Fathers who don't give a damn, for the children. 1

My dad, He never sent us to school, beacouse his fucking,ego was so big.now the fucking shit is 50 years old.and dose'nt have a job. never had he just swinddeld, every one. now i am 22 and started a hotel with borrowed money, and now the shit thinks it is all his. he just drinks all day and talks behinde my back. i hate him

Parents 2

My mother has absolutely no respect for me and yells at me all the time over everything! If I'm cleaning the kitchen like I was asked, Wipe off the counters, this stove is so dirty (hello i haven't even got there yet i don't have a million arms!) and then when I don't get something done because I'm doing something ELSE for her, i get yelled at and then I'm just supposed to stand there and take it and she goes and complains to dad over every little thing and I get in trouble for it! Apparently I'm also a bitch because I asked them to knock on my bedroom door before they come in, in case I'm getting dressed! Oh I'm sooo sorry that I have issues with people barging in on me while I'm naked! I don't even have that right!!!! What's worse? Im 19 and I stayed home to take care of them because dad doesn't know how to cook and mom has fibromyalgia! I'm in college and im taking less credits just so I can take care of them, and they treat me like shit.

bratty whiny kids 3

Everywhere you go people want to subject you to their out of control, whiny, screaming, temper tantrum throwing brats. I think restaurants should have a no children section for adults who don't want to be subjected to these annoying beings. Granted, it is the parent's fault their kids are so annoying and bratty. Ever heard of discipline?

When we were growing up you got the crap slapped out of you if you even thought about having a bad attitude, much less acting out like these little monsters today.

While in a grocery store, I watched a little girl in a grocery cart haul off and smack her mother in the face ... I mean hard. The idiot mother just stood there, not saying a freakin' word. I just stood there in amazement, not believing that the mother didn't yank this brat out of the cart and whip her little behind.

My advice is to not have children if you do not intend to keep them in line.

Parents 4

I am so fucking angry at my parents for not noticing or caring that I was being sexually abused by a 40 yo pervert, when I was 15.

I gave them about a gazillion clues, but they just told me to cut out the nonsense and never once asked me why I was behaving like a self-pitying, self-harming shit-head.

Really, fuck, I'm so angry.

"overprotective" parents 5

Well for starters I'm 18. Ive had the same damn group of friends since I was 5. My goddam parets knows where each one lives their parents has their cell phone numbers and everything yet everytime I ask to go over and hangout its a big fat fucking no! Like Reallt we live in goddam 5 mile radius I either have to argue and argue till they let me leave or piss my friends off because I can't fucking go. If they let me go they will call me 3 hours before my curfew over and over again till I come 3 hours early . They treat me lime a personal maid service clean the kitchen the backyard sweep garage etc yet I don't have the freedom to go to a friends house over my last summer here vefore college?

Parents 6

My parents treat me like crap. They are constantly on my case about everything. I know I have my faults but i'm a pretty good kid compared to other teenagers my age; I don't drink, smoke, do drugs, slut around, steal. I've never gotten in any real trouble my entire life, I do pretty well in school, have a group of nice decent friends but that's not good enough for them. They walk into my room and see me on a computer game and then suddenly i'm "obsessed", I forget to do a chore and then i'm "lazy", I tell them to go away when they're yelling at me in my room (i literally said "can you go away") and then suddenly have an "attitude problem". I get C's and B's in my report and now suddenly i'm "failing school", they say i'm going to fail my exams become a failure and get a dead end job. I try my best but it's never good enough for them. I'm really starting to resent them and I get really excited when I go out some where just to get away from them. I don't know how much more of this I can take.

People Who Can't Parent their Kids 7

People, COME ON. You DON'T need to go onto some dumbass talk show to figure out why your 3-year-old throws tantrums when they can't get shit from the store. GET OFF YOUR LAZY ASS, and DO SOME PARENTING! Who gives a damn if your kid has a 2% chance they'll have some kind of stupid 'psychological damage,'if you beat their ass for once? Simple as that. Nobody wants to see your hundred-pound 6 year old on TV 'Oh boohoo I can't get my 1st grader to stop eating' HELLO BITCH, WHO'S BUYING THE DAMN FOOD?

You're kid is running down the grocery store screaming and it wasn't fucking cute when they were 2, it's NOT CUTE NOW THAT YOUR 8 YEAR OLD DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO ACT IN PUBLIC!

Parents, you do NOT need to 'reward' your kids for shit that they need to be doing for free. 10 year olds getting money for cleaning their bed? hahaha. Bullshit, I've been doing it since I was four years old and I haven't gotten a dime.

WHO GIVES A FUCK if you're kid's throwing a tantrum for a candy bar? Beat their ass while it's still legal in all 50 states. They're not gonna die. I got beat when I was younger, and I'm not some criminal running around and beating other kids up like these idiots seem to think will happen.

Oh, and you don't need to pay 30 dollars on a book about parenting.

Parents 8

I'm so fucking piss when my mom just loves putting words into my mouth. I just can't believed she could actually say that I love to be a doctor when I specifically said for God knows how many times how much I hate to be one. She keeps pretending my dreams are also her dreams. My parents decided that nursing would be the best for me but when I told them that I mentioned to my tutor that nursing was what my parents want for me, they dared to fucking deny it and went on and on about how kids this days don't know what they want or whatever they want is not good for them and that they cannot make it in society. Then they fucking bring out my cousin who was stubborn to be a pilot and has been jobless for 6 months. Can't they just see how I admire him for being brave enough to pursue is dream? I just can't stand this fucking bullshit anymore. I'm gonna study so fucking hard and get myself as far as fuck away from them. They've cause my misfortune and theirs as well and they fucking deserve it!!!

*Note from Anger Central
The Webmaster's parents wanted him to be a Catholic Priest. Pity he likes Adult women, not under aged boys. ;)
(Yeah, the Webmaster will probably burn for that remark)

people who let there kids do anything 9

I cant stand people who let there kids do what ever they want an never punish them. My aunt called my crying begging me to take her horriable teenage who hits her for a week. Stupidly after saying no a few times I finally agreed. Well the bitch wasnt in my home for more then a two days before she started her shit, screaming that i should be raped an killed for not giving her twenty dollars to go to the movies. Needless to it was hell at the end of the week her mother refused to pick her up an bring her home so when she started her shit the next day threating to knock my two month old daughter out of my arms I called the cops now no one in my family will speak to me. They all believe I am wrong, for calling the cops. Screw them all they should have beat the shit out of that fat little worthless bitch an she would not have turned out the way she did. Rather then pushing there problems off on someone else. Train you kids at home people!!

My stupid ass parents 10

my summer break is over in a couple of days and i've barely done anything fun. so me and my friends have been planning on going camping, and since i was allowed to sleep at my friend's house last week i assumed i was allowed to go camping as well. but guess what? my dumb ass parents wont let me! and there's no reason not to let me go since it's not even far away from home and i'll be home the next day! my dad wont let me do ANYTHING because he's too over protective. and since i mentioned that there was gonna be guys as well he probably thinks im gonna get raped or w/e. and it seems like my mom can't think for herself because all she does is agree with dad. im 16 YEARS OLD, not 10! i've never kissed a guy and it's THEIR fault because they wont let me go out and hang out with guys. i hate my parents for not letting me have a life!

