I am angry at this country (well,maybe I am not only angry, but unfortunately I can't write something else) because it's a country of motherfuckers. The economy, the government, the social systems are crap!!! Real crap! not only that this country is ruled by the greens party (someone already posted this). The people there are also so stupid to believe in the crap what the government promises. I've been to many countries and I can tell only one, Germany is the biggest crap at all. Shit on this country and all the people living there...

Germany 2

I hate it here in Germany. These people are the most stuck-up, tight-assed imbeciles I've ever encountered who wouldn't be able to wipe their own asses without a set of government-approved regulations to guide them through the process. Everyone smokes here like the chimneys from Auschwitz and people throw the dirty butts all over the ground. Yet, perfect strangers will scream at you like you're a bad stepchild caught groping their daughter if they see you throwing an apple core in the wrong type of garbage bin or (God forbid!) on the grass.

The drivers drive worse than drunks: people will lean with their full weight on their horns and flip you off if you go anywhere under ten miles an hour over the posted speed limit or take the time to obey lights and signs. They'll also tailgate you at about ninety miles an hour on the highway and will cut you with the horn blaring if you bother to check your mirrors and signal when trying to change lanes or make a turn.

The whole concept of business efficiency is a complete myth. Germans don't try to break things down to make them easy and convenient; they pass responsibilities over to the consumer so they feel they have a right to do things as half-assed as possible and bitch at you for screwing up. They have no patience when it comes to dealing with people face-to-face (it falls under the domain of actual work, which is considered an anathema to existence in their Marxist ideology) and think that sneering is a proper way to handle problems, both on and off the job. Forget that. I'm going to be so glad when I can go back home, and not be surrounded by these soulless automatons!

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