What the hell is up with this sorry excuse for a state. Will they ever learn to vote here. Here we go again with the screw ups. Votes misplaced.. etc.. No wonder this state is where all the criminals run to hide to, if local government cant find votes, how the hell are they supposed to find criminals. Oh yea and what is with all the old people? Iv never seen so many cottonheads in one place, all driving slow and waiting in the express lane of the local supermarket with like 1,500 items. Damn Florida needs to break off and float towards the south pole....oh yea dot get me started about the hurricanes.....!

*Note from Anger Central
If you think the voting in Florida is messed up, check out Washington State. One county had more votes the registered voters and handed the election to the democratic nominee for Governor...after several recounts. Hmm

 Clearwater beach 2

clearwater beach is in Florida (west of Tampa) it is a filthy, overpriced and disgusting tourist trap. i drive a cab in the area and have never seen rudeness like that anywhere else. the tourists have no concept of respect for the locals, and the locals do nothing but bitch. and nobody knows how to tip. i have gone on 30 mile runs and have gotten 25 cent tips.

Pensacola, FL 3

This place is the biggest piece of shit ever to exist. I am angry at the fact that Pensacola, FL, has become what it is today. The infrastructure is completely screwed up. Almost all of the roads are either being repaired/fixed, or do not have enough lanes to accommodate all of the traffic that passes through each day. I seriously loathe going anywhere farther than a 3-mile radius from the campus where I go to college at. The area near where I go to school is actually decent, but almost every other part of this city SUCKS. I swear, I will never live here after I'm done with school. Thank God that's only 2 more years. Along with the shitty infrastructure, almost every apartment in this city sucks ass. Almost all of these apartments are old and shitty and still cost way too much to live in when compared to nicer places (like Birmingham, AL, where I am visiting right now). Fuck Pensacola, and fuck the apartments here that are overpriced and shitty.

Miami, fl 4

i'm 25 now, & I've been here all my life. was born here, grew up here, & still live here. however, i mourn the way the town used to be when i was growing up, when Miami beach was fucking QUIET, & there wasn't the issue of fucking assholes moving here on a daily basis. sadly, though, the rich bastards & fucking whorish celebs who come here to make a mockery of this place have turned this city into an expensive, loud, & incredibly airheaded place. no one can fucking afford to live here anymore because of all the stuck-up asswits & bitches who keep coming here. they think it's pumping money into the economy? HORSESHIT. if it was really pumping money into the economy, then WHERE THE FUCK IS IT GOING?

driver's liscence 5

I was in florida the 2 days before the law in my state changed the driving age to 16 and 180 days. I had to renew my permit in order to not have to get a new one and not wait another 180 days. My permit extension did not get thruogh. I may have to wait another 180 days to get my liscence. Just so you know, i should be getting my liscence in a week and a half. grrr

St. Lucie County, FL 6

Unfortunately, I was born in this piece of shit, god forsaken, cesspool of shit town. Once I left Florida for a couple of years and got a taste of life up north, I really didn’t want to come back here. First of all, it too god damn hot for most of the year, there are only 2 seasons here: Fall and Summer. The Floridians that tell you that Spring and Winter exist in Florida are fucking liars and they have probably been outside the state. There have been times that the temperature has reached 85 degrees during the month of December which completely ruins the joy of Christmas time. I cannot fathom why northerners move to this god forsaken hell hole, this state is one giant retirement home. Most people I meet here are on their death bed, drug addicts, alcoholics, borderline retarded, convicted felons, or all of those things combined into one. I am not anti-drug and alcohol, I fully support the legalization of marijuana, I’m just against fat, lazy, drug addict/alcohol dipshits that wants to sit on their useless ass all day long drinking and doing drugs. Most people I have met in St. Lucie County are lazy as fuck and their idea of a good time is getting drunk until they piss and puke all over themselves. I love to ride my bike, take walks, go to the beach, go fishing, etc, etc. I fucking hate smoky ass redneck bars and assholes who want to get drunk all the time. I cannot meet anyone in this state that likes to ride ATV’s or Go-karts!! NOBODY FUCKING PLAYS AIR HOCKEY!!! Instead, let’s sit on our fat loser asses and get drunk and smoke pot. This town is so saturated with fucking lowlifes its outrageous; I’ve never met so many people who do not know what they want in life. All people want to do is waste away with drugs and alcohol in this loser fucking town.

*Note from Anger Central
How about shoveling 2 feet of snow every few days? Sub-zero temperatures. Skidding off a road due to black ice?

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