FUCK Arizona! Yes, it's personal. Everytime I have been there, I had a crappy time. It's either 1) Dry and freezing or 2) Dry and boiling hot. My lips dry out, my skin dries out, my eyes and sinuses dry out. The place gives me headaches and nosebleeds. I have also known a lot of crappy/crazy people from Arizona. I swear I will NEVER visit that fucking state again! Fuck all the tourist attractions too. If I want to see beauty I will go to fucking Hawaii. Arizona is dry, nasty and disgusting. It's just a bunch of rocks and sand. FUCK ARIZONA, IT FUCKING SUCKS ASS!

Arizona 2

As a long time resident of this state, I have to say that it is becoming an enormous fucking cesspool and an eyesore for the entire nation, and I'm really losing my patience for the bullshit that goes on here.

We have a crooked fucking Sheriff (Joe Arpaio) that takes for tens of millions in lawsuits every year for civil rights violations. To top it off, he's being sued by the fucking Federal Government at this point for the same thing. He's the biggest fucking showman since P.T. Barnum and everything he does is politically motivated. The reality is that he's just some white-trash, hillbilly, bigoted, fat, old piece of shit but he keeps getting re-elected in a landslide because, guess what, so are most of the fuckers who vote.

Our governor is a fucking disgusting, uneducated, ridiculously over-the-top old crone. She is about as crooked as they come, the only thing more crooked was the nasty, wrinkly finger she stuck in Obama's face while he was visiting our state. Even her political allies were disgusted by her behavior and it made us into a national joke (again).

Oh there's more. Another Sheriff, Babeau, from another Arizona county, he's been a big proponent of border enforcement and rooting out illegal aliens. He was even running for elected office, not content with the power he got from being a Sheriff. Then it turns out that not only is he a closet homosexual (in and of itself, that's fine) but that he's been fucking an illegal alien for months and threatened to deport him if he told the media (which, he of course did anyway). Can you fucking believe the hypocrisy? Un-fucking real.

There's plenty more where that came from. We have the country attorneys and supervisors suing each other left and right, along with Arpai, for all these illegal, politically motivated investigations. That fat bitch Wilcox is looking at getting nearly a million dollars in compensation for being harassed. Guess who will be paying that? The tax payer.

I swear to God, there is not one fucking politician or elected official left in this state, especially in the Phoenix area, that has a lick of fucking integrity. It's a God-damned fucking joke when you pop open the newspaper and this shit is everywhere, every fucking day.

I am really looking forward to one day getting out of this backwards, racist, hick-infested, white-trash, corrupted fucking state and going someplace where shit makes sense.

*Note from Anger Central
It sounds like you might be more at home in a new state, such as California, Illinois, Maryland, etc. They seem to be run the way you want them to be. Perhaps you should consider moving there?

Arizona 3

I am sick and tired of the ridiculous weather in this state. I have lived here for decades and, honest to God, it seems to have gotten worse every single year!

Where we once had monsoon seasons that brought us rain and summer heat that was brutal but tolerable, now we have friggin 'haboob' dust storms, as if we live in the middle of the Gobi Desert, and these half-assed monsoons that give us less rain with each passing year.

The biggest joke has to be the local weather people, doesn't matter which station, as they are all woefully incompetent. Typical forecast for monsoon season?

Friday: "We'll see rain this weekend, with best chance on Sunday."
Saturday: "Dry today, but a slight chance of rain tomorrow."
Sunday: "Mostly clear, small chance of evening showers, better chances in the early week."
Monday: "Mostly clear, small chance of evening rain."
Tuesday: "Mostly sunny skies, chance of rain later this week."
Wednesday: "Mostly sunny skies, heating back up, slight chance of rain this weekend."
Thursday: "We should see storms this weekend."
Friday: "Mostly cloudy skies, with rain likely this weekend."
Saturday: "Mostly clear skies as we dry out, with a chance of storms bring us rain early next week."

I am not even exaggerating, that's how the weather report works in Arizona during monsoon season. Some douchebag forecasts the rain and then they slipper-slope it all the way into next week, or the week after. It goes on like this until it actually rains in some obscure part of town, at which point they highlight it on the news like it was the biblical flood or the second coming, rather than an isolated storm that didn't touch the rest of the town, much less the rest of the state.

I kid you not, we had most of our rain in the off season, way after the monsoon ended. Our biggest storms in recent memory, all of them, have been on days where we weren't supposed to even get any rain, but even that doesn't happen anymore.

I am so sick and tired of the ridiculous, ever-worsening weather we have here. I don't care if you call it natural cycling, global warming, global cooling somewhere else impacting us, whatever, it's still annoying as all hell. We have citrus trees that have been fine for many years, but the last few, they barely bare fruit and they look like complete crap no matter how much you water them.

Hell, even the cactus has started to shrivel and die in some places and not even the weeds can keep themselves alive until the rain gets here. I don't know what more ironic outcome there can be than for cactus to dry out and die in a desert during what is supposed to be our rain season.

No joke, if I had an offer to move to another climate, I would do it in a heartbeat. This is not the desert I grew up in and it's not a nice place to live anymore. The weather is absolutely ridiculous and, even to a native, it's just gotten to be too damn much.

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