I have to live in this ferile town because of my partner's job and at times that makes me angry! I am used to living in a large city (Sydney to be exact), not some backward cow-town. You can't get decent sushi here, all the shops are closed on Sundays (HELLO, it's not 1983 anymore, haven't they heard of Sunday trading?!) it's bloody hot all the time, and the people are hugely fat and ugly! My eyes are sore from having to look at so much ugliness and lack of style/fashion sense. Even the houses here are fecking ugly. The roads are pot-holed and the drivers are some of the worst I've seen. There are stupid statues of cows and bulls everywhere because it's the so-called beef capital of Australia. That's nothing to be proud of. I'm bored with this dumpy little place!

Perth Australia 2

Perth is the shittiest place in the world and I HATE living here! The papers are all going on about how its called "Dullsville" and apparently it was voted World's Most Boring City in like 2002 or something. WELL THEY'RE RIGHT! ITS SO BORING THERE IS NOTHING TO DO! I went to Melbourne recently and loved it, PERTH WHY CAN'T YOU BE A REAL FUCKING CITY LIKE MELBOURNE. The main attraction that the State Government spent A$1 million!!! on to promote tourism is A FUCKING BELLTOWER! A FUCKING BELLTOWER! They could have spent money on the failing health system or the education system which they FUCKED OVER, but no they spend the money on a FUCKING BELLTOWER. WHO THE FUCK WANTS TO GO TO A CITY TO SEE A BELLTOWER! Anyone who is reading this, NEVER EVER GO TO THE HOLE WE CALL PERTH.

armpit little town (warrnambool, VIC) 3

okay people who have to live in a city as 'horrible' as perth (the person bitching about perth in the places: Australia forum), shut your f***ing faces, its not that bad!!! you think somewhere as modern and wealthy as Perth's bad, you should try living in warrnambool. warrnambool is a small redneck hick feral armpit shithole cesspit town on the south west coast of Victoria where in winter its so fucking cold coz of the bitch-from-hell-winds coming from Antarctica. its not even the cold i hate so much, its the fucking boringness of the weather! we get about four months straight of nothing but formless grey clouds that you can't even see that depress you and make the crap hole town look even worse. all the roads around here are shit, the highway to Melbourne is a death trap and the two daily trains out of here are these rusted old pieces of shit from the 60's that haven't aged well. nothings open on the weekends, and only until about 5 in the afternoon- hello retailers, HOW THE FUCK AM I SUPPOSED TO GO SHOPPING WHILE I'M WORKING/STUDYING??? wouldn't it make more sense to open your stores/shops on the weekends and later at night, when non-retail people aren't working/studying??? dumb fucks. you should see what the people look like here- once a woman turns 30 she becomes a fat frumpy hausfrau who seriously needs to use that exercise bike you got for your birthday two years ago never to be used. my school looks like a concentration camp (literally) and there are holes in the walls everywhere and half the kids are farming hicks who hate foreigners and gays... the whole town has this redneck little attitude of hatred, whenever there's a gay couple down the street (from Melbourne) they get laughed at/mocked/you know what other shit rednecks do... FUCK I FUCKING HATE THESE COUNTRY HICKS!!!!! WHY CAN'T THEY JUST DIE!! I DON'T GIVE A FUCKING SHIT WHO YOU'RE FUCKING, SO WHY HATE ME FOR FUCKING LIKING GUYS WHEN YOUR PROBABLY FUCKING SHEEP BACK ON YOUR FARM? DIE! okay i could keep going for a LONG time but i feel better now so i'm going to shut up. god this town's a dump... grrr...

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