has done. Oh and he blames me for all his problems, me and his ex bitch wife. He walks on water and he farts so much his underwear is full of poop .

unsupportive, rude husband 43

I have been married for about 5 years ago (together for 8)and looking back I probably should have seen what was coming. His rude, obnoxious behaviour has only gotten worse. He hates it when something good happens to someone else, he puts down people constantly (even racist remarks-although not so much anymore since we've had children) He constantly makes mean hurtful comments to me. I threaten to divorce him and move with the kids. He always laughs and says I have no where to go (I don't really have any family I'm that close to and I have no friends) would I support myself he asks?...I work as a freelance artist and the pay right now is very unpredictable, he doesn't support my career choice he says it is a waste of time and wonders how much longer I will let it go on before I stop. I'm living in a fairytale world he says. Although he has never hit me or the kids it's the emotional abuse...when I was pregnant with my second I had asked him to come downstairs to get something for me, I couldn't quite reach with my big tummy...he took it as nagging and came down saying maybe if I gave you a good kick in the stomach you'd shut up for a minute. He tells me hurtful things all the time and then later says that I've overreacted with my feelings and getting mad or sad. I really hate him, I'm saving money to put away for the day when I can walk out the front door with no fears or intimidation.

My husband 44

My husband is a demeaning, self-exalting, verbally abusive JERK. We are currently on vacation, an experience which has been less fun and more an adventure in interpersonal/familial relations for me. I have learned that the bad things he does (whatever they may be) are okay for him to do, but definitely not for me. Yesterday my daughter (not his biologically) told me that he punched her!! I immediately asked him what had occurred. He replied that he did not punch her, he PUSHED her. (As if that's okay!) That is bad enough! My daughter is a special-needs child (she has been diagnosed with SEVERE ADHD) and is, admittedly, a lot of work. She tries my patience everyday and it is all I can do to apply the level of patience that raising her requires. In the past, my husband never would've touched my daughter at all. Now he says that he does it because I "told" him to. I NEVER did any such thing. I asked him to be consistent with his discipline. He lies (and swears that he doesn't), he blames EVERY shortcoming in his life on me (mostly because I am the closest target), he tries to embarrass me, he pretends that everything between us is hunky-dory, all he cares about is presenting and preserving a faultless, perfect image (at ANY COST), he tries to tell me that I am lazy (I go to nursing school full-time, work part-time, keep up with my daughter and her doctor's and therapy appointments, have an infant son, have to deal with his infantile behind, cook dinner most nights, and clean the house in whatever spare time I can find), tells me that I am the source of all of our marital problems, incites and provokes my anger and then tells me that I have an anger PROBLEM, tells me that the only reason he stays is "for the kids," doesn't realize that I am SO ready to leave HIM and am drawing up the blueprint for such a move, and that, if he ever "pushes" my daughter again I will have him arrested by his co-workers. I am beginning to hate him a little more everyday.

husband 45

My husband is the laziest, most inconsiderate, selfish person I know. We both work full time jobs, but since I have a office and a desk and work in a more layed back atmosphere and he works production, my job is a "fake" job real job is at home. What type of person says that to someone. I am able to make my own schuedule at I have made the sacrifice to work later at night so I can take my daughter to school and she wont have to wake up at 6:30 am and go to before care, she already has to go to aftercare. I also work 45 minutes away from my house where as my husband only works 15 minutes. So I dont get to be home with her in the evening as much as I like..he also can change his schuedule around , but according to him it might interupt his sleep. On top of that Im 8 1/2 months pregnant now and to save money on daycare..I will be working Monday - Wednesday all day ( my daughter will have to get up early now for before care) and I wont get to see my girls for 3 days which breaks my heart. When I am home I try to get up earlier then my daughter to get as much as I can done so I can spend time with her. Usually my weekends consist of catching up on laundry , cleaning the house and grocery shopping and paying bills. His weekends consist of watching me ...Oh I forgot my "real" job is at home.He has been home for a 2 week vacation ..who had to stop at the store after work?? I wonder ... He doesnt anwer the phone ...god forbid that there was a emergency ..Im looking at the answering machine now and there are 2 messages from me left at 10:30 am ..its 10:30 pm right now and they havent been listened to ...there is a sauce pan of green beens on the stove ..2 baskets of laundry that has to be put away ..I can keep going on about the housework that he doenst do, but I wont. I cant remember the last time we actually had a adult conversation or did something together , just the 2 of us...we dont do anything together because he doesnt leave the house ...not to get a pizza ..not to go the store ...all I have ever asked him was to work as as team so we can spend more time together as a family.

husband 46

My husband of 2 years can not listen. When i speak i feel he is not hearing me and tries to disregard anything i have to say. I just would like to talk about whats going on at work or something i heard about , and he just pushes me away. Im sick of it. He also belittles me in font of my family and friends. He is self absorded. His thoughts and opinion is what is right and yours is not right. He Is only happy if hes high. and if not a raging fool. He loves his job, i think thats great, but he only likes to what he knows he can do. even though he will till you he can fix all your promblems, being your computer or your car whatever, but when it comes dont to it he
believes that its not his responsiblity. sooooo anoying. if i get mad at him be believes its not his fault and my feeling are wrong whatever the case may be... fcuk..........

rude husband 47

I turned down a full-time job offer so that I can stay at home with our 1-year-old daughter who I am breastfeeding. My husband works 7 days a week, and only brings in about $800 a month!! He got fired from his last job, which he of course blamed on them, not himself!! After that he was unemployed for 3 months. Now he works two jobs, on hourly and one commission. He hasn't made a dime at the latter, and he's been there for 3 months. He just sucks, apparently. We are piss-ass broke, so I've had to go back to stripping, which I despise as it is extremely degrading, especially since I am a college graduate. To make money in a more legitimate way, I also started babysitting a 2-month-old in our home. After my first day, he commented-- "great career choice, you're a 30-year-old babysitter". I got upset with him for being unsupportive, and we got in a big fight (which basically consisted of me crying and him insulting me further). When I couldn't take anymore abuse, I told him I want a divorce, to which he replied, "go ahead, you're a cunt anyways". I just wish he'd change-- haha. I just wish I'd realized what a stupid loser he was BEFORE I'd married him. I could have done much better.

a family member 48

I am angry that my husband will not deal with our mentally retarded son's problems. He over eats and has no motivation to get off of the bed. His father brings home cookies while I strive to feed him healthy alternatives and limit his intake of pop and sweets. Why the denial? Why the heck doesnt he take a stand and help the boy to have goals and pride in something? Its got to be tough to be retarded but God gave him a brain and a body and live it. UUUGGGH

My husband, my better half? 49

I hate my husband because he thinks I am stupid. He even told me that before we got married. I found out that I was pregnant and the bastard said, "abort it because you come from a family of workers and I come from a family of educated people. I still married him (well, okay I guess I am stupid). Anyway I happened to have 3 smart kids( including the one he told me to abort). He takes all the credit for their intelligence. Meanwhile he's and LPN and I'm an RN but he still thinks I'm stupid. I'm the bread winner with paying more than half of the mortgage, bills (including his student loan that would have led to his check being garnished because he hadn't paid it x 5 years). Our children are in private school that I pay for then the f---ing, a--hole had the audacity to fly to Chicago to buy a Mercedes car off of money he borrowed. Guess whose going to have to pay that back. I feel like I'm locked into this relationship. All I hear from him is, "next year is our year" meanwhile the selfish bastard is doing everything he can to keep us living from check to check. I hate his ass. If he's my better half then I could live without the worst half.

Lame husband 50

I am angry because my husband is such a absent minded, negative, selfish, arrogant, irresponsible, immature (just to name a few) son of a bitch. He has lied to me numerous times; and just like a mother can detect with her children, I can tell he is lying. It's sickening. We both work full time, and I guess because he works "outside" and gets dirty he has a real job and my job in an office isn't; that's why he doesn't feel like he has to do any work or pay any of the bills. But at the same time this stupid fucker will claim that he does or has done everything around the house lately, and I just don't notice. I could go on and on and on, but it's pointless, almost as pointless as me staying in this mother /child fucked up marriage. He's worthless and won't have a fucking clue of how to do anything once we are divorced. If I stay with him I am the dumbest bitch on the earth because I deserve Sooooo much better. And he definitely does not deserve me..


