The selfish government

As you all know, the government is well known for doing things that don't benefit anyone. Well they've done it again! I attend a school that operates by holding lessons over the phone from home. Today I found out that the government wants to cut off all support to this school because they think it doesn't benefit anyone! How can anyone be so selfish? The government gives you no job opportunities if you don't finish school and yet here it is taking away a huge (and in some cases the only) opportunity for those who are seriously ill, pregnant or suffer from social anxiety to finish school

*Note from Anger Central
First, the poster didn't specify which government so we have created a generic category.
Second, Have you forgotten the phrase "We're from the government and we're here to help you."?

The Government 2

The Government and all of its minions are like a disease, a cancer - eating away at everything in this beautiful world. They seem to think they have the God-given right to rule over us like a new Caesar. There is so much we can achieve as a human race, yet it is blighted by the suited elitist thugs who spend more of our money on destruction and death than construction and advancement. Their favorite colours are grey and black, yet the sunset glows orange. I know we should have already colonized other worlds and set up our own civilizations, but instead the Government steals all the money to mock up their dirty little plans to exterminate millions in there fake wars with fake enemies.

They seem to think that they are the voice of God, that they can prohibit plants and herbs that expand our human minds and increase our creative abilities and ideas ten-fold. Government - I want you to know this: You can take our lives, our freedom, everything material in this world from us, but the one thing you can NEVER take from us is our soul. That's right you murdering terrorist bastards. Our soul can never be stolen by you dirty, pathetic lice. Those of us with intelligence don’t see the need to join your ranks. We already know you are weak and cowardly.

We know that the human race is too strong for your corporation. We know what is good, we know what is right. We know how to love and respect each other and not take advantage of each other. I hope those of you in Government will find the sense to de-cult yourself from this elite system that does you and your families no favours whatsoever. What is a pay cheque when there is no future, when the economy can be pulled, minion? Don’t you know that you too are being fooled by men at the top? Do you believe you have a choice, a democracy? Do you think that everything is modeled on principles and laws elected by the people? Well, I hate to break it to you – but you are being duped. Now get out of my sight, fool.

*Note from Anger Central
Judging from the list of what Microsloth calls typos, you are from Great Britain somewhere. All we can say is, you did it to yourselves when you let them take your guns. Remember, no matter who you vote for, the government always gets in.

lies, deceit, and usury make me wanna curse 3

i am TIRED of the lies we are constantly told, and of the deceit that has become the M.O. of the federal government of the *epublic of the *nited *tates of *merica. i am SICK of the way *merican citizens are being used and put upon by OUR OWN GOVERNMENT to further THEIR own political policies which most *mericans do not even agree with!
(yous said we couldna name names, so i respectfully and so cleverly disguised the name of the country of which i have dutifully been a citizen my entire life)

i am saddened to see the tremendous potential of this country be HACKED TO PIECES by it's OWN DAMNED GOVERNING BODY.

i am horrified to witness the deplorable lack of responsibility of the executive branch of our government to ENFORCE THE LAWS of our nation.

i am sickened to hear of the TRAVESTIES of justice being ENCOURAGED and ABETTED by the judicial branch of our government.

i am appalled at the GROSS INDECENCY and outright AUDACITY of our government's congressional branch, and their lack of accountability, and their APATHY for those of us who MADE them OUR LAWMAKERS!

I AM AS MAD AS hell, AND I AM NOT GOING TO F*****G TAKE IT ANY G** DAMNED MORE!! )(*&)(*&@^%&&*&#&@%#@&&@)$^@&_*&

sorry... i just couldna help it anymore. please excuse my French!

