Theme parks

Sadly, theme parks attract noisy, rude and cheap teenagers. I am sick of waiting in line for the ride and listening to constant curse words and complaints, smoking and puffing on a cigarette or weed, people munching on food and then littering, blatantly cutting in line in front of those that have been waiting to get on the ride for some time, or watching sick displays of affection (ass grabbing, hands in pants, ear nibbling, etc.) and all in front of the little kids too! Family fun has no real emphasis anymore.

Parks 2

My local park pisses me off. It wasn't always a park. It used to be some guy's garden, and he grew a bunch of berry bushes. I had some friends, and we would pick berries off these bushes all day, then we would eat lunch together. I loved life and everything was awesome until the property owner sold the land to the town, and they tore just about everything down and opened it up to the public. Now I can't even pick berries, and there are a fucking bunch of space hogging cars, sports obsessed school kids (go play your fucking gay sports at school, WTF?), aggressive dogs that jump on you because the owners are careless, and other idiots that need to go away. Oh yeah, I forgot about loud teenagers that think they are cool. Fuck everybody. Thank you for ruining the property and making my life shit.

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