I don't know where to begin there is so much about him I do not love anymore....however today is my birthday, he has been out of work for 8 months with no income (However, he got an 800$ cheque 2 months ago from income tax.) I pay for everything, house, car, electricity, our daughter, insurance, etc, etc... He has never held a job for more than 1 year, cannot have credit, is in debt, went get the picture.

This morning, as I left for work, I did not see any birthday card or anything on the counter. Since I know that 3 weeks ago he had 200$ in his account, and figured he would save at least 10$ for my birthday - cake and card at the very least - I actually told him through email "today's my B-Day, at least buy me a card from our 2 year old daughter, and bake me a cake. You see, I did not want to give him a chance to say "I forgot your birthday". He later replied (at his usual getting up house around 11 am) that he has no money left...not even for a cake or a card!!! The guy sits at home all day playing computer game (that cost money to renew on internet - money from the 200$ he had), and smoking cigarettes like a chimney smoker (money used from his 200$). This means he went ahead and bout a renewal internet gaming card and cigarettes fully knowing my birthday coming up, but not caring about that. How can I even think that there is love there??

The guy does not clean the house at all, he does nothing. Most nights I get home and do supper, clean the house and take care of my daughter...I can't believe he can't even go buy cake ingredients and a card to celebrate my birthday as a super small means of saying "I love you, thank you for supporting me, thank you for being a good mother, thank you for paying everything like your my mommy...gaga gougou!! F#$K!!!

Husband 52

lazy, demanding, no good, not understanding and uncaring. i am disabled and he knew this when we married. then, almost 2 yrs ago he understood. now, forget it. he will not even help me around here. whatever he decides to drop on the foor, not hang up, it's a woman's job! bullshit! he never and i mean never even gives me a hug. i have to ask for it and that is disgusting. there is no communication with him.i talk and have no problems talking to him and wheni do, he just looks at me. then when i ask a question, he looks at me and turns away. i do things for him and he does not appreciate it. for instance i will cook him a dinner of which he gets home late from work and he does not want it. so the next time i do not make anythng and you would think i cut off his P!! my god! make up my mind here. i can't even defend myself when he accuses me of things and he does this every single time. he starts these childish arguments of his and he is drunk. then i get it, mentally. no, he better not him me either. all he refers to in doing for me is moneywise. all this so called marriage is about is money. that is the way i perceive him and how he has made it. i do not feel loved, cared for either. all he does around here is drink and watch that damn tv. there is so much more to life. like taking a walk together, going on a picnic, to the movies, theater,walking my dog in a park together, window shopping but he is always too damn tired and has to rest his skinny damn ass. i have had it but i have nowhere to go, no family, no friends in state. us women have to stick together!

my husband 53

I am so fucking pissed off with my husband, just lately he has been taking me for granted soooo much, whenever anyone says jump he says how pissin high, unless its me then he can't be fucking arsed to do anything. If my friends come round to see me he interupts me while I'm talking and takes over so I end up leaving the room because I can't get a word in edgeways. we haven't had sex for ages because hes so fucking rude and inconsiderate that I don't want to have sex with him. Maybe I should have sex with his fit mate who is extremely sexy, in front of his fucking face he might look up from the fucking playstation then, even if it is only for a second. I'll give him a month then I'm off to have some fucking fun with someone who don't put every fucker else first, AND YOU KNOW WHAT??

stupid cheating ex husband 54

I have a STUPID ex-husband. We were childhood sweethearts and I married him because I had no confidence that any other man would ever want me. My ex-husband is short, chinless and probably still a mama's boy. We were devoted to each other through high school and college (even though I had a crush on his friend.) We had the same views on life, money and politics. Not family however. Because I wasn't a full blood Italian his family wasn't crazy about me. Meanwhile his father was cheating on his pathetic mother and his sister's husband was cheating on her. Total dysfunction. I developed Type 1 juvenile diabetes when I was 18 and he stuck it out with me. We were married at 23 in a big Catholic ceremony. Over the next two years, I got complications from my diabetes and he LEFT me for some tart where he worked as an attorney. I was the last to know. He was staying out late (I was also, but I was WORKING). I finally got him to confess December 16, 1990 (Merry Christmas). Of course he cheated because of ME. Don't they all? He told me how unhappy he was throughout the marriage. News to me...besides, I was always sick and I didn't iron his shirts. Jesus....The whore that he married was some sort of trust fund baby. Money was VERY important to my stupid ex. I called her at work begging her to leave him alone. She says, "I'm very sorry for you." Thanks honey. My ex-husband call me up screaming that I upset his mistress. Yes, like I said, he is stupid. I called up information and the operator took pity on me and gave me his mistress' address. I drove out there and saw my ex-husband's car in the driveway. I rang the doorbell, someone answered and I said, "This is Mrs. "M". Tell my husband to get out here." Boy was he pissed. His cheating brother in-law said it was a classic move. (He hated my in-laws too.) Anyway, I begged him for a month to come back, to break off the affair and we would work on the marriage and move on. But his mind was made up. He was cheating with his mistress for months. And he got madder and madder at me, breaking things, pushing me and cursing. What a jerk. If my ex was SOOO unhappy, he should of told me and cleaned up his "problems" at home BEFORE cheating. What a disappointment the money man became to me. It's been nearly 15 years and I'm still pissed because I never got closure. I never screamed at him and told him how much he hurt me and how much I hated him for his actions. I know it wouldn't have made a difference because he is immature, stupid and selfish but looking back I would've felt better than acting as a dish rag. After a month, I knew all bets were off and when he sued me for divorce I fought back and got the few dollars left in our account. Good! My father told me I wasn't a nun and that I did nothing wrong. I didn't...I can still look in the mirror. I told my family and friends that the money man cheated and left me and they said he was an @$%&^#@$. (Fill in whatever curses you want). Two months later on February 12, 1991 I met my future husband. I knew he was the one because St. Jude sent him to me. Everybody in my family and my friend think he is the greatest. We married April 30, 1995 and we've been together 14 years. We have two amazing and beautiful biological children. I went back to law school and became a divorce attorney and I help my clients get Catholic annulments so that they can get remarried in the church like I did. My husband is the best- he's everything my ex-husband isn't and should've been. My husband is faithful, loyal, loving and my best friend. You have to be a certain type of loser to cheat. I still hate my ex husband. But I have such a happy and successful life that I never really give him a second thought. Is it true what goes around comes around? After my stupid ex married his mistress and became a law firm partner I heard he had cancer. Funny that he had left me in a large part due to my diabetes. Part of me felt that he should die an agonizing death or that his whore wife should leave him. Ahhhh...poetic justice....I'm in the phone book... would he look me up and call me and say that he was sorry for being a $&^%@$(*@ and he was sorry for cheating on me? Nah... that isn't his style, he's probably still selfish, self serving and stupid. All cheaters are. I think he's back to work and feeling better. That's's better to have him alive so he can live through a more diseases and heartbreak. Somebody like the money man doesn't want to face God. So I have a great life and a second chance and plenty of money and love. So long you SOB. I'm going to live longer than you and I never thought I would. When you do die, I'm going to your funeral. I'll wait and that'll be my closure you pathetic loser. HaHa what you could've had If you were man enough to stay out with a chronic diabetic. You're pathetic and you deserve everything you get in this life and afterwards.

lazy uncaring husband 55

my husband is lazy stupid and cold as ice i have not worked in 5 years since i got pregnant cause i had problems then we got custody of his 2 kids wich i love very much we have been together since our kids were really young and i have always took care of all of them he does not do nothing but go to work and come home i cook every night take care of all the kids do the bills i fix him breakfast every morning before he goes to work and cut the grass he has nothing to do cause i do it all so why is it i havent gotten any sex and get cussed out every weekend well maybe it's because he tries to give it to all my friends i even caught him trying to mess with my own sister (bastard) i would leave him today but the only reason i stay and i have told him this to his face is because of his 2 kids they are mine i love them to death he does give of anything we want and does do some stuff with us on the weekend but money cannot buy you love and effection that you long for i would love to have my husband walk up to me and hug me and tell me how much he loves me like he use to and then men wonder why women cheat maybe when i have had enough and decide to cheat my husband can read this and realize he should have done something to save his marriage since me telling him doesnt work longing for love

Husband 56

I have supported my angry, bi-polar, alcoholic husband for over 10 years now. he is an ingrate who has extreme anger-management issues - constantly puts me down and calls me lazy, c*nt, and many more creative names that i don't want to put down into words. i realize that i have a tendency to try to 'fix' people, but he is unfixable and i am at my wits end. over past 10 years, he has literally made $12K total - sits on couch all day everyday. last year i nagged him to go to doctor because had lost a LOT of weight drinking over a 12pack of beer a day - told me i was crazy - i had one foot out the door - he finally went to dr and found out he had serious liver disease. tried to stay to help him through the treatment, but is getting increasingly difficult and he is getting angrier and more resentful of me and my successes. seeing lawyer in secret now - hope to be separated by the end of the summer. i am a "manhood stealer" LOL - can not wait to be alone and not have to worry about his sorry as*.