Government doesn't help working single mothers 4

I am a single mother with a newborn. I pay my own way and I work full time. I am soo angry at the government for not helping a working mom with anything! I don't make all that much and am trying to pay for what I can afford. Just after I pay rent and daycare alone, my take home is $30 a week. I am told the government cannot help me because I make too much money, no matter how many times I apply. Every time I go into the government assistance office, I see women and families with 5 kids, driving brand new Cadillac's and SUVs, almost all with no job! I am not some scammer or lazy bitch that likes to feed off everyone else. I am very independent, working full time and trying to take care of my daughter on my own. It blows my mind that if I were to keep popping out babies I could mooch off hard working people, yet if I want to work to take care of my daughter, it's next to impossible. I will never understand how $30 per week is enough in Michigan government's eyes to pay for formula, diapers, food for myself, the electric bill, tampons, pads, soap, toilet paper, baby clothes, and the list goes on and on. I work hard to take care of my daughter and it sucks to know that I pay at least $4000 a year to a government wants to help drug addicts with 5 kids stay on welfare, yet doesn't see the need to help a single, hard working mother. We can afford billions of dollars every year for our soldiers to be sent to and killed in Iraq, but the government cant help the honest, drug free single parents to stay that way and support themselves.

A corrupt government 5

I'm pissed at politicians taken our country in a direction they want.

I'm pissed at politicians and judges that have no desire to live by a constitution that so many men believed in enough to fight and die for. Yet these same politicians and judges are exempt from having to risk their necks.

I'm pissed that the make laws in direct violation of our old constitution and even claim it is outdated. They now imprison people for debts like in the dark ages yet there was a law to abolish such acts in the 1867 anti-peonage act.

I'm pissed that the government can decide what is best for families.

I'm pissed that the government has taken our rights to chose and become the governor of every aspect of our lives and families.

I'm pissed that the government has been involved in drugs and other illegal activities and admitted on government sites while they imprison anyone who does the same, mainly men.

I'm pissed that the government no longer cares about "we the sheeple."

Is there such a thing as a fair election anymore?

I'm pissed that the government resembles a tyrant more and more everyday.

I'm pissed that the government spends money without any accountability and taxes every chance they get.

I'm pissed that the government can decide what the children are taught in schools there days against the wishes of parents.

I'm pissed that the government decided to discriminate against a large class of people in order to end discrimination.

I'm pissed that the government gives so much aid to big corporations and aid them in giving American jobs to 3rd world countries.

I'm pissed that the government is so corrupt.

child support agencies 6

Ripped off and unconsulted' the agency has helped itself to all of this weeks income leaving me skint and unable to pay for my daughters after school care and oh yeah food,on a claim that is mistaken and unchecked by them.Fcn!@#$.Coz we have a private agreement, ring my ex why is that so fckn hard.Cunts. In Australia, land of the overregulated.

dmvs- tickets-system 7

i hate all dmvs got a ticket, payed it off. they never got it, and i find out lic has been suspended in mass. now i cant get lic in florida unti i pay a ticket. i already payed for it once now i gotta do it again with a fine. they said sent me notice(never rec)so its my prob. Fuck the system. they get you commin and goin. so pissed off can understand why people do some of the shit the do. NOT PERSONAL, not our fault, sorry,..... and its not the people workin there its the fuckin system. hate them all everyone should stop paying taxes and get them under our control again...

Payment 8

I started college in August this year and the government owes me money from the GI bill. They owe me over 4 thousand dollars but if i owed them money they would get it. It's November already. When I'm i going to get my money? It makes my life difficult because I can't register for classes til the school gets there money from the government as well. I've contacted the office and they just tell me that is a problem with their system and that i might get it by the end of the month. Thanks a lot.

 Everyone thinks they know my son more than me 9

Son's pre-school woman has gone behind my back to the health visitor expressing "concerns" about his behaviour etc and told her she's spoken to me about it, which she f**king hasn't.

Health visitor said maybe he's autistic. Yeah right. Ok, he's two, doesn't speak and sometimes put his hands over his ears BUT he's ridiculously affectionate, has no problem with social interaction (plays with others and even has a best friend) and understands everything.

