Pennsylvania is hands down The Nation's Asshole! And the main reason why is due to the ignorant, obnoxious, and outright RUDE people that live in this pathetic shithole of a state. Most Pennsylvanians fall into one of three categories:

  1. Crotchety Old Farts- You know, the ones who had to quit school when they were in 7th Grade to work in the Steel Mill, Coal Mine, Asbestos Factory, etc. for the following 40 years or so. They have a big chip on their shoulder, think everyone owes them something, and they can't get the hell out of 1962!

  2. Rednecks- I bet most of these people's family trees would look like a straight line i.e. they wouldn't fork due to the rampant inbreeding they engage in on a daily basis. They are fat, dumb, ugly jerk-offs who are bottom-feeders in every sense of the word!

  3. "Shot-And-A-Beer" Tough Guys- These are working class people who live the blue-collar image to the hilt and feel that they need to be hard and tough and just bully people. They are drunken slobs who think they're all hard.

Bottom line: Pennsylvania is The Nation's Asshole due to the fact that its residents fulfill almost all of society's negative stereotypes. In short, they are all fuckheads!

Pennsylvania 2

Pennsylvania just flat-out sucks due to the many fucktards that happen to live in between its borders. Just like the Louisiana post, these people just wallow in their shittiness and are actually PROUD to live in this shithole! Most have lived here all of their lives and have no motivation to better themselves whatsoever! And, believe me, it shows

As I've said before, Pennsylvanians reinforce a lot of negative stereotypes about society. I'm going to go more in-depth about this in this post. Most of the people here fall in one of three categories:

  1. Crotchety Old Farts- These are the old geezers who still live in the 1950's and 1960's and steadfastly refuse to get with modern times. They are the most hateful prunefaced pieces of crap I've ever seen. Mostly everyplace else, the seniors are nice and docile except for a few clusters of nutty old cranks here and there. But, in Pennsylvania, the cranks are the rule, unfortunately. What's strange is that no matter how badly they abuse their health and their bodies, they STILL live to be at least 80 years of age regardless! Their minds spite their bodies by staying alive, because they look like absolute shit! They smoke like a chimney, drink like a fish, and eat all kinds of nasty, fatty, cholesterol laden food. It's like these freaks mutate rather than age! I guess they are just too mean and crotchety to die!

  2. Rednecks- These pieces of shit should be classified as "sub-human" if you ask me. They are sloppy, slovenly, dirty as hell, hair all greasy, obese(some morbidly!), and just flat out pigs! Plus, they are lazy asses and just flat out dumb as dog shit! The men usually can't hold a job to save their lives, abuse welfare, and are almost always in some kind of trouble with the law. Plus, they drink Jack Daniels like it's water! As for the women, they are nothing but "baby factories" that continually spit out a new crotch dropping every year or so. And this is despite the fact that they most likely can't afford all of those mouths to feed. Plus, they are either so skinny you can easily count their ribs, or they are fat, 300 pound bitches in muumuus. There's no in between. Back to the motherhood issue, they always seem to have about at least 4 or 5 kids, all before the age of 30!

  3. "Shot and a Beer" Tough Guys- These losers feel that they have to be hard and tough and mess with people every chance they get. I mean, they take the whole Working Class image and concept WAY too seriously. Thus, they live it to the absolute hilt. They usually work in some kind of factory or plant for 10 or 12 hours, then head to the nearest bar and drink a shitload of beer, whiskey, etc.. This is usually when the trouble starts with these losers. They are drunken, beer-bellied slobs who are always looking to pick fights with people just for the hell of it! Even when sober, they are looking for trouble most of the time. Now, I don't have anything against people who put in a honest days work with their hands, don't get me wrong. I just have a problem with these slobs who get drunk and like to cause trouble just to perpetuate their Working Class Tough Guy facade. These guys are usually the 3rd or 4th generation of their family to work in some kind of industry, and it's probably passed down to them. Even so, the macho tough guy image gets old after awhile!

There are other reasons why this "state" is such as shithole (shitty economy; old, puritanical laws; awful roads among others), but it's the "people" who truly make Pennsylvania the shithole that it currently is and that have earned it the title of "The Nation's Asshole".

Pennsylvania 3

I've never seen a greater concentration of people so devoted to ugly homes and bad interior decoration. The most unattractive shit ends up in the white trash slob houses of Pennsylvania! There isn't any attention to size, color, shape, or proportion; if they have it, it's on the walls or put up as decoration. It doesn't matter how little it matches all the other cheap shit. No one showers, and the FOOD IS TERRIBLE! This is the only state I've ever been to where you order chicken parmigiana and get frozen chicken tenders (the kind they serve in school cafeterias) with American cheese and a side of Prego. And Potato skins are frozen french fries with Cheese Whiz and Bacos. No one can cook, and everything is loaded with cancer-causing additives and made in the microwave. No wonder everyone here is a fat slob! I would wear a tent dress too if I looked like the women in this filthy, financially washed-out cesspool.