Stupid Husband! 57

I have wasted my life being unhappy with my husband. What is wrong with me? He makes me so angry. Why am I still with him? I am not attracted to him. I can hardly stand to look at him. I definitely know that I am not in love with him. He is such a creep. Look at him. He is such an awful, uncaring man. With every depth of my being I am so angry at him. I do not believe that he has any compassion. He is ignorant as to what a woman wants. He has never treated me the way that I want to be treated. I am angry for everything that he has done to me, and he has done so much. When we were separated, it was like a relief, like a weight was taken off my shoulders. I actually felt lighter, physically. Even though we have been married for 15 years, it has not been good. It has been so bad. I wish I had the strength two years ago, to not take him back. I wish I had stood my ground and kept my decision not to take him back. Why did I take him back? He is still the same horrible person that he has always been. Maybe if I had not taken him back, I would be happy right now. Because God knows that I am not happy. Why in the world am I settling for him when I don't have to. He doesn't have a romantic bone in his body. The only time he acts like he cares about me is when he is about to lose me. Why does he act like he cares about me then, when any other time he could care less? Is it the fact that he is just doesn't want me to be happy and by begging me back he can come back and make my life miserable? I don't think he cares about my happiness. The way we live is so awful. We hardly ever speak, no affection, no romance, nothing. My husband thinks foreplay is playing with my tits. That is the farthest thing from my mind as foreplay. He says, that I act like I don't want to touch him, he is right. I don't want to touch him. Even when we were dating, I felt like he forced himself on me, he pressured me to do things that I did not want to do. I did not want to give him blow jobs or jack him off but I did, because I settled for him. I thought that I could not get anyone else. I was eighteen years old and had never had a boyfriend before. I thought that he was all I could get. Why was I so stupid at eighteen? I should have held out til I found Mr. Right. My husband was definitely not Mr. Right. When another man showed me what love felt like, I no longer wanted to settle. My husband just does not make me feel loved. Seven years later, why do I continue to settle? I can't picture my husband and I walking on a beach holding hands, and in love. You know what I am talking about, not just the act of walking on the beach, but the feeling that goes along with two people that are truly in love. I felt that before, with another man. I even could picture myself feeling that way with someone else. I would really love to feel that again. What do I have to do to get that feeling again? The happiness that comes from knowing that you are in love.

Husband Impossible 58

I am so angry because my husband lied to me (and appears to be a habitual lier) about who he was. I thought I was marrying a kind, compassionate, healthy, active, fun, funny, smart, capable, family loving guy. It is clear to me now that I married a self loathing, chain smoking, overeating, alcoholic, lazy, inept, selfish, TV addicted, habitual liar who is the lousiest lay in the land (and is too lazy to do anything about it). His grand love for me is often professed but rarely expressed. You would think that if you loved someone SO much, that you would be willing to compromise by taking a shower, brushing your teeth and refraining from smoking for 10 minutes in order to please your wife. I am also challenged to clearly define and explain his communication style which is a bit like mind fucking. You never know where the real truth lies because the story is always changing. I have heard him tell me stories about siblings and then tell his friends the same stories but inject himself as the main character, all to "impress" or manipulate others' perceptions of him. It seems his entire extistence is based on that practice so it difficult to know what is real or where you stand. We have not had sex for two months. The last time we did he bent me over chair for 30 seconds and then pronounced "that was worth a hundred bucks". Lovely. I was recently told that for his upcoming birthday he wants good sex because it's MY JOB. Yuck. It would be nice if he lasted more than a minute but he refuses to acknowledge this problem. He also make NO attempt to satisfy me at all. The one time he did (very early in our marriage) he made me feel like I was imposing because it took a little longer that he expected. He hasn't tried since. Frankly, I don't want him to. I miss good sex and have wild dreams but they aren't about him. It seems he just doesn't know how or is unable to give of himself (unless it's monetary and he can show off). I'm getting tired but also feel trapped. We don't have kids (too bad really) but we do have three dogs and a whole lotta debt.

another self center husband 59

Once again he pissed me off. I had a fun day with my girlfriend and he had to be degrading to me. I was a hair model today and received the best hair cut since before we got together (over 15 years) and it was FREE! Well to bad for him that "I disappointed him" the prick, I'm going to keep this new short style and he can go blow himself.

mama's boy 60

My husband hads not been working a steady job at all for about, lets say 10 years. He actually get overtimeadter being on the job one week. Know what the dumb idiot does, he takes off to go to a funeral of a person that the whole family hates..Betty Petty is what they call first paycheck of the first job and he takes off on a new job and throws several hundreds dollars away in he can be off another day. Ge the tit out of your mother, baby. I have been married 30 years to this idiot. He is always waiting for the perfect job..just get one for a while, how about it? His mother thinks I am not being fair. hmm, let's see. I have two sons with medical problems. I always supply the medical insurance and hav enot taken a vacation in 18 years. Even have to work 2 part time andone fulltie job to make ends meet. hmm, take avacation day and work at the other job. sounds like fun to me. And still the mil thinks I am being wrong by working. My children need medicine and to eat. And so does her 279 lb. boy. He was 325. How do I get away from the idiots? anyone got a clue? My dad was an orphan so he thinks if he got us to age 13 then his job is done. Mom is dead. So whay do I have to keep trying?

My Husband 61


Husband 62

My husband is perfect (in his opinion) and he loudly announces it at every opportunity. He works hard, is perfect with his son from a previous relationship (with a crack whore), never loses his temper, pays all the bills, goes to church etc. Do you have any idea how infuriating it is to live with someone who acts this way. He is totally concerned with our public image, and is a reformed drug addict who is clean and sober for about 5 years or so. The problem is that he is always telling me all the things I do wrong. He is the most critical man I have ever met. Everything I do is wrong, but he needs to tell me these things in a way to not appear to anyone else that things are not PERFECT. I feel like every opinion I express in front of him is wrong, because it is not his. Well I think my opinions are great. He begins all his stories about other people with the expression Poor so and so, Poor Johnny, Poor Jack, etc. . . (made up names) like he has to feel sorry for everyone in the world because no one will every be as perfect in his perfect existance as him and therefore they must all be miserable. I live in a facade and he refuses to admit that things are not perfect.

My husband 63

Where to begin? We buy a beautiful house that my husband insists we can afford. Two years after we move in and ....oops we can't afford it. He is a CFO of a company but can't figure out if we can afford our own house??? On top of that, he has had a religious conversion. Now, I am a Christian and at first I was very happy about this change. But now he has become a Jesus freak and I cannot stand to be around him. He is so condescending, patronizing and just plain obnoxious. Nothing is every perfect for him, not our house, our church, nothing! So now we are moving from our beautiful house because "Jesus would be disappointed in us" and he is trying to force me to change churches because ours just doesn't have "that fire that he needs." I have no desire to sleep with him and can barely stand to talk to him. I like to go out with my friends about once a month but he bitches about that too and says "would Jesus approve?" I'm so damn angry that he changed on me. He used to be a sweet, loving and fun guy. Now he is just some ranting lunatic.

