I do not like living in the state of Indiana. This place is full of more racists than Nazi Germany. If you send your kids to an Indiana school, make sure they're perfect Aryan kids, otherwise thy will be picked on, and the school faculties will allow this.

In fact, the roads tend to be falling apart thanks to everyone spending their money on "talent shows" for their "perfect Aryan kids". I'm surprised being black isn't a crime in this state, but if the residents had their way, it probably would be.

Forget going to a pawn shop, they're all run by hypocrites. They claimnot to buy certain things but change this rule on a whim. In other words, they're mor elikely to buy something if they can tell you don't actually need the money. Unless it's some sort of Japanese TV series on video, or soemthing made in Japan, because Indiana lives on the belief that Japan is out to destroy the US. Oh, that's right Indiana, the US has done nothing wrong, esecially not Indiana, you all believe in Jesus.

I'm moving ASAP. Preferably to Japan just to piss these morons off. If I were to be banned from the state I'd take that as a good thing.

locals 2

I'm so sick of my town of Greensburg,IN. It's the people that make it so bad. Everyone is backstabbing around here. There are no decent paying jobs (factories are laying off) and worst of all, there are no good restaurants! Good service is nowhere to be found. Everyone acts like "*sigh*, you mean I gotta wait on your ass?" This town sucks. I'm ready to move to Tennessee.

Spencer, IN sucks! 3

the town I live in is very small, and I mean VERY small, not counting traffic, you could drive through it in under 5 mins. as such alot of people know each other here, and that isn't always a good thing, like going to school here. I learned that lesson back when I started living here 15 yrs ago. my first day of school at this new town (2nd grade) I was grabbed by 2 older kids and thrown into the girl's restroom where i was subsequently pummeled. every day afterwards, from then up to my days as a senior in high school I had the shit either kicked out of me, or verbally harassed. even the teachers hated me. I am not a bad looking person or mentally handicapped in any sense, I was just generally hated, I was too nice, too naive and too smart. I had to be careful to get only average grades, and I RARELY spoke unless it was absolutely called for. friends were almost non-existent, the one I did have told me not to hang around him at school because it might "upset his image". I went through hell there, you couldn't begin to imagine what it was like. I have told people, (and this is the honest truth) I would rather do a week in prison before I would ever do a day in high school again, it was THAT bad. my anger does not stop there, at the food places here most of those same kids work there, and never smile when they serve you, and we have had the health board shut down 2 of these places within the past 3 months because of e-coli and other hideous things. (too many to post)

Also, there are no real recreational areas for many of the kids around here to go to, so, they simply (pardon my language here,) screw each other senseless, problem with that is, 9 out of 10 of these girls get pregnant, and the dads almost always run off. deadbeat dads would have a hell of a time tracking these guys down. I don't know if I'll ever get out of here. it's beautiful country, but I have no friends here the girls ask about my only friend who used to be a real player around here before he moved. I'm simply the nerd he hung around with to make himself look good, and what's worse, everyone knows it. I sit alone at dairy queen sometimes, wondering if my life will ever change. I doubt it will, and I am no longer sure I care anymore.......


What a godforsaken hole Indiana is! You aren't allowed to have a personality in Indiana. You aren't allowed to be happy, sad, angry, loving, fearful, fearless- you're not allowed to BE anything. Dress in WalMart clothes, don't speak above a whisper, even better, don't say anything. Suffer in silence and stuff yourselves at the local buffet! Get that 12th helping; you're only wearing a 60' waist! Eat more so you say less! Now go home and sit silently in front of the TV with a full belly cause you got your money's worth out of that buffet, didn't you? Mission accomplished! Now go back to being dead. Nope, don't do anything that might be controversial or an independent thought- don't want anybody upset with you! Indiana, the shut up, eat and suffer state!

The state of Indiana 5

In the state of Indiana, you are not allowed to feel good about yourself. Everyday I have to listen to people whine about how much their life supposedly sucks, even when they have a full time job, an education, and a family.

In the state of Indiana, you are not allowed to feel good about your appearance. Your hair is always too messy, your clothes are always too childish, and your beard is always too long, even when it's all shaved off.

In the state of Indiana, you are not allowed to feel good about your ability to do a good job. Interviewers always doubt your ability to do anything. You are treated as if you are too stupid to participate in something as simple as packing boxes or running a cash register.

In the state of Indiana, everybody is a gossiper and a backstabber. Don't bother making friends, they all talk trash behind each other behind their backs.

Fuck you Indiana! I wish I could move back to Florida. If you are interested in moving here, please consider looking somewhere else.

Noblesville Indiana 6

Indiana has to be the most Ass Backwards State in the whole Country and it's because of the Politicians the rest of the morons in this damn state elects that are unfit to do their job and screw everyone over in the process. For a State that isn't associated with the South this State sure acts like it's a part of it with all of the inbred fucks and racist morons from this state as well as our Greedy Politicians who are now trying to remove me and my family from our home to build some bullshit project.

I am mad as Hell the Fucking City has no right to remove me and my family from our home all because these greedy fucks care more about filling their pockets and less about the people of this whole state. The Mayor from my town is obviously an unfit prick who should never have been elected and he doesn't give a fuck about anyone except money which he has enough as it is taking away attractions in our town that people have loved for years and despite protests this piece of shit just doesn't listen to to the people. He's even threatened to sick his Security Goons on a Woman complaining about how unfit he is at his Job and how this asshole needs to resign.

The Mayor in our town is clearly abusing his power to make sure many residents go Homeless all because he cares more about greed and less about people and as soon as I save up enough Money i'm getting out of this shit state. To the People of Noblesville I hope your happy for voting for an incompetent moron for a Mayor who's going to be the reason the Homelessness Rate in the Town if not the whole state will go through the roof and I say if I ever do come back to this ass backwards state you better vote his ass out of office.

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