Clearwater Beach

Clearwater Beach is dirty. That water is not clear either. The water feels thick and I wouldn't be surprise if their toxic chemicals that make that water glow. It is one filty beach. When you walk down the on the beach sand, all you see is fat old people laying down like shamu. They are all red and burnt and walk around with their hairy willie mammoth feet. Spring break there sucks too! when you think college girls are going wild, its really old hags going wild. I saw this old couple kissing and saliva dripping into the sand. It was them most digusting sight in the planet. One more thing about Clearwater Beach, don't go in the water because I got sick from it. It was probaly was one of those dirty little children running around taking a crap in the ocean.

*Note from Anger Central
Please provide the state/province etc. where this town is located. Thank you.

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