Jerk Husband 64

My husband goes to work, comes home, takes our 2 kids and 2 dogs to the park, eats. That is the extent of his involvement, and it doesn't matter what else needs to get done, that's what he does. Never swept, vacuumed, cleaned. Never took care of the children even when I was in the hospital several times after their birth. He is passive aggressive, and every attempt of mine to make life easier by having a schedule is undermined by him.

 We have been married for 7 years, and he has not once remembered our anniversary, even though I have never reacted like most women would because of that. Never had a honeymoon, have never once had a babysitter for the kids. I had perfect credit, now we have massive debt, because he figures that he makes so much money he should be able to spend on anything he wants regardless of if we can afford it. I handle all of the bills and financials, childrearing and medical. He gets mad when I try to save money. He has no idea how much debt we're in or what's going on with the kids.

Instead of being a parent, he tries to be their buddy, so I've ended up being the mommy to all three of them, and always have to be the bad guy that says 'No'. I've been to counseling twice. He has consistently lied, spent money on pot, to the point we almost lost our house. He is incapable of telling the truth, but it's my fault because he's worried of what I'll think of him if he does.

When I was pregnant he told me that he was going to call social services on me because my dog was old and I had cats that he thought were dirty. I kicked him out last year after I had to call the police because he was accusing me and a girlfriend of having a plot with George Bush. I am waiting to get disability for cancer and an immune disease... he never bothered to look for a place to stay, and spent all our money in hotels. I have no money.

He got down on his knees in March and begged me to let him come back until the end of summer, promising he would change, promising that instead of trying to take the kids away because I'm disabled that he would start helping us save money and support the kids. It's now the end of summer, he hasn't changed, we are more in debt because he committed us to a vacation he really 'needed' and then went on buying splurges that have left us over $5k more in debt.... and he will be surprised when I tell him that his summer is up.

He remembers our entire 9 year relationship as being a little hard, but has no memory of things like going to strip clubs when I was pregnant, or threatening to kill people I know. He thinks we've had a good relationship, even though our youngest is 5 and we've only had sex once since then. He thinks he's a surfer, even though he really never surfed.

He has mental problems, and has gone to counselors- half fall for his 'sincere' mode, the other half have refused to continue seeing him because of his habitual lying. I don't know what I'm going to do other than wait until I get my disability payments. The children love him, and I love them, so I haven't tried to undermine their relationship with him.... but gee, I'd love to have a dad that taught me every day is a play day, no responsibilities or chores, and anything you want you can buy without consequence... sorry for such a long post, but really, it's only covered about 5% of what's really been going on. Good thing all neighbors, his family, my family (except the few friends I have left) think he's such a great husband, father and provider. Jeez..

my lazy ass husband 67

My husband is such a lazy asshole!! He works from home and never leaves the house. He sits in front of his computer and pretends to work all day long with the T.V. on. He doesn't even answer his phone - it's like he is purposely avoiding work. But don't get me wrong - he will answer the phone if it's one of his friends calling for a poker game or a round of golf. We are living on on home equity. If I ask him for help with any thing, all of a sudden he is totally busy with imaginary work. He is the biggest piece of shit. Put away your own stuff, get off your lazy ass. Don't tell me you are a good person - SHOW ME!!! Don't tell me your a smart person, or a considerate person, or a good husband, provider, father. Don't tell me your anything but what you are! You are a jerk!!!

My stupid husband  68

After 15 years, my husband the idiot thinks that the other women is better than me that she is the best that could have happened to him, what an idiot she was married when he met her, what does he think that she will be honest to him, for God sake's she was a cheater with him, and worst part he is leaving me for someone on the internet, someone he never seen and never met, we have not sell our house our lives so we can get a divorce. the amazing part is now when we have a little bit of money he thinks he can do better, the ass now when I need him .... well the heck I will make it ... how I don't know but I will

No support or intimacy from husband! 69

AAAAAAARrrrggh. Right now he is upstairs sleeping. Like a fucking baby. It's 11:45pm and I wanted to go to sleep 2 hours ago. Big fight....becoming very commonplace lately. I feel like we are roomates rather than married. We have a 21 month old. Amazing we were able to accomplish THAT with the amount of sex we have. Now don't get me wrong, when we first were together (13 years ago) we had sex every day! (Like most new couples.) But now I'm lucky if he'll have sex ONCE A MONTH with me....if that! When we were trying to get pregnant, it was all I could do to get him to have sex. Sometimes we'd go 3 or 4 months without it! He says he just doesn't have any sex drive like he used to. (He's 44, I'm 37.) I'm in excellent shape, other guys think I'm sexy, but he doesn't want to partake. I ask him for sex all the time, but he is too tired, or wants to finish the program he is watching, etc. When we DO have sex, it is great and he even says that we need to do it more often, but does he???? no. THEN on top of it all, he does not offer to help AT ALL around the house....says that his working 8 hours a day should be enough....feels that spending time with his son is a chore most of the time. NEVERMIND that I also work AND run a business from our home AND pay all the bills AND clean the entire fucking house AND care for all the details in caring for our son and our pets and our house. He has some fucking vision of me being like his stay at home Mom that took care of him and his three brothers while his Dad worked. YES she did everything, but she did NOT HAVE TO bring in any income or worry about the finances! He doesn't get that....doesn't see how it is so different. FUCK! He refuses to talk about goals for the future because he complains about HOW I talk to him. We literally don't talk about anything except what we HAVE to.....pass the salt please....what's on TV tonight...can you bring down a diaper....your Mom called. That's about it. No talk of what we want about our future and our son's future....he "gets frustrated" at walks out of the room. The kicker to all this is that before we got married, I told him what I needed in a husband....I had a list. Yes, a list. He asked me to marry him each year for 8 years. I said no each time explaining that he didn't match what I was looking for, so he changed each thing. The biggie was SMOKING. He knew I would never be married to a smoker, so he quit for 2 years before he asked me to marry him. I said yes, we got married and AT OUR FUCKING RECEPTION he lit up. I WAS LIVIDDDDDDDDDD! And now, 5 years later, he is still having a hard time quitting according to him. He is on nicotine patches and has been for over a year. So basically I'm angry and many things about my husband....he will not/does not discuss/support any goals I have.....he will not/does not initiate or engage in intimate behavior with me (kissing, hugging, sex)....and he SMOKES every now and then when he runs out of patches. I am a billboard advertisment for the saying, "Don't ever expect a man to change." Now I thought he had....I subscribed to the saying, "Don't ever marry a man and expect him to change." I simply explained he would need to change BEFORE and keep the changes for at least a year before I would marry him. And he did.....only to go back on each thing after we were married. ::::sigh::: I feel so lost and upset and angry. Sometimes I get so angry I see black like I'm going to blackout or something. A flash of anger so strong comes over me I think, "Punch the living fucking crap out of him and kick him in the crotch." I don't think I ever actually would, but the thought does come over me at times. I'm at the point where I'm deciding if I want my son raised in this environment where he sees such a cold man married to his mother how fucked up everything is. For the first 12 years of our relationship I WAS the breadwinner....he has many health problems that prevented him at one time from working and I supported him emotionally and financially through all of that and this is how he repays me. FUCKIN ASSHOLE. He is sooooo selfish. It seems at times that his emotional maturity stopped at 13. A really sad thing is that a tiny part of me thinks, hey, he's 44 and with all of his health problems, he won't live to be much older than 55 if that, so stick it out and find someone else once he's gone. That is so sad to think that about the man I love(d?).

Husband 70

I hate my husband so much. I had to admit that but dammit it's true. I didn't even CHOOSE him because it was an arranged marriage. I'm so unhappy in this relationship - we never see each other, never talk, never clicked, all we do is argue. I hate looking at his ugly weird retarded face and his horrible puerile, childish pathetic personality. Who the FUCK would want to marry this guy? I can't believe I let myself get into this and I'm stuck with this 6-year old in the body of a fat man. He's always complaining, he shouts and the weirdly annoying thing is that he acts like a complete prick when we're in front of my friends. Fucking JERK. Life's a bitch. There's no hope.

