Immigrants 1

Legal and illegal they are detroying this Great Nation. The legal ones often make no effort to learn our language or anything about our culture or even engage with real Americans. All non-merit-based immigration should be halted immediately and all illegals deported and forcibly kept out if they try to return. Anyone with a green card who hasn't been bothered to learn English should also be deported.

*Note from Anger Central
Are you the asshole who shot up a Walmart in Texas? In case you haven't noticed numbnuts, the current Angry Girlfriend, (and former Mrs. Webmaster), is an immigrant. So is one of her sisters and her son.
The Angry Girlfriend has worked very hard to assimilate as have any number of lawful immigrants. Her sister has become a citizen of the United States. The Webmaster works with 2 other immigrants, one who is also now a U.S. Citizen. Yes, they speak to each other in their original language when having lunch, but otherwise, they speak in English all during business hours.
Now when it comes to illegal aliens, they are, in general, a detriment. By their very nature, and how they came here, they are criminals. They should be deported.
So why don't you just take a long walk off the East Rim of the Grand Canyon dumbo?

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