My Parents 11

I am angry at my parents because they think they can just decide to leave a country I have been living in for years and migrate back to the country I was born in. i don't think so.... my mother is really annoying she tells me tha I have to do all the housework because I am a girl!Ugh! Yeah, and my brother can sit and stare at the computer and tv for hours and it's totally fine but when I watch a show for a few minutes ..I am considered a lazy, stupid, idiotic girl who doesn't know anything but manages to get straight- a's every year.

Shitty parents smoking indoors 12

It infuriates me when I visit a friend's house and their parents are lighting up and smoking indoors. It's such a self-centered thing to do. You want to die of cancer from smoking three packs a day? Go the fuck ahead, no one cares. But don't smoke indoors where your kids are shut in, fuck head. It's not that hard to lean out a window or sit in the yard / on the deck, a lot less difficult than watching your kids die from breathing in your crap for 20 years. If someone smokes indoors with kids around, their kids should be taken away. It's just as bad as beating them.

Grow the fuck up.

My parents and my "friends" 13

Day 3 of being grounded and I can't take it anymore. I mean, what I did wasn't even that bad. But now my parents are making me run around my brother!!! What am I, his babysitter?! No! And I invited my friends over, because you know, home is the only PLACE i'm ALLOWED these days, but as soon as they got a better offer, bye bye. I HATE YOU GUYS. AARGH angry! And i have no outlet for my anger. This shit sucks.

Parents and Grades 14

I wish my mom would quit bitching to me about making anything below a B. Okay yes mom I made one F on a homework but that's not the end of the world! Love me and my life alone and go get your own for the love of everything! Keep outta my business...

Parents 15

So listen to this, my parents are grounding me from visiting a college that I want to go to because I got did bad on ONE FUCKING QUIZ in the beginning of the year. It was ONE FUCKING QUIZ. So they're plan, ground me from going to visit a college that I want to go to in the future. I'm a fucking A/B student so who give a shit if I messed up on one quiz that was worth 6 points. If one grade is bad then they kill me and there choice is to ground me from the college I want to visit. What the fuck is wrong with them, they don't have a fucking brain. Can't wait to get out of this shit hole and succeed in college and life and to shove it in their fucking faces. FUCK YOU MOM AND DAD!!!

parents 16

ugh i fucking hate my parents. they are so fucking stupid and always talk about me like I'm not there. and I can never do anything right. fuck fuck fuck

My parents 17

all the god danm time my sister is annoying me screaming at me yelling ingoring me and i tell my parents to do somthing and they dont do shit! one of these days im going to snap and fucking beat the shit out of the little bastard!!

Hypocrite Parents 18

It seems to me that before you go off on your son about one single FUCKING thing that he did, which was harmless: OOH I didn't tell you where I was going for an hour, obviously I'm experimenting with sex and crystal meth, that these ASSHOLES should remember their own lying goddamn behavior.

You lied to me for 6 YEARS- YES SIX MOTHERFUCKING YEARS about why you got divorced and why I had to move 2,000 miles across the country. Dad, you cheated on mom and you think I can just sit back and listen to you BITCH about not checking in and how doing this could lead to wrong choices when you FUCKED ANOTHER WOMAN while you were FUCKING MARRIED!! You didn't even have the balls to tell me either- I had to hear about it 6 YEARS afterwards from my mom.

How do you not realize you are literally spewing Hypocritical SHIT out of your mouth right now? Do you really want me to play this card, to compare one night of unsupervised behavior to CHEATING and having a BASTARD child with the other woman?? You have lost any shred of respect I had for you. I don't care anymore bring your fucking worst and watch me fucking shrug it off.

Parents 19

my fucking parents will never get off my damn dick about school work. I have never been in any trouble with the cops, never physically hurt them (like i want to do soo fuckin bad) but i have one request and it is to play soccer. thats all i want to do and go to college and get the fuck away from them. wish i could go out of state, but they decided to go ape shit and have 4 fuckin childeren and cant pay for my soccer anymore, my clothes anymore, or my college fund anymore. looking forward to seeing my grandparents every once and a while to get 20 bucks at most to buy lunch or dinner. lookin to go to a school with parties to ware my thoughts of my aweful childhood, except for my parents. oh fuckin well though. half way through junior year and have like a 2.9 GPA and get raped by my mom everyday for my "Bad grades." last time i checked bitch, D's were passing. Fuck off Parents.

Parents 20

I'm 18 and still get treated like I'm 10. I can't go anywhere without my mom calling me asking me what I'm doing etc. If there's two of my guys in the car I'm not allowed to get in because to my parents that means automatic rape. I have to be home before 9 most nights. If I'm at work and I get off just after 10 my mom will text me saying it's late and I need to come home. The worst is that I can't date until I'm out of college. The college that I paid all the tuition for. Like the fuck? I can't hang out with a lot of my friends because they're either guys, live to far or my parents want me home at an impossible time. I hate this.

Parents 21

My father, that asshole, scolded me and ny sister without even getting the facts right. It was his fault a lot of times, and he didnt even apologize. He hits us too, over small things like not getting an answer right. So what if he is the breadwinner? LIKE I CARE! Im goign to be independent soon, goign to bring everything with me and never, EVER come back!

My Parents 22

I angry cos I'm a twin -older- and my sister does ballroom dancing twice a week ($70 per week) and they drive in after school, ($50 per week).

All I want is to play squash ($60 per YEAR) and Rangers at ($60 per term/ or $240 a year).

My sister gets new costumes(3 a year) at an average of $150 each outfit and generally a new pair of latin and a new pair of ballroom shoes each year ($250 each). Then she has competitions which can range from as little as $50 or up too several thousand.

I cannot understand why I am told to quit squash and rangers, apparently they are too expensive when she does that, which is far more expensive!

My sister doesn't even want to go to college, she just scraped through exams last year, I want to go to college, to get in to a hostel you have to be a well rounded person, making me quit these does not help me to look like a well rounded person right?!


Parents 23

Since when was it ok to tell everyone around you that do not have children that they HAVE to have children? Maybe some of us don't like your snivelling, drooling, snot dripping little monsters! There's nothing worse then being forced to hold someone else's kid without them asking you if you would like to! They just plaster them all over you, and don't so much as offer a bib to wipe their child's nasty bodily fluids off of you! Isn't he/she so cute??? NO! They look like a shrivelled up, purple raisin! When am I going to have one? Well if my husband and I ever want one, we'll decide when!!!! Not when you feel like it...or when my mother-in-law sees it fit!

Thats another problem right there....that woman told me the other day, "I hope you and my son have children as awful as he was, so he will know just how terrible he was to me"....Are you KIDDING me!!!!!!!! What in the hell I ever did to that woman, I will never know. It wasnt like her son was important to her and I stole her baby away. So now that wicked witch is cursing me to have bad kids??? All the more reason to tell all of them "EFF YOU"!

Parents 24

I am so mad at my parents! They won't give me a minutes piece to just be alone and I'm so pissed! JUST LEAVE ME THE F*** ALONE!! When I really need to talk to them, they aren't there, but when I want to be alone when writing a paper, they always seem to know where to find me and I get so angry at them! I'm writing a freaking paper! GO AWAY!! I cannot wait to leave this stupid place and go off to college where I can actually study in my room, or listen to music AND to homework at the same time, or have my phone with me when I'm doing work!


