I absolutely despise the suburbs. Here's why:

  1. EveryTHING is the same. The houses, the strip malls, the schools, same, same, sanme! At least when things in a city are the same, they blend and mold over time. The suburbs are the same in an artificial way.

  2. EveryONE is the same. All the kids act the same and dress the same (and I unfortuanately fit the dress part). Can't anybody be an induvidual? My group of friends are uncoventional, and that's the way I like it. All of the adults are the same, too. Lazy, snobbish, self-absorbed, etc. BE YOURSELF!

  3. They are boring. There's nothing to do, especially in the suburbs I live in. City: "Oh, look, there's the Sears Tower! The Water Tower! Look at Lake Michigan!" Suburb: "Wow! A subdivison! A strip mall! A McDonald's! Another subdivision!" Why do you think that kids around here get into BS things like egging and smoking weed?

  4. They are never-ending waste lands of subdivisions and strip malls. Looking around just makes me sick. How could anybody like this? Want this? ENJOY this? I hate what these things stand for and what they mean.

  5. THey are terrible for the environment. Because the suburbs are too low density for mass transit, you must rely on a gas-guzzling car to get ANYWHERE. Also, people around here seem to simply not care about wasting electricity and water. Turn off you fricking lights, for Christ's sake! We also decimate the remaining habitat of animals that wasn't already removed by farms.

  6. It's bad for society. Is this the lifestyle that people strive for? Yes, and it will continue to be this way for a long time.

  7. They are designed horrible, with no thought to commute, density, etc. This is where suburbs near a city take stride. They generally have access to mass transit, they are designed in a grid instead of a sprawl, and more. Maybe if further-out suburbs took notice, they would improve.

  8. It's SO artificial. Cities mold and grow over time. Suburbs explode into existence in a flash.

  9. People act as though it's the biggest deal to give to charity. Citizens of a city know how much suffering there is within the city, and try to help out as much as they can.

  10. Nobody knows anyone. We are all stuck in our own little private lives.

  11. Everything else!

I am extremely grateful for how fortunate I am. I have a roof over my head, access to services, many things others consider luxuries, etc. I don't want to sound spoiled in any way. This is why we all have to join the fight to fix up our cities. If we help those in need and make them good again, the suburb can be rendered obsolete. By this, I mean sprawlburbs. Areas such as Evanston, Illinois are what we should strive for. That is where it's at.

*Note from Anger Central
Ever stop to consider what happens when SHTF and all those nice services...stop? No more power, no food, no police, nada. The "suburban types" may not be much better off, but they will have a much easier time running from the zombie like hordes fleeing the cities. :D

Worst Suburb Ever 2

I hate living in my suburban neighborhood. Indiana sucks!

This afternoon is the only time I have to be busy this month, and out of all the 90 degree days we had in a row, today just had to break the combo and be 60. It's fucking windy too, so my hair will get all fucked up. Of course, it's going to be 90 again tomorrow because I'll be stuck in the house doing work on the computer.

Drivers are a joke. This morning I drove to the bank to cash a check, and on my way there this asshole pulled out in front of me and I had to dart into the other lane to avoid a head on collision!

When I was driving back to my house, some jackass tried to pull into my lane without paying attention, and he almost sideswiped my Chevy Lumina.

Around noon I decided to go on a bike ride to calm down. Big mistake. As I was peddling down the neighborhood, some dog starts chasing me. I looked around to see if anybody could help me, but there was nobody in sight. If I hadn't sped off, that dog would have jumped up and mauled me!

This has to be the shittiest day ever. I also forgot to mention that telemarketers won't stop calling me. Fuck this bullshit.

Suburban Indiana Neighborhood 3

It's so fucking boring here. It's the day before Independence Day, and all my friends are out fucking working. I just got back from work and wanted to visit the local amusement park that is only open this particular week every single year.

I sit at this computer and I'm so fucking bored. I can't even go on a bike ride because my back tire is broken, and I won't have the money to fix it until Tuesday.

I wish I the money to live in Indianapolis, or better yet Tokyo, Japan. I would never be bored in Tokyo. Awesome city.

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