He's two FFS, not five!! Wow, he's not talking yet, get the hell over it, he's having speech therapy. My son is NOT autistic but because I (clearly made the mistake) of telling my other half the health visitor thinks there's a possibilty, he's told my dad that our son is autistic so now my dad won't leave the s*dding subject alone.

Actually looking forward to his paediatrican assessment so I can say a big screw you to everyone when he's diagnosed as NOT being autistic and just a bit (very) slow with his speech development.


the government & politics & why it all sucks! 10

This economy is such crap today! no matter what president we get in office, all they're going to do is lie just to get in! then, when they get in, everything they said they would do, they don't do it! it is so hard to find a job nowadays too since the economy sucks! it seems like getting into the military was so easy once upon a time, now, it seems like everybody is flocking to it just to have a job, or a career. they even want you to be a genius now to get in, with the ASVAB test and all. what does it matter what score you get on a stupid test? the military is all about defending this country, so why does a test matter before you can even enlist, you have to score a certain number! i'm not saying that i did bad on the test, because i actually did good on the test, but in general, there was an article about how alot of people were getting low scores on the test, so they couldn't enlist, or they couldn't get the job that they wanted. everything is so messed up now! will things ever go back to normal again? why can't we all just live in a "perfect" world, like the way the 50s were, or said to be like anyways. politics are such a waste of time! we listen to these mumbling idiots, who are spitting out NOTHING BUT LIES just to get votes! the government does nothing but lie to US and keep SECRETS from US! so, what is the point of a government and politics? to entertain us all? lol. i say FUCK IT!

the way Washington is messing this country up 11

im not really angry guys im just so disapointed over the way our goverment is doing things ,and that they are destroying this grate country and everything it stands for ...and everything our dieng troops are fighting for our freedom and security , and im so afraid they are doing it and dieng for it all in vain :" people why dont the people of this usa,get together ,and go to washington and walk in there and tell them hey what the hells going on here ,weve had all we are going to take from you bunch of dam fools so packup and get the hell out of our white house and dont sho your dam face here agan your fired ! will take 50 years to undo this dam mess they have all made . they are worthless .toataly a desaster these folks are supposed to be educated people but im beganing to wonder if they even have a 2nd grade education , some i think come straight from the sticks ,just a bunch of ridge runners ..and couldnt feed a bunch of hogs corn . they would probley think they are supposed to shuck it before feeding it to the hogs ...

Government taking away all your earned Money 12

This government might as well break my legs, i want to work i want to do part time but i cant because they take away everything from me except for 5 pounds, while those on incapacity benefit who are classed as cannot work, can earn up to 200 pounds a week before there bloated benefit gets cut, it is fucking ridiculous.

The system 13

my fiance that is 34 was put on hold for a heart transplant because he lost his insurance when that had tto take him out of work. AND because he has worked since he was 15 years old and had a saving he couldnt qualify for medicaid. but yet illegal immigrates can come into OUR country and get free insurance, food anything they want. Oh and also lazy people that play with the system, they can get it TOO! but when it a matter of life or death, does they care they he may die before we find an insurance to cover him???Hell no!!!! Also these messed up insurances think we actually have a year to wait, not getting prescriptions, not getting test, not getting bloodwork. But then you hear of people from other countries coming into OUR country, paying someone to get a heart faster, ALLLLL they care about is money plain and simple

Welfare Recipients and The U.S. Government 14

As an owner of a small S corporation, I am responsible for paying an exorbitant tax bill on the gross corporate earnings each year from my personal salary. The government is none to nice to me when it comes time for them to collect their "welfare," either. You would not believe some of the things that the IRS representatives have said to me about how to come up with the money, if it is not readily available in my personal funds as a full payment! If you work hard and provide jobs and benefits for people in the United States, and your business is legitimate, you are treated worse than a common career criminal. Yet, the government treats the worst of the welfare slime like rock stars! It makes no sense! Many of these individual leaches have more than all of my employees put together! Most of them enjoy more benefits out of life than I do and are treated with far more respect. Our forefathers would be rolling in their graves if they could see what has become of the nation they so proudly built. Why are we molly coddling these welfare pigs? They should be subject to the same policies as everyone else. They should not be given what they don't earn. They should be subject to drug testing just as any employee most businesses are, and, if capable, they should provide community service in exchange for their benefits. They should also be denied luxuries that are financially out of reach for the working poor.