Lets start off with a couple of things. Im 17 going on 18 and i really dont like it how my parents treat me! They treat me like im 5?? what the FUCK? hello? im almost an adult? i can do things myself now. Anyway today was just another BORING day with NOTHING to do. And i decide to relax and chill on the computer when my dad starts bitchin "How long is he going to be on there?!?!" MY GOD SERIOUSLY?? SHUT UP!! Im just trying to relax! I need some down time YA KNOW! Anyway he complains so much my mom steps in and just kicks me off. WTF I just got on and i barely get ON! Treat me like a 2 year old much...My parents have a computer in the shop because the video card burned out, and we've had that computer for 4 and a half years. My parents think i "burned" it up from being ON it to much? LOL STFU use some common sense PEOPLE!

  1. Computers are not meant to last forever.
  2. It was a good computer for about 4 years.
  3. Im not the only PERSON that USED it during those years!
  4. Now you rant a bitch about this one being worn out? seriously we just bought the damn thing so HUSH!

gosh my parents are so brain dead its just unbelievable. I laugh so hard when they get mad its like trolling for a piece of candy. Its not hard to get them mad because their always mad at the world including their selves. Its so obvious that they cant think during an argument because they think they win just because their the parent! LOL BOOM WRONGO! You'll always be wrong because your argument is invalid STUPID! Just because your the so called "parent" doesn't make you right

fuckyiu 26

im so fuckinf angry at myself and my dad. i was taking a shower and my dad knew i was and yet that fuking perverted worthless piece of shit still opens the door. my body is so imperfect and he saw all of my fucked up disgusting brutal grotesque flaws and im emberassed of myself. i have a crooked spine that sticks out like a dino, im so fucking skinny my head is the size of a watermelon compared to my skeletal paper thin body, im hairy as fuck, i have a pimpley flat ass, flat chest and broad shoulders that make me loook like a guy. i have paper thin lips, fucked up teeth and brown pore ridden face.

Parents 27

What the fuck! Is it so fucking hard to treat your child WITH RESPECT! Wait... I'm not a goddamn child... sure I am 17 and yes that COULD be considered as a fucking child, but last time I CHECKED in one year I am 18! I won't suddenly become an adult! Quit fucking holding my hand and let me go.

I am capable of having my goddamn stuff in my room! I am not as incompetent as you are. Quit fucking telling ME I am being rude, when YOU are the one screaming, think about it, maybe I raised my voice out of EXASPERATION?!? You are always nagging, telling me how I am RUINING your life... Pfft your the one ruining MY LIFE mother, let me get my fucking G1 Drivers License, fuck as soon as I'm out guess who ISN'T getting my phone number you pent up bitch!

How can you be idiotic enough to think that my step-dad was "teaching" me a fucking "lesson" by grabbing me by the fucking throat. All you want is our "relationship" to get better, well guess what I feel like killing him, did that "improve" the situation. No! I despise your whole "reward" system, I'm not four, hell at four I was probably more advanced than you ever WILL be. I hate ignorant retards, especially my fucking parents, all I want is a parent who knows how to do math without getting a fucking stroke.

Honestly, where did all the INTELLIGENT people go!

Parents 28

Argh, my parents make me so angry. I am almost 14 but I am treated about 12. I swear they treat my little sister like more of a grown up than me. I have no privacy at all. Ok, if I was one of those weirdos that went out and smoked and got drunk every night I could understand but I am almost top in class I get my homework done, my room is immaculate i never swear in front of them, I rarely even swear, I have never had a bad report yet or a detention never watch anything over a 15, I don't ask for much except my allowance (which includes lunch money, phone contract, new clothes, school stuff, out of school clubs) yet they are so nosy!! I have a small group of very close friends but they ask so many questions, where are you going? who are you going with? what are you doing there? how long will you be doing it for? what will you be doing after?when will you be back? what will you take, will you all have phones? They don't even approve of me having a Facebook , which might I add has about 3 photos, 100 friends, the highest privacy setting and any random adds blocked, I never use abusive language or get into online arguments! Ended up blocking my family because they get on my nerves so much! Not going to bother telling them I have twitter. They expect me to be perfect at everything especially sports. I try my hardest and enjoy it but I have about 3 billion after school clubs and a paper round. If I watch tv for a few hours at the weekend I get constantly yelled at for being lazy, even during the holidays I'm expected to be outside for at least a few hours a day! Also if they ask me to do something it has to be done then and there, not when it's convenient NOW!! I never have time to myself! Also our house is always a god damn mess, everything everywhere, it's embarrassing having friends everywhere because they can't sit down on a sofa without squishing a pair of socks or a bra, I might have a lot of chores and have to keep my things in order but move something of theirs and I'm dead meat! And I am screamed at for asking them to stay out of my room when I'm not there. I have nothing to hide but I would appreciate being respected. They won't even knock, is that to much to ask, or of they do knock they open the door while still knocking, which still means no warning, it's only in case I'm getting changed or am just wanting some peace and quiet.

Divorced Parents 29

Why must divorced parents hate one another? I am stuck in the fucking middle hearing about my mom's affair and my dad's depression and quite honestly I don't give a shit about either of their lives. It has been five fucking years, grow a pair dad and stop telling the world that you couldn't satisfy your woman. He doesn't even realize that he sounds like an inmasculate shitfuck. I would just like to say that I understand nothing lasts forever, feel free to loathe one another, but it pisses me off having to hear about it!

I would also like to say to any parents hoping to get divorced and have uneffected kids...stop hoping. I am never getting married, never having kids and getting a boyfriend so I dont have to decide which home to go to for holidays.

Yep, divorce fucking pisses me off!

Parents 30

Well to begin with I am experienced psychonaut who loves smoking marijuana and taking psychedelic drugs. I originally wanted to get into chemistry, not just for the drug aspect but because I was actually fascinated by it in high school. Instead of me continuing my education my asshole father, who I've never had a conversation with in my whole fucking life, gets me into a mob-run construction union, like it was the greatest deed he could have ever done for me. This basically wasted four years of my life. Learning a bunch of shit I had ABSOLUTELY no interest in. I stuck with it for four years and after a year of mental trauma and complete lies, I said ya know what, fuck it, I'm done and told these union pricks to fuck off and I don't want their measly "Take shit from this guy or we'll fire you job." They think they can run my life through fear and manipulation, when all I wanted to do in the first place is get high and have fun. Now I have two associate degrees, what an accomplishment huh? Besides my parents being absolute shitheads that want to fuck me over in every possible way, my friends are also a group of jealous thieves who blatantly lie to my face and rob from me. They do nothing but annoy me and this is why I prefer being alone when I'm tripping. After all of this psychedelic drug use I stumbled upon an inconvenient truth and now it seems the whole fucking world wants me dead for no apparent reason. MY OWN FAMILY speaks in riddles I don't understand like I'm some sort of fucking baby when they know god damn well I'm on to their bullshit. Now I'm 26 years old, could have been well on the way to a Masters degree, probably had a house of my own by now, working for pharmaceutical companies that control the whole god damn fucking world. Goes to show how smart my Dad actually thinks he is. A man that I once considered smart toiling away doing a meaningless job that he is way overqualified for. Who am I kidding, he doesn't actually HAVE a job (one of the things they don't want me to know) But besides that little compliment, these people physically and mentally want to see me fail. Now I get to watch all of my piece of shit friends surpass me in every aspect of existence, studying physics and astronomy, taking Mixed Martial Arts classes (I don't need them though all my friends are completely terrified of me as I was trained by Bruce Lee in the before-life) while I rot away in my parents basement for the rest of my life. I've been trying to slit my wrists but they aren't bleeding, or I must not be pushing hard enough. All in all I'm sick of the lies and extremely pissed that all I have to show for my existence is wasted time. Now I know how to bend a pipe, pull wire through it and take shit from smart asses. Thanks a lot Dad, I actually could have been someone if it wasn't for you.

