US drinking age

I am 19 years old and a soldier in the US Army and have recently returned from the down and dirty fighting in Iraq. One thing that I resent is the fact that, even though I risked my life fighting in some god-forsaken middle eastern country for my country (I was shot at for goodness sake!), upon returning home I was re-acquainted with the fact that I don't have the right to drink alcohol in my own country if I choose to. Surely I'm not the only one who finds this to be completely fucked up. I thought it was unconstitutional to have second class citizens. Why am I expected to fight and possibly die for my country, am considered a grown man with full adult responsibilities, but as soon as I want a drink I suddenly transform into a baby in diapers in the eyes of the law?

It seems that this country would do anything to stop, say a 20 year old groom from toasting his new bride with champagne at their wedding, but at the same time it advocates the poisoning of our children with ritalin and other harmful drugs.

I look at the faces of people I see in bars who are considered "full adults" and are "allowed" to drink and that says it all to me about the true face of America: old, wrinkly and rotten. Being older than me does not make you superior to me, it simply means that your body has reached a more advanced state of rot and decay than mine. Next time you assholes need young fodder to die in your dirty wars, why don't you drag your own old asses halfway across the world and fight for your damn selves. Give us full adult rights or don't give us the full adult responsibility of protecting your wrinkly old asses the next time there's a war.

Note from Anger Central
Welcome home soldier and thank you for serving your country. Screw the drinking age, Anger Central will buy you a beer anytime!

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