Why are people taking so much pride on coming from a place you can compare to a dumpster? It really angers me to the core. There is nothing pleasing or interesting about such a place as "The Ghetto". All these rappers who claim coming from the Ghetto is such a fucking paradise is beyond me. Who the fuck could live in such a shithole and be proud? It makes our Country look horrible...Filled with Crackheads and hookers, and gangbangers...What a lifestyle to pride on! Fuck... It just really, really irritates me. All thes Ghetto love songs and JLO...She isn't from "The Ghetto". Fucking ignorant fame propaganda. I guess it's good to come from a place that looks like a dumpster/sewage system.... Only to be filled with Hookers, Crackheads and Gangbangers...I'm sorry if i'm being arrogant...But why are our ears and televison being filled with pride on such nonsense? Not everyone in "The Ghetto" or "Da Ghetto" is of such a low standard... But I don't understand what makes you people so damn special! It's a terrible place...ugly and sad. Good for the people that realize that. I'm from the Suburbs and I could care less about that. It's just where I live! Fuck. Don't mean I need to write shitty tunes about it. Good to the people that escaped "Ghetto-mentality" And helped themselves through their struggles. But the people who pride on struggling....Fuck off!

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