Christian Colition

I am angry at the Christian Colition with their pious, holier than thou attitude. They quote scriptures from the Bible to suit themselves. They are nothing but a bunch of hypricites. I consider myself a very devout Christian and I live my life as such. I dont go around condemning others because of their beliefs and telling others they are going to hell if they dont believe the way I do. I WISH TO HELL THAT THEY WOULD STAY OUT OF POLITICS!

Christian coalition fuckers 2

These people are really pissing me off. Where in the frickin' bible does it say that everybody in America has to live the way they say to? If I hear one more simple-minded prick say anything about family values, I'm going to go postal on these asswipes with an assault rifle they don't want any restrictions on. THESE FUCKTARDS TO DO NOT HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT REAL FAMILY VALUES ARE!!!! They can take that big bible they keep hitting everybody over the head with and they can shove it up their ass. Not that I'm extensively schooled in bible verse, but I know that love, kindness, charity, compassion, and devoutness does not only apply to rich white snobs who are trying to push out everyone else. It does not say Thou shall love thy neighbor but not if he's gay. It does not say Thou shalt not bear false witness unless they are a minority looking at you sideways. It does not say Thou shalt not kill but it's okay for as long as you do it in God's name. Jesus called and guess what? HE WANTS HIS RELIGION BACK. I have had it with this bullshit!! Pray on this, you freaks!!!!

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