My Husband 71

The asshole won't admit he is addicted to pot. He spends hours driving to his brother's house or his friend's houses 1-1/2 hours away to get the tiniest little bit. Never mind we don't have the money for gas, or pot. He dumped me, and lost custody of his daughter 5 years ago, then he convinced me to get back with him. At first it was great cuz we both had good-paying jobs. But I hated my job, so I figured since he was doing well, I could look for another one, or even God Forbid TAKE A BREAK and work part time for a little while. But NO as soon as I quit, he got jealous like a little baby and just up and quit his job!! So he and his brother dtarted a company together but they lose contracts left anf right because they put everything of to the last minute, don't put any money back into the business, and they get mad when I make suggestions. Then when things don't go their way it's an excuse to go smoke some more pot. AAAGGGGGHHHH! He has never allowed us to have a budget cuz he mangles it every time. He starts projects (like painting the house) that get 75% done. Then when AFTER A YEAR I finish painting the goddamn house, he says I'm trying to make him look bad!

Husband 72

My husband hasn't worked in 10 months. Meanwhile I am working 80+ hous a week trying to pay the bills, I get home tonight (after working mu "week-end" job) an dhe doesn't want to go out to eat. Oh....wait, let me cook. After all, you did do 1 load of laundry and play your fucking video game for 10 hours today, you must be tired. Why did we get married? So I could be your mother - I think not. Get your shit together or get out!

My "not so bad" husband 73

My husband is great compared to these posts. My peeve is him throwing perfectly good things away without asking. He threw a coat rack out because he thinks it makes the entry look bad when you walk in and see jackets hanging up! I told him we can go through moving boxes or "stuff" together, but he won't listen. He just throws it on the curb and it has become a tug of war he pitches- I bring it back!
For those of you who have marijuana losers, get rid of them. Best thing I ever did 14 years ago. You already do all the work yourself, why do you need him?

husband 74

Do you really want to know why I am so damn angry? Do you? Does anyone care? For four years I have been living as a single mom, raising 3 kids, going to college. I love my kids. I would do anything for them. Lately, my daughter is a "pre-teen" on god. shoot me now! :) I finally met a man that is a decent father, although he has a temper. He has custody of his 2 kids. But the man has no ambition he is barely struggling by making minimum wage as a YES auto mechanic (Wal-Mart needs to pay more for there mechanics) he can barely provide for his kids....let alone an addition of boys adore him, my daughter hates him. Sometimes i think he takes advantage because i earn more, he doesn't clean up house which aggravates me, and I don't like being the main I am not sure if the fault lies with him, me, or my expectations, but I love the man dearly despite his shortcomings, and cant get him out of my system. Advise?

Husband 75

Ever had an Ally McBeal moment? You know, that flash thought of cartoonish yet brutal assault upon someone you're talking to who might have said something outlandish in content or unreasonable in rationality? No? Spend 24 hours being my husbands wife. Thoroughly entertaining! You'll enjoy : talking to a wall, picking up after a grown man, watching that grown man play video games with 90% of his "free time", (time spent outside of work... the time "good" grown men indulge in household improvement projects, exploring their spouses psyche, teaching their kids to play ball, planning and implementing a financially sound future for his family, etc.) Sex on demand ( His demand.) magnificent displays and words of contempt when his sexual appetite is not satisfied. Usually at 10:30 pm (directly after the kids are in bed and he turns off his computer.) Yes, all this and more!!! Watch him take a small load of HIS clothes, place them in the washer (on top of clothes that have already been washed) run the cycle, take ONLY his clothes out of the washer and place them in the dryer (again, with clothes that have already been dried) run the cycle and pull out ONLY his clothes! Hear him yell at his one year old son who is tugging at his arm, "I don't know what you want!" Well Dear, get your head out of your ass, take eyes away from the orgs, trolls and hobgoblins on your computer screen, look at your child and SEE what he wants!

husband 76

My husband is a lying no good dirty sneaking nasty cheat, who started his affair with his secretary BEFORE we got married, kept the affair going after our marriage, when I found out promised me that it was over. Found out that that shit skank has had his baby, so much for firing her and having nothing more to do with her. I should have known because for the past 8 months our finances have been suffering with me picking up more and more of the bills because his business was supposedly failing, but that's not why we didn't have any money. He's keeping his skanky whore sitting at home watching her belly grow, we had to sell our home because he said we couldn't afford it but that wasn't the reason at all - she's semi illiterate trailer trash and other than having affairs and babies for married men has done nothing with her life, and thats not sour grapes, history of wrecking the other marriages and she has 3 children all different men and no husband, and she's young enough to be his daughter. I hate them both but can't afford to leave because our credit cards are so high because of his not having any money left over to bring home I HATE HIM and he will not quit I HATE THIS LIFE AND I HATE HER and hope that when I do eventually leave him she gets him permanently, let her put up with his swearing and temper tantrums when he doesn't get what he wants, and this man wants to have sex with me and wonders why I don't want him, who wants a bad tempered, lying dirty cheat

Bills 77

I accidentally overdrafted my account, not my husbands and he sent me an e-mail about it. HE DIDN'T talk about it. I got paid today, it went short last night poor timing on my part I admit, but he sends this raving e-mail about covering my ass and how irresponsible I am. He is so judgmental and knows I am having a hard time at work. Pisses me off to send me an e-mail instead of talking to me.

Emotionally blank Husband 78

Where to start? I am fucking pissed at my husband for acting like a child when we argue. I'm sick of the lack of eye-contact, emotional shut down, and least I forget that everything is my fault. Compromise is not in his vocabulary and apparently things will go away if we stop talking about them. What the hell? I'm sick of the bullshit and lack of communication. He sucks at talk, cleaning up after anything, and spending quality time with our son. Sometimes I want to beat him down when we argue. I visualize his head running into my fist. Ooooppssiiee. My fault. Did that huuurrttt? AAAaww, poor baby, didn't your mama teach you anything about women, or just to find a woman like her?! You suck husband of mine. You suck for not acting like an adult, for not being there when we need you the most, and for having me clean up all your shit just short of wiping your own ass. Where are you now anyway bastard? Lets not forget your health asshole. He shut me out of his diabetes and left me convinced I will be a widow in 10 years. I gave you my all and continue and yet you blame me for all your problems. Go Fuck Yourself, because for sure, it won't be me fuckface.

Husband 79

My husband is a confusing person. We have been married for almost 15 years. The strange thing is that he does love me. But he is so incredibly selfish in his love, that I wonder why he thinks it is love. To illustrate: His birthday is not his favorite day. But, I did my best to make it good. I baked cookies, a cake, took lunch to him @ work, took him to dinner with our son, and spent about $500 on him. Yet, I "ruined" his birthday because I failed to get him a specific present. There is some confusion around this. Yes, he asked for it. But then said to hold off on getting it. So, I thought he had changed his mind. I feel like taking all the presents I got him, including the $100 worth of lingerie I bought because we have to have sex every night or he can't sleep, back to the store. I do everything at home. I even get the oil changed in his car. He does mow. Chalk up one task. I work full time, do all the parenting and handle any home repairs. I also end up being the person who has to interact with his family, who like to fight, too. I finally made him help on the that front. Very annoying.

He has a bad temper and is not logical at all when fighting. He doesn't listen to how I feel and we fight about the same things over and over. Someone please tell me why a 39 year old man MUST have sex every night? Oh, my goodness! Sometimes I am so tired and just want to rest! But, no, I have to initiate, and it has to be before 9pm or else I've waited too long. Hmmm. With a child in the home, this has been tricky.

Anyway. I could rant on and on, but bottom line is that I'm depressed. I sound very whiny, but I do everything I can to make him happy (because I hate fighting) and he really takes no interest in me. He doesn't want to hear my day, or my friends, or my family. But I am expected to give up my activities for his family. He has double standards. He can go spend the evening playing cards or watching a boxing match, come home at midnight, but I have to be home by 9:30pm. He doesn't trust me although I've never given him reason to not trust me. He is very insecure.

This is long, but I've not even touched on my feelings. I'll share one more thing because it will baffle you. To set the stage, he spends most of his time downstairs in his special room while my son & I stay upstairs. Okay. I'm upstairs, and hubby walks past me and says, what are you watching? I answer, he gets a drink and goes downstairs. Okay, now I'm sure that all of you understood that he was telling me he wanted SEX! You got that, right? No, I didn't either. But there was a big fight that night.

