New Jersey (crappy state)

New Jersey sucks! In the winter there is nothing to do outside because it is too cold to go to the beach and in the summer we get shitty and rude out-of-towners at the beaches and it gets overly crowded, If i had the money i would move somewhere else but i don't make enough money to move out of the state. The people in NJ are assholes who are rude, stupid and have bad attitudes, it is like living in NY without the pollution! >:(

New Jersey 2

Why does everything have to be sooo sllloooowwww in this bullshit state?

Forget the traffic, it's a given due to how many people there are here. But population doesn't effect how long it takes for people to get ready to go out, get to the point of a LOOONNGGG anecdote, and even walk.

Fucking walk!

Even the fucking cell phones take forever to do something as simple as *send a text message* or *load a video.*

There is no reason for something that should take *1 minute* take a billion years.

I'll move someplace where shit *happens* as soon as I can.

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