Back in the '80's, a newly elected governor in Ohio had the welfare roles carefully scanned and was amazed at what was discovered. There were people with college degrees ... even masters degrees and PHD's collecting full welfare benefits. At the end of the review, he gave the college educated individuals six months to get find a job or start a business, and he gave those with high school diplomas and GED's a year. You would have been amazed at how quickly most of these people became gainfully employed! I challenge the next U.S. president to do the same thing, nationwide. Not enough jobs available in a "bad economy" you say? Here's how to fix that issue: Make all of the enormous corporations who outsource their labor to other countries pay U.S. payroll taxes on everyone of their foreign employees based on no less than U.S. standard minimum wage for the lowest paid workers. If they can't escape the taxes, maybe it will seem more lucrative for them to move their operations back to the U.S., thereby improving our economy. If they share the burden with those of us who either have enough integrity to chose not to outsource or are too small to consider it, than maybe those of us who currently employ U.S. citizens and pay U.S. taxes would have more respect and support.

Right now this will never happen. Our corrupt national government officials are too interested in getting the votes of the very rich and the welfare slime, so they're not about to rock the boat. They want to continue their unethical behaviors of showing up to work only when they feel it benefits them most and, among many other things, conducting insider trading ... which is legal for them but not for us. Here's how you fix that issue: Hold them all just as accountable as the rest of us are held. Tighten the reigns on their attendance habits, make them follow ALL of the same laws the rest of us must follow, and reduce their benefits to the same level as those of the average working class citizen. If they have to live like us, then they will feel more solidarity with us, and we will definitely see what we have failed to see in the many years since welfare became socially acceptable ... innovation, motivation, and progress in the correct direction.

*Note from Anger Central
If you would like to wire this up in a more formal manner with attribution, We will be happy to put it on the Blog.

Government 15

Because behind the lies of the media and slander of the press, there is a secret collection of individuals who mean to trap and control the minds of the world and force them into a life of invisible servitude.

They have worked together in the shadows to orchestrate a web of money laundering and crooked enterprises to keep both control and maintenance over the worlds finances.  This individuals are responsible for creating wars, famines, and diseases arose the planet in efforts to establish dominance and to exercise their power. I am Beyond angry at the men who hide from sight and see us as nothing more then commodities to be bought and traded for.

JFK - spoke of secrete societies and those that would attempt to control us all. He's speech "secret society;s", which can be found with an easy search, was the beginning of a campaign to shed light onto those pulling the strings from the shadows. JFK was also in the works to restore the standard of worth back to the Gold standard, so that we would not be forced into debt by the international banks, who answer to no government and have effectively gained control of the world economy. 1 week after this speech, he was assassinated.

We need another leader to fight those that appose human unity through understanding, rather then physical force. Who appose peace over war, because it's less profitable. We need some who can bring these people to justice and give us all something to hope for again.

*Note from Anger Central
OKaaay. And we thought the Webmaster was paranoid about government. ;)

Police State Mentality 16

I just want to say FUCK OFF to all you informant community shills and stasi mentality freaks who work for all agencies employing you! You obviously have not much of a life to be caught up in the business of others that is really no business of yours! Watch out people you don't know who your neighbors are or even you friends and family anymore. and if you're going to Central Neighborhood House to open a voice mail for the undercover taking notes and photos of you sitting in the back of the room!

