Long Island

Man, this place is a living hell. No, we don't have hicks, we have angry suburban mothers with their soccer "stars" driving around on the LIE like assholes. We have politicians and environmentalists that get pissy because of a rock concert in an airfield, but there is more corruption in the local government. The schools suck, forget the dogma about "quality schools" its all bull. Trust me, I know, for I go to a "quality school". Minute I graduate from school, I'm going far far away from here.

New York 2

Ok, let me start off by saying that New York is by far the most IDIOTIC PLACE TO LIVE EVER! I can picture myself there right now, listening to the so-called "rappers" going like, " Yo,yo,yo! Wazzup my homie?" ARRRGHHH! Sickens me! Have any of you guys noticed that ANYTHING goes there?! Nothing there but criminals, druggies, and emos. The rest are a bunch of stuck-up frickin' snobs who think that they are better than anyone else OOOOOH! They are so stuck up, they named a city after their state! All I have to say now is, may a volcano form underneath that state of theirs. BOOM!! Now THAT would make my day.

Long Island 3

Except for the eastern end (Suffolk County), the rest of Long Island is crap. Trashy people with infantile attitudes and rude manners, terrible drivers who can't stop at a light without honking at all the cars in front of them, and the whole place looks like a paved-over blighted wasteland. Want to take a quiet walk? Want to go for a bike ride? You can't. (Better go to New York City for that. How ironic, right?) If you want to see the Lie of the Suburbs, it's right here. The next hurricane better be stronger so it drowns these crap people, their honking SUV's, and the endless concrete dumps they call their communities.

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