During my monthly, he expects a BJ every night, too. Dying with cramps, I'm just amazed at his demands. But I comply to avoid fighting. The one time I did stand up for myself he kept saying, "you've really changed" and "what is going on with you". Yadda yadda.

Once my son is older, I will fight back more. But I just absolutely hate conflict and I don't want a turbulent home. How many of us do accept the "worse" of the vows because we are afraid of fighting? Good luck ladies.

husband 80

I have been married for 12 years to a total jerk. He treats me like dirt and I am tired of it. I am trying to be a good christian and work it out. I can no longer do this. He is a complete jerk we have nothing in common. He complains and always always insults me. In 12 years he has never even said the words I am sorry. What a jerk. I want to leave but with kids its hard.

unfaithful husband 81

i had the perfect marriage until my husband decided that he was bored and thought there was something more out there. he went on an adult chat room and met up with a woman nearly 20 years older than him for sex in a hotel room. not happy with that he then had sex talk with another and planned to run away with her and her 3 kids and start a life together, even though they had never met and they only spoke to each other 6 times. he now realizes its me and our 2 kids he wants and me like a heartbroken sucker is contemplating staying with him. am i angry with him or myself for being such a walk over.

Husband 82

my husband is such a fucken losser, he messed around on me after 10 years of marriage and 3 kids later with my SISTER!! but like a dumb ass i stay because i dont have a job, he does nothingl he goes to work that is it, he thinks thats his whole husbandly duity, what the fuck? he gets paied vacations, bonuses for good atendance, and days off, do i get any of that shit? fuck know, my motherly job is 24/7 i dont even get time off when im fucking sick, i have to ask him if i can lay down because he can leave when ever he wants to and i have to make sure he doesnt have plans or he will leave the kids up while im sleeping!! soon as i get a job im so fucking taking my kids and we are gone! i hope his head spins!! i never hated someone so much in my life! and he wants sex?!? fuck him

husband 83

I've been married for just over two months. I'm in a new country. i have had a long distance relationship with my husband (then boyfriend) for more than one year before we saw each other again 4 months ago. i fell in love with him 2 and half years ago because i could talk to him about anything. We were friends and well as hot lovers. Our chemistry made it even more special. Now that we're together again, he changed. He never talks to me about anything deeper than mediocre conversation. When we have problems, im the only one sharing and talking. He offends me unconsciously, by being thoughtless. How do i handle this if he cannot be accountable for his ruthlessness with my feelings? This makes me angry. Im a very frustrated and lonely women!

*Note from Anger Central
We're sorry you are having difficulties. The Webmaster makes a point of talking to his wife about everything, and doing all he can to make sure she is happy in her new country. He considers it his duty to his wife and her family to make sure she is happy here. He isn't always successful, but he never stops trying. Hopefully your husband will soon see the light and understand that nothing is more important then you.

Negative, Complaining Husband 84

I am so angry I don't know what to do with my life! My husband of 3 years started off nice and kind, and he's a mean, whiney bitch now. He hasn't had a job in a year and a half, even though he has a law degree, and it's all everyone's fault but his own. He never has anything nice to say anymore about anything! I try to make nice conversation, be supportive, and encourage him as he calls legal temps agencies, but all he does is whine about how it won't matter because "you have to know someone" to get a job here. Well, f-ing meet people then! I am the sole breadwinner, but yet when I ask him to do things like, say cook dinner because I'm coming home late again, he sits on his ass watching cartoons! Seriously, CARTOONS!! Family Guy is not someone you want to emulate for crap's sake. He used to cook. He used to be driven. He used to be a nice person. Now all he says is, "You knew I was a bad person when you married me, so what does that make you?" I tell you, an idiot. If I bring home the bacon, cook it, then clean it up afterwards, I'm not his wife, I'm his freaking mother. He buys all this porn and sexy stuff for me to wear, but I'm a real woman who has a real job. I'm not going to come home, see you splayed out on the couch with the dog and say, "ooo yeah, give me some of that! Let me just get changed in this latex skirt and put in some Asian porn for you while I suck you off and not eat."

husband 85

My husband is the most self centered, selfish, egotistical asshole on the planet. We have only been married for less than 4 months and I am miserable already. I feel completely trapped. I was divorced and getting a very nice alimony check every month, so nice that I did not have to work. I get married to this jerk, who makes a VERY good living by the way, and he informs me that I have to get a job! I just gave up 6K a month to marry this asshole, and he is going to make me go get a job now. So I got a job. Well he did not like it, said that men would hit on me, so he would not let me go back to work the next day. Then decided he would find just the job for me. Asshole. Im going to go get a job at Hooters tomorrow and see how he likes that. And the only reason I look so good is because he told me if I got fat he would divorce me. Now he wants to have a baby, but Im scared of getting fat again (i did the first two times) and having him leave me. Now I would have nowhere to go and would not be able to take care of my kids, because I gave up everything to marry this asshole. To top it off, he talks to his ex girlfriend all the time and lies to me about it, and ever since we got married he just climbs on... ladies you know what I mean. It is like foreplay is no longer in the vocabulary. I finally told him if he does not please me that he will not be getting any ever again. I even made him stop once before he was done just so he could see how it feels. I even rolled over and went to sleep. HA! Now this asshole is working constantly and makes no time for me or the kids. And it is not because he has to work constantly, this is a choice he made. He wants it this way. And when he is home he can't see to any of my needs, like human contact or adult conversation. Jackass. It is always about him and his JOB. It is not like he is saving lives he works in sports. BFD! No one cares and you are not GOD! And you are going BALD! I HATE HIM!!!!

husband jerk 86

I'm angry because I'm tired of my fat lazy husband. I've been married for 9 years now, and I have 4 beautiful children. My husband doesn't seem to care. I'm doing everything for the children around the house. I work 40 hours just like my husband does. He expects my 15 year old daughter to do all the chores around the house. He doesn't help me with the children. We live in the same house how can you not know that your children need socks, shoes, etc. How much of a dum a hole are you. Dont you realize when you need something, how come you can realize that the children need somethings. My husband doesn't love himself, How can you love some one else when you dont love your self. My husband talks about my family 24/7 and think his family is so perfect. He doesn't want me involved with my family in no fashion or form. He want to manipulate me and my 15 year old daughter. Now it seems he's brain washing my 15 year old daughter against me. He's telling her that i dont want a relationship with her, and that i dont want to be involved in her life. Everytime I decide I want to do somthing with my children he gets angry and dont want me taking them anywhere in the car, because he dont want to stay home when he not doing anything anyway. He's a composive liar, manipulator, controlling, self centered,immature, non caring idiot. I'm just getting very fed up with him. He's not physically abusive, but emotionally and spirtually abusive. He had made bad threats to me in the past as if he can become violet toward me with a rage in his voice. I'm very tired of trying in this marriage. I dont know how to leave. You like to make it seem that i would be nothing with out him. I know that i can make it on my own. He doesn't provide for me. We both work, he complains on his pay day, and I never complain i pay bills, and buy the children things that they really need. And he gets mad about that. He's a negative person, he nags all day, He get's angry for no apparent reason. One moment he can be nice and talking and the next he can just flip that quick and start being very angry and made toward me or the children. I dont know what's going on. I'm mjst so damn angry. I think I need to talk to a counselor or someone before I explode. I just ahad a newborn, and my 15 year old helps me out alot. And he doesn't try to help me. I stay up all night with the baby, he doesn't think to offer help. He's aboutt he be my x-husband, because I'm getting ready to fire him. He cant perform his job well. The only thing he can do is give good you know what and that's it.

unsensitive husband 87

I am writing to express my anger with my husband. I am a very young mother of three beautiful girls 5,2 and 2months. My husband is in the home however I feel like a single mom. I have to fight him to help me do anything around the house and it always seems like i am on the losing end. I cannot even leave the kids alone with him for more then one hour or i risk coming home to one of them getting hurt from his lack of supervision ( which has happened numerous time.) I am a very good house wife and i do everything around the house and it stays kept up he believes I do nothing all day. Asking him to change a diaper is like asking him to commit a crime he just simply won't do it, there has been times I have come home from errands and our baby has been in a soiled diaper cause he is lazy. I really have tried to get through to him and I just want to take him by the neck and ask just how dumb a person can be. It angers me that we are a family yet i do everything. It angers me that he is so insensitive to the way i feel and when I tell him this he calls me a baby. My husband angers me because he is one of the most dumbest husbands on this earth.

