Rhode Island

Let me start off by saying Rhode Island is the biggest shithole I have ever been a part of in my life!! Dirty politics, dirty streets, and dirty people!! You can't get a job if your white, I am so sick and tired of this fucking state!! I know the government monitors sites like this and I don't give a friggin shit!! I work 40 hours a week I have a home and three kids!! I take care of them the best I can, but I am stuck in a shitty restaurant job for the past 14 years because nobody in this state will hire you unless you speak Spanish!! Our Governor what a piece of shit, won't let the native American tribe out here try to build a Casino!! Why?? I'll tell you why , because Rhode island has a state run Casino in Lincoln called Twin Rivers and it sucks, because they don't hire either!!!! He is lining his greedy pockets, there is so much wrong with this state, and I am sick and tired of all the corruption, and scummy people!! I can't wait to get the hell out of here, because there is no fucking future in Rhode Island unless you are related to the governor or are one of his friends!! Example I went to the highway department, to try and get a better job, I have a family to take care of , so the guy tells me,"" you have to know someone to get a job here"" what the fuck does that mean??? I am trying to help my family, by getting a better job and making life more comfortable, but noooooooooo I have to know someone!! I am so sick and tired of trying, and working for nothing, the taxes have been raised by $200.00 this year on homes in my area,, hello newsflash, I don't live in such a great area!! I have said it before, and I'll say it again Rhode island is the armpit of the nation, and it should be taken right off the map , because it is an embarrassment to the country, I FUCKING HATE RHODE ISLAND AND TO ALL THE POLITICIANS THAT ARE HERE GO FUCK YOURSELF YOU GREEDY COCKSUCKERS!

Rhode Island 2

I gotta say living in Rhode Island was the worst 21 years of my life.... I really must agree with the posting before mine about RI. corruption, shitty, misserable fucking people, horrible rainy weather. cant even buy a fucking 6-pack at a gas station like everyelse in America! MOTHER FUCK RI, HOPE IT BURNS TO THE GROUND! You will never find more shitty, backstabbing, shit-talking faggots in a million years other than in RI

Rhode Island 3

Rhode island is a dump. The people are stupid. If you don't speak Spanish you are ousted. Third world country. Fuck this pathetic state.

Rhode Island 4

I am so angry I'm laughing!!! HAHAHA!!! Rhode Island DOES indeed suck and I have lived here my whole life. I'm angry because there REALLY IS NOTHING good here. We RI'ers DO know this, any good publicity this shithole state has is there just to draw poor suckers in. I'm angry because there is just a WHOLE LOT of nepotism, bullshitters, stupid people who JUST DON'T GET IT and keep voting for their friend's kid or whatnot, and TONS of taxes. I'm angry because I look at pictures of people in other states and they SMILE! Why? We don't in RI. We are ALL angry about f'n taxes, the f'n weather, f'n taxes, f'n mess everywhere, f'n nothing to do EVER once you've seen the beach and the Newport Mansions...I maxed out at 5 yrs old. I'm REALLY ANGRY because there is NOTHING TO DO ON THE WEEKEND, no good clubs or bars or anything for people over 21...ZIP! I'm angry because the few clubs/bars that are here are FILLED with underage kids who get in to uncle so-n-so's place every weekend with all their little friends, OR binge drinking college kids all partying on one person's ID, OR those weird PRETENTIOUS folks downtown who think THAT particular crappy creepy crime ridden city is something, don't know what it could be other than a shithole. They must believe the publicity. AND, what makes me REALLY ANGRY is that the WORST thing in this craphole is that ABSOLUTLEY EVERYBODY KNOWS AND/OR IS RELATED TO ABSOLUTELYVEVERYBODY...NO SHIT!!! Oh and I am sorry about the first RI rant guy...he got it ALL wrong...while the employers may SAY you need to speak Spanish, what they're REALLY saying is that their relative or friend hasn't applied yet and they have to make it look good by keeping the job posted or there's some messy legal bullshit, i.e. the job was taken LOOOONG before anybody else even knew about it, just waiting for cousin so-n-so to actually get in and fill out the application. ALSO I'm angry because RI'ers come in only 3 categories: 1-those who work at private companies and support the WHOLE f'n state, 2- those on some type of disability-easy to get here, by the way, because you probably are related to the doctor, 3-those who are in some kind of gov't/state/pension job of which there are SO MANY in such a shitty little place (there are ranches out west much bigger than this whole crappy state)and those jobs WERE also very easy to come by but people did start to complain, ho hum, the unwashed masses, so NOW there is a panel of judges, who will get pensions someday by the way, deciding if they will still get said pension someday. WTF!!! Yes, I'm angry because they are deciding for themselves; what do you think they'll say? I'm angry because those in the gov't really think we're stupid. We can't do ANYTHING about it but, c'mon, don't rub it in, give us a LITTLE credit. We DO see what you're doing there. Mind you, I'm angry because NOTHING has REALLY been decided and this has been going on for a while AND MOST gov't and other pensioners LEAVE the state AS SOON AS THEY CAN because it SUCKS SO BAD!!!!. HAHAHAHA! This WHOLE STATE is an F'N JOKE!...WE RI'ers actually say there are 2 types, those 'on the dole' = about 60% and those who work = about 30%, true! As far as the ignorance, well if your job is set the day you're born, why even bother to try to do well in school besides, your aunt is probably the principal and well, you'll pass and you know it. Most of us in that measly 30% are VERY ANGRY INDEED and we REALLY HATE the shit out of this f'n state but are stuck here with aging parents who don't want to leave because they've invested too much in their homes. But, we are just waiting to LEAVE! Please, excuse the swearing but there really IS NO OTHER WAY to describe this place. I can't wait to watch this state crumble when I'm gone; it's pretty close to the bottom of the pit now. Actually, sometimes I DO wonder if I have a relative I can tap to get a lifetime disability and move out of state. As far as the gov't watching this site? WHO CARES!! This is still the US and I CAN THINK AND BELIEVE WHAT I WANT!!!!!! And I DO NOT speak, read OR understand Spanish, NOR DO I CARE!!!!!! NO I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT!!! I'm angry because ALL OF MY GRANDPARENTS learned to read, write, understand English, and spell correctly with very little or NO schooling past 6th grade if they went at all AND they ALL HAD JOBS and they ALL WORKED EVEN THE WOMEN and NONE got ANY gov't handouts. I'm angry because they WORKED their asses off for EVERYTHING they had here in shitty little RI. I'm angry because it's a HUGE slap in the face to ALL those hard working people who got absolutely nothing for free and still made it here. But THAT'S a WHOLE other topic. Whydoncha cum see ah state faawyawsef. It's wondifl. We need yaw munee. Ahroads suck, filledwipotholes. HAHAHA Funny! I'm ANGRY because I ACTUALLY LIKE my RI ACCENT!!!! I'm angry because I live in the Northeast and I CAN'T STAND waiting for people to GET TO THE POINT and GET ON with it when you're talking to them........angry and moving away someday ;/

Dress Codes 5

I lived in Rhode Island for 3 years. The society there thinks they can dictate my life and tell me what length my hair can be. What to wear etc. As for me those short sawed fat pancake face women Their told me to always cover up and get a haircut.

Well, I moved away.



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