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I could never had imagined s place where integrity, ignorance, incompetence and undependability could exist across every entity, It begins with the guy who two weeks ago was supposed to clean up the area around my apartment never showing up, the appliance sales associate who when after I asked him to tell me about the features of several appliances stood there for 10 seconds silent and then came back with a handful of Owners Manuals desperately thumbing through the guides looking for the page called “Specifications and Features”, the Pharmacist who refused to give me my prescription claiming, “The Doctor gave the wrong directions”, and then told me, “They have left the office for the day and we cannot call him until next week”, Next was a Doctor who told me, “Every 30 days come by the office and your prescriptions will be waiting”, except during June of 2011 when he took a two week vacation, and when I arrived was told, “Sorry he must have forgotten and will not be back for 12 days”. I asked who was covering for him and the receptionist told me “nobody”. When I told her she has to call him because I cannot just stop taking my meds only to be told “I cannot disturb the Doctor while he’s on vacation”. Then when I asked what to do I was told, “Go to the Emergency Room”.

Then there those apartment maintenance crew and when I told them I need my MBR door adjusted he arrive with 3 inch drywall screws, a powerful screw driver to sink those screws and a sledge hammer in an attempt to adjust the door jamb into my bedroom. He wrecked the new paint job and when he was done with the destruction he left paint chips, pieces of wood, a 3 in screw and a 1/16 inch crack in the wall. Then there was the night I called to report my kitchen fixture was not working and I cannot use my kitchen. The nest evening I bought bulbs and did it myself. Then 7 days later when he showed to and announced. ”I am here to replace the bulbs you called about”. I told him he was 5 days too late and did it myself. Then there was the mechanic and my Chrysler 300 that would stall after 15 minutes. He took 3 weeks to make the repair indicated it was a faulty crankshaft position sensor and the cost is $300. I drove the car off the lot and 15 minutes later it stalled just like it did 3 weeks earlier and $300 cheaper. Then there was the U-Haul Customer Service whose attitude not only met the above criteria, he was one of those people who was a natural at getting people angry. I called to reserve a trailer the next day. I also told him the people waiting for the delivery will not be available until 2 PM and since pick up time is 9 AM, I will pay for a full day. I arrived to pick up the trailer and was told, “Oh, you never showed up this morning so I rented it to another person. I looked out the window and asked, “Is that the trailer you were to hold for me”? He said, “Yes and sorry, I have no additional trailers available”. I told him, “That is the one I reserved and get it back before he leaves. I have 5 guys I am paying up in Tennessee who are waiting”. He said, “No” and when I told him how angry I was and was calling their district office he called the Police and claimed, “This man became angry at me and I scared. I want to press charges”. He did not get the arrest, but he did scare away several U-Haul customers. Then there are the Huntsville engineers I had endured for 4 years and what makes the Engineers in Alabama special is they are like the aforementioned people I spoke about. This is the place where place where if I arrive at work at 7:45 AM the parking lot is empty. It is also the place where the parking lot is empty at 5:15 PM.

There is more, but I think my point was made. I was raised in a state where we worked hard and enjoyed a state minimum wage back in the 1970’s which is higher than the 2012 minimum wage in Alabama. I understand the saying “You get what you pay”. I also realize if an employer was required to pay you $1.50 an hour you can be assured that is what you would be paid.

This is a horrible place and if you pass though this state and your car breaks down and a local offers to hekp you fix it. Do not allow them to touch your only method for traveling. If a Doctor stops to help you with an injury you will be in better hands if his speciality is Veternary Medicine.

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