Pennsylvania Sucks! 4

Yeah, in case you haven't guessed, I DESPISE PENNSYLVANIA! All one has to do spend some time in this disgusting asshole of the nation around all of its disgusting, pathetic residents and you'll probably come around to my way of thinking.

I mean, take a long look at all of these disgusting elderly people that live in this dump for instance. They are rotten to the core and still think it's 1960. They constantly try and apply that era's morals, ethics, etc. to 21st century America and it never works. They're always preaching the "Young people should respect their Elders!" bullshit. Well, when our "Elders" are hateful decrepit pieces of shit who are consistently rude and think they are always right, and they think you should unconditionally respect them and they have no obligation to respect you in return, well, that's BULLSHIT! You have to give respect to get respect! FUCK YOU, YOU UGLY OLD SHITBAGS! In fact, I think a better term for these pukes would be "mutants". Look at them! They are usually 75 or older and have replaced hips, knees, severe back trouble, diabetes, and other things all at once. And yet, they STILL live to a ripe old age anyhow! They smoke like a chimney, drink like a damn fish, and their entire diet consists of nothing more than Eastern European food that is full of fat, starch, and cholesterol. Once, I observed some old crabapple granny from here eating sour cream with a spoon right out of the tub! And her fat old ass finished the entire tub off in one shot. All 16 oz. of it! Of course, she was in her 70's, big as a house, and straight out of the "Old Country" as most old fucks from The Nation's Asshole of Pennsylvania are. PENNSYLVANIA SUCKS!!!

Pennsylvania 5

I lived there for 3 year, and I am done with that place. The people there are just so rude. When you order food, the tellers don't smile, neither do grocery clerks. Where is common courtesy? Then you get a small town where everyone grew up there and knows everybody, and they all gang up against you as if you're some alien. The food is disgusting, sausage dripping in lard, enough potatoes to explain why everyone is shaped like big round potatoes. Many are unaccepting of differences in others. The weather is no better than the people. It’s often so humid that I'm surprised Pennsylvanians all haven't suffocated yet (although I'm not so sure it would be a terrible thing).

Pennsylvania is the Nation's Asshole! 6

Pennsylvania sucks! I mean, the state has Pittsburgh in the west, Philadelphia in the east, and in between it is just like Alabama, Kentucky, etc.. Y'know, a redneck state! It is full of small towns that are stuck in the 1970's and 1980's and everyone has LITERALLY lived there for their entire lives! They think that their podunk small town is the center of the World and Universe all rolled into one. I've told these "people" that live in this "state" that I want to move, and they say "Well, it's gonna be the same no matter where ya go!" almost all the time. Well, sure they are going to think that when they have lived in the same small town for their whole lives and have probably not gone beyond the borders of the "state" in at least 15 years! How would some of these small town hayseeds and old farts from Pennsylvania react if they went to New York City or LA? They would go into culture shock so deep they would probably go running for the first plane back to Podunksburg, Pennsylvania faster than an Olympic Track and Field gold medalist!

ATTENTION ALL PENNSYLVANIA SMALL TOWN OLD FARTS AND REDNECKS: Quit isolating yourselves in those small town "bubbles" you call your "homes", get out beyond the borders of this "state", and see how the rest of the country and world lives! Yes, you WILL see people of different personalities, races, sexual orientations, etc.. BUT, that is the way it is in a place that is with the times and not living in the 1970's and 1980's! People actually get out and see amd experience the rest of the country and the world and broaden their horizons!

Pennsylvania 7

No, PLEASE! Leave them all there, don't shake their nest and send them buzzing out to other states. I was, unfortunately, born there. Knew by age 6 that I was bound to escape somehow. Can you stand the way they say "You'uns"??? Their state pastime is minding other people's business, not that they have any. The cultural center is the nearest Walmart. The only thing more depressing than the people is the weather - Arctic cold from September through May and humid and stifling May through September. It should be a penal colony.

Pennsylvanians are assholes!!! 8

Pennsylvania is the nation's asshole, mainly because the PEOPLE are assholes! Buch of dumb, stupid, rude, ignorant, obnoxious, better off dead, cum burping, inbred, bitch-ass, uneducated, unsophisticated, incest committing, lazy, smelly, obese, fat-ass, drunken, Krispy Kreme donut worshiping, yeast infected, COCKSUCKERS!!

Yeah, these people exist anywhere, but Pennsylvania is a breeding ground for these sub-human pig people who barely ever go beyond a 100 mile radius in their whole lives, yet think they know everything! DUMB PENNSYLVANIA PUKES!!!!!! Eat shit and die, every last one of you!!!! When I move shortly, it will be the happiest day of my life!!! I will cross the border, and stop on the other side, and give this dumphole and everyone in it a big, hearty, double middle finger!!!

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