Marriage 88

I left a boy I was engaged to (I was 19 years old at the time). I left him because I met a man whom I truly did and do still love. But things certainly changed very quickly!!! We have been together for almost 14 years now, and we maybe have sex 2 times a year!!! And that would be me asking for it, not him. I am very attractive, and I believe that it is alcohol that is his problem, not me. In some strange way, as from the beginning, I feel I was in some way sent to care for this man. He buys me gifts all the time, tells me he loves me, all the time, but sex is a different story. I simply don't mention it anymore. I guess I am more sad than angry. We have a 5 year old little boy, whom he is great with, but he does sense the tension between us. He has actually began to ask me, "What are you worried about?" I know my husband is not cheating because he works from morning until night, and he is very sincere. What will I ever do? Is it possible that instead of alcohol being the problem, he may be gay? He doesn't drink until he is drunk, but he does have a few drinks every evening. I really am so upset!!! Any input will be appreciated.

husband 89

My husband thinks everything is my fault. I can never do anything right. He thinks he has me under his thumb. Little does he know he is going to be evicted from my life!

Fed up 90

I got married after finding out that my husband to be had sex (once he said) to my sister-in-law and she made a child, he said she told him after she was 8 mths pregnant. The f****r told me that he did not want any part of her and the child life. After we got married he tell me one day that he has to go and pick up "the baby" (the child does not have a name it seems) he did not go because I told him do what the hell you want and I will do the same. Married a few mths now and I feel to run like hell from him. I just want a child then he can go to frigging hell. She calls him or leave msg on his cell phone. I feel like I am the next woman, If I say I want to go home by my family he mades all kind of old talk but I still go, I am getting so fed up of this shit. I dont even trust him when he say he has to go and work late. Why are all men shits. But the good thing is I get to do what I want and he cant say one shit because he knows I will leave his ass and get a next man realy fast.

Husband 91

For the first 8 years of our marriage, I was celibate. He never fucking worked a job since we've been together. I cannot leave him, because he holds his life over my head. "It's not your fault, if I do it." What a fucking bullshit liar he is. I feel like I'm in fucking prison. He smothers me. I'm suffocating, and can't leave.

Husband 92

My husband is a failure. He is ungrateful, and he never does anything around the house. He's also a hypocrite and a liar. I have been taking care of us since we have been together, first with my trust fund, and then with student loans or by me getting a job. Because I have to take care of him, I cannot buy clothes or books for myself. I pay the rent and buy the food. Our expenses exceed my allowance. I am not given the money to pay $700/ month to pay for my rent. I'm only suppose to pay $350 max (rent and utilities). I eat rice and oatmeal to save money while he orders pizzas and go through the drive through. I need a new backpack, a calculator, and new shoes. I don't even have a winter coat --for 3 years in a row. He just got his first job which he has kept for 3 weeks. He works part time, makes $100/week and acts like its the biggest fucking deal ever. Now, he calls me lazy and wants me to drive around to get his food or do whatever. He tells me I'm a bad cook and makes me feel like a worthless wife. He doesn't make love to me, he just fucks me. He asks why I don't do the laundry and tells me my life is so easy. well, school is NOT easy. It's hard work and that's why I had to quit my job. And now I'm going to get kicked out of school because I can't pay my bills because I spent all my money taking care of us. He's such a failure. He thinks he's too good for school and thinks he can't get hired because he's "too qualified." He doesn't seem to realize that managing a cafe when you are 17 doesn't really count for much when you are 25 and have been unemployed for 5 years.

He tells me girls can't study math or science and puts me down. I already have such self esteem problems. I don't deserve this abuse. I'm so afraid to leave him, and I'm in denial about how bad things between us really are. This is it: I'm going to work up the courage to leave him.

I feel terrible about the vows that I've broken. He broke so many promises to me, though. He told me he would take care of us and cherish me. He doesn't cherish me. He projects all his self-hatred onto me. He will never take care of me. I will always have to take care of us. That's just a fact. I don't want a child so it should make sense that I don't want a child for a husband. I think he wants to get me pregnant so he can trap me. I cannot take care of him, any longer. He's a stupid @sshole and I hate him sometimes. I can't believe I'm going have to break my vows.

He drained the battery on the car. When he gets paid, all his money is going to go towards his stupid car battery --which is actually my car. We won't have any money to live. He's so furious and upset. He's decided to give up because he doesn't want to work for anything. He's such a degenerate. I hate him. I hate how he tells me I'm stupid and I hate how he tells me I will only get a job because of a affirmative action or pity. What a fucking asshole. I hate him. I'm tired of being poor and sacrificing for him. I'm sick and tired of all of this.

It's my place and I just want to go home and be sad. But he's there. I just want to know it's mine and I pay for it and I don't have to share it with someone who thinks so little of me. I HATE my husband. I HATE him.

Husband & his Ex 93

Well if I do this wrong oh well maybe I'll make someone angry in return :>- I'm so flaming angry  at my husband of seven years.And this is why. 3-4 months ago I caught him lying to me about the person he was sending e-mails to. I found out only a few days later it was his first love from like 20 years ago. Many of my friends said don't worry they probably just want to chat about old times. Old times my A$$. Anyhow a few days ago i asked him if he kept his promise to me that they were not chatting anymore because it made me feel uncomfortable the way they were secretly chatting or when i would walk in the room he would rush to shut the pc off. Last night while trying to confiq a lap top to earthlink i had to use his email for tech support only to see a email that she wrote it says lets go to other email and his response was yeah oh Duh! WTF is that all about I was really hurt and upset to just hear him tell a few more lies. Well it gets better this am while looking through my burned music cd's guess what I find a pic of her topless and no offence she is not only fat but fugly. Screw him and her shady skanky people shouldn't breathe. anyhow no worries it only makes me stronger and I have plans for that pic HaHa revenge is so sweet.

selfish cheating husband 94

When our baby was 2 weeks old, my husband tells me that he doesn't love me anymore and that "maybe we should separate". He also says that he is going to Chicago the next weekend to "hang out with friends"...mmhmmm...right. Sure enough, he spends it with some 42 year old loser that has never been married, no kids...some skank that he dated in high school and hooked up again via I left the following week and the nasty bitch was in my house that next weekend. He even told me that they were ~in love~ after only a couple of weeks together and that she was already talking about moving down to be with him. What a couple of pathetic LOSERS. At 42, she has circled the block more than a few times... she has got to be brain damaged to "fall" for a married guy with a newborn after only a couple of weeks. And HIM and his whimpy spineless scared ass.... running from responsibility to a symbol of his younger days.

"...whatsoever thou soweth, also shall thy reap.."

My loser husband 95

My husband and I have been married for ten years, and have two kids together. For the first two years, I worked 60+ hours a week, plus took care of my senile father, our apartment, and everything else that needed doing, since he worked a few more hours than I did. (I was stupid enough to believe that I was being "supportive"-it didn't cross my mind that I was being used.) When my daughter was born, he agreed that I should stay home with the baby, saying that we had enough in savings to live off of for a few years. Lo and behold, when my father died a year later, I discovered that we had NO savings, and never did. Where the hell did that money GO?

So, I took a job as a stripper to pay off my father's funeral bills. How humiliating was THAT? But I did it, because the money's good and I have no problem suckering idiots who get drunk and go ogle naked chicks. After the funeral was paid, I went back to work at my old job, since my husband worked nights and my job was second shift. After a month or so, I came home to find my daughter MISSING, and my husband passed out on the couch. The dumbass left the front door open and the screen door unlocked, so she had just toddled off out into the rain, wearing nothing but her underwear! Thank God she was found before she could go out to the highway.