549 completely useless assholes 17

legislative branch-
435 house- who do they represent? not me.
100 senate- see above
judicial branch-
12 WTF
executive branch 2- two times zero = ZERO

THE CABINET- too many to add to the above figure

and now the cure:

the cabinet- fire them all and replace with:
the new cabinet of ethical business. 10,000 graft collecting government peons wafting through AIG, microsoft, google, BCBS, warren buffetts house etc, screwing up everything with regulations they don't understand

the FCC- gone.....useless. just look at the crap they allow the big money insurance companies to advertize on the one eyed monster

dept. of energy - gone.....what the hell have they done in 35 years?

department of state- gone......nothing leaves the US, nothing comes in

dept of homeland is hiring

dept of agriculture-gone....plant it grow it sell it

dept of commerce-gone....replaced by dept of ethical business

dept of education- can't regulate what don't exist

dept of housing and urban development- gone.....don't need urban houses, the farmers need labor, move to the country

dept of interior-gone.....this is a tree hugger magnet, with alaska pipelines criss crossing the entire country through every national park, who needs tree huggers or dept of interior. And the indians are doing just fine.

dept of justice-....are you shiting me? GONE

dept of labor-gone.......everyone is working on the farms

treasury dept-..... keep 7 workers

dept of transportation-gone.....the states regulate their own

dept of veterans affairs-GONE Demolish buried.......this inept organization has denied me for 4 years....most of them couldn't point to Vietnam on a map,

dept of defense- combine all the services

*Note from Anger Central
Most of this we agree with except Defense. Combining the services won't work. The Marines are a self contained quick reaction force. The Army is the heavy punch. The Navy runs the boats. Now the Air force, you might be right in rolling back into the army. However, Air force pilots aren't trained to land on a pitching deck at night in a storm, and Marine Aviation provides support for their ground forces. The services have always been separated to some extent because the missions are just to different. Otherwise, not a lot here we disagree with.

Government 18

Welcome to 1984, my friends. A camera on every street corner, a cellphone or a tablet that can be tapped into to give your exact location at any time, every piece of information on the Internet most likely being intercepted and read by the government. Infact, my IP and name are probably going into a government database just for writing this. Ah, who the hell am I kidding? My name was already on that list.

Don't smoke. Don't use drugs or drink too much. Don't eat too much, and don't eat unhealthy things. Don't buy a firearm, you're not responsible enough. Don't worry, we're here to protect you. The nanny state, or police state, dependent upon your outlook, is in full-force now. Do as we say, not as we do.

You can have your home raided, torn apart, your property 'confiscated' (read: stolen), your pets killed, your family and yourself detained indefinitely, for a single sneaking little suspicion or 'hunch'. You are guilty until proven innocent in this country.

The lobbyists line the politician's pockets to ensure that the consumer, the citizen, does not have a choice. They have the illusion of choice but there is no choice. The parties fight amongst themselves but really, they're all driving for the same goal line. They want to fuck you. They want to fuck me. This is all a part of the elaborate play, supported by the control of the media, to make you think you have a choice. Red or blue, ass or pachyderm, right or left, it doesn't fucking matter one bit. Two heads of the same snake, and that snake is going to devour your ass.

Thought we paid taxes to take care of the schools, our roads, our bridges, and to keep everything running smoothly? Fuck no. We pay taxes so the government can wage their stupid fuckin' illegal wars, because everybody knows that war is profitable. They use our tax money to send young men and women to die overseas in the name of the oligarchy. Our infrastructure is failing. There are so many bridges that are far beyond their lifespan, on the verge of collapse, the roads are torn to shit. The education system is a failure, and the higher education system? Make no mistake, it's failed too. And the government shuts down because one party or another can't get their way, and so all of these sour-grapes eating motherfucker congressmen go and sit on their ass and collect their money despite doing FUCK-ALL to earn it.

It will only get worse. But stay distracted with your inane bullshit, your Kardashians, your precious smart-phones. You're playing right into their hands. Think I'm paranoid? Just wait. These bastards will prove me right.

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