Parents 31

Because they never let me sleep over at my fucking friends and now I have to sit inside on my PC instead of being outside. I FUCKING HATE THEM.

parent 32


Mom/dad 33

My parent hate me! They say they don't but I know they do. They treat me like fucking shit. They think I'm an immature 16 year old girl that has no say in anything. I can't do anything. I can't go over to my friend's house or even just out with them. They say they do it because they care but if they did they'd let me go wherever I wanted. They don't understand me. They piss me off. It has gotten to the point that, from the second I get home, I have to lock myself up in my room just so that they don't piss me off. And then why I express my anger they call me rude! On top of that all, they don't spend a dime on me. I have to buy everything out of my own money, everything from my clothes to my electronics. I make 500$ a month on my own and that can't get you anything. The only thing I don't have to buy is food. FUCK FUCK FUCK MY LIFE. I just feel like I want to fucking die sometimes. What's the fucking point of living? Being pissed off all the time? Not being able to do anything? Not having any money to buy anything?

Not having an understanding and supportive family?

The only person I have to talk to at home is my sister, but even she tells them what I say about them sometimes. I'm so angry all the time I feel like breaking everything. I literally just broke my closet door, ripped all the flowers in my room, ripped 4 dolls apart, and I ripped a bunch on paper. Nothing is alleviating my anger and that makes me even more angry. I just typed up a bunch of nonsense. I'm done. ;/


My parents are complete asses my mom fucking told me that she would pay me two dollars for every time i worked with our god damn stupid fucks of chickens i worked for TEN FUCKING MONTHS and got paid FIVE FUCKING DOLLARS number one how the FUCK do you get FIVE out of multiples of FUCKING TWO and i never even got the fucking five dollars then after that my parents offered to hold on to my $250 and two minutes later i asked to buy something and they told me i had already spent it again WHAT THE FUCK we hadnt gone into ANY FUCKING stores before this and they still havent FUCKING PAID ME BACK THOSE FUCKHEADS

Asian Parents 35

God, I dont even know how to explain all the shit my Asian parents have put me through. For those of you non-Asians, it might be confusing for you to understand how much worse thy are compared to other parents of a different ethnicity.

They're always so strict, overbearing, sexist, rude, and just downright awful. They never support their children in anything. It's shutup and get good grades in school.

I cant even begin to count how many times my parents have insulted me. It could be my hair, my face, grades, personality, etc. Suddenly, everything is MY fault. I'm suddenly the demon child of Satan because I refuse to wear Sketchers shoes. I have to do everything THEY say. I cant talk back. I have no voice. Im so fucking depressed because of them.

Do your parents threaten to kick you out of the house if you get bad grades? Mine do.

I dont drink, smoke, do drugs, and fuck random strangers. I am a smart, and well-behaved kid, but to my parents I am the worst child ever.

Too many of my Asian friends suffer from depression and low self-esteem from their parents. My parents have never attended a single sports game, show, etc. They dont know a thing about me. My only goal in life, to them, is to go to a good school and make a lot of money....Im nothing but a cash cow for them. My feelings and beliefs mean nothing to them.

Parents 36

I have good grades and turn in my homework on time. Why in the HELL are my parents yelling at me. They should just care if I finish it, not how long I procrastinate.

Parents 37

My fucking parents are so freakin retarded and think they are the best and control my whole life. Just now, a roche for some reason was crawling ON me and I just got crazy after I realized it was there. So I stood up and ran downstairs screaming like a maniac.Then my fucking dad just came and yell at me. fuck, I was always scare of insects and worst of all, it was ON me, crawling. I always keep my room clean and for some reason it just pop out of no where, how the fuck can I keep calm. They can go shove their mouth in each others ass. Fuck them

Parents 38

There are several reasons why I am angry. Don't get me wrong, I love my parents. However, they are just a tad (More really) paranoid about everything I do. While I freely admit that for some things they may have had cause, I also stand by what I did.

To begin, computer usage. Computer usage? What usage? That was my situation at the beginning of my Junior year of High School. They then expect me to get A's in every fucking class. Uhh...... Right...... Did I mention that 1 of my classes is computer dependent and the several others are computer heavy? I barely manage to scrape through all my classes with B's and a couple A's. I did this by hacking the laptop that they had locked me out of so I could do my fucking homework. They find out, get pissed understandably and then won't listen why I try and explain why I did what I did, and avoided doing for 2 months because I kept trying to explain. I gave up and spent a week gaining control over the machine. Did I mention that I spend a lot of in school time fixing computer equipment for the school..... without pay because I enjoy it? They get pissed and change the password and other stuff. I hack it again when they refuse to give me the access I literally must have to do my homework. They find out about halfway into the semester and screw with stuff again, deleting all the fucking shit that I need for my computer classes...... Including a couple fucking expensive programs such as Adobe Dreamweaver and other associated programs (I bought these with my own money). They also grab the install discs. A week later my sister comes in and tells me that my Dad had proceeded to shred them...... almost 1,000$ of my own fucking money. Obviously I was.... pissed and not altogether interested in listening to reason. My response was probably a little extreme. I opened every computer in the house and removed the hard-drives and password locked the computer via the BIOS, and then refused to divulge the location of the Hard drives, or the password to the computers. After a week I returned everything with a note saying now you know how I feel. Things improved slightly after that. Got more access for a couple months and my grades improved significantly now that I wasn't grabbing and hour of time here and there. They then remove access a month before the semester ends and my grades plummet..... And then they blame me for that.

Second. Verbal Abuse. For as long as I can remember, my dad has been verbally (and once physically) abusive towards me. I will be minding my own business, or trying to help him do something and he will start ranting at me, saying things such as "You are a fucking idiot" and proceeding to scream at me for 15-20 minutes before I can remove myself from the situation. Other times I'll have done something very very minor such as missing a few dishes after dinner, or coming home 5 or 10 minutes late and he will respond with the same abuse, calling me a stupid shit and other such things. He drinks, and he's usually a lot worse when he has been drinking. He was also pretty drunk when he proceeded to, as he put it "Beat the shit out of you". This was prompted by us screwing around, wrestling a little bit. What happened was we were messing around, and my foot accidently hit his nose, bloodying it a little bit. I apologize and ask if he is allright. He then proceeds to deck me twice. Blacking my eye and then hitting me in the side of the head when I get back up. He then got on me and proceeded to pummel me saying all the listed things above as well as other worse things which I will not repeat here. I managed to get away and get to my room after my mother manages to pull him off me for a second. He chased me down the stairs and caught me again for a moment, knocking me to the ground and kicking me in my side once, and then kicking me again though I manage to block it with one of my arms. My mother again reappeared and got him off me. I went to my room and locked my door and could hear him pounding at it for a few minutes as I collapsed sobbing to my bed. I could hear both my parents screaming at each other. I don't know if my dad started on her, and I don't want to. I don't think he did. But I really don't know. At this point I was seriously distraught, so I managed to sneak out of my room and the house and walk over to a friends where I spent the night....

That night haunts me to this day. It also messed me up pretty seriously mentally. I managed to hold it together for a semester, but I had several mental breakdowns during the second semester. My grades fell, and I became pretty depressed. I spent very little time at home withdrew even farther into myself. I almost killed myself at a couple points, although I didn't for a couple reasons. My friends never knew about this and I managed to act like everything was fine. I am a very good actor and managed to keep a happy facade up to the rest of the world when I was tearing myself apart inside. I don't think my friends ever really suspected what was going on inside me. I even managed to pass off the mental breakdowns as school work related. I managed to mostly pull out of it during the following summer, although I did have the occasional relapse during the last year, my Junior year. I also, almost committed suicide again when my grades went to shit because I lost access to the computer. I didn't barely, and that only due to the actions of a friend who doesn't even know what he did.

