Nude bar

I am angry because some profiteering idiot wants to put a topless nude bar right in the "Main Street" section of a middle-class city. By no means am I an ultraconservative, but excuse me, there is an elementary school and youth center nearby! Has profits replaced common sense? We don't need the rapists or pedophiles around here!

We're fighting it at City Hall. They've already made an unpopular decision of allowing some major big-box retailer (it's not a Wal-Mart but something else), where Mexican bum laborers just loaf around all day. I hope our scumbag elected officials don't screw the nudey bar issue up!

 young people 2

i gave up going to the bars years ago, but recently i started going again. not a hell has changed other than the crowd is younger. more open homosexuality. little prep boy's who never done a day's work in their lives. driving their fruity little prep car.usely university students. tomorrows white collers. learning to live of the backs of the blue collers, and the women here's a story, tatooed and prarings from asshole to appetite not very apealing to myself, and how they can turn it on or off any time they wont.very cold hearted and klicky crowd.i've been blessed with young looks but when they find out that i'am 47 years old it's like hell has frozen over. don't these people love their parents or grandparents. they have no respect for maturity. oh i foregot there's no more family the goverment and feminist destroyed that.

bars 3

Bars are supposed to be social places where people gather to have a drink or 2 and catch up with one another on the times. Instead going to the bar has turned into "let's go get fucked up" and every street corner past 9 pm has a cop waiting to bust the first person they see stumbling home, and the people owning and running the bars stand back and say "no blood on my hands" ... Stop supporting peoples habbits you douche bags, just because you had or still have a drinking problem its not right that you attempt to recruit people into having the same problems, Dick... I was an alcoholic, bars do nothing for nobody they are nothing but get rich quick schemes, charging 12 bucks per pitcher of domestic and usually 18 bucks for imported, 10 bucks per mixed drink, and let's not forget those big tough guys who throw people out when they wish or when their night is getting boring, bars are just overpacked these days, more and more people turn to liquor because of the debt they're in or the problems that day by day mount, the last time I was in a bar it was so packed and loud I literally dropped my drink and walked out

espn zone 4

I quit drinking about a month and a half ago and I'm better for it, I am a regular at ESPN zone in anaheim I know the bartender, so today I walk in and sit at the bar like usual and he walks over and greets me with the normal "hey buddy" you know that old thing trying to warm me up already knowing I'm gonna get plastered and drop some major bank, instead today I oredered a diet pepsi and asked for a lunch menue... All of a sudden I can't sit at the bar for a soda I have to sit at the alternate seating area but not at the bar... It takes forever to get my soda and even then I don't get the menue I asked to veiw, I finally get that and when I do order it takes almost an hour to recieve my food... Not to mention the refill on my soda I never recieved... So as a thank you to the bartender and the establishment overall... I ate, acted like I needed to use the restroom, and took a walk.... If that's how I'm going be treated when announcing my desire to go sober, that's his attitude towards me now, well guess what... Keep your menue I will eat my food and drink my 1 soda I recieved and I will not pay for any of it, wanna stick it to me? No screw you, I stick it to you

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