veterinary clinics

I am angry at vet clinics. Fuck these money grubbing assholes. Your animal gets hurt/sick and you walk out with a $650 bill. Really? what the fuck is going on here. my dog went in for 3 stitches and that shit cost $650. Were the stitches made of pure gold? Now i know how vets make 70,000-80,000 a year. They take you for your money. Even if you added up the cost of supplies, plus $100 for the visit, plus $200 for the vet to get a few lap dances afterwords that would still only be $350. Where the fuck did the other $250 come from? Can someone please elaborate on this for me? And don't give me the bullshit about vets working hard and deserving the money. I just gave him $200 for the lap dances, what is he going to sepnd the other $250 on? Oh yeah, cant forget about the cocaine. Fuck these money grubbing scam artists! Why hasnt anyone done anyhting about this? How do you take action against an entire profession?


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