So, I quit my job again. We moved before my daughter started school, and I started working for another company once she started school. That worked great, for about a year, and then I noticed little "problems" popping up everywhere. When I came home from work, for instance, I would find my daughter eating candy or chips, and my husband would be asleep. He wasn't even picking her up at the bus stop like he said he was! Then I started noticing that her skin was so dry it was cracking, because he'd neglected to use the prescription cream from her dermatologist on her when she came home from school (it was supposed to be used four times a day, and two of those were HIS responsibility). All he did was work, stay up all damn day on the computer when he should have been sleeping, and then he'd sleep while my daughter sat at the house alone waiting for me to get home. Oh, and of course he had to bitch about how "hard" it was on him to have to "watch" her.

My best friend (a guy) decided to go behind my back and "fake an affair" with me, telling some of my husband's co-workers how "great" I was, blah-blah-blah. He figured either my husband would get jealous and try to "prove" he was the better man, or he'd leave, and I wouldn't have to put up with his shit anymore. My husband took the former route, and got his shit in gear for a while. Again, everything was "great", especially after he found out that I didn't know a thing about what my buddy had been up to and when I found out, I slammed his ass for it. For another two years, things were okay between us; he helped out around the house, had a relationship with our kid, even convinced me to have another baby, since things were obviously "okay" now. Yeah, right.

My son was born last year, in the spring, and because of some pretty severe complications, I ended up without a job. So, what happens? My husband QUIT his job, spent our savings on three useless cars, and now we're homeless! I'm using a friend's computer to type this. It's been almost a year now, and my husband STILL hasn't even ATTEMPTED to get a job! He sleeps through interview appointments, makes a "new version" of his resume (aka-sits on his ass in front of the computer all day) every day, and won't even go to school. I can't even count on him to watch the kids while I go to work; he ignores the baby until his diaper is down to his knees, and yells at our daughter for "taking too long" to do her homework (never mind that he could get off his ass and HELP her). Yesterday, I came home from work, and found my son sitting in his own shit in the playpen, with my husband asleep on the couch right next to him! So, that pretty much shot my going to work, unless I find a babysitter who is willing to watch the kids for fifty bucks a week, which isn't going to happen. The state won't help me pay for childcare because my husband is at home and "should" be able to watch the kids. I have no relatives or friends who can watch the kids, either, so either I find a job that I can take them with me to, or I'm screwed. Wonderful.

Throughout all this, my husband has been such a lazy slob, the apartment we're staying in now stinks because he only takes a shower maybe once a week. I come home and find the kitchen overflowing with dirty dishes, and he won't even get off his ass to do the laundry! I have to hand wash my daughter's school uniforms every night, because he can't even spare ten minutes to do that.

My son has been homeless since he was six months old, and my husband is too goddamn selfish and lazy to get off his ass to help do ANYTHING, much less get a job. And, now, because the guy we're staying with is ALSO a lazy fuck (lost his job six weeks ago, and hasn't even looked for another one), in about three weeks, we're going to be out on the street. So, yeah, I'm damned pissed off.


My husband is an idiot. He has 2 children from a previous marriage. He blames me for having to work weekends to make ends meet. Now granted, I pay the mortgage, cable, car payment, gas and electric bill with my paycheck. I bought the house before I married him too. The thing is, the idiot gets pissed off at me when I tell him that it's not my fault his EX TAKES ALL HIS MONEY and he has to work weekends. The thing is, my idiot husband has changed jobs about 12 times between 2004 and 2005. Did I mention that I pay his health insurance too? Anyway to add insult to injury his IDIOT mother constantly plays the pity role and says "well....he's doing the best he can"....(this comes from the same woman who kicked him out for not paying his bills when he lived with her...I think she's just glad he is someone else's problem now)

Last weekend I was sick and idiot --for lack of a better word--tells me that he's going hunting...this is the 4th time in a week he's gone --course he doesn't even offer to run to the pharmacy to grab something for his sick wife....he is an idiot. I hate to say that he trapped me into this marriage and I will not go into detail but believe me. I got trapped. I was recovering from cancer when he told me a bunch of lies that I wanted to believe. I was so gullible--now I wake up everyday to an idiot. I could complain about him for hours but there is no point I just feel better saying how big of a jerk he is. Thanks for this all I need to do is find a pillow that I can scream into.

Dumbass, Inconsiderate Husband 97

My husband of 6 months has been an idiot and an anvil around my neck since the day we said I do. I've been hanging in there and just calling him a dumbass under my breath to try to make it through every interaction.

Yesterday I found out that he's recently been to the doctor and is now on 2 anti-depressants, so not only is a complete and utter idiot - but he might as well be a eunuch.

Husband 98

Three years ago my worthless husband drove our 10 year old daughter to school (the day before the Easter holidays) handed her a dvd movie and as she was getting out of his car he told her he was leaving, never coming back and would never see her again. The thoughtless bastard left this 10 year old standing in front of her school holding the dvd in her hands while he drove off. Then he phoned me to tell me he was leaving. I also got a call from her school to come and get her as she was obviously distressed. His family knew he was leaving - they helped him arrange everything - but I was the last person to find out. He came back several weeks later and made my life a living hell for the next three years. Then 8 months ago my daughter (who was now 13) and I came home to find the bank accounts cleaned out and the computer gone. He had taken all of his stuff as well. All of my daughter's high school assignments and homework were on the computer and all of my university assignments as well. He left just one month short of our 25th wedding anniversary. He left me with the mortgage, school fees, insurances etc etc. His family instigated this. I found emails that his psychotic sisters sent him ordering him to leave me and telling him how to leave without me finding out. His mother rang me and abused me and for the the next 6 months his fucked up family abused me and my daughter by phone, email and regular mail. I changed my phone number and got a silent one and changed my email address 3 times. They even called me at work. My worthless ex-husband did nothing to stop his family from abusing us and harassing us - he even encouraged it. He lives with his family now and is a pathetic little mummy's boy who does nothing unless his mummy and sick bitch sisters tell him to. He is like a spineless puppet with their hands up his ass controlling him. He does nothing for our daughter and never instigates any contact with her. This 'man' is in his forties and is a deadbeat dad and a real creep who runs to mummy and his sisters over anything.

If I say something to him he runs to them with it. His family are feral, sick, psychotic, deranged assholes and it will be a fucking cold day in hell when my daughter comes in contact with them again. His sick bitch mother even rang my daughter's high school and said disgusting things about both me and my daughter to the principal. I have had enough. This pathetic whiny freaking creep made my life hell for nearly 25 miserable fucked up years before he gutlessly ran away and instead of being happy and free I have to put up with continued abuse and shit from his worthless family who make the Adams Family and the Munsters seem normal. I am so embarrassed that I even married this creepy freak of a mummy's boy and even had kids to him and now I just want to forget that he and his fucked up family ever existed.

Husbands 99

I am so angry with my husband. He quit his job to start a business, of which he has not done anything to get it going in the past two years. I have to work, go to school and take care of the house and the two kids. I am responsible for ALL of the bills by myself. My car is such a wreck because he can’t take care of anything. The roads get slushy here and you can’t even run the windshield wipers. We had four bald tires for two months and the car would shake going down the freeway and feel like it was going to jump into the next lane when it hit a bump. His kids ride in that car with me. He takes the new truck. Things around the house are all falling apart and he just sits around all day or will call and bug his buddies who do have jobs. Wednesdays he’ll go play poker, come home 3 a.m. and then sleep the rest of the next day. I continually tell him that we are in “trouble” with money and things need to be done. Just yesterday our phone was shut off. I get calls about bills that are due and crap like that. I work and go to school full time knowing that the work I am currently doing is going to be ending soon. I can’t keep this pace up. I also clean houses too (aside from my full time job) and he just sits around without a care in the world. I told him that I could not take it anymore and to go live with his mom until he got a job. He said, “No, I’ll just go to the other woman’s house and *#@@! her all night long.” Nice guy!

husband 100

my husband finally got a great job working in the same city we work in, and he got a ticket expunged from his record so he could do it, he had this job for a week. So i am working at night tonight and i get a phone call at 1230 in the morning and i came to found out my husband is in jail, charged with a duii, the car is getting impounded, and they need 1150 dollars to bail him out. And oh yeah he did this same shit um last November...why dont guys ever learn?

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