Movie Theatres

Here's why the movie theatres drove me away.

  1. 15 minutes(!) of previews and ads before the movie.

  2. Having to pay the same price for the movie in the theatre with the itty bitty screen. If you gotta get stuck in the rinky dink theatre with cheaper seats the cost should be half price.

  3. $3.00 for a small drink filled to the brim with ice (and that's probably cheap here in the midwest.) I could get three liters of soda for that price.

  4. Little control over noisy bratty children running amok.

If the theatres want to pry me away from my dvd with surround sound, comfy couch, fridge full of reasonably bought beverages and snacks, and child free zone they have make the theatre a less irritating and price gouging experience.

Cinema 2

i love films, but recently i am getting more and more angry with the cinema's themselves. first of all they charge you 7 to see a film which is probably a dreadful romantic comedy. then they attempt to sell you horribly overpriced snacks which are made from children (possibly). then in the screen itself, you are gauranteed to have a gang of loud mouthed idiots sitting in the back shrieking and talking non stop. SHUT THE FUCK UP

Movie Theaters 3

I am sick of going to movies. Paying to go see an adult movie and having to watch a fucking movie with someone's kid screaming and crying. I paid to go see a rated R movie! With sex, violence, and all sorts of good adult situations. If I wanted to pay to hear your brat cry and scream I would have went to the latest trash of an animated movie that Disney brought out. Instead I paid for something that all good parents wouldn't have brought a kid under 11.

All through the War of the Worlds to hear a baby cry. I was pissed! If you parents can spend 20 dollars to go to a couple hour movie. You could have spent the extra 10 bucks to hire some 12 year old girl to watch your damn kid for a few hours. Why the hell can't I watch a movie in Peace? On top of that I spend 6.75 to have some blond, big tit bitch kick my seat.

When I politely ask her to stop she keeps kicking my chair. Until I have to scream at her to stop and disturb other viewers as well! What the hell! And then what is it with fat fucks sitting in front where it blocks everyone's view. Why cant you assholes sit to the sides or in the back. That way I might be able to see some of the movie too assholes!

And I'm sick of seeing teenagers act like assholes at movies. You give the rest of us a bad name. If your going to make out do it in the back. If you must sneak into a film sit down and shut up. And let the rest of us enjoy a fucking film.

Let me reiterate my points: Parents quit bringing your kids to the fucking movies, assholes who kick chairs fucking quit it or move behind an empty seat, fat fucks please do everyone else a favor and fucking move out of the line of sight. Teenagers shut up and be courteous. I pay my good money to watch a movie. Let me fucking enjoy the film for a change.

Movie Theaters 4

I just plain hate movie theaters and never go to movies anymore. People always come in 5-10 minutes after the feature has started and make all kinds of noise with their coats and candy wrappers. Patrons with children are the worst because the kids talk loudly and have to go to the bathroom every 20 minutes. The last movie I went to had bad audio quality and they didn't fix it after I complained. The popcorn is always stale and lukewarm. Prices are exhorbitant - $6.50 for popcorn and $4 for a soft drink. From now on it's redbox and netflix for me.

Movie Theaters 5

Is it just me, or are these places just fucking cesspools of every annoying quality of people rolled into one big heap of shit? Every goddamn time I sit down to watch a film, all of these annoying fat fuckers come slogging in, rattling bags and candy wrappers. I was about ready to get up and shove a wrapper up someone's asshole. And then you have these fucking punks who can't sit down and shut-up during the movie. They always sit directly behind you. And of course you have the fat fucks sitting up front. Not to mention the whole fucking establishment is stupid. The ID rules make no fucking sense, either. If I want to pay you money so I can see a movie of my choice, what does it fucking matter whether I'm over 18 or not? Stop being a prude and take my money so I can go watch a goddamn movie, and maybe instead of worrying about people being 'underage', worry about the fucking punks who sneak in movies and act like dicks. And no, I'm not interested in 4 dollar drinks or 6 dollar popcorn. Also, the next time I hear someone's cellphone go off during a movie, whomever is responsible will be finding out how their cutesy little ringtones sound coming out of their asshole.

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