DAMN.. i have this massive arse piece of shit IP for English studies due in two days, and the school websites' server is down, so i can't access my work!!!

If i fail this assignment, i fail english for the year and i can't get enough points to get a reasonable job!!!!

While i'm on the subject of things not working, my damn friend doesn't even like this guy, right, but because at one stage he liked her, i'm not allowed near him. I mean come. on. He likes me, i like him while you don't, but i am still not allowed near him.


School 2

I am so angry at my stupid fucking teachers! They expect over achievment and PUNISH anybody who doesn't! No, it's not that I am stupid, THEY are! I AM UP TILL 10:00 EVERY NIGHT WITH STUPID FUCKING PROJECTS! I can't take this any more. They shove Highschool level texts down our throats and tell us to "analyze" them, meanwhile I have to "analyze" WHY MY SCHOOL IS LITERALLY SHIT. I'm so stressed out.

Spanish 3

Fucking spanish class is ruining my fucking life. I attend a private university in the south and spanish is one of our required courses, I am a Chem major, and I don't understand a Damn thing. Yes I work my fucking ass off in this God damn fucking class and i can barely pull a fucking C. Half the source of my rage is the schizophrenic hill mcgraw connect program we are required to do homework on. I dont know what this fucking thing wants me to enter. I even had my friend from spain try and help me with it and he didn't have a freaking clue about what the damn thing wanted. I mean what the Hell??? I have a native speaker trying to help me and your god damn piece of crap program says that he's wrong? I don't have 60+ hours a week to out into trying to figure out what they fuck this program wants because i have real classes i need to focus on ie organic chemistry, physics and calculus. yeah shit that actually applies to my fucking major. My dreams of grad school are slipping away because of this piece of shit program. what the fuck hill mcgraw why did you put this piece of shit out on the market? It pisses me off...

School 4

What. The. Hell. Is. The. Fucking. Point. I waste 13 years of my life to get into a 4-year time waster, put myself tens of thousands in unforgivable debt, to get a piece of paper that says I know a bunch of dated information that no one will want to look at after my first job in that field. And we wonder why a large number of kids don't give a shit.


I hate Florida Virtual School SO FUCKING MUCH. It never stops glitching me out and half the time, the pages don't load. This has made it so I'm two weeks behind on work, THROUGH NO FUCKING FAULT OF MY OWN. I can barely scrap up the motivation to get on that site anymore, just due to the mind-bending number of glitches.

Another thing I hate is the god damn work content. I have to do a voice activity where I have to explain a poem, in FRENCH, to a parent/guardian, using gestures to make myself understood. WHY THE FUCK DO YOU WANT ME TO DO THAT? I honestly wonder if my parents would care if they just read off the answers to the questions without ever having done it. It would make this stupid fucking assignment much more bearable.

The worst part, though (excluding the glitches) are the teachers. Remember how your kindergarten or first grade teacher talked to you? That's how they talk. They always sweet-talk any problems or anything like that. They always dance around your questions and act like they answered them. This might have been funny when I was six or seven. Guess what, ass-fuckers? I'm SEVENTEEN. DO NOT MAKE ME READ BETWEEN EVERY DAMN LINE YOU SLOP OUT OF YOUR SHITHOLE. DON'T TALK IN RIDDLES. IF I HAVE AN ISSUE THAT NEEDS CORRECTION, TELL ME WHAT THAT ISSUE IS. DON'T PLAY GAMES WITH ME!

Ugh, time to go raise my blood pressure some more trying (and failing) to finish my work.

Wiley Middle School 6

Building is filthy and staff is rude. So glad they are tearing it down!

Elementary schools 7

Elementary schools are so badly run. They have been like this for decades and it pisses me off. They try to be politically correct, banning innocent kid things to avoid hurting kids feelings, but they allow bullying. They stop social events so kids don't feel left out, and they ban anything that teaches responsibility.

How can teachers and management be this stupid? This is the opposite of real life. We are supposed to be preparing kids for adulthood, but in adulthood hurt feelings happen, but violence is banned and you will get sent to jail.

School 8

I fucking despise my school, it is full of hundreds of idiotic, worthless retards. And back in my old school when I was younger, I was bullied into a permanent cycle of idle emotionless to complete depression and suicidal thoughts. And that was when I was 11, thanks my old cunts for pushing me to were I am now! An autistic, shy, stuttering little bitch that wants to fucking KILL everything in sight but is to weak physically and mentally to do so.

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