Public Bathrooms

People are such nasty creatures. Why in the hell is it when I go into a public bathroom, there is water and paper towels all over the floor and the toilets aren't flushed? How hard is it to throw paper in the trash and flush the damn toilet? Who wants to sit on something with someone else's nastiness floating around? To the non flushing public: Do you not flush the toilet in your own house? Do you fling trash all over the place? Did your mother not teach you any manners? What makes you think people want to see last night's dinner, are you proud of it? FLUSH THE FUCKING TOILET!

Public Washroom Grossosity 2

I get extremly upset when I am the only one that washes my hands at a packed mall that I had to wait in line to use. Shouldnt the line to the sink be just as long as it was at urinals? Then you wanna go around touching and oohing and ahhing at everything and not buying anything with your nasty hands and take your contaminated merchandise home. You leave it for people like me to be exposed to your trace filth and take it home to my loving and clean family to inhale your nastiness. I thank pharma companies for their recent contributions of hand sanitizers. Some people should have that surgically attached to their skin with a retractable tether if you dont wanna spend an extra 30 seconds in the washroom. Geez

Bathroom 3

Holy shit, public bathrooms at the mall I frequent have the biggest fucking jackass janitors. They yell at people for having to take a crap, and they bitch and moan about having to clean the toilets! It's your fucking job! You guys suck, and I end up taking a dump in the building next door before I visit because the bathrooms over there are taken care of and I never see janitors there.

Public bathrooms 4

It pisses me off when I badly need to use the restroom in public, then when I get to the bathroom it's closed off by either a janitor, or by the staff who doesn't want random people going in there. You don't lock off the bathroom to the public! People need to use the restroom!

I'm also angry when I get into a public bathroom stall and the seat is covered in piss and even people's hair. That's completely gross and needs to stop! I even went into a public bathroom last week, and somebody jammed the sink up with lots of hair, and the water wouldn't go down. The sink was completely full of water!

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