I am thoroughly disgusted, fed up, and ANGRY with the blatant stupidity this country continues to project, every Goddamned election year! How many Bush's, and how many mistakes must we make with them in power, before we realize they are NOT doing any good! (I realize the web master is Republican.....please take no offense. I don't hate all Republicans.....just the ones who cannot put one word in front of another to make a sentence, and is clearly an idiot) I am truly humiliated to be an American right now. By the end of his 2nd term, half the world will be blown up, and we will have absolutely NO allies. If anything, we will only have more enemies. (Notice there always seems to be a war when there's a Bush in the White House?) Well, good, fine. Give Bush more ammo for his wars based on blood-lust and vengeance. I used to be proud of my country. With Bush, it's all about the wealthy and the privileged, and pretty soon that is the reputation we will portray for a long time. Nice way to look at it. I'm moving to Canada. I've had enough of Bush. Maybe one day America will wise up and feel the same.

*Note from Anger Central
Good bye and Good riddance to you. We hope you enjoy Canada. Just don't get sick, expect any right to free speech or thought, or expect to keep any money you earn. We would guess that you are probably a collage student or have just left school. You have not bothered to study history. Our suggestion to you, read up on Neville Chamberlain and the Appeasement Policies before WW2. You may see a few similarities between them and the way you are thinking. By the way, we corrected your misspelling and typos. :)
It is 4am when posted on Election day and the election still has not been called. The Management

United States 2

I'm so angry because of Americans posting shit on here saying Canadians are rude or obnoxious. ya they might be in Niagara falls because they are so damn close to New York and all the snot nosed bitches that live there. Canadians are the nicest people you will ever meet, but you don't want to piss us off either.

America 3

I am angry at America. How can you call a place that creates an illusion of freedom while taxing its workforce into servitude free?

*Note from Anger Central
You can thank the Democrat and Rino parties for the problems we have now. Support the local Tea Party organization.

United States 4

As a 22 year old who spent his entire life in the United States, I gotta say that this country fucking sucks!

Society is nothing more than a pretentious, know-it-all, piece of fucking shit.

I am angry that corporations are powerful and irresponsible. Many times they will ignore others who desperately need a job just to afford food, and instead give work to some elderly dork who is bored with retirement. And they whine about Mexicans sneaking pass the border and stealing jobs!

I am angry how American society is more concerned with jacking off to how smart they think they are. Nobody fucking cares about your job and your degree. You would actually be appreciated if you just shut the fuck up and help your neighbors once in a while.

I was on an internet forum recently, and some guy was begging for a job because he kept getting turned down on job offers, and he ran out of money to eat. He was begging for help, and some jackass son-of-a-bitch told him he doesn't deserve help, and he deserves to die for being a leech.

Excuse me? It's not his fault that you don't know the difference between a leech and somebody who desperately needs help! The man didn't ask for money, he asked for a job you dick!

I wish this poor excuse of a country would turn communist.

*Note from Anger Central
Oh you just KNEW we would respond to this moron. Soo....
Congratulations on your recent completion of collage. It's obvious you have absorbed the lessons of the staff completely. Now you are finding out that your degree in Music Therapy has prepared you for your career in the food service industry...and not much else. You obviously don't have a clue about what communism really is and what it does to people. May we suggest you move to one of the finer Marxist societies, such as North Korea, Laos, or Cuba and see just how well they do things. Of course, one of the first things they will do is execute you without trial as a spy.
You might note that there are very few Communist countries left. Basically there are 3. (See previous)
Doing real well aren't they? So, have a nice trip and don't bother writing. They'll censor you anyway and they don't have internet access for the proletariat.

Warmongering US-shitheads 5

Seriously, those fucktards piss me off so much. Get your asses into fucking Iraq and look what you've fucking done. You've destroyed Iraq. No civilisation and democracy and mission accomplished. It's culture, infrastructure, society and people are all DESTROYED!

Just because you think your fat, uncultured asses are the crown of creation it doesn't give you the right to bomb other countries back into the stoneage!

You think they hate you for your freedom? Wrong! They hate you because you've supportet the most cruel and torturous regimes in the region for decades.

Thank god the Arabs are finally taking their countries back.

Get the fuck out of the Middle East you ignorant fuckers, no one wants you there.

*Note from Anger Central
You started it RIF boy. You think Iraq was destroyed? May we direct your attention to Japan and Germany circa 1945. That is what happens when the United States gets really pissed off. You're to stupid to understand what this means, but a large segment of the American People want to start playing Cowboys and Arabs. Pray to your god that we don't.
Curious what we mean by Cowboys and Arabs? Ask an American Indian. Or a Nazi, Or someone from Imperial Japan, or the Confederate States of America.
Get the idea yet?

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