A few other things about me. I don't drink, I don't do drugs, I was bullied for two fucking years while the school administration (with the exception of a few teachers who really cared) pretended that nothing was happening even though I had repeatedly fucking reported the bastards and had plenty of eyewitness to corroborate my account. The worst that ever happened to the fuckers wasn't even a slap on the wrist, and was the best that the teachers who actually gave a shit could do. They gave them detention for it when they caught them. They were never suspended, and they only stopped when I started making and using what were quite possibly lethal weapons out of school items. Sharpened rulers and pencils and the like as knives.

I'll be frank, if I had the opportunity and knew I wouldn't be caught, I would shoot the fuckers in a heartbeat.

Also, as an afterthought.... one thing that really touched me during the times when I felt the worst was a song that quite probably saved my life by making me realize that I hadn't hit rock bottom, and that there was a way out.

Parents 39

My Fucking parents dont give a shit about me. Just cause we're korean doesnt mean she has to go fucking read that book "tiger mom" then act like a fucking bitch. Just cause i got mad at my fatass dad for eating my ramen i just cooked (and went to the bathroom) doesnt mean he has to go to the market, buy 10 more and fucking throw them at me. I dont want your fucking ramen. I want respectful parents who actually work to make their son happy. Dont fucking complain about having no money money if you skip half your hours just to watch 15 hours of drama at home. Just cause we're poor doesnt mean i dont deserve to shower, turn on the AC,or get decent clothes. You think im spoiled, you shibal sekki nom? Go die

Bad Parenting 40

my entire life my parents have not been supportive in anything i've ever dreamed of doing. throughout my scholastic years i was always told what a talented and creative writer i am and even at one point aspired to do something with my talents. my mother completely spoiled it by starting arguments with me non stop. and now so many years later i've finally gathered the courage again to pursue my dream and asked my parents if they'd like to hear my story idea...they did not. instead they asked me why i would ever waste my time? they never once asked me to read anything i've ever written. with all the poor choices in my life i made to attempt to make them happy, this time, i'm not going to let them get to me...even though they made me feel like total 5hit for the millionth time, this time, i'm going to rise above it.

"Unexpected" Parents 41

I am very angry with these so-called "unexpected" or "unplanned" parents who seem to keep popping up in my field of work, and in my field of vision, more frequently with every passing day.

I work in social services, and at first I absolutely loved my career. Now, the only jobs that seem to exist anymore involve me dealing with idiots who give me some pathetic excuse of "Oh, but this was an accidental pregnancy."

No, it really wasn't. Maybe it's just me, but I'm pretty sure it is impossible to walk down the street and land on a penis. And yes, the men are equally to blame here- what are you? An animal who can't keep it in his pants? I had a lady come into our agency for help after giving birth to baby number six. She's had six children by three different men in eight years. Everyone stop and do the math here. That's basically a baby a year. Then, without me even bringing it up, she starts feeding me the line of, "Oh, well, my birth control failed." Really?! I have news for you honey, your BRAIN failed. First of all, I'm not buying you were using any form of birth control, and even if you were, didn't something clue in after the second "accident" that "Gee, maybe I need to see my doctor and asked to be put on something else? Or maybe I should use condoms all the time with my partner/husband or get an IUD?" Where we live, birth control pills and condoms are available either for FREE or ten bucks at most at every clinic in the city, as well as Plan B in case you have an accident with a condom. There is no excuse to be "accidentally pregnant," especially not six times!

Then, you get these "parents" who never wanted the kid, can't afford to feed it, and have the audacity to keep it and bitch and moan that life is hard and they are "doing it all alone." No, sweetie, I am doing it FOR you with MY tax money everytime you stand in line at the welfare office.

I don't care who declares me a Nazi or fascist or anti-whatever (I am a woman by the way) when I say that we need to implement forced IUDs or birth control shots for parents already on welfare. The way I see it, if my tax dollars are feeding you and your unwanted offspring, I should get a say as to when the nonsense needs to stop. The number of children I see coming through my door who are neglected/hungry/dirty, etc is horrifying and heartbreaking. If you can't afford them, don't have them or give them up. Either way, stop feeding us this mindless drivel of "well it was an accident." There are no excuses anymore.

Parents 42


Lying, annoying, and poor/cheap parents. 43

I am so fucking angry and depressed! First off I'm 17 and my dad is a dead beat piece of crap. He gives me absolutely nothing, and if I don't call he makes no effort to contact me; even if that means not speaking to me for months. He's too busy worrying about his horde of other children and when his next welfare check is coming. Lazy ass bastard! Sure when I go over to his house he's all nice and shit but that isn't the only support I need dumb ass, why don't you open your fucking pockets and give me some fucking money. And it's not like he doesn't have money, he's just cheap. He gets a welfare check as well as works under the table by renovating houses and is making shit loads of money. Sometimes I feel like calling the government on him and telling them he doesn't need that fucking check. He's already rolling in the does! I wish I could just tell him to fuck off to his face! Like what the fuck are you here for? Fuck you dad!

And my mom is indeed a single mother , and I can be understanding but sometimes she just gets on my fucking last nerve. She makes me so angry with her over protectiveness. I go absolutely no where, and the one day I want to go out with my friends, the first time in months she's all "you can't go unless you're home by nine". Home by nine bitch!? Really? Are you fucking serious, I'm seventeen years old.

Also I don't ask for shit, no fancy electronics, clothes or anything. I just look at them on the computer everyday and wish I had them.

Awhile ago I told her I really wanted to go to see this band in concert months before they were due to arrive. It would literally be the only chance in my entire life to see them EVER and I love them, and she said she would let me go. Now that the tickets are on sale, all of a sudden she says she doesn't have the money because it's expensive. Bitch fuck you! I told you months ago plus I heard you talking on the phone about going to new york to shop next month! I bet if it was someone she'd like to see she'd have her fucking tickets already.I would have saved the money myself, but she didn't want me working because it's "dangerous" out pass 8:30! And on top of all this she had the nerve to tell me that if I was 90% student she would have bent over backwards to get me the tickets, like fuck she would. I'm trying my fucking best and have and 85% average.

Uhh, life sucks I can't wait till I leave all their fucking asses next year when I go to university. They keep trying to persuade me to stay but I'm out of here. I will be free at last!

Sayonara disgustingly pathetic family! :D

Parents 44

I honestly feel like my mother doesn't try to understand me. Every argument we get into ends in "I'm your mother, so you don't question what I say," or "You're not allowed to argue with me." I mean, this is nowhere near logical. I'm not allowed to argue? I'm not allowed to be angry at something my own mother does? She wants to be friends with me, but I'm not dealing with anyone who steps on my rights as a human being.

My anger is a human emotion. I should be allowed to express it, I should be able to be angry because of something or someone. My mother refuses to see it this way. She always says "Your mother is always right; I don't care what you say, that statement is always true." Are you serious? You might as well build a time-machine and ship me off to the USSR or anywhere else that they suppress what people are allowed to say. I'm a citizen, I have a right to free speech! I should be allowed to be angry. My mother's building a time-bomb that's getting ready to blow, and I hate that I know there's nothing I can do to convince her to stop. I know she'll always be a self-centered, illogical woman that thinks she's always right. It hurts to know I'll probably die from the emotional build up that she's causing me. She wants me to be a quiet child, her precious 'baby' that will be obedient and always be by her side. I'm only human, I have my own opinions and desires. Sometimes, I'm sorry she couldn't get another son, one that doesn't have a free will.

