I am so pissed off at all the censorship in American society. A few days ago, a band at my High School way playing at day on the quad. After theytook at least 90 minutes to set up, they finally began playing. 30 seconds through the first song, they were stopped for using the word fuck in a song. That pissed me off to no end. They aren't the greatest band in the world, but just knowing that they spent that much time setting up, as well as the fact that that was the only reason i even went to day on the quad really pissed me off. What the hell ever happened to freedom of speech and leaving if you dont like something. Im not promoting cuss words, but please, its a stupid song, so let them play it.

Censorship 2

Why the fuck does everything have to be so FUCKING FAMILY FRIENDLY? What the fuck is with all those whiny old bastards/bitches going on about how something is "TOO OFFENSIVE", and should be removed/shut down "because it is potentially harmful for minors?

First of all there's the ever so popular issue of offensive music. WHAT THE FUCK!?!? Do you old whiny bitches actually expect everyone under the age of 18 to be listening to fucking Sharon, Lois and Bram? I don't fucking think so. Or, ok, maybe that's a little TOO childish. Perhaps they should be listening to Ann Murray or Donnie and Marie. FUCK THAT SHIT TOO. THEY ARE FUCKING BORING. THERE IS NOTHING EVEN REMOTELY INTERESTING ABOUT THEM.

And how can we forget about Violent videogames, and how a certain jackass wants to yank them all from existance. FUCKING WAKE THE HELL UP. VIDEOGAMES AREN'T JUST FOR KIDS ANYMORE. You know all those kids that you've seen growing up playing videogames? THEY DID JUST THAT. THEY'VE GROWN UP. They are ADULTS now. And adults want adult entertainment. I'd also like to point out when I once seen a game store refuse to sell a copy of Half Life to a group of teenagers. What kind of SHIT IS THAT? In my country you can get a firearms safety at 12, a driver's licence at 16, BUT YOU HAVE TO BE 17 TO GET A FUCKING COPY OF HALF LIFE? Guess what; Teenagers want to have fun too, and most people outgrow childish shit like Pokemon by time they're 10.

And then there are the ASSHOLES who want to censor the web and shut down everything that is indecent. FUCK OFF AND DIE! You scared that some kid might log onto an X-rated site or some hate site or some other shit? Hey dumbasses, have you ever heard of a thing called a "Parent"? Maybe they should do their fucking job for a change. I'm 20 years old, and I'M GOING TO WANT TO LOOK AT SOME ADULT OR OTHER MATURE NATURED SITES ONCE IN AWHILE. As for hate sites, THOSE WEBMASTERS ARE ENTITLED TO THEIR OPINION AND HAVE THE RIGHT TO EXPRESS IT WHEREVER THEY WANT, AND HOWEVER THEY WANT. The world wide web isn't just for clean wholesome christian sites, IT'S FOR EVERYONE. GET THE FUCK USED TO IT.

And then, you always here about some old hen bitching about how some Bugs Bunny cartoon is TOO FUCKING VIOLENT. FUCK SAKES. DON'T PEOPLE HAVE A THING CALLED A "SENSE OF HUMOR" ANYMORE? I think all you whiny humorless feltchmongers need to get your asses back into the hole you crawled out of

So, If all you whiny do-gooders want to push your fucking beliefs on the general public, You're going to find out, in a very unpleasant manner, what my jackboots taste like.

Thank you webmaster for letting me vent

Censors 3

Why is it only absolute idiots go on crusades against art, literature, and cinema? Because censorship is the antithesis of scholarship. I hate the people who attempt to make the palette of life more bland because it is incomprehensible to them. If they hadn't been raised in a bubble of censorship in the first place, maybe they could handle new experiences better.

Internet Censorship 4

I'm tired of internet censorship. It seems like people moved on from hating automated ads constantly posted by bots and were written like unreadable gibberish. Now people are constantly censoring other people's opinions and websites if they don't agree with them. People DDOS other servers they don't agree with, block users that share their own websites on the internet, and delete posts they disagree with. Internet censorship is for fucking pussies. The big joke is that most of the time, when somebody makes a shitty annoying troll comment written only to piss people off on an internet article, it stays, but if somebody writes a controversial article or comment on the internet, it risks getting blocked or deleted because people can't handle other points of view. I miss the days when people actually showed respect to other points of view, and didn't act like internet protestors shutting everybody else down by banning and censoring content.

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