Dangerous Areas to Build

I'm angry that everytime I turn on the news lately its to see some crying, hysterical family lamenting the fact that their house, town, city, whatever, was blown down by a tornado. While I can sympathize, when I find out they're from tornado alley my sympathy turns to disgust. Hey fools, If you live in Tornado Alley - tornados are definitely going to occur! A place name like 'Tornado Alley'...hm you'd think that alone would've told you that it's NOT SAFE to live there. Would you move to an area called 'Lava Lane' or 'Slow Death Ridge?' The sheer stupidity of choosing to reside in such a dangerous place is mind boggling. Here's a thought...pack up and move to an area that doesn't have frequent natural disasters!! And don't give me that whiny crap about your career, family, blah blah blah. None of that matters when death itself drops out of the sky on a frequent basis. Why the hell did you decide to live there? Not anyones fault but your own for being such an idiot, and I'm tired of hearing it. Don't like catastrophic storms? Then MOVE! Same goes to people that live on volcanic islands, coastlines (hello - tsunami's and tidal surge's), and areas prone to landslides & earthquakes. Japan's 2011 tsunami, while devastating and awful, is proof of this. If you choose to place yourself in the path of mother nature, she will roll over and squish you. Obviously there are safe areas to build your homes inland, there is no reason to occupy a coastal area prone to tsunami's other than foolishness.

Floodplains are just that - floodplains. If you decided to build your shitty house on a floodplain, you deserve the drowning death that's coming for you. Actually I change my mind. Keep on living in your life threatening death traps. The world's better off without such people.

*Note from Anger Central
So, where would you live that is absolutely, perfectly safe? :)

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