My father died when I was three. I'm almost sixteen. I'm glad he's not here to see her acting like this.

parents 45

my ignorant parents won't let me grow my hair long enough fora style i like and my stupid mom hates me for who i am she thinks its not the real me. shes bitching at me as i type this wtf? stupidv fucking idiot saying i look like a god damned crossdresser fuck you! she never stops bitching its her fault i live in a broken home you think your such a good christian making my life awful well fucking fuck you i can't wait to get rid of you and my short fuzed father

PG - and parents 46

Why do my parents act so crazzy when I try to watch anime PG rated? I feel mad because I watch many shows with them that say:nigga, shit, mutha fucker, bitch,pussy,ass,and asshole, I'm 11 for crying out loud!!

*Note from Anger Central
You answered your own question. You're only 11. You have to be at least 13 before you can claim to know everything.

parents 47

i rode home from school with my freind for about 2 months. this past week my mom and stepdad decide to pretend that they didnt know where i was and get pissed off about it.today i found out my brother made a joke about me being a drug dealer and my mom took it seriously .she actually yelled at me over a joke

Overbearing Mom 48

I swear, all she does is look for an opportunity to explode and give me hell for being 18. I notice now that I'm almost off to college, she's being strangely hovering over every action that she can supervise.

"Don't do drugs. You'll become a bum." (Don't you see that I know that?)

"Don't walk to school. You'll get run over by a car." (What? I don't jaywalk you know.)

"Don't cook. I'll do it. You'll burn yourself." (I can cook more things and at a higher quality than you can, so I know my way around the kitchen.)

"Sleep at 12. If you don't establish a pattern you'll get sick and die." (A juicy piece of gossip read at one of her social media sites, and I'm very aware of sleep patterns.)

"No! Don't eat pork! You'll get parasites!" (Read a scaremonger's blog entry.)

"No! Don't eat beef! You'll get cancer!" (She looked at a scaremonger's blog again.)

"No! Don't bake that! You'll drive up the electricity bill!" (I minimize the baking time to 10.3 minutes to activate yeast fermentation processes and 14.5 minutes to bake. That's not going to do much.)

"No! Microwaves are bad for you!" (Whatever, I don't use a microwave.)

"I can't let you eat fat. You'll get a heart attack. That's it, no more oil for cooking." (Okay. No loss here.)

"Quit running so much, you lose weight so quickly." (Exercising does that.)

"Why won't you gain weight? You're so skinny. You have to eat more." (Is 3300 calories a day not enough?)

"Don't walk like that. You'll have a crooked back like your sister." (She has a back with a minimal angle offset of less than 1/2 of a degree. That's not crooked in the least.)

"He'll [stepfather] pay you for your labor at his restaurant, but not now. He's in financial trouble." (Right... No pay? That's fine as long as I get it while in college. You'll snatch up all $6688 if I get it before that.)

"You do nothing around the house!" (I most certainly do! You even joke that I'm the "housewife" of the home!)

She even chides me for being sick. I get sick from exposure to sick people at school! I'm a freaking TA, for crying out loud! I'm still obligated to help students regardless of health. Also, you know that my Eustachian tubes in my ears clog up like my sinuses when I'm sick. What does she blame this time around? My "habit" of listening to music too loud. I don't even like loud ambient noise, what makes you think I like my music loud? Of course, it's in Korean and it's worded colorfully to all her friends and my stepfather.

"That son of a bitch is going deaf! I know it! I saw it on the website too!" (Korean blog and forum sites, her one and only source of information besides gossip.)"That fucking bitch is going to go deaf, and he'll need a punishment. I'm fucking throwing away his headphones! Hey [name removed], GET OVER HERE, NOW!"

"Yeah, what going on?"

"Say goodbye to your headphones. Hand them over!"

"Wait, what and why?"

"You heard me, I always tell you to take off your headphones, and now you ignored me and went deaf, you damn idiot!"

"I'm sick! You know that my ears plug up when that happens, and you know that I find that it hurts!"

"Don't fight me, hand them over!"

"What's your reasoning behind this?"

"I said, don't fight me! That's it! You're never cooking for yourself either! And clean your room!"

"It's clean."

"Clean it again, and I'll be checking it over. And finish your college financial aid!"

"I already did my part, do your part so I can finish it."


"The FAFSA needs parental information that I don't have."

"Do the college one then!"

"They want the FAFSA first."

"Call everyone over!"

Then comes the public "humiliation", where she points out all of my character flaws and mistakes she can recall from memory. I'm called lazy, stupid, and incompetent. I decide not to fight it and just continue working.

"Go to your room. Hand over your phone."

Gee, thanks. You decide to throw away the first thing I earned from having a job in CAD work, confiscate a phone that I don't use because you're afraid I'll run up minutes, texts, and data, and you kick dirt on me while I'm down by emphasizing character flaws.

Gee, thanks. By the way, the food you left sucks. I'm going to do it my way, like I've always done before you supervised me. Also, I'm going to buy a MDR7510 to replace the HARX900 you disposed of. Although I'm still in your home, I've prepared myself to leave without dependencies, and I'll do so with haste once the Fall college year is about to start.

Fucking asshole parent 49

Damn, my mom is a fucking asshole. She's so fucking strict, a damn Hypocrite, and finally, a impossible kind of asshole. I just misplaced my stuff today and my mom verbally beat the shit out of me. She also told me no electronics in the room. WHAT? I have insomnia and use binaurals to go to sleep every damn night. I told her this but she said no. WHAT. THE. FUCK?!?! Shortest, loosest description of my mom: a FUCKING ASSHOLE. She have PhD in assholism

Bloody parents 50

My parents are so fucking retarded it unbelievable, they always make me do loads of dumb shit. And now they are calling me a psychopath, honestly how fucking stupid can you get. Honestly first I was disappointment, now an animal that deserves to be put down help me.

Parents 51

I have feelings. I have a name. I am not your robot servant. I am able to communicate truthfully. It is impossible to convey logic or emotion to parents who insist on complete power, control, and inequality. I don't get energized with work orders first thing in the morning. I don't get enthusiastic when pressured into frustrating jobs I have shown no aptitude whatsoever for. Three word jobs sound simple to you but are 3,000 step nightmares of complexity to me. I dislike consistently getting twice the opposite results I expected from every action. I cannot handle more impossible puzzles with broken, missing, and disintegrating pieces. Just because you are a parent does not mean I am here to serve your demands. I feel stress and confusion. I know my limits. I know I'm not skilled. Yet you insist on difficult jobs you must know I have never done well at. Then when I register the slightest reservations, you get upset and invalidate my observations and feelings. I can't win when I can't do the job, know it will be incredibly overwhelming and stressful, and know it will turn out badly, with me getting all the blame for something I had no interest in doing to begin with. I hate how you act entitled to my labor and time, as if I should drop everything to be drawn down into yet another vortex of your problems. Emotional trauma shuts me down and makes me more confused. I'm not good at tricky jobs that require skill and experience. I wish working had some reward for me other than to stop your threats and emotional blackmail. I can't be fully present with you, since human emotions are not acceptable. All you want is mindless obedience and physical strength. Your parenting style is neglectful and dehumanizing. I just wish, maybe once every few months, you'd address me by name and maybe say please and thank you. People who appoint themselves as authorities and communicate through orders and criticism are no fun to be around. Maybe if you could teach me how to do things I'd be better. Just because I'm male doesn't mean I automatically know how to do all jobs. Please stop destroying me.

My parents 52

I'm angry because when I was 7 I really wanted a dog. So my parents bought me 2 huskies, dogs which are known for being very hard to train. I had never trained a dog before, but my dad assured me be would train them properly, having experience. The problem is, my dad lied and ignored them. So I trained them, not particularly well. The problem now is that these dogs like to run away, and whenever they run away it's my fault. So I have to be up at 7 AM biking after them. Which is fine, I did want dogs, except for the verbal abuse I suffer from my parents. I hate being yelled at because of my dogs, if I had been allowed to pick my own dogs 7 years ago when we got them I would have gotten a lab or a golden retriever, because I've read they make better dogs for an inexperienced handler. I wish they could realize a lot of things happen, and it isn't always someone's fault. Then they tell me I am so irresponsible I will not be allowed to ever have a horse, which is my dream and they told me I could have one once I saved up enough money, which I did. Even though I don't understand how my dogs running away indicates I'm too irresponsible to take care of a horse.

*Note from Anger Central
We suspect the real reason they won't get a horse is cost. Do you have any idea just how expensive it is to own and house a horse? The Webmaster knows people who own horses, and it is a nonstop job caring for them. To mitigate costs, they also board horses. If you want to ride horses, find a place that rents them, and also ask them what it takes both in time and money. I think you will be shocked.

My parents 53

I am 16 and a girl.I was never baptized when i was a baby,so last year my parents told me they were having me baptized[we are catholic] and that i wold be baptized as an infant thru the infant baptism program at our parish.I told them no that i didnt want to be baptized as an infant but they said my name was all ready on the list.i was mad at them then.they then bought me a poofy white short dress,with a bonnet,lace socks and white little girl style shoes.i told them i wasnt going to wear the outfit and they threatened to take away my cell phone,etc.the morning of my baptism,my parents had my two aunts and a neice there and i was forced to lay on my bed while the put a diaper and plastic pants on me that they said i had to wear under my dress.they put the rest of the outfit on me and i felt really embarrassed.At the parish i was further embarrassed by the other kids seeing me.at my party,mom told all me female relatives and friends i was a baby and wearing a diaper under my dress and they all wanted to see it.I was humiliated at this point and ran to my room and cried.I am still very angry at my parents for forcing me to do this!

Asian Parents 54

First of all I would like you to know that I am a chinese male who isn't some spoiled brat ranting about my parents not buying me a ferrari or some shit. I am a victim of typical asian parents, a lot of asian parents are naturally physically and mentally abusive I can assure that. Now, what I am really pissed about, is that my parents prohibit ME from spending MY money to buy something that I want! It isn't even anything bad, but I just really need my FIRST DAMN LAPTOP. Our family computer is a worn out Windows Vista shite that's all infected and all from my parents eatching drama and all (typical) and I have to clean the computer from those retarded malware, spyware, nerdy fuclware that good-for-nothing nerdy bratfucks make for no fucking reason but to piss others off. I tell my parents about the viruses and warn them bla-bla, what do I get? A goddamn slap to the face (hard) and a lecture on how I have to respect my elders, no correcting parents and all that bullshit. Next time i should let them dread about those shitty viruses, oh wsit, then the blame flies to my ass because apparently, doing some school projects gets viruses on the pc. I never do anything else other than hw and school stuff on pc. Yet my perfectly asian parents scold me because they dont get time to watch some drama series off the net. They expect ME to go fast with some 10 year old, 100gb hard disk (filled with viruses and drama), 1gb ram and a damn Windows Vista (Shitsta) while clicking x on tens of pop up shits (they somehow fucked with the sd blocker, my psrents i mean). FOR ONCE I just ASK them to let ME buy a new laptop(isnt even expensive and its 2nd hand) for the benefit of all of us(i get to do my work, they get drama etc.), becayse I am TORED of doing all that shit for not even a thanks, apparentlt its my responsibility to be a stupid slave that does things for nothing, ok now I am seriously mad(they deny the proposal), i reached my limiy and exploded, it went something like this: LISTEN YOU "PARENTS", ALL I WANT IS TO FUCKING DO MY FUCKING SCHOOL WORK SO THAT I CAN MOTHERFUCLKING LEAVE THIS HELLHOLE ALONG WITH ALL MY SHIT AND SHITTY MEMORIES HERE, I DO EVERYTHING FOR YOU AND I CANT EVEN GET ONE LITTLE THING, LISTEN I'VE HAD IT WITH ALL THIS SHIT AND WHY DON'T YOU EVER THINK ABOUT MU FEELINGS?!? ALL YOU CARE ABOUT IS MY FUTURE SO THAT I CAN N GET A GOOD FUCKING JOB AND GIVE ALL THE MONRY TO YOUR IRRESPONSIBLE, ABUSIVE PARENTS?! YOU CALL YOURSRLF PARENTS? Then the stupid lecture begam and like some ritual, I had to go on my fucking knees, get hit with a stick so hard that it broke, and listen to their retarded lectures and stories about their lives. Listen, this isn't fucking 1700 anymore, its almost 2914 for fucks sake, I swear one day I'll ke a successful man and throw money at your faces and leave you viting the sand. I respect you as parents and I thank you for brining me to this world and letting me feel all that shit, now I have built a resistance to most insults and have a great confidence, and I vow that I will NEVER mistreat my offspting like that, just because I suffered this shite doesn't mean mt children should too. End of the line parents, I'll see you in the future and one day, I'll beat that sense into tou so you can see the GOOD side of the world, I guess that's really what you wanted after suffering that kind of childhood, all for the better of me, I will repay you don't worry, see you soon.

My teen baptism as a "baby" 55

I was born a premmie and had a few problems for the first year of my life,then other issues came so i was never baptized as a baby. Finially, when i was 15,my parents decided it was time for me to be baptized and make my first holy communion. My very staunch catholic Great aunt sofia had been pressuring my parents to have me baptized for a long time and so when they told her about it she was happy and told them she would do most of the preparations. She and my parents then told me that i was going to be baptized as an infant thru the infant baptism program.

I had no choice in the matter! Sofia had a baby style white gown and matching bonnet made for me. the morning of my ceremony, they took me to the parish nursery and ordered me to take off my clothes and they put me in a baby crib and them put a cloth diaper and rubberpants on me and then white ruffled tights over them, then a tee shirt and then the gown and bonnet and white shoes. I was beside my self at this point and very angry at them for doing this to me.

I was carried like a baby to the baptismal font and held like a baby to get the water on my head! i felt so embarrassed being dressed like a baby and was angry at my parents and sofia for a long time!

*Note from Anger Central
And if this was a Catholic baptismal, where was the priest in all this? He would have put a stop to this instantly. At 15 you would be making your own responses not your god parents. They would have been there to affirm and assist.

Parents and other adults 56

Im so damn SICK of people that think it's ok to slap around and beat children. Like, you're soooo much bigger than they r but yet u hit them cuz ur frustrated. Uh who cares!! Kids can't hit their parents because of frustration so why can parents?? If u hit your child, ur obviously not that smart. I mean u can't outsmart a two year old or five year old??? Ur lacking basic freakin skills. Adults r sooooooo arrogant. It's like they slap their kids around and beat them with shit but the minute a kid trys that on their parents, they get hit/beat. Children and teens are also looked at as spoiled brats cuz they do something like express their opinion. Adults call it "talking back". Uh seriously?? How is it talking back cuz they express themselves. They also have no freakin rights. If they get "too many" rights, then adults say something like, "if they get too many rights, they will abuse that power and turn out to be spoiled," and yet the parents have to much power and they abuse it. They act like freakin BRATS- NOT the children. Children and teenagers act the way they do because they are do oppressed. Fuq adults. Arrogant bastards.

Parents 57

What the fuck is wrong with parents today. I'd blame the bastard ignorant children I see, but clearly the root of the cancer eating away at the american society is the parents of these children. Possibly the parents of those parents. What the fuck happened to EARNING respect, or spanking your child when they behave like fucking heathens. It's illegal? Is our system run by overly sensitive pedophiles? Some kids need fucking spanked for being bitch ass bastards. I don't give a fuck if it's a toddler, either parents need to properly punish their children and STOP for the fucking love of god STOP telling them they are all perfect little stars and special. You are not, you are not entitled to anything, especially to be born into being respected. All this has done is breed overly emotional, useless little bitches. Now we can't even express our thoughts without having to triple-check it to be sure no one starts blubbering over hurt feelings and pressing the SUE button. Man the fuck up, teach your kids to be respectable adults rather than overgrown babies. Fucks sake people.

Son's father 58

My son's father has decided that its ok for him to use drugs since life is sooo hard for him. He thinks that he is the only person who matters and that his problems are so much worse than everyone else. He spends all of his money then tortures me for money for every day things like food and gas. If I don't give him money he won't let me sleep. I work nights at a hospital and I can't be brain dead for lack of sleep. One time he kept me up for 2 days because he wanted 10 dollars. I have begged everyone I know to let me come and stay with them for a few months but my son is special needs and no one wants to deal with that. There is no help for people who actually work for a living but that is another rant. I cook and clean and the one thing that I ask him to do is do the wash when he visits his parents on Sunday. Today he "forgot" to bring the wash. So tomorrow I have to pay to use the laundry mat. He constantly complains about everything I do. If I clean something I did it wrong. If don't clean something then I'm lazy. If my son has bad day at school its because I need to "teach him to act right". My 12 year old son loves my little pony and his dad blames me for "letting him act like a fag" or he says I need make him "man up". He also has this thing where he get high (sadly this is the only time he is nice lately) and he wants to pop zits. My son has been breaking out a lot and so he chases him around trying to pop his zits. My sons begs him to stop and Bob tells him to stop being a pussy. He thinks that because Jr is his son that he is his property and he can pop his zits if he wants and that we are being assholes because we get mad at him. I told him the next time he does it I'm gonna call the police and tell them he's hurting my son. He said I was a bitch and that babying him was why he was so weak. I am so angry at Bob but I think I'm more angry at myself. He wasn't always like this. He was a good man and good father and a good friend. We haven't been a couple since my son was like 3 but we got a place together because we couldn't afford decent places alone and i work nights. It was great for a while. Two years ago he had some health problems so I married him in order to give him health insurance now I'm married to a mean drug addicted jerk who refuses to move out (I have no legal recourse trust me)and I haven't had sex in over 5 years. I hate him and I hate myself for making this mess of my life. Still not sure who I'm more angry at.

Kids with Tablets 59

What the fuck is wrong with parents these days giving their kids, Tablets; seriously tablets and smartphones are ruining technology in this country because it seems like anybody who has a tablet is labeled cool; i say you're a spoiled moron. I mean really Tablets are expensive and once it's damaged it can't be fixed and a lot of these dumbass parents are actually letting kids have tablets; and guess what happens when they break; the parents hard earned money goes down the drain and who is to blame the parents for giving tablets to kids. Seriously why don't you parents wait until your kids are old enough to be responsible to carry a tablet; in the meantime give your kids Coloring Books, toys, have them go outside and play, for the love of god don't give your Kids Tablets because all you're doing is spoiling them and soon they'll want more from you; maybe years from now when the next electronics craze they'll want that next; if any parents see this tell your kids no and DO NOT give them one otherwise you've ruined your child and they'll want anything that's new. Plus games on smartphones and Tablets fucking suck and should not be compared to real video games so if you're one of the idiots who think Smart phone and tablet games have more value than any games on a console than you are a complete fucking idiot with no talent for real games; so go take your tablets and shove them up your dumbasses; and to kids who have tablets, I say you are screwed for life.

Parental Alienators 60

This is a rant devoted to the people who vindictively alienate their children from the other parent. These fuckwits deny all contact, yet claim that they haven't. They purposely destroy loving relationships between parents and kids, and for what? They are usually narcissistic psychopaths who view the children as possessions and extensions of themselves. They make false allegations of abuse to get custody, they brainwash the child into thinking their Mom or Dad was or is a complete monster who has never cared for them or attempted to be in their life. They will stoop to anything to get their way, emotionally abusing their children with no care at all for the mental health of their offspring.

These are innocent kids, not your goddam personal property! They deserve the love and support of BOTH their parents. Unless they are actually child abusers, drug addicts etc, cutting your childs other parent out of their life makes you a piece of shit! Stop parental alienation, throw those responsible in jail and take custody away from these mentally unstable fucktards immediately upon finding them guilty of alienating their kids.

Parental alienation is a documented form of CHILD ABUSE! These moronic assholes need to understand there are severe consequences for their incompetent bungling before they will stop. Talking to them won't help, punishment is all that will stop the behaviour. They should be made to take anger management and parenting classes, as well as be mentally assessed for narcissism and borderline personality disorders before they get access to the children they have so selfishly destroyed with their hate campaigns.

 Hate is NOT a family value.

False accusers should face jail time to deter them from slandering an ex spouse to get custody of the kids. Back up your bullcrap with evidence or it didn't happen. By the way ex bitch face I will see you in court later this month.

Thank christ our justice system sees through your bullcrap. I am so looking forward to seeing my child, the child whom I have not seen in over a decade because you are a mentally stunted piece of child abusing scum! How dare you tell our child all that horrendous bullcrap and say I never loved him. How dare you say I never once made an attempt to be in his life!

But thats fine, my mountain of documentation even made your own lawyer raise his eyebrows in shock when he read your completely fucked up emails and other goodies I have saved. And unlike you and your disgusting spouse, we would NEVER discuss you in a negative way around him. We would NEVER take away his support system like you have. Not only would it be highly inappropriate, it would be parental alienation.

I would never harm our precious child the way you have!

I sincerely hope you get jail time for what you have done to our son. You child abusing piece of filth, what you have done is monstrous!! A big old FUCK YOU to all parental alienators out there, and may 1000 botflies infest your nether regions should you even think of brainwashing, lying to, or otherwise destroying a child's emotional health the way my scumbag deadbeat ex has.

Students parents 61

I wish everyone who had a child without a basic understanding of what they need to know by the time they are three would choke on the broken condom that brought their unwanted spawn into the world and die brutally.

Like REALLY? Is it that fucking hard to sit down with your kid and teach them the numbers and letters?


You make me feel like killing myself knowing that there are so many kids whose parents don't give a flying FUCK about them! COME ON!

I just want a world of nice, well adjusted 4 year olds whose parents have taught them social skills and basic educational stuff so that I can have them ready for school. Instead of bare bones seat of the pants, the shit these kids know is all over the place. I hate you. You make me fucking hate myself.

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